A Colorado Mountain Town Adventure


This is another true adventure that Mike and I had.



Mike & I had been finding time to hang out as often as we could since our last trip. We quickly realized, we needed some time away, just the two of us. So, when Ashley left town for a few days, I pulled some strings to get out of town, knowing I’d have Mike to myself for two days. I started dreaming of what it would be like to finally be alone with him for more than just a couple of hours, and I was so eager to go. I booked us a beautiful resort, that was fairly secluded, but still close enough to home. Leading up to the trip it was a fun mix of anticipation and nervousness.

So, we’re finally in the car, on our way to the beautiful mountain resort. Mike looks good; he always looks good, but knowing he’s mine for a couple of days, makes him look even better. The whole drive was torture, I kept looking over at him, and thinking of the things I wanted to do to him. And honestly, when everything first went down, I thought of him as a fun adventure, basically a fuck toy. But now, after spending more and more time together, I was starting to actually like the guy. He was funny, smart, charming, and a freaking man. I’d become a bit enamored with his outdoorsy side. We went rock climbing a few weeks before, which I knew was a big part of his life. Seeing him in this element: physical, engaged, and in charge, was hot to say the least. So, as we’re driving, I’m trying hard to focus on the road. Luckily, Mike tells a great story, and he always has a new one. So, listening to him share one crazy adventure of his after another, kept me focused enough to get us there.

We finally arrive, and it turns out, we’re an hour early for check in. So, we just have to hang out around the resort. In normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be a problem, but when you’ve been dreaming about getting a man in bed for weeks, and you are this close to doing so, an hour feels like an eternity. We grab a bite to eat, grab a drink, and soak in the beautiful fall weather by the pool. We both know neither of us are thinking about the changing leaves. The lap swim clock by the pool mocks us as it ticks away excruciatingly slow in front of us, as yet another reminder of how long we have to wait until we can truly delve into each other.

It’s finally 3 o’clock and we make our way to the front desk to get our keys. We start to slowly lose a bit of the nervousness that we’ll be seen together, and it starts to feel normal as he slips his arm around me, like we belong there and together. We jump on the elevator and make it up to our floor.

We spend the next hour kissing passionately, and having awesome sex. Afterwards Mike decides to jump in the shower, and I join him. The man is hard again.

I think to myself, “Does he ever stop”?

So, what we intended to be a quick pre-dinner shower, turned hot. He kissed me slow and gentle at first, and then pressed me up hard against the shower wall, with the water pouring down on us, he gently bites my lower lip. I put one leg up on the shower wall, and he slips his hard cock into my pussy for the second time in an hour. Mike then puts his arm under my other leg and holds me up, pressing me against the wall as he spends the next few minutes thrusting into me. We finally have to move positions, and I turn my back towards him, spread my legs, and arch my back slightly. He steps in behind me wraps his arm around me, and enters me again. This time I gasp, as his cock inside me suddenly feels massive, and the way he is moving is making me tremble. He uses his hand to reach around and slowly rub my clit as he continues to fuck me. I am near coming, which rarely happens to me from behind, and he pulls out.

I don’t think he realized how much I was enjoying myself, because he finishes rinsing off, and says,

“Let’s go eat”.

We’re hungry, and have been wanting to check out this restaurant in our resort named Maya. So I dry off and I quickly get ready. I get dressed in tight leather pants, super high heels, and a see through shirt that I know Mike loves. I’m dressed to impress him, but don’t mind if I turn a few other heads while we’re out either. He looks good. He wears a wool vest that I love over his dress shirt, his boots, and he wears a smile that kills me. We head to the restaurant, and to our disappointment, there is a private party that night. So, we decide to go downtown and try Maya the next night.

We end up at cute little restaurant, where we share fondue and calamari. We always say we will sit at a bar, seems a little less dangerous, but we end up at a table for two. Which honestly, is nice, because I could look into his beautiful blue eyes for hours now. The conversation is easy, the food is good, it’s great to finally get to be together. Mike and I both appreciate good customer service, and even a horrible server can’t get us down.

We talk about staying out and getting another drink, and we quickly decide, we’d rather head back to the resort instead. We walk arm in arm back as it’s getting bursa escort a little chilly out. I love talking to Mike, but I’m not going to lie, I’m getting eager to get him back to our room so we can do more than just chat.

We get back to the hotel, and see that there are awesome fire pits out on the back deck of Maya. The private party seems pretty lame and there is hardly anyone out there, so we decide to have a seat by the fire. We talk some more, kiss some more, and just enjoy our night. Mike keeps slipping his hand between my legs, and rubbing me in all the right places. I can feel my body start to get wet and tingle in anticipation. He’s making me wish I would have worn a dress instead of leather pants. I contemplate taking him to the room right then, but then I get a better idea. We are blocked from the party fairly well because the back of the couch we are on is so high. I move over and sit on his lap. I slowly run my hand under the waist band of his pants, and then unzip them. I can see his cock is starting to swell, I pull it out, and slide down to my knees in front of him. Mike keeps checking over his shoulder to make sure no one is coming, and I take start slowly licking up and down his cock. I take my time at first, gently sucking on the tip, and running my tongue up and down the length, and then I put his whole cock in my mouth. I love sucking Mike’s cock, especially when it’s not hard yet, but getting hard, because I can throat the whole thing, I can feel it hitting the back of my throat each time I go down. I am so turned on now, it’s hard to focus. I know he’s enjoying himself, I can hear him breathing harder and stifling a groan. But I have something I want to do to him in our room, so I smile at him, and zip him back up.

Amazingly, we decide we need a drink before we go up to our room, so why not head into the bar, and pretend like we’re a part of the party? One thing about Mike and I, we’re always on the same page when it comes to a little adventure. We head up to the bar, and learn that you need drink tickets in order for the drink to be on the house. So while Mike visits with the ladies to our left, I get some drink tickets from the man to our right. Mike of course, orders the best tequila that our tickets will cover. We sip our tequila, make new friends, sip more tequila, and then head up to our room. We are pretty tipsy, and laughing about our cover story, which we can never quite get right. It’s obvious we’ve had enough to drink, when Mike decides to put the ottoman from the elevator waiting area into the elevator so he has a seat on the way up. Oh my.

We get to the room, and while Mike makes a drink, I take my heels & clothes off, and then put the heels right back on. A few weeks ago, Mike wrote a story and in this story he described a fantasy of his. The instant I read it, I knew I wanted to try it, and what better time than now. I start to kiss Mike slow at first, with our lips barely touching, and then it gets a little more intense.

I whisper in his ear, “Lay down,” then push him down on to his back on the bed.

I stand up on the bed, with my legs straddling him and my back facing him. He starts to reach his hands up and touch me, and I quickly shove his arms down, and pin his wrists under the gap of my heels. I slowly bend over, licking my lips at the sight of his cock. I wasn’t sure if I could reach, but luckily, he is big, and I am flexible. I lick one side of his cock, slowly pressing the other side up against him and then bend over farther to try and put as much of him in my mouth I can. As my lips go up and down his shaft, I feel him start to pull one arm out from under my heel.

I whisper with authority “No. Touching.”

And I pushed my heel down hard onto his arm, punishing him for moving. He winces in a combination of pain and pleasure. I continue for a while longer, but being in charge like this is so sexy, that I’m getting a little eager. I keep him in my mouth, bend my knees, and lower my pussy down over his face. I hover just out of reach of his mouth, feeling his hot heavy breathing, teasing him and I both for a minute. And, then I start to rock back and forth on his lips. His tongue is moving so perfectly over my swollen clit that I’m having a hard time giving his cock the attention it deserves.

So I finally let him up, and with his new freedom, he quickly flips me onto my stomach, lowers his body onto mine, and pushes his rock hard cock deep into my pussy. He has one hand on my collar bone using it for leverage, it hurts a bit, but turns me on too. He’s thrusting deep into me, with no abandon. I get the feeling he’s enjoying punishing me for my little heel dig and loving being back in charge. I can tell he’s approaching orgasm, o he pulls out and I quickly turn over so I can fuck him my way this time. I climb on top of him, sitting up straight so I can feel every inch of him deep inside me. I start to rock back and forth on him slow, but intentional, grinding my body against his. We are keeping eye contact, I love to watch him enjoy me ride him. I bite bursa escort bayan my lip now, because I am ready to cum, but want him to cum with me, so I lean forward, grab the headboard, and start to fuck him fast and hard. Mike moans and smacks my ass hard. That’s just the encouragement I need, and I speed up even more.

I lean into his ear, and whisper, “Fuck Me Mike”.

We finally stop fighting for control, and he grabs my hips strongly and raises me up a bit above his body, so he can thrust into me while I ride him. We are fucking each other in perfect rhythm.

“I am going to cum in your pussy,” Mike growls.

I can’t help myself any longer, and give into cumming on his dick. I scream in pleasure, and feel like I’m going to go numb, and I can feel him harden even more and start to fill my pussy, and that makes my orgasm last forever. He finally lowers his ass back down to the bed and I collapse on him.

Mike says, “Well, now I know if I want something to happen, I will just write about it.”

“Yeah you will.” I say, knowing I enjoyed acting out his story as much as he did.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.


I hear Mike’s phone go off, and wake up from a dreamy sleep. It’s only 6 am, and we had quite a long night the day before. But there is something about when I have Mike, I don’t even want to sleep, I want to soak in every minute I have with him. He’s wide awake too, so I’m hoping he feels the same. So, we throw our bathing suits on and head down to the riverfront hot tubs, to watch the sunrise. We get a good laugh as the elevator opens and there is still the ottoman we put in there last night.

We spend the next hour, taking in the beautiful fall mountain sunrise, flirting under water, and enjoying each others company. After a while though, we are hungry, so we decide to head to Maya for breakfast. Mike requests a booth by the window overlooking the deck and the mountains. I see the couch we we’re on last night, and it makes me smile. I quickly order a bloody mary, and Mike does the same. I look down at his arm and there is a gash from last night’s heel maneuver.

I apologize, he says, “It was worth it, I loved it and I hope it leaves a scar.”

I lean over and kiss his lips. “I hope it leaves a scar too.”

We order two delicious plates, and share them both. My favorite was the chorizo over polenta, and a soft boiled egg, and hollandaise sauce. I’ve been dreaming of that breakfast ever since. After a couple more bloody marys and a Maya t-shirt Mike convinced them to let him buy for a souvenir, we pay our $100 breakfast bill, and head back to the room.

We got back to the room and decide to rent a movie and just relax. After much debate, we settle on paying way too much for Jake Gyllenhall in South Paw and I settle into crotchless underwear and a lacy bra. You’d think we would be done, after such a busy day yesterday, but for some reason, this morning, we can’t keep our hands off each other. We really want to watch the movie we just paid for, but end up fucking for an hour or so. It’s exhausting and perfect. The movie is good, but putting a sad vibe on our otherwise flawless trip. After the movie ends, I get a little stir crazy, and want to do something active. I wish we’d brought our paddleboards, but we decide to go for a walk down by the river.

When we get close to the river, Mike’s eyes light up like a little kid, and he starts talking about hand-fishing. I can’t decide if he’s being serious or joking, because I’ve never heard of such a thing. But he quickly rolls up his pants, throws off his flip flops and wades in. I lay on a rock and enjoy watching him try to fish with his hands. When he’d see a rock with a space beneath it, he’d slowly reach his hand under feeling for fish that are resting there.

He eventually gets out of sight, and I decide to take off my shirt and do a little sunbathing on the rock. A while later, Mike comes around the corner with a big fish in his hands and a huge smile on his face. I know he caught it with his hands, but tease him that a fisherman from up river gave it to him to win a bet with a girl. But now, that I know it can be done, I of course want to try. So I put my shirt back on, take off my heels, roll up my jeans, and get in. We stumble through the river for another hour or so, freezing our asses off, looking for fish with no success, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

We decide to call it a day, and walk back up to the resort hand in hand, laughing about our adventure. We were soaking wet and dirty. As we walk in the back gate of the resort to head up to our room, we get a few looks. One woman in particular gave us the once over like we were certainly a little too wild and dirty for this classy place. We just laughed, because we didn’t care, and we knew it was probably true.

After a long nap, we decide to get ready for dinner at Maya. I wear a short, tight navy blue dress, with a full zipper in the front, and my highest nude heels. I know Mike is more of a strappy escort bursa shoe guy. But these are my favorite, and I feel like if he watches me walk with a little swagger in them, they will soon become a favorite of his too. We have a delicious dinner, full of serious conversation, and the realization that we are not only enjoying fucking each other, but are becoming great friends.

After dinner, we head back out to the fire pit. I am enjoying the night, but want to be enjoying Mike. We find our couch by the fire, and Mike leans in to kiss me. He runs his hand slowly up my thigh and realizes I don’t have underwear on. He gives me this courageous, sexy look. Mike glances around, makes sure we are alone, and gets on his knees in front of me.

I am thinking to myself, “This is crazy!”

However, I quickly relinquish myself to him because I’m in love with his lips on my clit. I’ve never felt anything like it, it’s mind blowing and the idea of him doing that outside, by a fire, in public, makes me dripping wet. He slides my dress up a bit, leans in, and quickly finds where he needs to be. He starts slowly circling his tongue around my clit, and then starts to suck on it, with rhythm and precision. I lean my head back against the couch, enjoying every stroke. We hear someone come out, and he quickly sits up, and I pull my dress down as we try to feign a conversation. When the coast is clear, Mike is right back down. I love it! I am so impressed by his skills, and by his nerve. I love Mike’s face on my pussy, but it makes me need his cock desperately. I reach my foot between his legs, and feel that he is hard. I rub my foot up and down his jeans along the edge of his cock.

I look into his eyes and say “Fuck me. Right here. Right now”.

He does a quick check if anyone is coming, unzips his pants, and lets his huge, beautiful cock out, and slips it right into my dripping wet slit. Mike starts to move in and out of me, with long, hot thrusts. I am dying. Part of me wishes we were in our room so I could fuck him with no abandon, but part of me knows that being out here in public, is making it even racier. I’m starting to breathe heavy now and get into it, and we hear the door open behind us and a couple emerges. Mike sits quickly and I pull my dress down and throw my legs over him to try and hide that his pants are half off. The couple looks at us with an intrigued look and starts to make conversation.

Mike boldly says, “Hey guys, we were fucking out here.”

The man looks excited and says, “We thought you might be.”

I wasn’t sure if they were hoping to watch, or were inspired, but the silence got awkward, I think they got nervous and they soon got up and left. We had our moment but realized we should probably move our fun somewhere else.

We head inside to the Maya bar and order more tequila. This bar has 6 or so shelves of liquor spanning all the way up to the ceiling. There is an old library ladder on wheels that is used to get the bottles that are up high. I make a mental note that I want to climb that at some point. After some fun banter, we soon make friends with the bartenders and they get curious about our story. We finally choose to be discreet and let them know it’s a great story, but we’re keeping it to ourselves. We get invited to go out with them, and consider it for a minute. But we both know this is our last night here together, and we want it to be just the two of us. So, we agree to have one more drink and call it a night. Mike orders a tequila we haven’t had yet that is on the top shelf…here’s my chance. I ask our new friend if I can climb up to get it.

He glances over at Mike, looks me up and down, and says “Hell yes”.

I walk around the bar, and start to climb the ladder in heels that most girls can’t even stand up in. I climb slow with swagger hoping I’m driving Mike crazy. I reach up as high as I can, and my dress comes up high too. I grab the tequila bottle and turn around to let Mike know it’s probably a good time for a picture. He already has his phone out and has a smirk on his face that lets me know it isn’t the first picture. I climb back down, we enjoy our tequila, and head up to our room, relishing that this has been a night we won’t soon forget. Mike got his nickname Handle on our last trip together, mine will now forever be Maya.

As we get into the elevator, I start to say something, but Mike shoves me against the wall and kisses me hard. We hurry to our room, and clothes come off before we can even shut the door behind us. We finish what we started on the deck, and collapse into bed.


We wake up early again. I feel sad that we are leaving, but so satisfied with the last two days. The room looks like a tornado hit it. Vodka & Scotch bottles are empty on the counter. Clothes & shoes are everywhere. It looks like we’ve had a fun couple of days for sure. Mike gets up, and when he comes back he sees me lying naked on my side with the sheet down to my knees. I was honestly not trying to be sexy, but apparently sometimes, that’s when you are the sexiest. Mike comes over and runs his hand from my shoulder, over my breasts, over my waist, and along the curve of my body. Then he gets back into bed with me and wraps his strong masculine self around me.

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