A Blast From The Past


It had been about five years since Piper had seen her ex boyfriend Ryan. They tried being friends after the break up and it worked for a while until he got a job transfer that moved him from San Fransisco to London England. They eventually lost touch, but in a few hours after all these years they will finally see each other once again. Her best friend Amy was getting married and she was going to be the Maid of Honor. She was really excited about it. She had been best friends with Amy since they had been six years old and couldn’t imagine anyone better for her than Drew .

“Hey Pipe,” Amy chirped as she almost skipped into the living room, her arms full of Bridal magazines.”

“Amy more of those? Seriously? How many do you need?” she asked her laughing.

“Piper, I have to have everything perfect for my wedding. Everything”

“It will be, everything in your life is always perfect” she said flatly. She was always so jealous of Amy, she always got what she wanted, not saying she was a spoiled brat or anything but it just seemed that luck was always on her side, she worked her ass off for everything she got and deserved it all. But couldn’t she pass some of the good luck onto her.

“Do me a favor babe?” Amy asked her looking up from her book.


“Can you go pick up Ryan at the airport?”

“Ryan?” she asked shocked. “As in my Ryan? I mean my ex boyfriend Ryan?”

“What other Ryan is there?”

“For what? Why is he coming here? Why me? I haven’t talked to in in years”

“Because Drew and I have an appointment and he’s Drew’s best friend, he’s coming into help us with the wedding.”

“Uhh I guess I can, but what do I say to him?”

“Piper just be your usual charming self, Ryan will be just as nervous as you.”

“So he damn well ought to be Amy, he’s the one who cheated on me. You know I have never forgiven him for it. Just when I think things couldn’t get any better between us he drops the bombshell that he was sleeping with Daisy for the last few months of our relationship.. I thought we were going to be just like you, everything planned, mapped out and we’d always be together.”

“Pip, does it matter? This is about what I want right now and it wouldn’t be the same without Ryan.”

“Fine fine, I’ll go get him when is his flight coming in?

“About an hour” so you better get a move on.

“Thanks for the warning Amy” she sighed, got up grabbed her keys and walked out the door, heading to pick up the one man she hated the most, and the one she couldn’t picture her life without.

She got in her SUV and placed a CD in the player, ramping up the volume. She wanted to try and drown out her thoughts. She drove to the airport slowly. What would normally take her twenty minutes to her forty five. She parked the car and walked slowly to arrivals.

She was scared to death to see Ryan again, how was she going to react? How was he going to? She didn’t want to ruin Amy’s wedding with them fighting. No she had to be the adult here, put their feelings behind them and try to show a united front for the sake of Amy. Her stomach was in knots as a swarm of passengers came into the arrivals lounge.

“Piper?” Ryan asked shockingly

“Hi Ryan long time no see.” She gulped.

“What the hell are you doing here? Wheres Amy?”

“She’s too busy planning the final details of the Wedding Ryan so it’s looks like you are stuck with me. All I need to know is where you are heading and I’ll take you there. You don’t have to say anything, I’m not happy about this either.”

“Well all she had to do was tell me to take a cab and I would have she didn’t have to send you to get me.” he said snippy.

“Look Ryan, we’re going to have to get along at least in front of Amy and Drew, we can’t ruin their wedding because of our past. Which is totally your fault to begin with.”

“Whatever Piper. Just get me to the hotel. I don’t want to make a scene right here and I am sure as hell you don’t either.”

“Whatever Ryan, which hotel is it?”

“Renaissance” he stated plainly.

“Fine that’s not that far from here, come on lets go and get this over with.”

“Pipe, can’t we talk about this. I told you endless times I was sorry.”

“Ryan that means shit. torbalı escort You screwed her behind my back, not just once but countless times. Do you realize how much it hurt me?”

“It was a big mistake Pipe, look I know its not enough but I really am sorry, just come up to my room we’ll have a drink and talk, please?”

“Fine, and you’re right its not enough, I can’t forgive you.”

Silence swept over them as they headed to his hotel. It wasn’t too far and Piper was grateful of her radio. She reached over and switched it on, turning it down from the full volume she’d had it on earlier.

“You are looking great Piper how have things been with you?”

“I’m fine. Things are good.”

He laughed, “You never were a great liar Pipe were you? Come on, talk to me.”

“Why? It’s not like you wanted to keep in touch in the last five years.” She replied with a bitter tone, keeping her eyes focused on the road.

“Look Piper, I am just trying to talk to you, you know make conversation. Since when have you been so shut down?”

“Since the day I walked in on you and her screwing in our bed!”

“Look Pipe, I’m not sure what to say”

“Don’t say a thing, just shut up.”

“Fine,” he replied as they pulled up into the hotel parking lot. “So are you still going to come in or do I take it as red that you aren’t?”

“I will, we need to set some boundaries about this wedding. We need get some things straight. Look I’ll go park the car and you check yourself in and wait for me before you storm off to your room or I’m leaving, you got me?”

“Wow you really turned into a cold hearted bitch didn’t you” he snarled. “Of course I”ll wait for you, hurry up I really need a beer.”

“Only when it come to you Ryan.”

“How many times do I have to say I am sorry to you? I really am sorry about everything. I fucked up, I know I did. Do you have to keep rubbing it in?” He shouted as he got out of the car and slammed the door. She sat there for a few minutes and rested her head on the steering wheel, tears falling down her long lashes and landing on her lap as memories came flooding back to her. She still loved him, she always knew that but was really hit with those feelings when she saw him again, but she just couldn’t come out and tell him, she feels that she needed to punish him. To make him pay for fucking around with one of their best friends. She wiped her eyes and drove to a spot near the entrance. She turned off the engine and got out, slamming the door behind her.

They just sat there in his room for about ten minutes downing beers but both not saying a word. Both knew what they really wanted but neither going to make a move on it

“Piper,” he started breaking the silence, “I never stopped thinking about you. I always regretted what happened. I was younger, stupid and a complete loser. You didn’t deserve me anyway.”

“You’re right I didn’t deserve you” She spat back at him and then softened a bit. “I never stopped thinking about you either Ryan, I’ve been with a few other men but I always compare them to you, and no one ever lives up to you.”

“I’m so sorry Piper. I was a complete idiot. There hasn’t been anyone since to be honest. I regret everyday what I did.”

“Are you shitting me Ryan? If you never stopped thinking about me why did you never try to contact me?”

“I don’t deserve you” he started. “And I called Amy and she said that you had moved on with other guys and to please just leave you alone that you wanted nothing to do with me.”

“I hated you for what you did Ryan but right now I hate her more for dropping me in it, asking me to take care of you.”

“Look Pipe if you don’t want to be here then just leave. I’m not stopping you. I said I’m sorry, what more do you want from me?”

She downed yet another beer before she answered him, feeling the buzz bubbling over into drunk. “Show me just how sorry you are Ryan” she straddled his lap and began suckling on his neck. Totally surprising Ryan.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked her as he moved his head back to look at her, “Or is it the beer talking and you’re gonna regret it as soon as it’s over?”

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time Ryan, it’s escort torbalı just that the beer is helping me admit it”

“Good because I want it more than anything in the world.” He admitted to her too.

“Ryan I want you.” she moaned grinding against his ever swelling penis lodged inside his jeans, begging to be released. “Fuck me Ryan, take me, make me yours. Make me cum for hours.”

“Piper, what the hell happened to you? I never remember you being like this baby,” he moaned as he pushed her up off him.

“Ryan?” she said, suddenly pissed he was spurning her.

“Pipe,” he replied and captured the bottom of her tee-shirt, lifting it up and over her head. “You’re sure?”

“I’m sure,” she sighed as she quivered, feeling his hands graze her skin for the first time in years. “Here let me help you babe” she said seductively as she unclasped her bra and threw it across the room. Her breasts now free for him to explore. He pulled her back onto his lap as he sat down and took a nipple into his waiting mouth.

“God have I missed these beauties, I think they’ve gotten bigger, even better.”

She pushed her nipple further into his greedy mouth and smiled to herself. She was getting just what she wanted, boy had she missed, him.

She grind-ed her sopping wet pussy against his hardening cock as he continued his attack on her breasts. “Ryan, is this crazy?” She asked him.

“The only thing that’s crazy Pipe is the fact that we’ve been apart for far too long,”

“I can’t be away from you again Ryan, fuck me, God fuck my brains out,” she pleaded with him, “I want to feel you inside me again. I want to feel your hardness fill me.” she said freeing his swollen cock from his pants, as she did so it sprang to attention. “I see you want the same thing!”

“Piper,” he moaned as he watched her slide off his lap and capture his dick in her mouth. She started to swirl the tip of her tongue around the tip of his dick, collecting his pre-cum and she swallowed it before licking her lips.

“You don’t know how long I have been craving you.” she said looking deep into his eyes then devouring him once again.

“I’m beginning to work it out Piper,” he groaned as she started to take him into her mouth deeper and deeper. “Oh god have I missed this mouth, take me all, deep throat baby, deep throat me.”

She did as he asked and took him all the way and back again, slowly and purposefully.

“Pick up the pace a little there Pipe? Suck me harder” He ordered bucking his hips so he forced his cock all the way to the back of her throat. She pulled off him,

“What is this Ryan? I think you are getting a little too ahead of yourself.”

“You never were one for doing things slowly, what got into you Piper?”

“It’s been so long Ryan that I want to enjoy this moment, I want to take my time.”

“Well I’m not going anywhere, you got me till the wedding” he said moaning in pleasure as she started her sickeningly slow attack again.

“Pipe, baby. This isn’t working for me.” He said pushing her off him, “Let me pleasure you.”

“I can’t argue with that,” she said smiling as he picked her up and walked her over to the bed. “How have I missed your tongue, you surely know how to work it right.” She giggled.

He placed her onto his hotel room bed and roughly parted her legs. He licked his lips at the thought of delving into her sweet little honey pot but decided to tease her and make her twinge with anticipation just like she did to him. He slowly ran his hands lightly caressing her inner thigh all the way down her feet, the even slower back up and to the other leg.

“Stop teasing me Ryan,” she panted wanting nothing more than the feel of wither his tongue or his dick inside her right then. She was starting to feel impatient.

“As you said its been too long, I want to make this last,” he looked up grinning at her. “Good things comes to those who wait, they say patience is a virtue.” He slowly picked up her right leg and licked all the way from her foot up to her inner thigh slowly, until he was staring straight into her wanton sex. “Wow you smell heavenly, I can’t wait to taste you again”

He didn’t have to wait, she couldn’t stand it anymore, Piper leaned torbalı escort bayan up, grabbed the back of his head and shoved his head straight into her pussy. He felt triumphant as he knew his teasing has paid off. He’d waited so long to taste her again and his tongue went straight into her center. He rolled his tongue and penetrated her.. She let her head fall back in delight and she started to pinch and squeeze her nipples. “Go on fuck me with your tongue Ryan.” she groaned. “You feel so good, holy hell.” His tongue pushed right into the center of her and back. He wrapped his lips around her and started to drink the juice she was leaking. He reached up to find her DD tits and tweeked and squeezed her nipples with the intensity that he sucked on her swollen clit. “Oh God Ryan, do you know what you are doing to me?”

He pulled away and replied, “Making you cum Piper, making you cum all over my face.” He pushed his head back down between her legs and licked like a man possessed. Her head flew back and she could feel her eyes going in the back of her head as she screamed out his name as loud as she could. She never felt anything so hot before. He moved away from her pussy, she moaned in disappointment.

“You can have too much of a good thing,” Ryan teased her as his hands wrapped themselves underneath her bum and he cupped the cheeks. “I have missed this cute little kitty.” He ran his thumbs up the inside of her slit and his left one started to rub her engorged clit, slowly and gently.

“Fuck me Ryan, please God fuck me. I’ve missed your cock deep inside me.”

“Not yet Piper, I want to pleasure you my way before I give into your demands. That way you will be begging me to screw you.” He grinned at her and captured her lips with his, letting her taste her scent on him. As the kiss deepened he let his hand wander and it found its way to her slit and he slid 3 fingers in easily massaging her pussy as he massaged her tongue with his. Ever so slowly.

“Enough Ryan,” she gasped as she broke away from his tongue, I want to feel you inside of me before I go mad with desire.”

With that he plunged his whole fist deep into her hitting her cervix. “You never specified what part of me you wanted inside you!”

“Your dick you jackass” she moaned although he was giving her pleasure, wonderful pleasure but all she wanted right then was his dick plunged deep into her womanhood and fucked like a rabid animal.

“My dick in your ass?” he laughed, prolonging her wait.

“Maybe later, but right now in want it in my pussy.” She moaned as he carried on his fisting of her. She grabbed onto the sheets of the bed and held on so tight her knuckles went white. She could feel her orgasm start to build, Ryan must have felt it as well because he slowed his pace so not to throw her over the edge already. He smiled wickedly and pulled his fist completely from her before kissing her passionately, his tongue dancing with hers.

“Do you want me to love you again Piper?” he whispered lustily.

“Yes oh God yes” she nodded. “Fuck my pussy baby, please it aches for your dick.”

“Then take me,” he said and pushed his rock hard dick into her sopping hole, showing her no mercy as she cried out his name in ecstasy.

It didn’t take long before her body was being rocked by her first of many orgasms that night. “God I’m cumming, I’m gonna cum. Make me cum baby,” she screamed out in complete and utter pleasure and she moved her hand and ravaged her clit as he held onto her waist and pounded his cock deep and hard into her pussy. “Ryan I missed this so fucking much. Send me to heaven baby, make me come again and again.”

“Your wish is my command baby. I’ve missed this too.” He fucked her to heaven and back again. She exploded in orgasm more than once and he still kept going. Wanting to make up all the his wrong doings. Just when he was on the verge of his orgasm he thought of something to calm it, just so it would last.

“Don’t leave me again Ryan.”

“Right now I’m not going anywhere Piper,” he said as he thrust himself into her once more before he realized he couldn’t hold back any longer and finally let himself go. “I could do this all night, for the rest of my life.”

“Ryan,” she moaned, “Let’s just live for the moment, anything we’ll figure out later.”

He didn’t say anything, he just kissed her, entwining is tongue with hers. She felt she was glowing, she had just what she wanted, Ryan back in her life.

This will be a series so please watch for more. Please comment and Rate.

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