A Blind Date

Richard found me propping up the bar in my local, which I must admit is unusual for me, but then life just recently had been unusual. I’d split from my wife a few months earlier and that had just been the first crappy thing in a series. My marriage, or rather the end of it, had affected my work so badly that my sales target hadn’t been met and now the company had decided they could do without me. Not only that but my car had been sideswiped by an uninsured driver and was off the road, and now my pet chinchilla had died. That last may sound unimportant, but it was just the last fucking straw and I was drowning my sorrows, thoroughly pissed off with the world.

‘You’re not going to bring me grief as well are you?’ I asked him morosely when he told me that he’d been looking for me.

‘Des. Now when would I ever do that?’ He grinned and ordered me another drink.

Richard is one of those people who ducks and dives for a living, dealing in whatever he can lay his hands on, always up to something that will make him a little cash, mostly staying on the right side of the law but sometimes straying just a little bit over the border. I’ve learned to be careful around Richard; he’s pulled a fast one on me before. Even so, I couldn’t help but like the guy and his straightforwardly crooked approach to life.

‘It’s been known.’ I told him. ‘What brilliant, can’t fail, money making scheme are you trying to get me involved in this time?’

‘None.’ His face looked innocently offended. ‘But I need a favour, and it’ll help you out at the same time.’

‘This should be interesting.’ I turned to face him. ‘Go on.’

‘You’re on your own, yes?’


‘So you’re not getting any, are you?’

‘Getting any what?’ I had a good idea what he meant as I’d been complaining about a non existent sex life the last time I’d seen him, but I wasn’t going to make it easy for him.

‘You know what I’m on about.’ He frowned. ‘Sex. You know, the thing you said you ain’t getting.’

‘All right, what about it?’

‘Well I’ve got this problem.’ His face brightened when he saw my interest perk up. ‘I’ve got a date lined up between these two women and me and a mate of mine. But Josh has broken his arm and so he’s had to pull out, and so I thought you might like to take his place. They’re in town while their husband’s attend some conference or other and they’re up for a bit off the locals.’

‘So basically you want me to join you on a blind date? Is that it?’

‘Yeah, but it’s a guaranteed shag. An absolutely cast iron guaranteed shag.’

‘So what are they like?’ I was interested in spite of myself, or at least my cock was.

‘Well.’ He hesitated a bit. ‘They’re a bit older than us, but rich and sophisticated and elegant and gorgeous, and gagging for it.’

‘How older?’

Well…, knocking on close to forty, maybe.’

That was quite a bit older, especially if I allowed for his usual bending of the truth. I’d only just crept past my twenty-fifth birthday and Richard was maybe a year or two ahead of me.

‘But they’re stunning lookers.’

‘They’d need to be.’ I hesitated, and then made my decision. ‘No mate, sorry. I’m skint. I can’t afford it.’

‘But otherwise you’d be interested?’

‘Well yes. You’re right when you say I’m not getting any, so if I could afford it I’d be there.’

‘Then you’re in, ‘cos it won’t cost you a bean. I’m hoping to get a bit of business from their husbands and so it’ll be on me, sort of business expenses, you know?’

I should have smelled a rat about then, but it all sounded plausible enough and so I agreed. We arranged when and where we would meet with our dates and he bought me another drink, slapped me on the back a couple of times and went his merry way.

So a few days later I was sat in the lounge of a top local hotel with him, wearing my best suit and waiting for the two ladies to make an appearance. We didn’t have long to wait, because even before the waiter had bought our first drinks they came threading their way towards us. I took one look and made a bet with myself as to which one would be my date.

They were both expensively dressed and the jewellery that glittered around their necks and fingers would have solved all my financial woes in one go and then some. They were also both brunettes, and Richard was nearly right when he said they were both close to forty, although it was actually close from the other side, but there the similarity ended.

One was built like an hourglass, with a breasts and legs to die for, a cloud of jet black wavy hair and a smile that lit up the room. She wore expensive designer clothes with an air of casual confidence as if she were born in them, showing both cleavage and thigh with not a hint of mutton.

The other looked too thin to be just slim and wore her mousy brown hair short and straight. It was impossible to know what sort of figure she had, except to say that it wouldn’t be an hourglass, both because she was pretty much straight canlı bahis up and down and because she was the kind of woman who made even the most expensive couture look like Amish cast-offs. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she smiled, but she just looked out of place and nervous, although I was sure she must have dined in far swankier places than our local four star.

We both stood as the ladies approached and Richard introduced me. And I was right about the pairing. He sat Judith, the mousy one, next to me and ushered Rosalyn, her more glamorous companion, into the seat beside him. I was already beginning to regret the evening. But I kept telling myself it was a free meal and I wasn’t forced to fuck anyone afterwards, and in my parlous state a meal was not to be passed up lightly.

Rosalyn dominated the conversation completely and I can’t say I was sorry at first because I had visions of the four of us waiting for our table in an awkward silence, but she filled the void with tales of her husbands company, heating systems apparently, and how it had just amalgamated with Judith’s husband’s refrigeration engineering concern to make a ‘hot and cold impact on the market’. Well, she thought it was witty. But my appreciation of her verbosity didn’t last. The trouble was that nobody else could get a word in and we got through to being seated in the dining room without my being able to do more than say hello to my date for the evening. Getting to know her was going to be impossible until her friend ran out of steam.

I had hoped that eating might slow Rosalyn down, but not a bit of it, she simply waved her fork around while chewing and used her knife to emphasise various points in her saga, boring everyone with accounts of monies made by this or that deal and how her husband had gone after contracts that others only dreamed about, with the final result that everyone, apparently even including Judith, was pleased when we finally got to the coffee. I must admit though, I was a bit surprised when Rosalyn immediately held out her card to the waiter to settle the bill rather than letting Richard pay, but by then I’d come to the conclusion that she liked to feel self important. Maybe I’d got the better of the two in the nervously quiet and mousy Judith after all.

‘Have you booked two, like I said?’ Rosalyn asked Richard finally, nodding contentedly when he fished in his pockets and pulled out two electronic room keys, passing one of them over to me.

‘Come on then.’ She stood up impatiently. ‘Let’s get on to the main course.’

Judith looked at me as if to say she’d prefer a little more decorum, and I shrugged back in agreement.

The journey up in the lift was even worse, with Rosalyn making it clear in no uncertain terms what she expected from Richard, and by the time we reached our floor we were all squirming with embarrassment, although she didn’t seem to notice. It was a relief to swipe the key down the door and get into the comparative silence of the bedroom. I felt sorry for Richard and just hoped he’d find something suitable to stuff into her mouth. I was sure he would.

I turned to speak to Judith, but before I could get a word out she held up a silencing hand.

‘Before anything else.’ She began. ‘I need to explain. I’ve been married for over twenty years and never, ever, been with another man in all that time. But Derek, my other half, is older than me and he has prostate problems, so I’ve not had sex for nearly two years and I do miss it. This was Roz’s idea, she talked me into it and I’m not sure if I can actually do it. I want to, but I’m not sure I can go through with it. I hope you understand if nothing happens?’

We were two of a kind then, although I didn’t say so, both of us bulldozed by more assertive friends into a liaison we weren’t sure about. I felt an immediate connection with her words.

‘Of course.’ I told her, smiling reassuringly. ‘I understand better than you think. We don’t have to do anything. In any case I’ve just…’

I was about to explain about my situation when her hand came up again, silencing me in mid flow.

‘I don’t want to know anything about you.’ She told me. ‘I know your name and that’s all I need. It’ll be easier for me if you remain anonymous. You can understand, can’t you?’

It was a bit strange, but if it eased her conscience and made her happier, then that was all right by me. Yes, if that’s what you want, that’s fine.’

‘Can we get just into bed and perhaps just have a cuddle?’ She asked. ‘And if anything else happens, then it happens.’

I wasn’t used to my partner making the running, especially when the running was at such a slow trot, but it was better than frightening her off, so I nodded and smiled and she turned her back.

‘Unzip me then.’

I pulled her zip right the way down, catching a glimpse of the smooth pale skin of her back, and then unhooked her white bra through the gap in her zip.

‘Thank you. Now, would you mind being a gentleman and turning your back while bahis siteleri I get into bed?’

What else could I do but turn away? It was the strangest seduction I’d ever experienced, and I wasn’t even sure who was seducing who. I heard the whisper of clothing falling to the floor followed by the flump of a duvet being thrown back, and then the shuffle of someone settling themselves.

‘I’m ready. You can join me if you like.’

She had the duvet pulled right up to her neck, but she was lying on her back with her head turned to face me in a way that implied that she had no intention of looking her away. Was that the female version of fair play, I couldn’t see her but she could watch me? Not that I was too worried. I mean, my body isn’t that bad and I was a lot younger than she was used to.

I undressed facing her, making no attempt to hide anything, even though my cock was only at half mast, and she watched me openly like someone inspecting the goods, with was a bit unnerving. But obviously I must have passed scrutiny, for she raised the edge of the duvet for me to climb in beside her, although without raising it so high as to afford me much of a view of her nakedness.

As I climbed into the bed I took a hold of the duvet and lifted it higher, giving myself just a brief glimpse of her body. I don’t know what she was worried about. She was far better equipped than her clothes or demeanour had led me to believe. I know it was only a quick glance down under a lifted duvet as I climbed in, but even though she was thin, she wasn’t scrawny, her breasts made small but distinctly rounded mounds topped with dark and attractive nipples, and her belly was nicely flat without being sunken. I couldn’t see any lower than that then, but what I saw I liked and my cock twitched in appreciation.

Her skin felt cool almost to the point of cold as I slid in beside her, and she seemed to shrink away from the contact so that we ended lying side by side, just touching at the hip and shoulder like a pair of toy soldiers. I looked across and she turned her face towards me, scared and anxious.

‘Relax.’ I told her gently. ‘You’re the boss; nothing happens that you don’t want to.’

‘I know.’ A little smile flittered across her face. ‘Thank you. But I’m not sure anything can happen.’

At that point I was sorely tempted to get out of bed and call it a day, for I could see little point in trying to make it work between us and I wasn’t that sure that I wanted it to anyway. The only thing that stopped me was that I could tell she was fighting her instincts, wanting, maybe even needing, to make love with someone, but constrained by her inbuilt morals and probably feeling very out of place in someone else’s bed. I waited a few moments and then lifted my arm, raising it over her head in a clear invitation for her to let me put it around her. She hesitated for a number of seconds and then moved closer so that I could pull her to me, her head snuggling into my shoulder and her cool skin in contact with mine. And there we remained for several minutes before she glanced up at me and smiled a nervous little smile. I leaned down and planted a tiny kiss on her forehead.

‘You’re very considerate.’ She whispered. ‘But I bet you wish I was Rosalyn.’

‘Jesus! Not bloody likely!’ The exclamation was out of my mouth before I could stop myself. It wasn’t the best thing to do to insult someone’s friend and so I tried ineptly to cover. ‘I mean, you’re by far the nicer, far more ladylike and far more refined. I much prefer someone who isn’t so flamboyant and extroverted. Anyway, I bet she’s all tits and talk.’

She giggled, she actually giggled like a schoolgirl. ‘All right, don’t lay it on too thick or I might stop believing you.’

This time when she looked up at me she extended her neck and offered her mouth to be kissed. It wasn’t a passionate kiss, but it wasn’t chaste either. Her lips parted, although not enough for any tongue fencing, and our mouths moved very softly against each other for much longer than a simple friendly kiss warranted.

‘I’m sorry.’ She said as she pulled away. ‘Do you like to kiss, in the circumstances?’

‘I like to kiss, full stop.’ I told her, wondering what the hell had brought that remark on.

‘So do I.’ She smiled. ‘It’s just that I’m not used to this, you know? I wasn’t sure if you wanted to.’

I didn’t try to make sense of it; I’d already given up on that. Instead I pulled her closer with the arm around her shoulders and kissed her again, for longer this time. She made a little noise in her throat when she finally pulled her lips away from mine and snuggled closer, her knee finding its way over my thigh and a hard little nipple coming to rest on my chest. I figured that now was not the time to push things, so I let it rest at that, even though her hair tickled my face. I could feel my cock rising to full erectness at the possibility that things just might find a use for it after all.

Judith must have thought the same, because bahis şirketleri after a few minutes her hand reached tentatively across my stomach, jerking back when her fingertips brushed across the tip of my erection, only to reach out again and very hesitantly touch my cock. It was my turn to make a pleasure noise as her fingertips tiptoed up and down my length and she looked up as I groaned, smiling a sexy little smile.

‘You’re very hard.’ She said softly. ‘Am I to blame?’

‘I wouldn’t call it blame.’ I answered, drawing a sharp breath as her fingers circled the sensitive head of my cock. ‘But you do have something to do with it.’

Again that girlish little giggle. ‘I’m glad. I didn’t know if I was still attractive enough.’

Talk about low self esteem. But then with a domineering friend like Rosalyn how can anyone blossom. But at least she was rapidly climbing out of her shell.

‘Don’t you know that you’re gorgeous?’ I asked her, exaggerating just a little.

‘No.’ Her fingers closed properly over my cock and began to move up and down with serious intent. ‘Tell me.’

‘You’re gorgeous.’ I told her. ‘And so is that. But you’re going to have to stop if you don’t want to use it up too soon.’

‘Sshhhh.’ She whispered, her hand moving more urgently. ‘We’ve got all night and I intend to get good value.’

Another slightly off key remark, but it somehow confirmed the complete change in her behaviour. It was as if someone had suddenly thrown a switch in her head so that she had gone from prey to predator in just the few minutes after our first meaningful kiss. I wondered briefly what her home life was like that she made her so repressed, but then her thumb swiped across my tip and I lost interest in anything except what she was doing.

‘I want to make you come.’ She looked questioningly into my face. ‘Do you mind?’

As far as I was concerned while she was playing with me like that I wanted whatever she wanted.

‘Of course I don’t mind, but it’s usually the other way around.’ I told her, meaning that a man’s climax is taken for granted but a woman’s has to be worked for.

‘Yes, I know it should be, and you can do it in a bit. But right now I want a turn.’ She had that very strange way of putting things, but hey, why would I care?

She threw the duvet clear to leave both of us naked on the bed, pushed my legs apart to give herself room and then shuffled down to kneel between them, gazing intently at my cock all the while. She really had taken charge all of a sudden, all shyness apparently gone now that she’d decided to play.

‘Derek was always a lights out man.’ She informed me, as if to explain her actions. ‘But I want to see what I’m doing this time.’

I wasn’t going to argue with that either, especially as it also gave me chance to look at her while I waited for her hand to fasten itself back around my cock. Suddenly she paused and looked at me with a serious expression on her face.

‘If we do it.’ She began, and then stopped. ‘I can’t get pregnant.’ She began again. ‘And I don’t like the idea of rubbers. So if we do have sex, can you promise me that I can’t catch anything from you?’

‘Definitely not.’ I was caught between being offended and appreciating her openness.

‘Sure? I mean, are you really sure?’

‘Absolutely sure.’ I nodded vigorously, hoping I could see where this conversation was headed.

‘Then can we do it without protection? ‘Cos I know I won’t give you anything.’

‘Of course we can.’ What man turns that offer down?

‘Then that’s settled, we’ll be natural.’

Her decision made she turned her attention back to my cock, gazing at it as it were some wonderful and sacred object, her hands on her hips as she knelt before me. I’ve implied that she was in better shape than appeared at first glance, and her nudity confirmed it. Her breasts, now that she was not flat on her back, were pert and firm, small yes, but in keeping with her generally slight build, and her legs were long and slender and actually quite shapely. If only she had found a better hairstyle to frame that impish face and she would have been rather attractive. Maybe not gorgeous, as I’d rather insincerely told her before, but certainly not unappealing, especially now she’d started to smile. One thing I did notice was that her bush very small, just a little tuft at the union of her legs, and it was as straight as the hair on her head. Strange the sort of thing that catches your attention, isn’t it?

She settled herself on her haunches and then leaned forward, taking her weight on the hand resting beside my waist whilst enthusiastically pumping my cock with the other, her face only a matter of inches from its tip. I wondered, and in fact hoped, if she’d realise when I got close and finish the job with her mouth, but the way she was staring so attentively at it told me that she’d sooner watch than suck. I knew somehow she wouldn’t have long to wait, either.

‘I think I’m going to come soon.’ I warned her.

‘Good.’ She replied breathily. ‘Do you come a lot?’

It took me a moment to realise that she meant volume rather than frequency, although in point of fact both were reasonably true. ‘Yes, usually.’

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