A Couples Massage Backfires in the Worst Way


My wife and I had been married for five years, and I had put on a few pounds. I realize now I may have gotten too comfortable with her. After a couple years of having unprotected sex, I became more and more sensitive and would orgasm more quickly. My wife was a zumba instructor and very fit, while I worked as a tax preparer.We decided when we were on vacation in Brazil to get a couples massage. She had taken to teasing me about how quickly I would orgasm during sex, and it turned me on at times. “Can I get a happy ending?” I asked her. “Babe, I think you’re getting all you can handle with just me, my little porker,” she said with a laugh. She poked my belly with her finger. She called me ‘porker’ and ‘chubbs’ sometimes, making fun of my beer belly when compared to her flat abs. “Okay well don’t be surprised if it happens, babe,” I joked back. I brought it up a few more times, but she wasn’t having any of it. When we got to the massage room, we both undressed and put on towels. I was turned on looking at her flat abs, nice butt and defined legs. She was so sexy. I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel room afterwards and fuck. I was starting to get hard right there. I still had the receipt for the massage in my hand. There Karşıyaka escort was an empty trash can by the door and I dropped it in the can. It looked lonely all by itself. We laid down and a few moments later, I heard the door open. I looked up hoping to see a hot girl come in to massage me. Instead it was a muscular, long haired man by himself. I was puzzled. He looked at me and said, “Your masseuse is running a few minutes late. Just relax and I will begin on her,” he said while looking now at my wife. I laid face down and the last thing I saw was him getting out some oil. A minute later I heard my wife moan and I looked up from my table. He had his hands on her butt and his fingers were gripping it tight. He was putting his full weight on her. The moan had sounded vaguely…sexual. I said, “Babe, are you okay?” “Yes, baby, I’m good. I’m very sore from working out, babe. I need this. Just relax, okay? Your masseuse will be here soon.” My masseuse came in, a thin woman, older than me. She was probably in her early forties. Attractive, but not compared to my wife. Not what I was hoping for. Within a few minutes of the massage, she unwrapped the towel from me and sat on my back. bornova escort bayan I was face down now. Her full weight was on my mid back and she began massaging my shoulders and head. I couldn’t have gotten up if I wanted to. It was then that I heard my wife start moaning again. “Mmmm, that’s good, mister. That’s really good,” I heard her moan. I was a bit uncomfortable and tried to turn my head out of the headrest, but the masseuse was pressing down on my back. “No sir! You must relax. Let me help you relax!” my masseuse said. “Babe, are you okay?” I said, muffled through the head rest. All I could see was a narrow strip of floor. “Yes, baby, I’m good. He’s really helping my muscles. I feel good,” she said. I could almost hear the heat in her voice. She sounded… aroused. I told myself to relax and let it go a bit. But I continued to hear her moan and talk. “Oh, that’s good. That’s perfect. Oh, you are getting me good. So good thank you.” I continued to get nervous and tried to raise up my head. I got an inch off the cover before the masseuse grabbed my head from behind and pushed it back down.  “Oh no, mister! You must stay down right now. I’m getting into the deep massage Escort üçyol right now”. “Babe, are you okay?” “Yes, porky. Just let her massage you, okay? I’m just really tight in my thighs. He’s very sk-skilled” She continued moaning. “Mister, to get better relaxed for you, I need to sit higher on you,” my masseuse said. “Um, that’s okay,” I said. She inched higher on my back and hooked her feet inside my thighs. One hand was pushing down my head and I felt the other briefly lift my penis. Her feet slid down under it. She dropped my increasingly hard penis back down on her feet. “Is that okay?” she whispered in my ear. I heard my wife moaning and groaning as he worked her thighs and though ‘screw it’. “Yes thats good.” Now she was massaging my shoulders, and with each stroke up on my shoulders, her feet rocked back and forth on my dick. It felt surprisingly good. I couldn’t move and she was in total control. I tried to hide my growing arousal but she soon clenched my dick between her feet. I heard my wife groaning on her table. “Baby, he needs to do some shiatsu massage on me, okay? It’s a little noisy, but slapping my skin will help the muscles recover, help me heal.” I was trying to fight my own growing arousal. I couldn’t believe she was so skilled that she had her feet on my dick while still keeping her weight on my upper back.I continued to hear the sounds of skin slapping next to me as my wife got her shiatsu massage, whatever that meant. She was moaning and being noisy. I could even hear the masseuse grunt with effort.

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