A Baker’s Dozen Ch. 04


As I read and typed up this story I remember emailing back and forth with the gentleman that had contacted me and told about his sister and him. he claimed it was all true, I have no way of knowing it is was true but I excited me enough that I wrote about it. So here is the next story of my baker’s dozen.

I hope you enjoy them…if not, oh well…can’t make every one happy. Can only make myself happy and I’m trying.

Drop me an email…if you like…

Wet and waiting Carrie

Now on to the story;

Over the years it was clear that Nikki, my sister and I have had more then the normal brother-sister feeling for each other. But we were too afraid to act on them while we live with our parents. Then I moved away to go to college and while I was away Nikki got married. I finished my four years and return home and as luck would have it, I moved into the same apartment complex that my sister and her husband live in. While I was away, my sister had a child and if it was possible the pregnancy had made her even more beautiful to me, but as I talked to Nikki I found out her husband didn’t share the same feelings as I did.

Nikki confided in me about her marriage it hadn’t going well since the baby was born. There wasn’t the same spark in the bedroom that there had once been. She confessed the only reason she got married was in hopes of burying her feelings for me, her own brother. Feeling as if we were at a cross roads. My sister’s husband worked days and I worked nights, so I was always around when he wasn’t. I asked, if she wanted to have an affair with me. For the longest time she was quiet than she said, yes.

With that Nikki stood, and went to check on her baby and after making sure she was asleep, Nikki returned. She turned on some music then began swaying to the beat. She began to strip. It wasn’t edirne seks hikayeleri a bump and grind kind of strip tease. It was more sensual. She slowly slid her skirt down her legs. Then button by button opened her top a simply shrug and her top joined her skirt on the floor. Then she turned her back and I watched her unclasp her bra. My heart was beating faster and my cock was beginning to throb. She remained that way her back to me as she slid her panties downward exposing the sweet full white globes of her ass to me. Then she spun around her entire body especially that beautiful pussy, with her juices leaking from her lips was exposed to my eyes. In all the years I had dirty thought about my sister I had never seen her naked, finally I was and she was more beautiful then I had imagined.

When she said, “I’ve always wanted to suck your dick, big brother. So could you please get naked before I lost my nerve?”

I began to undress, but as soon as I unzipped my pants, my sister on her knees freeing my dick from my underwear and had her mouth wrapped around the head of my cock. It was actual pretty hard to get the rest of the way naked with my sister tongue licking over and around my cock head. It would have been easier if I popped my cock out of her mouth but as good as my sister’s tongue felt was I sure as hell didn’t want her to stop.

Once my clothes had joined hers on the floor I some how managed to get on the floor with my sister on top of me in a sixty nine position without her tongue ever let go of my cock. As soon as her wet snatch was close to my face I inhaled the sweet smell of her arousal and then I drove my tongue up between her lips to taste it. I began lapping and licking at my sister’s sweet juices leaking from her sex. My hands squeezed her sweet ass cheeks as I pulled her snatch down on to my face. The whole time I was driving my tongue up her slit, she was licking and sucking on my cock head as if it was a lollipop.

I have no ideal how long we remained that way it seemed like forever to me. But my tongue got to Nikki. Her juices were leaking from her slit and running over my face, and down my chin. She wasn’t sucking me any more. It was more like she simply squeezing my throbbing rod as she moaned and groaned in pleasure. That sound was music to my ears.

She began begging for my cock and how she needed to feel me up inside her. Being a gentleman and unable to refuse a ladies request, I rolled her off me and took up position between my sister’s spread legs. I stared at her pussy her lips which were slightly spread as they were swollen with desire exposing her pink hole. As I was about to push my swollen cock into her hole, I suddenly thought about birth control?

I had to ask and Nikki said, “You didn’t have to worry…just jam it home big brother!”

Hearing that I drove my cock forward and as juicy as her pussy was it was like my cock was a hot knife going though butter. I was buried to the hilt in one thrust. Nikki screamed just like a virgin getting her cherry popped. I found out later that my cock was some what bigger than her husband’s in both length and thickness.

I held still so my sister’s insides adjust to me. I loved the sweet heat of my sister red hot juicy cunt wrapped around my cock. After a few moments she begged me to fuck her hard and deep. I sure as hell did just like that I was pounding my cock into sister unmercifully. I pumped into her faster and faster, soon she began moaning for me to slow down that her orgasm was coming too fast but I kept my speed up, if possible increased it a little.

Suddenly her cunt tightened down and I knew that she was climaxing. As she climaxed her cunt gripped down and it felt so good that there was no way I could hold back. I exploded inside my sister spraying her inside with my hot load.

I lay on top of her for several minutes before I grew soft and slipped from my sister.

“Next…time…make…it…last…a…little…longer…” my sister said between each deep breath.

At the thought that there would be a next time, my cock began to return to a hard state. When my sister stood to get her panties, I was found myself looking up between her legs at her pink swollen lips and between them a drop of pearly white cum began to leak out. I became so excited I pulled her back down and reentered her cum filled pussy. That fuck session last a lot longer which pleased Nikki to no end.

I fucked my sister every day for a month before I found that what she meant when she said I didn’t have to worry about wearing condoms. Her husband wanted to have another child. He never found out that I was the father of my sister’s second child. At first I felt d used then I realized that this was the greatest expression of our love that my sister could give me…having my child.

Fucking a woman that is carrying your child for some guy is truly a thrill I found it was for me. As her belly grew bigger the more I got excited. There were day I went with out sleep we fucked so much. After the birth I begged her dozen of times to let me knock her up again. But have given her husband the son he wanted and him not being interested in having any more children. We didn’t dare chance it but that didn’t stop us from remaining lovers.

Over the next few years, my sister and I had a number of adventures. We fucked in our parent’s house, and friend’s homes during parties, at parks while her kids were play on the swings and even went to a swinger club for an orgy. Even after I got married, I still made time to visit my sister at least once or twice a month.

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