A Day at the Movies


A Day at the MoviesI was off from work for a few days and was horny as hell after a drought of a few months. I decided to go to a local adult theatre, Cinema 309, to see if I could get some cock. It turns out to be a very good day for it.To give a brief idea of the layout, when you walk into the building you are in an area that has movies for rent or purchase, toys, magazines, etc. The theatre itself is one large movie theatre, with three sections of seats, and a walkway in the back and one screen in front. Some recent remodeling removed every other row of seats so there was a lot more room. There are also some lights behind the seats on the side, which help a little bit in seeing, but don’t take away the “darkness” a lot of guys want.After stepping in I waited a bit for my eyes to adjust while standing against the back wall, though with the new lights it doesn’t take long. After a few minutes I looked to my right and saw a guy who was slightly taller then me and who looked of middle eastern descent rubbing his cock through his pants; well what else would a hungry cocksucker do…I reached over and began to rub it for him (guy #1).He turned towards me and began to rub my cock. I fished his cock out and moved down to suck it, but he stopped me just wanting to rub for a bit at first. I did eventually get the ok to go down and immediately took his cock into my mouth. His cock had a downward bend that was a little hard to get into my mouth due to it’s hardness but I wasn’t letting that stop me. After a few minutes of sucking he pulled me up and went back to rubbing my dick as well.By this time someone had moved closer and was watching us while jerking off. The guy I was with motioned him closer, and then grabbed his dick. Soon another guy joined us on my left side, and I reached out to feel his hard cock in his pinbahis güvenilirmi pants. He was a slightly older guy, I’d say mid 40s (guy #2). I unzipped him and a gorgeous cock about 6 inches fell out. I wasted no time and got down on my knees and slowly began to lick the head, running my tongue around the rim. I then began to slide up and down that hunk of meat, going a little further each time. I could hear him groaning, as I got to the base and just held myself there. I’m not good at deep throating but this cock was perfect for me.I began to vary the pace, moving up and down faster and the dropping to a slow crawl, while not forgetting to go back to the head and apply gentle pressure with my teeth ever so slightly skimming across it.While sucking him I heard someone ask, “Is he good?”I heard a brief “mmhmm,” and felt someone get closer to my left, and a soft velvety feeling against my check as another cock was being offered. Lifting my hand to guy #1, I turned my head to guy #2 and went down (guy #3). This cock was a little smaller; I’d say 4-5 but was much thicker. I gave this one the exact same treatment as the first and looked up to see the guy’s head thrown back in pleasure.I alternated between the two cocks for a bit until they moved closer to each other, and their cocks were touching. I slipped both cockheads into my mouth and was lavished as much attention as I could on each until heard #2 say “I’m gonna cum!”I slipped off #3, and took #2 into my mouth and began to suck hard and fast. He let out a deep moan and my mouth was suddenly filled with warm cum. I savored it, and slowly moved up and down to get every drop until he pulled out of my mouth. I turned to go back to guy #3 but he had moved away and put his dick back in his pants. I stood up and #2 looked at me, smiled pinbahis yeni giriş and wished me a great day.I wandered around for a bit seeing who was there, and watching a few guys going at it either in the seats or against the back wall. Saw some pretty hot moments, such as the 30ish guy having two guys on his dick, one on cock one on balls. The look on his face when the first one grabbed his dick, unzipped him and started sucking was of shock, then just pleasure; when the second guy started on his balls, I think he went to another world.After wandering for a bit I noticed a good looking guy standing against the back wall (#4). I’d say mid 40s, slightly shorter then I was salt & pepper hair, glasses. As I stood against the wall watching him, he stepped away from the wall, adjusted himself while looking at me and then moved to stand on my other side. While standing there he would occasionally reach down to stroke his cock in his jeans.I moved over and began to rub it for him. I felt it getting hard in his pants, and was eager to get down and suck it. This is a quick synopsis of the conversation we then had.“Are you hungry?” he asked me.“Very” I replied.“Do you like cock in your mouth?”“Love it.”“Do you swallow?”“Yes, if I’m doing the work, I’m getting the reward.”“Well you won’t have a choice.”I asked him then if he wanted to stay at the back, or move down into a seat. He said we’d be sitting shortly, and moved to the other corner away from the door and told me to follow him.He told me to get on my knees, which I did but apparently not far down enough as he told me to get all the way down. He then unzipped his pants and out sprung a cock that was about 7 inches and nicely thick. He grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and forced me to look up at him, smiled, and moved pinbahis giriş his dick to right in front of my face and told me to kiss it. I moved forward just enough to do that, as he was still holding my hair. He sighed and then thrust his hips forward so that cock entered my mouth.He began a slow face fuck, which I was quite enjoying. He then said “Time to take it all,” and moved forward so that cock was all the way in my mouth and knocking on my throat. Now, you may remember me saying I don’t deep throat well, and here was a prime example. My gag reflex kicked in, and I was choking on that cock, which turned him on even more. His hips thrust forward and his hands holding the back of my head, I couldn’t move…nor could I breathe as his cock blocked my air passage totally. I pushed back with my head and after a second he let me, and I took in a deep breath of air. He only gave me a moment’s pause before that cock was back in my mouth.While sucking him, he’d keep up a running litany of dirty talk, telling me I was a good cocksucker, and that I was doing what faggots were good for. I liked the first one; I wasn’t crazy about the second.He’d continue his face fuck with every couple of thrusts going all the way down and choking me. As I choked and gagged, he’d groan. At one point he grabbed my hair, turned my head and pushed me onto a cock I didn’t even know was there (#5). I heard the guy groan loudly, but after only a few thrusts I was back on #4’s cock. He was no longer doing a gentle face fuck, but a hard and fast one, and then would thrust forward again and choke me.A few minutes later he turned my head onto another cock (#6). At first I thought it was the same guy but this one was a little thinner then the prior. Guy #4 egged him on, telling him to feed me his load. After just a few trips up and down that new cock, the guy exploded, with #4 holding my head so I couldn’t move (not that I would have). Once that guy was done cumming, #4 looked down at me and told me he was ready to sit down…I’m only about halfway done with the story (and the guys). Let me know if you want me to continue.

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