384 SANDRA`S REVENGE384 SANDRA`S REVENGEThis as far as I know is based on the true reminiscences of Sandra, a friend I am very glad to say!Now Sandra, blonde and pretty, at the time of this story, was just 23, in great shape, attractive and bright, and about to qualify at the college she attended. Sadly, for her, her boyfriend of the last two and a half years, was too much of a fuckwit to fully appreciate what he had in her, neither her fab figure, her lovely attitude, or her devotion. The miserable little shit had begun to cheat on her, it happens, but this dim bugger had been getting a regular portion, with one of those few girls in that college that was faithful and caring, a pretty lady who would have been in high demand had she not been his devoted lover. Now our dim-witted friend wanting the best of both worlds, deciding he could cheat on our heroine, and still have himself a bit on the side, what he didn’t know was the lady in question was a friend of our Sandra`s and the lasses had got together and the friend told her what had happened. Together they hatched a plan to get their own back on casanova. God are girls not just devious their bloody dangerous!Sandra promptly sacked the pillock, as did the friend, and word was passed on the women`s underground around the collage, leaving a rumour that he was attending a certain clinic in town. Thus, the dim bugger lost his regular squeeze, his bit of spare and the whole college avoided him and his `problem’ completely that was stage 1!He did try and çankırı escort woo Sandra back, but though she showed a little interest it was only to tempt him, tease him, and cause him some frustration, she now decided to date anyone male and talkative, so that our would be casanover would soon know just what he had done and what he was now missing! The first few dates were fun, local dances, noisy lads and a quick blow job, which she knew would ensure the young men concerned would exaggerate, and cause casanover some heartache. But it was the trip to the night club that made the lad squirm,She went with a girlfriend, one who she knew had a bigger mouth than the Thames!They had been in the place but ten minutes when she saw a young man who would suit her purpose well, a tidy looking lad, sleek hair, good looks, 5ft 10, sharp dresser, and best of all…a braggart, an obvious show-off. Better than that, he had a friend, casenova himself, he also had a chap with him, not as sharp, in dress or wits, but known to be a bit of a ram, and one that fancied Sandra`s friend. The friend and the ram now began to dance, as did Sandra and her target, drinks flowed, but only between dances, on the floor it was a case of her giving it her all… soft kisses, ear licking, knee to groin caresses, more kisses, the whole nine yards, he was putty in her hands.They were soon at the “lets go out for some air” stage, but it being raining it was then expedient to take shelter in his old car, and it took but a moment for escort çankırı him to assist her into the back seat by placing a hand high up her skirt! To be accurate it was probable that he felt it was a step towards his conquest of her, well he at least felt he was in charge, in fact it was more a case of he was following her plan perfectly!She undid his fly and out came his tool, she started to give him head, something she was an expert at it must be said, though she had not been having much practise until Casanova’s decline! There was soon a period of alternate mutual masturbation, till he blew his wad all over her face, a moment more and his tool was away and he suggesting he took her back to the dance, but she was having none of it, she had not climaxed, and he wasn’t going to get away with a one sided evening, no sir!She suggested she would perhaps go all the way …but only in a bed, perhaps in a hotel room…? Now at that time for a boy to get a smelly finger was magic, a blow job the ultimate, but to get the night with a lass…wow, now that was off the scale! It was a case of winning the jackpot…Ten minutes’ drive had them at a hotel, our man was not going to miss a chance like this. It was just a tad strange the hotel was one suggested by Sandra herself, but it was all part of her plan. Strangely too the room they had was overlooked, and the clerk didn’t question the booking, it was strangely as if it was pre-booked, but our man was too keen to notice, there was no question about the çankırı escort bayan lack of luggage either, so thankfully he just paid and in they went!Even though they were quickly naked, she insisted on the curtain not being drawn though by now he was over the moon about her and if she had suggested he walked naked into the local police station, I suspect he would have complied!!! His luck was definitely in, our heroine took the lads near virgin life and turned it inside out overnight, missionary, then cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, even 69, anything went, and most of the night soon went too! For him it was beyond words, though he did notice the odd flicker of lightning outside, and it was strange that it happened each time they had changed position, but by then he didn’t care… tiredly the next morning he drove her back to the college, well actually the next college, but he had no idea of that, they kissed goodbye, and that was that, though he tried he never traced her again! She still has no idea of his name in fact neither of them has any idea of name`s! but serve his purpose the lad had, and her friend from the camera club soon had him famous, his arse appearing in copies of fine pictures, being on Cazenover’s desk by next day…!!!Oh, the dangers of a woman scorned! You might say her reputation would be shot, well she didn`t care, she had her own back and that was all she cared about.She did finish the course, got to wear a gown a mortarboard, and a smile, it was over twenty years ago now, she`s married and happy, but I would think twice to cross this determined lady, believe me! So, if you were the lad, or just fancy her, don’t ask me to put you in contact, I`m just her author and there`s no way I am going to tell you, even if I knew! lol

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