A brother’s Debt ( Happy Birthday to Me)

A brother’s Debt ( Happy Birthday to Me)Another Saturday I thought to myself as I settled down at my computer with my coffee. As had been my routine for the past few months, I opened up an in-private window and typed in my favorite porn site. As usual I searched for new videos of redhead teens, searching for one who would remind me April and the weekend that we had shared. I could never find just what I was looking for but still, the memory got me hard. I finally found a video of an old guy and a sweet young redhead with a passing resemblance to April, her tits were a little bigger but her face and shaved pussy were pretty close. Leaning back in my chair I began to stroke my prick, imagining the girl was April and it was my cock sliding into her. No longer really watching the video I pumped my rod furiously to the memory of the last time I’d had April. She had been bent over this very chair while two shemales were having their way with her brother just down the hall. With a grunt I came, shooting my cum up onto my chest and belly.What a sad sight I must be I thought to myself, an old man sitting here with cum all over myself obsessed with a girl who hadn’t even finished high school yet. I closed the browser on my computer and made my way up the take a shower. Even the shower reminded me of her today, Jesus man, get a grip.I cleaned up and got dressed then headed downstairs to get some work done before my friend Michelle arrived. She said that she had a surprise for my birthday and would not take no for an answer. I tried not to think of what her present could be, knowing Michelle it was better not to ponder such things. I fixed myself a bloody mary and set my stereo to the outdoor speakers. I sat out on the back deck with my laptop to go over the code one of my programmers had put together for a client. Lost in the lines of computer code I must have lost track of time because suddenly I heard Michelle calling to me from the side of the house, “Hi Jim”I turned to see my friend, “Hey, come on back!” She looked radiant in the early fall sun. Long black hair framed her ebony face, her tall lean figure statuesque in her long sleeve blouse and tight black skirt. I probably would have been one of the many men who drooled over her had I not known about the eleven inch secret between her fantastic legs. “Hold on, let me get your surprise”, she called back before disappearing back around the house.Please God, don’t let it be one of her friends, I thought to myself as I saved the file that I’d been working on.A minute later she called out from the side of the house, “Okay, close your eyes!”Jokingly, well half jokingly, I answered, ” you better have clothes on when I open them.””Oh honey, I love you but not that much”, she laughed. “Make sure those eyes are closed until I say. In fact, why don’t you turn around and face the other way.”I did as she asked and a few moments later she said, “Okay, you can look.”Nervously I turned towards her voice and was stunned into silence by what greeted my eyes. There, standing next to my friend, in stiletto heels, black stockings and garter with matching lacy black panties and bra was my April. Her glasses were missing and her hair and makeup were done to perfection, but it was April. I could feel the tears welling in my eyes, I could not believe it.”Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you”, they both sang as I stood there gawking like a prepubescent boy with his first Playboy magazine. “You look like a monkey but we both love you!”April slipped out of her heels, which by now were sinking rapidly into my lawn and ran over to me. I swept her into my arms and pulled her in tightly as I kissed her sweet mouth. I had been dreaming of this moment almost every day since she had walked out of my door that Sunday almost three months iskenderun escort before. I could not believe that she was here. “My parents don’t expect me home until Monday after school”, she whispered in my ear, “that is if you want me to stay?””Let them try to get you back”, I answered kissing her again.I turned to Michelle, “how…””Well, her brother seems to have found a new addiction, him and Alexis are a regular thing now.” She paused for a moment to let that sink in. Alexis was Michelle’s friend, huge tits and a cock to match. “Well April figured it out and had Alexis friend us on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been talking since and began to plan this out. The hard part was getting her to wait until your birthday. Now quit being a shitty host and make us a drink.””Margaritas?””Better make a pitcher.”I went to the pool bar and started fixing a pitcher of margaritas and topped each glass with a floater of Gran Marnier. The girls evidently decided to join me by the pool and had stripped down and jumped into the pool while I was playing bartender. I set the drinks on the edge of the pool, taking the time to soak in the image of the two girls as they splashed each other playfully. Michelle, who like me was nearing 50, was gorgeous and put most women half her age to shame. She was the definition of a MILF if that was the right term for a shemale, a SILF? She had perfect c cups tipped with smallish dark nipples which were quite a contrast to Aprils pale white a cups with pink nipples. Just seeing them was causing my cock to stir so I quickly got undressed and in the pool before my growing erection became too noticeable. We had fun splashing each other which turned into an impromptu game of tag. Eventually, with three-quarters of the pitcher gone none of us were feeling any pain. I pulled April to me and kissed her deeply while toying with her perky little breast. She moaned into my mouth and reached down to grab my very erect cock. “Mmmm, is this for me?””It’s missed you”, I replied as she stroked me.Michelle, obviously feeling like a third wheel announced that she was going to head out to give us some privacy,April looked up into my eyes and I could tell that she had other ideas.”Nonsense”, I told my friend, “stay with us for a while.” I will admit that I was nervous as I extended my hand to her. She took my hand and let me pull her into a three way embrace. For the first time I pressed my lips against hers and we kissed. Maybe it was the drinks, maybe it was Aprils hand on my cock, maybe it was a little of both but the part of my brain that had been trying to remind me that she had a huge dick was fading away. I grabbed her breast with my other hand and teased her nipple with my fingers.”Why don’t we take this inside”, I suggested. The three of us quickly got out of the pool and started to dry off. I couldn’t help but stare at Aprils bare pussy, remembering fondly how sweet it tasted and how great it felt wrapped around my cock. I turned to Michelle. She was gorgeous with a great figure. My eyes drifted downward to her long black cock, it wasn’t even fully hard yet and already dwarfed mine.She caught my stare and asked, “are you sure?”I answered by taking both girls by the hand and leading them towards the house. Silently we made our way up to the master bedroom and climbed up onto the bed, April on my right and Michelle to my left. The girls pushed me onto my back and April took my throbbing member into her warm mouth. She sucked me deep a couple of times then pointed it at Michelle. I could tell that she was as nervous as I was, we had been friends for a long time and we both knew that things between us were never going to be the same. She lowered her pretty face and took me between those luscious lips. April was an eager cocksucker escort iskenderun but Michelle was a pro. She did things with my dick that I’d never imagined. While she sucked me I pulled April up until she was straddling my face. My tongue lapped at the sweet juices that were already leaking from her tight little hole. Damn I missed this. Meanwhile April was urging Michelle to move up on the bed so that she could play with her now hard cock. April leaned to the side until she was able to take the head of Michelle’s big black prick into her mouth.Michelle meanwhile was giving me the best blowjob that I’d ever gotten and had me on the verge of cumming. Being the pro that she was she could tell and increased her efforts until I finally could take no more and unloaded into her mouth. After swallowing my load and licking me clean I repositioned April onto her back and went back to work on her pussy in earnest while Michelle knelt beside her head and fed the young girl her cock. She could only take a few inches of that monster into her mouth so she stroked the rest with her hand. I could feel April’s sweet young pussy getting wetter as I licked and sucked on her clit. The walls of her cunt were clenching at my fingers as her orgasm neared and she was moaning loudly around Michelle’s cock head. “Oh fuck”, she hissed as she let the giant black log slip from her mouth. Her thighs gripped my ears and her free hand forced my head tighter against her trembling gash as she came. “God damn’, she gasped and then looked Michelle in the eyes, “fuck me Michelle!”Michelle looked to me for approval, “you heard the lady.”My tall dark friend moved between my young lovers legs and lined up his hard shaft. April looked so cute as she bit her lip in anticipation of having that huge black cock pushed inside of her. Part of me wanted to watch that big piece of meat as it penetrated the petite redhead but my eyes were locked on her face. I could see a slight wince of pain as Michelle pushed the head inside slowly, giving her time to stretch between pushes. I will admit that I felt more than a little jealousy watching April’s pussy stretch to accommodate that giant black cock. I’d never been into those cuckold videos and at that moment I wasn’t any closer to understanding the attraction but I had grown to love the girl and if this is what she wanted… Maybe I got it more than I was willing to admit. “Oh my god baby girl, you are so tight, “Michelle hissed as she bottomed out in April’s hot wet cunt.”And you are so fucking big”, the young girl grunted back.I watched for a couple minutes as Michelle fucked her slowly, sawing that huge black prick into her little pink pussy. I moved up the bed and took one of April’s nipples into my mouth. It didn’t take long before she came again and I got an idea. At my suggestion Michelle lay on her back and April straddled him, riding her cock like a horse. I got up and went into the bathroom. When I returned with the bottle of lotion out of the shower I saw April smile with approval. I squirted some onto April’s cute little asshole and worked it inside with my finger. It was strange because with my finger inside I could actually feel Michelle’s cock sliding in and out of her. I lubed up my hard prick and lined up with her ass. As April slid down Michelle’s rod I pushed up into her shitter. This morning I was beating off to porn thinking about the beautiful young redhead I really had no hope of ever having again and now I have her in a DP straight out of a porn movie with a gorgeous black shemale. Her tight asshole was amazing and the sensation of Michelle’s cock rubbing against mine through the thin tissue that separated her holes was surprisingly erotic. April came two more times before Michelle warned her, “baby I’m going to iskenderun escort bayan cum!””I’m on the pill.” With the okay to let go I saw Michelle clench her teeth and her body stiffen. I could feel her huge cock twitching powerfully against mine as she pumped her seed into April’s womb. Feeling that set me off and I too released a flood of jizz into the little redhead who was cumming yet again. The three of us collapsed into a sweaty pile of arms, legs tit’s, and cocks, breathless and spent. “Holy fuck, that was insane”, April finally broke the silence and we all laughed.We lay for a few more minutes, cuddling on my king sized bed with me between these two beautiful women before out of the blue I began to sing, “Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!”We laughed again and I suggested that we go get something to eat. The girls both agreed that they were famished. “Okay, shower first.”The three of us moved to the master bath and it’s oversized all-around shower. Michelle washed April’s back and I did her front, I bet her little titties had never been so clean. I worked my lathered hands down her body and down the outside of her smooth legs before making my way back up the insides. Kneeling in front of her I soaped up her hot slit and fiddling with her hard little clit. Michelle reached around her small frame and manipulated her erect nipples. I rinsed away the soap from her twat and replaced my fingers with my tongue. We soon had her writhing back against Michelle as I ate her to yet another orgasm. Michelle supported her as I pulled her bucking pussy against my mouth and drank up her sweet cream until finally she pushed my head away from her hypersensitive nub. “Oh fuck”, she sighed and twisted to begin kissing passionately with Michelle. In doing so she turned her pussy away from me, and still down on my knees I suddenly had a face full of big black cock. I don’t know what came over me, I am certainly not gay, but I grabbed a hold of that beautiful piece of meat and took the head into my mouth. Like April earlier, I couldn’t take more than a few inches into my mouth without gagging. I sucked on the head and kissed and licked the length of that gorgeous prick while stroking the rest of it with my hand. I’d never touched a cock other than my own but it didn’t feel strange at all given everything that had transpired so far that afternoon and surprisingly it actually tasted pretty good. April knelt down beside me and started licking Michelle’s large hairless balls while I worked her shaft with my hands and mouth. A couple more minutes of this seemed to seal the deal for my friend. She was moaning and holding herself up with the shower fixtures when she groaned out her warning, “Fuck, I’m going to cum!”I wasn’t ready to go that far, but April was so we switched places and I licked Michelle’s impressive rod and she swallowed his knob just in time to catch the first spurts of her cum in her throat. I could feel her hard cock jerking against my lips as she pumped her jizz into my young lovers waiting mouth. I knew that it was my turn next but decided that I would rather wait until I had April home alone so reluctantly I hurried the girls out of the shower. We dried off and I ran out to gather everyone’s clothes from the pool deck and Michelle ran out naked to her car in my driveway to grab April’s bag. Michelle looked fabulous in her black leather skirt and red silk blouse, April equally so in her short black skirt and pink blouse with her black fishnet stockings and I figured that I did alright with a pair of khaki slacks and a button down shirt, of course the girls rejected my first two choices before handing me one to wear.For dinner I took the girls to a fairly exclusive steakhouse downtown. As good as the food was the stares that the girls attracted were better. One old timer damn near choked on his steak when Michelle flashed her panties at him, I thought for a minute that his wife was going to let him choke to death.When we got back to my house Michelle kissed us both goodnight in the driveway and headed for home.

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