8 O’Clock


I’m usually all about jocks. You know: tall, fit, muscles, smooth, young, etc. I never thought about DILFs until I met Scott. Scott was a guy that lived on the other side of my complex. I ran in to him one day while he was walking his dog and I was running.

It was a hot summer Friday evening after work and I wanted to blow off some steam. Rounding the bend, I saw him with his dog. Obviously I didn’t know his name at the time; I did notice his body as I noticed myself slowing involuntarily. His short, dark red hair greyed at the temples and just started to flow down to his full beard. Silver chest hair poked up through the neck of his tank top. His smooth biceps flexed as he played with his dog while his muscular forearms, which were veiny and covered in dark hair, drew my attention. Bending down to throw the rope for his dog revealed his round ass and hairy legs. As he lifted his arms to throw the toy, his shirt rode up showing his dark hairy belly. No abs. Not entirely flat. But super sexy. It was then I noticed his dick head showing visibly through his shorts. I almost tripped as I ran by.

Getting to the end of the street, I had to stop and rearrange my hardon. I’ve never been turned on by such a man before. His build, his apparent age, his hairy body…never been ‘my thing’. Why was my cock changing its mind? And why did I feel the need to run back by again?

Not being of clear mind, I turned back and headed his way. By the time I got to his corner, he was heading towards his door. I took the chance.

“Cute dog” I said as I trotted by.

He stopped, looked at me, and smiled slyly.

“Thanks. You new here?” he asked as his, honestly, cute dog bounded up to me. I took that as sign.

“Yeah. Just a couple weeks. I’m Vic” I said as I reached down to pet his dog. “Any who is this?”

“That’s Jasmine. And I’m Scott” he said reaching his hand out. I reached out and shook his hand. It was large and rough, like he worked with his hands, yet gentle.

“Nice to meet you” he continued with a flirtatious grin.

“Same” I said with an odd feeling of speechlessness.

“Well, it’s a nice area. Quiet. And close to most everything” he said looking around.

“Yeah. I like it so far” I said as Jasmine bounced around me wanting to play.

“She likes you” he said. “She doesn’t like many strangers. You must be isveçbahis yeni giriş something special!”

“Well, that’s what my mom says” I replied with a smile. “What is there to do around here?” I asked trying to keep him near me as long as possible so I could bask in his sexiness.

“Shopping. Restaurants. Some parks I take Jasmine to sometimes. Bars, if you’re in to that kind of thing” he said.

“Shopping yes, bars, not so much” I said.

“Girlfriend doesn’t let you go out?” he asked laughing.

“No, no girlfriend” I admitted.

“Not time?” he asked.

“No. Girls aren’t my thing really” I said surprising myself a bit. I’m not usually this honest with strangers.

“I hear ya’ man. They’re too needy” he said. Moving closer to me, he said “They’re all about feelings and shit.”

“So I’ve heard” I said with a laugh.

“Well, except for Jas here. She’s a good girl” he said reaching down and grabbing Jasmine; she wiggled with glee.

“I’m sure she is” I said as I watched him leaned down towards Jasmine, fearing he’d see my still hard cock.

“Well, if you ever want some company, let me know” he offered.

“Actually, I’m free tonight. And I’m close” I said pointing to the apartment. “I’m in 714.”

“Well yeah, I have no plans tonight. We can catch a movie and grab a beer – sit outside and chat. I’m always up for getting to know the neighbors” he said.

“Great. Say…eight o’clock?” I suggested.

“It’s a date” he said stroking his beard.

“Sounds good. See you then” I said as I trotted towards my place. I wanted to make sure everything was cleaned and organized, just in case.

A little after eight, I heard a knock on the door. Looking through the peep hole I saw a sexy, middle aged red haired man standing there and the butterflies started in my stomach. I opened the door.

“Hey neighbor. Come on in!” I said.

Thirty minutes later and we were sitting on the sofa with a couple beers chatting like we’ve known each other for years. I felt super comfortable around him, and he was, for all intents and purposes, a stranger still. Eventually, the conversation turned, yet again, to girls.

“I was married for a couple years but…it just wasn’t for me” he admitted taking a drink of beer number three.

“Sorry to heard that” I said.

“Oh isveçbahis giriş it’s all good” he replied.

“So, want to watch a movie or something?” I asked.

“You said girls aren’t your thing earlier. Does that mean…you’re gay?” he asked.

While I’m not a big guy, I’m not small. I can take care of myself. But Scott was a couple of inches taller than me and, I was thinking, had an extra seventy-five-ish pounds of muscle over me. So I hesitated before I answered in the affirmative.

“Oh cool!” he said enthusiastically.

“Cool?” I asked surprised. “Usually manly men like you are not so…keen…on that fact.”

“Well, I’m not like most guys” he said as he scooted towards me. I noticed his brown eyes sparkle. I scanned his beard and silver chest hair.

“You’ve got a great beard” I said.

“Thanks” he said getting closer.

“I can’t grow one as thick as yours” I admitted.

“Well, it takes more than a beard to make a man” he said, reaching over and rubbing my face. “I feel some stubble there!” he said. My cock plumped with blood as my heart beat increased slightly.

“That feels good” I said as I closed my eyes, concentrating on those big, strong, rough yet gentle hand caressing my cheek. I felt something tickle my lips but before I opened my eyes, I felt his beard on my lips and his beer flavored tongue exploring my mouth I was taken aback but eagerly accepted his forwardness. I leaned back on the sofa as he pressed himself on top of me, forcefully enough to be sexy, but not enough to be alarming.

He pulled back. “This okay?” he asked.

“Let me show you how much” I said as I stood up, pulling him with me. I reached up and ran my fingers through his beard. It looked coarse but was softer than I expected. I ran my hand down his neck feeling his own stubble on the side of his neck and around to his Adam’s Apple, and down to his silver chest hair. It was softer than his heard. I sighed.

“That feels so…nice” I said in somewhat amazement.

“You like?” he asked coolly.

“Yeah. I’ve never been with a guy with so much chest hair. And it’s silver. Which is sexy as fuck!” I growled.

He reached down and pulled up his shirt. I stood there in a sexual trace – only my cock was moving. His stomach was covered in dark hair which had a trail that ran up to his chest isveçbahis güvenilirmi and turned silver. His nipples stood erect and were the perfect size. His shoulders were wide, his pecs firm. I ran my fingers through his chest hair until I found one of those perfect nipples. When I touched it, he twitched.

“You like?” I asked ironically.

“Mm hmmm” he said as he lowered down to his knees, his face eye level with my hard dick. He unbuttoned my shorts and pulled our my full seven and half inches. Thankfully I had the foresight to trim everything up down there so it looked bigger than it was. He took my cock in to his mouth. An immediate heat enveloped my cock. I gasped as he closed his mouth around my shaft.

He slowly lowered his mouth down to the base of my cock as he pulled my shorts the rest of the way down. He grabbed my hands and placed each one on both sides of his head. He pulled his head back with his hands on my hands. He wanted me to hold his head and shove it up and down on my cock, which I was all to happy to oblige.

Utilizing his head, I used his mouth as my personal fuck toy s I kicked off my shorts and underwear. Getting more in to it, I grasped his hair and pulled his head back, then pushed it back down. The more he slurped on my cock the fast and hard I used his mouth. I could feel his wet beard crunch up against my clean shaven balls. Getting close, I shoved my cock down his throat as much as I could. I heard him gurgling and felt something hot hit my ass. Then another. Then another as I heard him expel all his air. It was Scott cumming! He was jacking his cock without me knowing it and ended up shooting his load straight up on my ass. When I realized what was happening, my body couldn’t hold back any more. With my cock still buried deep down his throat, I emptied my own balls. I screamed and shook with each shot of my cum. Scott was trying to breath but I had my whole 175 pounds and seven and a half inches on his face and down his throat. The wet jacking of his cock never stopped even when I pulled my wet cock out of his mouth.

I stood there, my cum stringing from his lips as he took several deep breaths. I looked down and his right hand – an enormous dick head peeking through his clenched fist covered in white cum. He pushed his hand down his cock and I saw just how big he was.

“Damn. I missed that beast!” I said as I flung the last little drops of cum off my dick on to his face.

He smiled. “What are you doing tomorrow night?” he asked.

“What are YOU doing tomorrow night?” I asked with a grin.

“You?” he asked.

“See you are eight o’clock!” I replied.

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