Subject: A Couple of Crafty Cubs Chapter 2 Hope you’re enjoying the story, this time the teacher gets to join in on the fun. Things are just gonna get hotter. Don’t forget that functions on donations from readers so consider helping with the upkeep. Feedback and ideas are always appreciated. Professor Knox was unable to think clearly all that morning. He just went through the motions of his routine: breakfast, gym, shower, and then to school for the early classes. His mind was a tight knot of fear, trepidation and a non-insignificant dose of lust, the mental images of all the fallout that would come if the video went public kept being interrupted by the image of the two naked cubs giving in to their desires, and whatever they might have in reserve for him. Most of the class time was spent giving out test results and outlining some extra credit work for those who needed it, so he really didn’t have to pay a lot of attention and he was grateful for that. One tiny bit of good luck in the pit of anxiety that he was living in. The final class of the day finally came, the one he was dreading: the one with Toby and Brian. As if keeping his composure wasn’t hard enough, the cubs were sitting next to each other at the very back of the class, and as soon as he made eye contact they winked at him, smiling with those devilish looks that caused an immediate reaction in the professor’s pants. As he started handing out the graded tests, he saw Brian put his hand in Toby’s pants and start playing with his cock. Toby just enjoyed it with his hands behind his head, the rest of the class checking their results and calculating how they had to do on the next few months to pass the class. While he reviewed the right answers, the cubs srtarted kissing. It was a sheer miracle that Knox was able to keep his voice steady and the attention of the class on him. Finally, he outlined the extra credit work in the whitebord with an unsteady hand, the class was almost over. “Professor.” Said a Brian from the back, some of the students turned to see him but by then both cubs had their hands and mouths to themselves and nothing weird was appartent. “Yes, Mr. Hunter?” Asked Knox, though it was more of a performance for the class than an actual question. “I did’t get my test results” Answered Brian. “Me neither” said Toby, it seemed kinda overacted gaziantep escort to Knox but he might just have been too nervous. The professr went to his briefcase and rumaged a little through its contents, just for show. “I don’t seem to have your tests here, I must have misplaced them yesterday while I was grading. Come over to my office later and I’ll give you the results.” And that was it, he had kept his end of the deal for now, whatever would happen later was a mystery. He barely could do any work, just waiting for the cubs to show up. They didn’t make him wait long, just stepped in without even knocking, and immediately locking the door, Knox had already closed the blinds. “Hello, Professor.” Said Toby. Brian was already playing with his own cock. “What do you want?” Asked Knox, he sat very straight to show off his imposing physique and tried to sound defiant, even though he knew it was a bluff “Top grades? Money? What do I have to do to make that video disappear?” The cubs chuckled “No, sir. We’re actually good boys, if a little naughty.” said Brían, squeezing his friend’s ass playfully. “You’re a good teacher, and a good man as far as we know, we wouldn’t dream of forcing you to do something like that. All we want is for you to give in to what YOU want.” The fleeting thought of denial passed through Knox’s mind, but it was useless, there was the video of him jerking off to them, of him picking up the jockstrap. The cubs started making out again, and when Brian unbuttoned his pants Knox noticed that he wasn’t wearing any undewear. His cock wasn’t very long but it was beautifully thick, the pink head rising proud with a drop of precum at the tip. The cubs noticed the attention of the professor focused between the cubs legs. “Well, you did keep my underwear” said the student. Toby played with that cock a little, making it ooze out more precum, thick and clear. “Come on, let yourself go” he said. Knox finally moved. He could tell himself that he was being blackmailed, but in truth he was just tunning out his brain and letting his dick make the decisions. He rose from hise chair and got close to them, just watching them play with each other’s bodies. Toby took a drop of precum from Brian’s cock with his fingertip and put it in the tip of his own tongue, then turned to the professor, and he suriyeli escort got the message. Knox finally let himself go and kissed the blonde student, his tongues playing, trying to taste the precum, he felt his cock get rock hard as the lust took over. Brian felt the professor’s big hand grab his ass, squeezing the round cheeks like he owned them, and then felt a finger play round the crack until it found the hole, he caressed the soft pucker, just teasing. The bearded cub let out a sigh of pleasure and more precum oozed from his hard cock. He undid the others’ pants and soon the three cocks were playing while the men kissed. “How about you try what you saw last night?” Said Toby, he pulled down Brian’s pants and made his friend bend over on the desk. Toby started eating him out like Knox had seen him do, a blissful smile on Brian’s face. The blonde cub looked at the professor in the eyes, inviting him to join. The professor kneeled beside Toby and joined him. The taste and smell were strong and manly and Toby’s tongue just made it all feel dirtier and hotter. Brian had to bite his lip as he felt both tongues playin in his hole, sometimes they started making out among them before getting back in the ass. It was too much to ask that the professor stayed put in there when this whole bis meaty cub was offering his body, so Knox played with his tongue also at Brian’s taint and finally for the firt time in his life, took a cock in his mouth. “Oh, yes professor, that feels so good!” Said Brian, feeling the warm and wet mouth of the teacher wrap around his hard dick. He had made his teacher his cocksucker and soon would be even more, the precum was driving Knox mad with lust. Brian turned around so give the teacher better access while Toby surrounded the man with his arms from behind and started unbuttoning his shirt. It was hard to go around the big muscular chest but he made it, he caressed the big pecs, played with the nipples, kissed the thick neck and bulging shoulder muscles. The professor started sucking with even more enthusiasm. “You like your nipples played it, huh, teach?” whispered Toby in his ear, he just hummed in agreement, his mouth filled with cub cock. “Fuck, I need some of that” said Toby standing up, he stood next to Brian and offered his own cock to the teacher, who rus escort started alternating between them, jerking off the one not in his mouth, sometimes trying to fit in both at the same time. The cubs made out while he worked, and soon the picture of the huge muscular older man turned into a hungry cock slut was just too much. “Open wide, teach. It’s time you get your prize for being such a good sucker.” Knox knew what was coming and took both of them in his mouth, just in time for them both to burst in him. Getting his mouth filled with hot young sprerm was incredible, it started spilling out on his chest, but he still tried to drink all he could. After several spurts, he finally let go of the cocks. “Don’t worry, professor, we’re not so cruel as to leave you hanging.” Said Brian. They pulled Knox up and they started kissing him, tasting still some of their cum in his lips. The cubs propped him against the desk and kissed his neck and shoulders, then went down and each of them bit and licked a nipple, making him moan in bliss, and finally started playing with his veiny monster of a cock, hard as it had ever been, oozing with the clear nectar. Both cubs avidly took it, licking, sucking, making out with the cock between them, it didn’t take long before the teacher’s huge dick started to erupt, showering the cubs in stud daddy sperm. “Take it!” he ordered “That’s what you wanted isn’t it? some daddy cum for you? Take it, you pigs!” They licked it off each other and then raised to share it with the teacher. Little by little al three of them started coming down from the lusftul frenzy that had taken them over. “Will you delete the video now?” Knox asked, panting. “Professor,” answered Brian with a smile “the link we sent you gave you edit permissions to the only copy, you could’ve deleted it yourself as soon as you saw it, you still can, in fact, and then there would be nothing that forced you to keep playing with us. Too bad, because there’s still a lot more we wish to do.” He turned around and bent over to pick up his clothes, showing off his tight hole. Both students started getting dressed and the teacher followed suit. “I’m not very good with technology.” Said Knox. “I think I’m gonna have to let you keep using me.” He winked as he returned to his desk, the cubs smiled at each other and opened the door. “Be seeing you, then.” “Guys” called Knox before they left “Don’t forget why you came here” he said handing them over their tests. “Sorry, we get distracted easily.” replied Toby. “I think we might even need some privat tutoring.” and on that promising note, the left the office.

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