A Christmas Gift Ch. 02


I had awakened on Christmas morning in the pull-out bed in my mom’s living room. The odd part of that was finding that my own brother and I were cuddling – well, almost cuddling, I guess – after having fallen asleep there watching Christmas Eve movies.

In my innocent sleep, he had been touching me. I should mention that it was just his sleeping hand on the crest of my hip, and mind you, it was through my modest little cotton night-dress; and of course I did have panties on.

As I slowly woke up there in bed with him that Christmas morning, I found that his little touch on my hip was stimulating me. It probably began before my mind registered that the warm, gentle hand caressing my hip belonged to my own brother. Good old Frank.

No matter who it was, it affirmed the basic human fact that it is nice to be touched.

And the insistent stimulation that I felt probably began before I became aware that Frank had a full-blown erection as he lay next to me.

I knew all about “morning wood,” but a part of me wondered if that firmness that I detected in his shorts was the result of us touching this way.

The real problem is that, once all of these things swam into focus in my groggy morning mind, they had aroused my body to the point that I was fairly sure that the panties I wore underneath my nightdress were starting to sport a visible wet spot.

I was becoming aroused. And as I let the morning slowly seep into me, I found that I was enjoying the sensations my body was giving me. I gently tensed and relaxed my thigh muscles in a way that I knew could eventually bring me to orgasm.

When, at last, we were both fully awake, Frank and I acknowledged the awkwardness of the situation we found ourselves in. We had come there to close out our mother’s home after her passing. We had put that tough job aside after dinner on Christmas Eve, turning to silly holiday TV to try to raise our spirits. But as the night wore on, our sleeping bodies had found each other, and had obviously found something more than comfort in each other’s touch.

And so it was that we had made love to each other there, on the sofa-bed, on Christmas morning, brother and sister. I can’t really speak for him, but it had been far too long since I had felt a man inside of me. When we finished, and I helped him spill his semen on my naked belly (because, of course, I was not on the pill just then), I grew suddenly afraid that one or both of us would plunge into depths of regret.

As for myself, I felt no regret. I had drawn sexual pleasure from a man I knew loved me unconditionally. In fact, I was surprised to find that I had never felt so close to him as I climaxed on him and then let him climax on me. I held my hands on his slender bare hips and buried my face in his neck as he rubbed my shoulders. Apart from an orgasm, nothing had ever felt so good as this touching.

And yet, we did not kiss on the mouth. Funny, isn’t it, the barriers we have that we won’t cross?

I got up after a while and warmed a washcloth under güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the faucet, and cleaned his orgasm from me. Then I rinsed it again under the water and took the cloth out into the living room.

I made no attempt to cover myself as I returned from the bathroom. My brother and I had just shared the most intimate embrace, so there was no reason for me suddenly to pretend a false modesty. If he wanted to look at my body now, well, I thought, have a nice look!

Frank had propped himself up on the pillows and was playing with the TV remote. He had made no attempt to cover himself, either, and I could see that his softening penis and his pubic hair were still moist from our lovemaking.

Feeling playful, then, I tossed the wet washcloth straight at him, and he snatched it out of the air. As he craned his neck to look down while he cleaned himself off, I bent down and gave him a peck on his cheek.

It was the closest we had come to a kiss.

“Merry Christmas,” I said softly.

“Merry Christmas,” he smiled in reply. “So,” he began, and then he hesitated, and a whisper of doubt passed over his face.

I stood up straight, acutely conscious that my girl-parts were right at his eye level. Still, the twinge that this caused in my belly was a good one, and, feeling playful, I drew him out. “So…?” I put my hands on my hips.

“Well, let me just put it this way,” he continued. “I don’t mind that we just…,” and he made a wave of his hand, “so… how about you?”

What a sweet man. He wanted to know if I was OK with the fact that my brother had just fucked me. I understood his concern. Under other circumstances, this thing we had done – this incest – would have been a source of legitimate upset. But we were both fully grown adults, and both (I presume) well-experienced in bed. We had taken a moment to cool off from the initial arousing touch, and we had then chosen to share that experience.

I wanted nothing more than to convince him that I was OK. So I jabbed him in that soft spot just below his ribs and I laughed. “You don’t mind? That’s all you’ve got? You don’t mind?”

His naked body curled up in response to my tickling jab, and he laughed with me. “Hey, hey, wait,” he said. When his body relaxed again, he looked at me with renewed seriousness and he added, “really, Jen, I think it was awesome. I’ve always thought that my sister was hot.”

I sat down on the pull-out mattress and took the washcloth from him. And although he now seemed to be clean and completely recovered from our little romp in the sheets, I leaned over and pretended to clean a spot just at the base of his cock. It didn’t escape my attention that he started to thicken again at my touch.

I stopped, then, and sat back up straight. “Well,” I paused, “we shouldn’t make it a habit, you know. But, yeah…,” and my voice trailed off as I smiled and sighed. He smiled back, the hint of doubt on his face giving way to his own broad smile. He reached up and touched my arm, but güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I stood and turned away, fully aware that this presented him with a glorious view of my ass.

“But I’ll tell you this,” I said with mock sternness. “Once the roads are cleared, I’m going down to that drug store and buying some condoms. I know you guys think that stuff is good for the skin, but, you know, really!”

With that, I tossed the cum-soaked washcloth back onto his belly and I marched back out of the room and into the guest room. I paused just long enough to get one more look at his body before I swung the door closed.

Over the course of the following week, we had moved on from packing up personal belongings to the harder chore of cleaning the place so that it could be shown for sale.

This was a grubby and thankless task, and at the end of each day we managed something for dinner, but there was no sexual tension between us.

Still, the thought crossed my mind more than once during the week that, once the roads were cleared, I would indeed drive into town and buy a package of condoms so Frank and I could lie together in his bed one more time, and I imagined over and over him reaching his orgasm while still inside of me. The problem of pregnancy aside, there is something simply delicious about feeling a man’s penis throbbing, and knowing that he is past the point of control, while he is thrusting himself inside my body.

I wanted to do that. I wanted to do that with him. And I wanted him to do that in me.

The roads were still dicey heading into the weekend. I was beginning to worry that our time together at mom’s house would run out without the chance to let Frank do me again. I toyed with the idea of doing it the way we had done on Christmas morning, but I really hoped that I wouldn’t have to make him pull out of me and then spray his stuff all over my belly.

I don’t care what they do in those movies. Good for my skin or not, I’d really just rather not have it all over me.

Finally, on Friday, I decided that the roads were good enough for me to head into town. Frank and I worked on a list of things we wanted to have for the weekend.

God bless him, my brother was all business. We needed cleanser and Drano, and milk. I brushed my fingertips against his across the kitchen table and added, “and condoms, right?”

He left his hand touching mine, and with a growing smile, he agreed. “And condoms.”

Frank was just putting the last of the garage in order when I headed out to the store. I wanted to get there and back before the fading light was gone.

When at last I got back, the garage was empty and as nearly spotless as a garage could be. I parked the car and carried the groceries into the house.

Once inside, I could hear the shower running, and willing or not, visions of my brother’s wet, naked body flashed into my head.

I put away the few items that needed to go into the refrigerator, and then I fished through the grocery bags for the güvenilir bahis şirketleri package of condoms.

Frank had left the bathroom door unlocked. I could hear the water splashing in the shower as I let myself in. I could just see the outline of his body as I stood in the harsh bathroom light and started to unbutton my clothes.

“Who is it?” he asked playfully.

“Oh, just some intruder,” I countered. I dropped my blouse onto the bathroom floor and quickly sent my jeans to join it.

Frank tugged the edge of the shower curtain back and made it clear that he was watching me undress. I turned my back to him with mock modesty.

I could hear him expel a long breath as I pulled my bra away from my body. But he actually whistled when I bent down to pull off my little blue panties.

I stood up slowly then, totally naked for him, and I could see that he was almost completely hard there in the hot running water. I couldn’t resist. I pulled the shower curtain back more and stepped into the water with him.

The condoms were forgotten on the bathroom countertop. I reached for his penis and gave it a few good strokes as he moaned softly in response.

Again, we did not kiss, but the two of us were clearly entranced with the thrill of forbidden desire.

I turned my back to him, and with my hands against the wall of the shower, I thrust my backside at my brother, leaving no question at all what I had in mind.

And he did not mistake my meaning. I felt his hardness press against me in just the right place as the two of us moved our bodies together, causing him to enter me.

I came just as he worked himself to his full length inside me. But I wanted more. I pressed myself back against him and he settled into a rhythm of long strokes into me.

After my first orgasm, I was still so incredibly aroused at the feeling of my brother’s rock hard penis driving inside me that I couldn’t even think about the condoms that I had left out there on the counter. I wanted to feel him cum inside of me, and I pushed and pushed my butt back against him as he drove inside of me under the shower.

Frank put his hands on my hips as he thrust eagerly into me.

“Go ahead,” I pleaded against the ceramic tile shower wall. “Go ahead and cum, Frank,” I said.

And he did.

“Oh my God!” he gasped as I felt him sending stream after stream of himself into my most intimate place, and the sound and the feel of it sent me over the top, too.

I must give you my sincere consolation if you have never had a simultaneous orgasm. Oh sure, it doesn’t happen every time. As the saying goes, there is many a slip between cup and lip. But Frank and I did it that time. As he sprayed his semen into my body, I was rocked by a hard orgasm that I would have to describe as both “delicious” and “naughty,” given that we were brother and sister.

And we were not using any protection.

Eventually, our pace slowed, and my brother’s penis began to subside. As he slipped from me, I took my hands from the tiled shower walls and I turned to face him. I reached up and, taking his face in my hands, at last I gave him a deep long kiss.

Then I nudged him to turn away from me, and he complied. With his back to me, he placed his hands on the tiled wall, just as I had for him.

It was my turn, now.

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