A Christmas Party


It was a decent Christmas party, lots of people, laughing, drinks flowing, good food. The music wasn’t bad, but at some point it was just too much… too loud, too hot, too many people. I set my drink down carefully, maybe I’d had enough. I needed some air. I looked for him while I walked through the crowd, trying to find a door that would let me escape into the frosty night.

I found a back door onto an elaborate deck, and took a last glance over my shoulder, to see if he was nearby, watching me. I caught his eyes, like they were the only ones in the room, and had to stop myself from immediately looking away. I swallowed, and tried to make my face go blank, instead of expectant or desperate, and turned back to walk outside.

Ahh, the cold hit me like a fist, and took my breath away for a moment. My eyes watered and my nose burned, but this was just what I was looking for. It hadn’t snowed yet, but it was surely coming, I could smell it in the air. I took a deep breath, and another one, clearing the fog from my head. I felt my heart leap when I heard the deck door open and close behind me. I didn’t have to turn around to know who it was.

His hand touched the nape of my neck, in that sensitive spot just where it meets my shoulder. If the cold hadn’t made my nipples hard, they certainly were now. I could not help but respond to this man with my whole body, bursa escort and my heart wasn’t far behind.

“You didn’t wear a coat out here,” he said, stating the obvious.

“No, I didn’t want to go look for it. I was getting hot and dizzy in there.”

He put his hands on my arms, moving them slowly up and down, over my shoulders, to my neck, and down again. I closed my eyes and smiled a bit, “You’re not helping, you know.”

I felt him move closer to me, and his scent became stronger, I felt the heat from his body, and my heart pumped faster. I knew right them that he had me. I would do anything for him, strip down in the cold, offer him every part of my body. Everything about me was his for the taking.

And then his mouth was on mine; a soft sensual kiss,and his lips were somehow searing hot. Our noses touched, cold compared to our tongues, our breath, which was coming more rapidly as lost ourselves in the kiss. He opened his mouth wide, as if to engulf me, and I lost myself, no longer a partner in the kiss, but weak to it. A victim of it. Now, I thought, this is how he takes my mouth. His hips pushed against mine, reminding me there are other ways to take my mouth.

I melted against him and he wrapped his hands in my hair, pulling my head back to expose my throat. He moved down from my lips, licking and kissing and nipping at my bare skin here bursa escort bayan and there. His grip in my hair tightened when he got to the sweet spot on my neck, and he felt my pulse beneath my skin, my blood pumping faster and faster. He pulled my hair harder, and I made a small noise. He growled in response, and shivers went through me.

His body stiffened and he pulled back a little bit and looked at me through cold eyes. Almost a stranger’s eyes. Distant. Hungry. He looked around furtively and his eyes landed on a built-in seating area to the side, with a railing around it.

“I’m taking you now. I’m not waiting any longer.”

He took my hand and pulled me towards the bench, pushing me to kneel on it facing away from him. I did, and he pulled up my skirt, and pulled down my panties, then paused, touching my ass, running his hands over the smooth skin. I could feel him thinking, watching, admiring. I wiggled a bit in anticipation and I heard his breath catch in his throat. His hand stopped on the curve of my hip, and he reached back, and with a pop, spanked me hard. I groaned and leaned against his hand, which he was smoothing over the stinging hot spot on my hip, creating such sweet sensation… I felt a drip of my own wetness make its way down my thigh, quickly going from hot to cold in the frigid air.

I made another noise, wiggled again, “Please, escort bursa fill me up. Please. I need it.”

“Yes, you do.” And with that, I felt his hot cock against my ass, my thighs and without hesitation, plunged deep into my cunt. We both groaned. His hands were hot on my hips, holding them still while he pulled almost out completely, and thrust himself deep again. I swear I felt him in my ribcage, and my eyes rolled back with the sweet mixture of pain and pleasure. He fucked me hard, ruthlessly, and I never wanted it to end.

His hands left my hips and wandered under my shirt, across my back, found their way under my bra to my tits. He found my nipples and pulled, pulling my whole body back against him. I groaned and lost myself in the pain, then he let them go, flattening out his hands so that my hard tender nipples brushed against his palms with our movement. I couldn’t take it then, and came hard, pushing back against him, shuddering and shaking. I felt his legs start shaking, and I knew his own orgasm was close, and before I knew it, I was on my knees, taking his wet cock in my mouth, deep, keeping the same rhythm, sucking and slurping. He pulled my hair and hit the back of my throat, coming hard, in a thick wash of hot cum down my throat, spilling over my lips. He shook again, shuddered and look down at me. I smiled at up him, my mouth and chin wet, legs askew in a tangle of my skirt and panties.

He reached to help me up, and ran his hands over my hair while I straightened my clothes. When we were all finished, he hugged me to him, whispering in my ear, “You’re mine now.”

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