7 Year Itch Hypnosis Pt. 05


Marie and Jane were now under my hypnotic control so the first thing I did was tell them, “You will have no memory of what happened last night.”

I was treading on thin ice here and if anything, these close calls were alerting me to the pitfalls of what could go wrong when you didn’t cover all angles of hypnosis. I was also well aware that I was becoming obsessed with hypnosis and wanting to push the boundaries of it more and more to see all that I could accomplish with it. It was thrilling to me, to see how I could manipulate my wife and step daughter to go along with my sexual wishes.

In the past, I was sickened by the thought of incest. But now, having just committed incest with my step daughter I wanted to push those boundaries even more. I was on fire with lust and began having thoughts about my 2 sisters, Mother and Aunts and female cousins. I even wondered if I could hypnotize my male cousins and engage in homosexual sex with them too. Perhaps I could include them in the fun I was having and began to hatch a plan to make that happen in the near future.

Thinking about sex with my family gave me a huge boner and I looked down and saw that my hard dick was sticking through the fly of my boxers. I could easily instruct either Jane or Marie to suck me or even fuck me right now, but it was far more exciting to have them in their right mind and doing it without my controlling their every movement.

So I calmed down my lustful thoughts for the moment and continued with my suggestions with Jane and Marie. “Neither of you have any reservations about dressing without bra and panties when going shopping or going out to eat with me. You enjoy the feel of your shirts and blouses rubbing your nipples and making them hard or feeling the crease in your pants making contact with your clit. You will walk around the house in tight fitting clothes and will think nothing of it if I decide to grab one of your breasts and tweak the nipple with my fingers. This of course will make your pussy wet, and you will be incredibly horny. I may even slide my hand down to your crotch and finger your pussy. But you won’t feel jealousy toward each other or me when I do that. You will smile and hope that I will come over and do the same to you. Your body belongs to me and you will only touch yourself if I give you permission to touch yourself or each other.

When we have company over, you will both behave and not try to seduce our guests unless you see me get sexual with them.

You will not gossip with your friends or family about what we do together. For all intents and purposes, we are a very loving family.

You will not remember this conversation when I awaken you. At the count of 3 you will both wake up and continue to drink your coffee. 1…2…3!”

Marie and Jane both woke up and seeing me they smiled. They continued to sip their coffee as if nothing unusual happened.

(Crisis averted)

Tonight we were having Teri, the company CEO, over for dinner and drinks. She and my wife went to the same college together and were friends from ages ago. Teri had been in our wedding as Marie’s Maid of Honor and we got together several times a year.

She arrived at 6:30pm. She was wearing a short black skirt and pink blouse with comfortable shoes. She stands 5’4″ and weighs about 112. She has short curly strawberry blonde hair and light blue eyes. Teri is as petite as Jane is, but what she lacks in stature she makes up for in how she talks and carries herself. Jane is shy and Teri is bold, simple as that.

Jane and Marie were dressed in tight fitting clothes without bras and panties and Teri noticed. She even blushed a little when she saw Marie’s nipples harden through her light colored blouse. Her dark areolae stood out as well. And Jane’s hard nipples poked through her tight t-shirt hard as erasers. I was hoping Teri would reach out and grab them but she never did. I know that I sure wanted to.

Teri was sitting across from Jane and I noticed that her eyes were down cast and obviously looking at Jane’s naked crotch since her legs were open slightly.

I was a little worried about my upcoming review. Things were not going as well for the company and it wasn’t looking good for me to get a bonus this year. I considered all of this as we ate dinner and then had a few drinks after. I wanted to hypnotize Teri, but could not think of a way to do it while she was conscious. I needed her to spend the night, but how could I influence her to do that. And then I remembered something.

A few years ago, my buddy Mark had given me a handful of ‘roofies’ to use on some unsuspecting girl that I was interested in, long before Marie came into my life. I couldn’t go through with it but kept them hidden in a small baggie in my safe. A roofie worked by making the person under its influence feel sluggish and accentuated the effects of alcohol in their system, which made it easy to take advantage and have sex.

I excused myself to use the bathroom and went marsbahis güvenilirmi into my closet and opened the safe and retrieved the pill there. The only thing left to do was to drop it in Teri’s drink on the next refill. Which I promptly did and then watched as she drank her glass of wine. Followed by another and another and another.

Teri got loopier and loopier as the night progressed and I noticed that her nipples grew erect through her bra. I could have told Jane or Marie to casually touch her breast, but maybe I would save that for another time.

It was getting late and when Teri got up to leave she stumbled into Jane and then vomited all over the floor. She was really goofy and incoherent as Marie and Jane cleaned up the mess. Marie then took her to the guest bedroom and moments later she was fast asleep. The rest of us all went to bed as well since it was getting late and it was a weekday.

After my wife dozed off, I got out of bed and went into Teri’s room and played the hypnosis soundtrack on my phone the entire night for her. She was still out of it when I retrieved it in the morning from her bedside table.

Marie then woke her up and the four of us had coffee together before Teri left for work. She was such a workaholic that not even being drunk and sick could stop her from doing her job.

Today was a big day for me. I had my annual review with Teri. I put on my usual attire of a pair of slacks and a blue button down shirt and tie. I took off the sneakers I usually wore and put on a pair of penny loafers instead, grabbed a jacket and Jane and I headed in to work.

I got Jane settled in the sound studio working with Debra and Shane. And then went to Teri’s office. Her secretary ushered me into her office and I waited for Teri to show up. She came in, closed the door and sat down and we made small talk about the night before and she apologized for getting sick.

“So, Paul, I’m sorry to say, but we won’t be able to give you a bonus this year. With the economy the way it is, salaries have been capped and you won’t be getting a raise either for the next few years. It’s just not pheas…” She told me frankly before I stopped her from continuing.

“Crazy Sunburst.” I blurted. And Teri closed her eyes and stopped talking. (Yes, it worked again! I congratulated myself.)

I looked at Teri and said, “You will be giving Paul a 10% raise this year and a bonus of $25k as well as an extra 2 weeks of paid vacation. You will also be giving Jane $25/hr. and 2 weeks of paid vacation. Every Wednesday afternoon at 2pm, you will set aside time in your schedule to meet with Paul for 1 hour. You will tell your secretary that you are not to be disturbed during this meeting.”

I was horny and stood up and walked around her desk and removed my pants and boxers and told Teri to open her mouth and suck my fat dick. She did and I used her warm wet mouth to fuck my dick in and out. I orgasmed quickly and told her to swallow my semen which she did. I even told her that it tasted delicious before removing my dick and pulled up my boxers and pants. I sat back down and said, “You will not remember this conversation, nor swallowing my semen when you wake up at the count of 3, 1…2…3!”

“So, Paul, that concludes our meeting. And again, sorry about last night.” Teri smiled and continuously licked her lips as I left her office.

I had a new bounce to my step and since tomorrow was Wednesday, I was looking forward to getting some very necessary questions answered.

People say all the time that they wish they could be a fly on the wall and listen in to a conversation. Well I had something better than that. Hypnosis. With hypnosis I could get secrets out of just about anyone. And today, that person was Teri.

Something I failed to mention earlier is that before I met my wife Marie, I had a serious crush on Teri. She was young and beautiful and had a killer body. She was super smart and ran a large company. So what’s not to love! Anyway, I made advances on her and she shut me down every time I asked her out. Now either she didn’t like me or she was gay and today I was going to get answers.

I contemplated most of the morning on what I was going to ask her when I was scheduled to meet with her at 2pm. I walked into her office at the appointed time and put her under hypnosis with the words ‘Crazy Sunburst’. I then began my interrogation.

“How old were you when you lost your v-card and whom did you lose it to?” I asked.

“I was 17 and his name was Billy.” She replied flatly.

“How many men have you slept with?” I questioned her.

“Just the one when I lost my virginity.” She answered.

“How many women have you been sexual with?” I asked.

“357.” She said factually.

“Have you and Marie ever been sexual together?” I inquired.

“No. Marie turned me down when I hit on her in college. We became friends instead.” She replied.

“How do you masturbate and how often marsbahis yeni giriş do you do it?” I asked.

“I use my fingers when I masturbate since I cum pretty quickly that way. I Don’t use toys on myself, but I do enjoy using toys on the women I have sex with. I usually masturbate 7-8 times a day every day since I am extremely horny and even more so when I am drinking alcohol.” She told me.

“What is the type of woman that you go for?” I asked.

“I like women who are smart but submissive. Body-wise I like big breasts and a wet pussy.” She told me.

“Do you have any fantasies that you want to fulfill?” I pressed.

“I would love to have a group bang with three beautiful women and I have always wanted to be covered in a woman’s pussy juices.” She answered.

Hearing her tell me these things gave me a raging boner so I stood up and walked around her desk and removed my pants and boxers and told her to take my cock into her mouth. She did and I said, “You have never sucked a real dick before but now that mine is in your mouth again, your mouth will begin to salivate. You will allow the dick in your mouth to penetrate into your throat and when you feel it pulse and ejaculate, you will swallow the semen. It will taste delicious and you will grow very horny.”

Her mouth grew wet and I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth. I was so charged up that it didn’t take long for me to cum and pressing my cock into her throat I had an orgasm and shot rope after rope of my thick cum down her throat. I then removed my spent cock and pulled up my boxers and pants.

“You will come over to our house tonight and plan to spend the weekend. You will have the hotts for Marie and try and seduce her to sleep with you again. You will play with yourself repeatedly but not be able to orgasm. You will have no memory of this conversation when you wake up on the count of three…1…2…3!”

My wife got a call from her sister Rachel. Rachel and her son Michael (who was Jane’s age) were wondering if they could stay a couple of days while they were on their way to Grandma’s place. Marie said that would be fine and when Jane and I came home that night we were pleasantly surprised to hear that they were coming. I quickly called in to work and told HR that Jane and I had a family emergency and would not be coming back to the office until Monday.

Marie, Jane and I went to the market and picked up some ribs and coleslaw and more wine. It was interesting to see the looks other women gave us as they saw my wife and step daughter walk by. Their erect nipples pressed through their shirts and I was smiling like the Cheshire cat.

We got home barely a few minutes before Rachel and Michael showed up and we made small talk while Jane showed them to the guest room. Rachel and Michael were both tired from all the driving and decided to take a quick nap since it was only 4:30pm. I excused myself and went to their room and opened the door to them sleeping already. They each were out cold so I selected the hypnosis playlist from my phone and turned up the volume and then placed my phone on the bedside table before closing the door again.

I came downstairs to find that Jane and Marie had made a cinnamon, garlic, teriyaki rub to put on the ribs. Jane then started some music and Marie poured us each a glass of wine. I was standing behind Marie and reached my hands around and cupped her ample breasts. Jane was looking right at us and smiling as she worked the rub into the ribs with her fingers.

“Crazy Sunburst,” I said and both Jane and Marie closed their eyes.

“Jane, I want you to remove your pants and panties and climb up onto the island and squat over the pyrex dish. Marie and I are going to play roughly with your nipples and clit and when you cum your juices will gush out and cover the ribs.”

Marie and I did that very thing and within about 10 minutes Jane was cumming really hard and we heard a splash as her milky juices gushed out and covered the ribs. Since I haven’t let Jane play with herself in a few days, her orgasm was pretty explosive and splashed us as well. I then had her put her clothes back on and I said, “Neither of you will remember this moment, but Jane, you will try and seduce Michael and get him to play with your breasts and Marie you will seduce Rachel and get her to kiss you and play with your nipples. At the count of 3 you will wake up. 1…2…3!”

Jane was working her juices and the teriyaki rub into the ribs and it was smelling really musky. She then washed her hands and sat down on the couch and sipped her glass of wine.

Marie and I joined Jane in the living room. We sat on the love seat adjacent to her and I played with Marie’s tits while the three of us listened to the smooth jazz and drank our wine. I pinched my wife’s nipples with my fingers and Jane licked her lips as she watched us. I then went over to Jane and sat next to her on the couch and started to play with her erect nipples too.

Marie marsbahis giriş was smiled wickedly at us and totally surprised me as she crawled over on the floor to me and opened the snap on my jeans and pulled down my zipper. (I figured that we still had at least and hour before Rachel and Michael woke from their nap.) She helped me scooch out of my jeans and boxers and started to stroke my semi-hard dick with her hand.

Jane was eying up my dick as her mom stroked it hard and without my coercion she added her hand to her mother’s and together they stroked me hard. A dollop of precum formed at the tip of my dick and I was totally unprepared for it as Jane got on her knees before me and licked it up with her tongue. She then looked at her mom and the women kissed while still stroking my dick.

“What the hell is going on? And why are the two of you on your knees before Paul Like THAT?!?! OH MY GOD!! That’s disgusting!!” Rachel yelled from the stairs. She didn’t get the chance to yell anything else.

“Crazy Sunburst,” I blurted.

The only sound came from the music still playing on the tv. I grabbed the remote and shut it off.

I looked at the scene before me and smiled. Jane and Marie still had their hands on my hard dick and were poised to kiss with their eyes closed. Rachel was standing just a few feet away with her eyes closed and Michael was standing at the foot of the stairs, holding my cell phone which was still making it’s peculiar sound while his other hand was holding his crotch. Apparently he liked what he was seeing.

I got to my feet and told Marie and Jane to sit on the couch. “Rachel and Michael come closer and sit on the couch with Marie and Jane.” They walked over and sat down on the couch.

“The five of us are a very loving family. We are very touchy feely and whenever Michael and I see your nipples become hard through your shirts, we can’t help ourselves and need to cup and feel your breasts. But you enjoy this and it seems totally normal to you. And being women, you get aroused by our groping hands and become wet and horny. You like seeing each other get your breasts grabbed and you also like seeing the effect it has on Michael and I. It seems totally normal to you to want to touch us and feel our hard cocks and each other.

You have decided to stay for the weekend and call grandma and tell her what you are doing so she doesn’t worry.

When I wake you, you won’t remember anything that just happened when you came down the steps. Rachel, Marie and Jane will go back upstairs and remove their clothes. They will wear just a tight t-shirt and a pair of sexy panties. You will all awake at the count of 3. 1…2…3!”

Jane, Marie and Rachel got up from the couch and went upstairs. I looked at Michael and said, “Thanks for bringing me my phone. You want a beer?”

“Sure Uncle Paul. That would be great!” He smiled and handed me my phone which I promptly shut off the hypnosis track.

So, I got us both a corona and cut up a lime and put it in the top before handing it to him. “How was college?” I asked him.

“It was good. I thought it would be good to take a break and figure out where I want to work now that school’s over. I’m looking forward to seeing gramma. How long has Jane been home?” He said.

“You can ask her yourself. Here she comes now. She really is a gorgeous girl isn’t she?” I told my nephew.

“Boy, I’ll say.” He smiled broadly.

“Say what Michael?” Jane beamed at him.

He blushed a little and then said, “You’re gorgeous!”

And just like that Jane kissed him on the lips. And he kissed her back and they had a huge makeout session right in front of me.

I looked over at Rachel and she smiled when she saw her niece and son kissing. I just walked over to her and hugged her and kissed along her neck and at the same time, I grabbed her right breast with my left hand. I looked down at her and said, “You have really nice tits Rachel. Would you mind removing your t-shirt so that I can see them better?”

Rachel didn’t even blink as she removed her t-shirt. Boy what a vision she was at 5’7″ and 144 lbs. She had dark auburn hair and hazel eyes. Her breasts were really perky and upturned at a 36 c, with thick cone shaped areolae and long thick nipples. My eyes travelled down her shapely stomach and could see her bush through her panties and then past to her toned lean legs and feet.

I turned towards her and cupped her tits in my hands and began to play with each hard nipple. “Mmmm, Paul. You’re making me wet.” Rachel gasped.

“I’ll say. I’m dripping just watching.” Marie chimed in smiling.

Rachel smiled at her sister and reached out and brushed one of Marie’s nipples with her fingers causing Marie to moan, “Ohhh.”

The two women kissed each other then. It was the first time either of them kissed like this and when their tongues got involved they embraced and all but pushed me aside. I didn’t mind as I turned and looked at Jane and Michael.

Michael was playing with Jane’s erect nipples through her t-shirt and she was rubbing his dick through his pants. Jane then got down before Michael and unbuttoned his pants.

I turned and saw that Marie was sucking on Rachel’s nipples. I turned back when I heard Michael grown, “Mmmmm.”

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