A Complete Lack Of Resistance


The music was loud. I could feel the beat of the bass notes shake my belly as I sat at a table close to the dance floor with my partner, Emily. We had difficulty hearing each other talk, what with the music, and everyone close to us trying to shout over it. I started to look around me, people were dancing, mostly in pairs and some were just chatting, probably getting to know each other. I watched the pair of red and blue disco lights illuminate the ceiling, and periodically, the people on the dance floor. Every now and then white lighting would pulse and periodically freeze their motion as they danced. I love watching people in places like this and I could see intention in some of their eyes. One couple, quite close to me, were openly caressing each other’s breasts as they stared into each other eyes. I guessed, by the way they were looking at each other, that it was early on in their relationship. I instinctively knew they were going to get off with each other as soon as they left the Black Cap. If it was a man and woman misbehaving openly like that, in any other place, they would be asked to leave, but it seemed to be acceptable for two women to act that way, in this bar at least. The Black Cap is a gay bar in Camden town, London. It’s where all the sassy girls go for a good night out and it’s the best place to meet new and exciting people, of the same sex that is. That’s where I met Emily, my partner. Four weeks later and here we are, chatting and drinking our Gin and Tonics as we survey the room. Between us, we have made a few friends in this wonderful pub, and would probably make a few more. Emily rose from her seat and motioned to me that she was heading for the loo. I sat back in the chair, cradled my drink in my hand, sighed, and watched the people as I slowly sipped it. For a while at least, I watched Emily’s tight arse sway across the room but it wasn’t long before my eye caught a stunning redhead across the dance floor from me. She was sitting close to the edge of a table, facing me, and I took it from her body language that the blonde woman she was talking to was Escort Çukurambar her partner or girlfriend. I watched them smile at each other, caress the others hand, and occasionally laugh. The redheads smile was intoxicating. She had a broad smile and bright red lips; a bit like the smile of the actress, Julia Roberts. She had an inviting, welcoming face. I could see myself talking to her for ages and slowly making her acquaintance. As I watched her, I saw her glance at me. A little later, she took a longer look at me, but at both times she returned her attention to her girlfriend. In time, I became aware that I was staring at her and that she was staring back at me. In days gone by I would have averted my eyes, but not now. I was more confident now, and as I saw her look at me, I lifted my glass as if to toast her and took a sip. She smiled back but her actions surprised me. She opened her legs as wide as she could while staring at me; leaning back into her chair as she did so. I could make out that something was not right with her jeans but I couldn’t see what that was immediately; the light in the room was far too variable for me to concentrate. I glanced between her face and her jeans a few times but I had to let my eyes rest on her crotch for some time to try and figure out what was different. I saw her draw her finger across the zipped area, then I saw it disappear inside. I eventually caught on as to what was missing from her jeans. At that point, I did avert my eyes while I smiled into my glass. I slowly raised it and took another sip. My mind was racing and I was giggling away to myself at her brazenness. I raised my head but deliberately looked at the people dancing; avoiding making eye contact with her. My curiosity eventually got the better of me as my gaze returned, once more, in her direction. She was still watching me. I didn’t know where to look. I watched her smile at me and I watched her finger stroke and then slide into her pussy. I was mesmerised by her overtly wanton display. My own finger entered my mouth as demetevler escort I bit on the nail before sucking on it. My stare was disturbed when Emily brushed her hand over my shoulder as she sat down next to me. We started to chat once more. We talked about the holiday we were planning in Asia in the coming year; more about how we were going to finance it on our meagre pay packets, than what we hoped to see or experience. For some reason, my mind was not on this important conversation that Emily was having with me. My head kept drifting to one side while I chatted with Emily, and my eyes kept glancing across the room. The redheads’ presence was highly distractive and my mind needed constant updates as to what she was doing. It soon became my turn to visit the bar and I topped Emily and myself up with another Gin and Tonic. I was hoping the redhead would join me so that I could talk to her, but she didn’t. When I returned to our seats, our conversation continued, but I had become more and more disinterested and I think Emily sensed that. I wondered if I could move the conversation to the redhead, but thought better of it. At one point I became agitated, when two women stood between myself and the redhead, blocking my view of her actions. I willed them out of the way, but my Jedi Knight training was not paying off. When the couple eventually moved onto the dance floor, my view of her was once more reinstated. She was still fingering herself and still looking at me. The smile on her face was blatantly directed towards me. Her blonde girlfriend was stood by the bar talking to someone else; obviously leaving her to taunt and torture me with her actions. Emily nudged me and pointed to my drink. She had finished hers quickly, or so it seemed, and I was obviously lagging behind. I downed the drink and let her wander off to the bar to get another. At last I could spend a little more time looking at my redhead on the opposite side of the room. Trying to be coy was no longer a necessity. I stared openly at her crotch, completely missing the dikmen escort bayan smile she had on her face. As I stared, I replayed all the information I had gathered on her. She was very slim, with little or no breasts to speak of. She was wearing a black top, which had intricately cut out flowers arranged over one shoulder and down and across one of her breasts. Her jeans were open at the crotch and I would be confident betting that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Her red hair was cropped on top, much shorter down one side but longer at the other; leaving a typical asymmetry in her hairstyle. If I had to judge her, I would have classified her as the strap-on wearing part of the couple. Her blonde girlfriend on the other hand was every bit a girly woman; a bit like me. I wanted to know her name. I wanted to talk to her. I sighed knowing that that was never going to happen, not tonight, not with Emily here. Emily arrived back at the table with another round of Gin and Tonics and I took a big sip. Our conversation had eventually moved on from holidays. At some point, though I was unsure when it happened, the music had changed tempo and was now far more mellow and light hearted. It wasn’t as loud and we could hear ourselves think. The night was obviously drawing in. I leant over to Emily and whispered to her that I was going to the loo. I could see there was a queue snaking its way through the corridor to the ladies at the other end. As I walked across the edge of the dance floor I couldn’t see my redhead at her table. I didn’t know whether she was in the loo, or elsewhere, and I wondered where she could be. Her blonde friend was at the bar; still talking. I waited until a cubicle became free. I entered, closed the door and pulled my knickers down; taking them completely off in the process. I pulled my short skirt up, sat down and started to pee. I was unsure as to what to do with the knickers and reckoned I would palm them and calmly hand them to Emily when I got back to the table. That sort of behaviour always brought a smile to her face. After doing the honours with the toilet paper and flushing the loo, I stood to leave. I flipped the lock and opened the door. I was startled as I pulled the door back towards me. A body was standing directly in front of me and moving in my direction. I had nowhere to go. I pulled myself backwards to avoid a collision with her and nearly stumbled.

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