A Clockwork Orange


How many times have you heard the saying, ‘ What goes around comes around’? That saying is the basis of my story. My life has had a very eventful and chequered past, one that has come back to haunt me. I am a male and 46 years old at the time of writing my memoires. As a youth growing up, I was always very shy with other girls, whether they be classmates at a co-ed high school or neighbours who live in the same street. I always hung around with my best friends and rarely went out socially. Sex was never discussed at home and I hardly ever saw my dad naked, and never once saw even a boob from my mother. As a single child, I was enshrined in a time capsule and the only sex I ever saw were two dogs humping across the road from our place. On leaving school, I got a job as a drafting officer and made a few new friends there. There were a few other trainees who started the same year as me and we went surfing a lot in summer and played sport together in winter. Although there were a few other women in our workplace, I never thought of any of them as sexual objects. I never had the courage to ask any of them out; and had one asked me out, I probably would have pooped myself with fright. One night a few of us went to the cinema together to see ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’, starring Meryl Streep. I was 19 years old then and the year was 1981. I was still a virgin and all I had ever made love to at that stage was my hand.   We saw the movie in the heart of Melbourne and it finished around 11.30 that night.   On our way home to the inner suburbs, one of the guys in the car said “Hey Tom (who was the driver), let’s go around to Caesar’s before going home.” The other two agreed and I was left without a vote. Unbeknown to me, the proverbial mushroom, who is kept in the dark all its life and fed nothing but bullshit, found myself on the way to a massage parlour. I had never even heard of Caesar’s Retreat before. We arrived there and entered this room with a receptionist who greeted us. It was only then I realized what type of place this was. I became so nervous I could hardly speak. There were four of us and the receptionist introduced 4 real sexy looking girls dressed in panties istanbul travesti and a see-thru negligee top. My three friends selected who they wanted, and I was left with an attractive, slender brunette. After negotiating the time and cost, we were led to separate rooms. The room I was shown into had a queen sized bed, a shower, a couch and I can still remember the red plush pile carpet on the floor. The lighting was slightly dimmed and had a red filter on it. Visibility was good and I looked around the room not knowing what to expect. “Hi, my name is Pam, and I am your hostess. Please take off your clothes and take a shower. I will be back in a few minutes. What is your name?” Trying to find my tongue, I stammered out and almost inaudible “John.” My real name is Ralph but I wasn’t going to give my real name here. As Pam left the room, I took off my clothes and showered. After drying myself, I wrapped the towel around my waist and sat on the side of the bed. I was very nervous about having a woman see me almost naked. I had never had a massage before and didn’t know what to expect. Pam entered the room and sat down beside me and held my hand. She could see I was very nervous and she started a chat with me before kissing me and rubbing my back. She stood up and told me to take off my towel so she could massage me. I was also told to lie on my stomach first. Pam took off her top, revealing a perfect set of tits, leaving her just in brief sheer panties. I found the massage so relaxing, working from my neck and shoulders, down my arms, back and buttocks. Pam then worked between my inner thighs and asked me to open my legs a little wider. I could feel her hands brushing against my testicles as she continued her massage, I felt my cock start to harden a little as she continued down my legs and finished on my feet. The first part of the massage took about 20 minutes and I thought I was in heaven. “Time to turn over John” was Pam’s next words. I turned over with half a hard on and I could see Pam’s delectable body half stooped over me. Her tits were only inches from my eyes as I stared at them, wanting to grab them. Straddling my torso, Pam sat on my tummy as she massaged my temples, istanbul travestileri forehead and neck. “You can touch my breasts if you like John, while I am massaging you,” said Pam. As she leant over while massaging my shoulders, I grabbed her tits with both hands and started to play with them. Her nipples hardened and she acknowledged my interaction with her. Sliding her butt onto my thighs and exposing my hardening cock, Pam started to massage my chest and tummy. My eyes were alternating between her magnificent tits and her furry black hairy, but trimmed pussy. Pouring some more oil onto her hands, she started to massage my cock. I thought I was going to explode on the spot as my cock hardened like it had never done before. Sensing I was going to cum, Pam eased off and lid down to the end of the bed and massaged my legs and feet. “Would you like me to finish you off with my hand or would you like to cum inside me John?” “Can I please cum inside you as I haven’t done that before with a woman,” was my reply. “Mmmhhhhhhh, I would love that John.” Pam then stroked my cock until it was full hard again and straddled my thighs again. Slowly lowering herself onto my cock, she impaled herself as she let the weight of her body engulf my cock. Starting slowly at first she worked up speed as she rode my cock. My body started to go funny and started to twitch, I knew from masturbation experiences that I was about to cum. “I’m cumming Pam, I’m cumming.” Pam rode me harder and faster until I soon filled her pussy with my cum. I was no longer a virgin and a sense of relief and disbelief came over me. I lay there for a few moments as Pam grabbed some tissues to prevent any leakage as she climbed off me and rolled over. We then went back to the shower again and she washed me and then cleaned herself out as I stood watching, while getting dressed. Over the next 5 years I frequented massage parlours every 1-2 weeks and literally fucked my brains out. I did gain a lot of experience and confidence in that time. It was in 1986 that I met a woman and married a year later. Twelve months after our marriage, we had a daughter together, whom we named Jodie. The first few years of our travesti istanbul marriage were great; I was a hard working husband and father, and she appeared to be a devoted wife. Our sex life was very active but for some reason, my wife could not conceive again. She became more distant by the day and after 7 years of marriage, she walked out on Jodie and me. Jodie was 6 at the time and I was left to raise her by myself, as my ex-wife wanted no part of me or our daughter. I was always there for my daughter and saw her go through primary school and enter high school. Now into her teens, Jodie was blossoming out into a very attractive young woman. At the age of 17, she completed her HSC and went job hunting. For 12 months Jodie went job hunting but there was nothing permanent. She did part time work as a check-out chic at the local supermarket until she landed a job as an industrial cleaner. This was only last year in 2007, and Jodie was 18 at the time. Jodie told me she had a job cleaning out a large corporate building in Collins Street , the heart of Melbourne businesses. As the working hours there were from around 8.00 a.m. to about 8.00 p.m. , her job was primarily night work. She told me her working hours were nominally from 8.30 p.m. to about 4.30 a.m. , 5 nights a week. With the night hours, she was bringing home a much more than reasonable pay packet. She soon purchased her first car and was paying it off very well. Those 12 years had passed by remarkably quickly. I was a devoted father who sacrificed everything to make sure Jodie had the best things in life and what growing girls need. Every year we went on holidays around Australia and I spent a huge amount of time in helping her with her schoolwork. In that whole 12 years I never even looked at another woman, so my sex life was totally non-existent. At work last year, one of my friends told me that they had been to the Daily Planet massage parlour in Melbourne , and had some really great women working there. They mentioned to me that I should go along some time and treat myself. My mind went back to Pam, and my first massage and fuck, and decided that I should go. One thing was for sure, with Jodie working; I would be out and home before she got back from her cleaning. I got into the city around 11.00 p.m. and knocked on the door. A scantily dressed woman greeted me and ushered me to the receptionist. “Good evening sir, welcome to the Daily Planet.

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