A day with Kym and Martin


A day with Kym and Martin“Hey, give Kym a ring to let her know we are ok.” I said handing Kay the paper with Kym’s and Martins number on it.“Oh, yea I forgot about that.”Kay dialled the number. “Hi Kym, it’s Kay. Yes, great thanks and thanks again for inviting us. No, I’ll ask Mike.” She turned to me. “Kym’s asking if we are free tomorrow to have lunch with her and Martin.”As we both had time off, I nodded.“That would be great, Oh, hang on.” She turned to me again.” Do you remember the way?”“I’m sure I will remember” I said.“Ok, see you about 1 then, byeeee”So, the following day we get showered and dressed casually and set out to Kym and Martins place.After few wrong turns we managed to get there only 10 minutes late.Kym greeted us at the door wearing a summery dress and by the way her boobs bounced she wasn’t wearing a bra.“Hi, come through, we are outside in the sun. Follow me.” She took Kays hand and led us into the garden.There were half a dozen loungers on the patio and some parasols to give some shade.“Make yourselves comfortable” Said Kym as she lay on one. Kay sat one side of her, and I sat on the other.Martin came out of the house with some drinks. A bottle of wine and selection of soft drinks.“Hi Guys, here help yourselves.” He said passing the drinks around. I had a Pepsi, the others had wine.“We ask every new people around as soon after a party as we can” Kym explained. “It’s nice to get to know you better and make sure everything is all right and you don’t regret anything.”“Not at all Kym, we both had great fun and have talked about it all day yesterday. Mike got very turned on when I told him what happened in the private room.” Said Kay with a cheeky smile.“Oh yes, most of the women here have gone in into the backroom, not all on their first visit though” Martin laughed.“Well Kay is adventurous” I said.“So, we have Gary and Janet to thank for introducing you both to the lifestyle?”“haha yes I suppose so” Kay said.“Well you four are the youngest couples we have right now, you will be very popular at the parties that’s for sure.”“We are looking forward to that” Kay smiled.“Mike, give me a hand bringing the food out, will you? “Martin said.“Of course,”I followed Martin into the house and through to the kitchen.“So, what did you enjoy most about the party? To be honest I get off more on seeing Kym fuck than fucking myself” Martin said, “Not that I didn’t enjoy fucking Kay, she was fantastic. I don’t usually fuck anyone, but I couldn’t resist.”I felt my cock stir at that. I thought about my answer. “I feel the same way I think. The first time we swapped with Gary and Janet I almost cum when Gary started fucking Kay. I enjoyed fucking Janet don’t get me wrong as much as I enjoyed fucking Kym. But seeing bahis siteleri Kay was different. I can’t explain it.”“You don’t have to; I know what you mean.” Martin replied. “There is nothing more exciting for me than seeing Kym with other men. We have been swinging for a long time, so I have seen her with lots of men and I love it more every time.”“I hope we are the same”“I’m sure you will be if you want it to happen. Kay is a lot like Kym was when we first met.”“Let’s get back to the girls,” he said getting some plates of sandwiches and salad from the fridge.We took the food out onto the patio.Kay and Kym were giggling together when we got back.“What have you two been saying?” Martin asked.“I was telling Kay how we got started.”“Oh, the swinging sixties, you wouldn’t think we were a pair of long-haired hippies, would you? Martin laughed.“It was all free love back than and loads of fun, we just never stopped” Kym said.“You must have started young then” Kay said.“How old do you think we are Kay?” asked Kym“Oh, I don’t know 30 odd”“I love you Kay; I am 43 Martin is 44”“Well you both look great.” Smiled Kay.Martin put the plates on the table and said, “We didn’t know what you like so there is a selection.”We had some sandwiches and continued the conversation.“the sixties were fun, everyone having sex with whoever they wanted to. Groups, orgies, gangbangs. Guys and guys, women and women. Nothing seemed out of bounds.” Kym put her hand on Kays bare knee.” Yes, I have been gangbanged so many times I have lost count” “We didn’t know what to expect but you and Martin and some of the other couples, well we wouldn’t have guessed you were swingers if we had met you somewhere else.”“I know what you mean, Kay, there are all walks of life into the lifestyle. Elizabeth and Richard for instance, they are both GP’s. Amanda is a solicitor. John is a mechanic and Clare is a nurse. We have architects, bus drivers. All walks of life. Everyone is welcome as long as they are respectful and discrete.”“It’s too nice a day to miss the opportunity of working on our tans Isn’t it? Said Kym. Standing up and slipping her dress off, naked underneath and looking fantastic.“I thought I had big boobs” Kay laughed.Kym thrust her chest out “40dd darling. They look bigger because I’m short. Don’t be shy, join me.”So, Kay slipped her dress off too, braless but in a little pair of white panties that she soon slipped off.“Be a darling” Kym said handing Kay a bottle of suntan lotion. As she lay on her front on the lounger.Kay squirted some on her back and massaged it in. Her shoulders, back down to her bum and then her legs. “MMM that’s nice Kay”Kay offered the bottle to Martin with a smile as she lay face down beside Kym. Martin did the canlı bahis siteleri honours taking his time, especially on her curvy bum.“Looks like you two are overdressed” Kym said looking over at Martin and me.I took off my t short then my jeans followed by my boxers, my cock semi hard by now.“Lay down Mike, Need some lotion?” Martin asked.I lay down on my face too. “Yes please”So, martin massaged the lotion into my back and again paid special attention to my arse, his hand sunning up and down the crack before making sure I was fully covered. I was fully erect by now.Martin lay down and said, “who’s going to do mine then?”Kay jumped up, “Me please.” Taking the bottle and massaging oil all over Martins back bum and legs. Again, paying special attention to his arse, “wouldn’t want to burn” she said giving him a playful smack. Before dancing back to her lounger.“So, Kay, would you and Mike like to come to the next party?” Asked Kym.“We’d love to wouldn’t we babe?”“Absolutely” I answered.“We are expecting a few more people this weekend if you are ok with that. You will be flavour of the week again Kay I’m sure”“Do the other women mind that?” Kay asked. “I mean do they get jealous of the new ones?”“God no, we all love seeing new people joining the fun, and don’t forget Mikes new young cock for them too.” Kym laughed. And Mikes a great fuck too isn’t he Kay, I can see why you are with him.”“He’s fun and understands me, I think anyway”“Some of us just need lots of sexy Kay, don’t we?” Said Kym rolling onto her side to look at Kay.Kay rolled over to face Kym. “I’ve always enjoyed sex since before I met Mike and he knows that. That’s why we got into this really. He loves hearing about things I have got up to before we met”“Martin is exactly the same sweetie. Aren’t you?” “haha oh yes I am”“what’s your favourite story Mike?”“Her first gangbang” I replied without hesitation. The thought of it made me hard every time.“Oh yes Kay? Tell me all about it” “Well, I was seeing this guy sort of casually, nothing serious. We went to a party at some friend’s house. We went upstairs and he fucked me and cum in seconds leaving me, well you can imagine I wasn’t impressed and told him so. He said he’d send up one of his mates, so I said ok and stayed on the bed naked. So anyway, one guy came in an fucked me followed by 5 more. All cum quick but it was kind of hot and I enjoyed it.”“Oh, and when was this?”Kay blushed. “umm well”“OH, ok “Got you “Kym smiled.“So, you liked that story Mike?” Martin said.“Love it” I replied. “I wish I could have been there to see it”“You said you had done gangbangs Kym?” kay asked.“Oh yes, well we would fuck someone different pretty much every day and on weekends we’d have parties that would turn canlı bahis into orgies and gangbangs.”“the good old days” martin said and that made us all laugh.Kym rolled onto her back. “I need some suntan lotion someone”“Do the honours Mike” Martin said handing me the bottle.I walked over to Kym my cock now poking out stiffly. I squeezed the bottle dripping the lotion onto Kym’s belly and over her boobs, I rubbed it into her belly and over her big soft tits which felt amazing in my hands again. When I had made a good job of that I squirted some on her thighs and massaged it into her legs down to her feet. “Don’t forget the important bits” Kym teased. So, I squirted more onto her mound and massaged it all over her pussy. “Mm that’s nice Mike. Thank you.”Kay rolled over next. “Give that to Martin” she said pointing at the bottle.I handed it to Martin and sat down watching him running his hands all over Kays body. He paid lots of attention to her big tits and her smooth mound.“Good job” I said with my cock quivering.Kym leaned over and whispered something to Kay, who nodded and smiled.“Martin” Kym said. “Looks like Mike needs to cum, help him out will you honey?“I’d love to if that’s ok with you Mike” he said.I nodded and he got between my legs taking my cock in his hand, licking the precum that was seeping out of me.” Mm sweet” he said as his mouth engulfed my cock to the base.From where they were sitting Kay and Kym could see Martin deepthroating my cock.“OH yes honey suck his cock deep”Martin was giving my cock a real going over. Sucking his hard and deep, slow and gentle, licking the shaft to my balls, licking them before sucking the head, then taking it all down his throat again.“I love seeing two men play don’t you Kay?”“I’ve only seen Mike do it a couple of times so far, but I love it yes.”Martin slipped a finger up my arse as he sucked me then added a second. “Oh god, god, fuck I’m going to cum.” Martin doubled his efforts and I sent a huge load of cum into his mouth. He held my cock there taking spurt after spurt until I couldn’t take any more and had to ask him to stop.My cock slipped out of his mouth which he opened to show my load. He then went over and Kissed Kym deeply, swapping the spunk with her.“Mm guys that was so hot.”“I’d love to see you suck Martin if you don’t mine Kym” Kay said to me.“I’d love to see that too”So, Martin and I changed places and I took his cock in my mouth, treating him to my best blowjob, using all the tricks Kay uses on me. Little kisses, nibbles, licks. Up and down the shaft. Sucking hard and gently. I slipped a finger then two into Martins arse which set him off. “I’m going to cum” he announced so I sucked deeper tasting his cum explode in my mouth. I sucked until he asked me to stop then I shared his spunk with Kay.Mm guys that was fantastic, thanks for the show” Kym giggled.We all laughed and lay out in the sun a while more.“Now they will last longer when they fuck us” Kym said to Kay with a smile.

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