A Delightful Inexperience Ch. 2


Laura sat at the edge of the bed. She hadn’t started out to seduce Janice. It had just started to go that direction. She hadn’t been with a woman for a long time. It had felt good, but she wanted some relief now. She needed the touch of someone to bring her to orgasm. She didn’t know if Janice wanted to continue or not. She could only hope, but Laura knew better than to push it. Janice might be freaking out right now…..

Janice hesitated at the bedroom door. Her mind felt what she was doing was wrong. But her body told her she had just enjoyed the best orgasm of her life. For the first time in a long time, she did something just for her self. She entered the bedroom.

Laura looked at her and smiled. “Are you OK with this?”

“I’m not sure.” Janice hesitated. This was no time to stop.

“Any time you want to stop, it’s OK.” Laura put her arms around Janice. “Its a matter of give and take. We can make each other feel good. illegal bahis And some of the things we learn can help us with our husbands.”

Her lips gently met Janice’s. She caressed her breasts. They lay back on the bed, entwined in passion. Laura’s lips found Janice’s nipples. Janice moaned with pleasure at Laura’s touch.

Laura raised up and placed one of her full breasts in Janice’s mouth. Janice didn’t know what to do.

“You know what you like, just do the same to me.” Laura said quietly.

Janice felt the smoothness of Laura’s creamy white breasts. She felt the taste of her flesh. She began to lick and suck, slowly at first, then faster as she got used to it. She couldn’t even think about what she was doing. It was so wrong, but felt so right.

Laura was caressing her now, moving slowly down her body. She parted Janice’s thighs and began rubbing the inside of her legs. Her tongue caressed her thighs.

Janice illegal bahis siteleri felt like she was going to explode with anticipation. Her pussy was dripping wet. Finally she felt Laura’s tongue invade her wet slit. No one had ever done that before. Laura’s tongue found her clit and massaged it frantically.

Janice felt another orgasm building up. She exploded as she felt a finger slip deep into her ass. She fell back onto the bed, spent.

Laura looked at her and said “Not so fast. We have a long way to go.”

“What have I gotten myself into?” Janice thought. She looked at Laura and smiled. Laura had pleased her so much that she wanted to please her know. It seemed strange touching another woman’s body, but it also felt so good, so right. Yesterday the thought of sucking on a woman’s breast would have repulsed her. Today she found herself doing it. And liking it.

Laura’s breasts were large and soft. Janice canlı bahis siteleri worked them with her hands and mouth. Laura moaned with ecstasy. She raised her hips slightly. Janice knew what she wanted, but could she do it?

How could she go this far and not? Slowly she worked her way down Laura’s body until she could feel the warmth from her pussy. It was now or never. Janice took a deep breath and slid her tongue inside. Laura’s juices flowed over Janice’s lips. The taste surprised her. It was almost sweet. As her tongue went deep inside Laura she moaned with pleasure. Knowing Laura was nearly there, Janice found her clit and sucked hard on it. Laura’s strong legs pulled Janice into her as she rocked with orgasm. Janice lapped up all the juices she could. She raised her head, Laura’s juices still dripping from her mouth.

Laura pulled her closer and kissed her, tasting her own juices.

As Janice lay in Laura’s arms, she thought of her family, her husband. What would happen now. She knew she couldn’t go back to her old life, at least not without some changes. She wanted to include her husband in these changes. But what would he think? Where would this all go from here…?

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