A Fallen Angel Ch. 2


This is a tad shorter than the last instalment, but I had a few requests for more, so I banged this one out quick, so to speak. I had an idea to add an interactive touch – Anyone who has any ideas or requests concerning the direction they would like this story to go, email me, and if I see anything I like I might include it in the next chapter. Enjoy!

* * *

Belinda awoke, clearing the cobwebs of sleep from her head. She must have drifted off… She turned her head to see Pete lying by her side, in his own blissful slumber. “Oh my god…” She thought to herself. Belinda had never done anything like that before – sure she’d shagged her share of guys, naturally, but all but one or two of them she had been dating, and the rest she knew for at least a few days before hopping into bed with them. There was just something about him…

Pete stirred, and opened his eyes…

Captivating. There was something about his stare, it sent shivers up her spine and sent her stomach crazy. She’d been in love before, but it was different. She didn’t even know this guy. Well. She knew one thing. Belinda smiled, half whispering “Hello stranger”, as she wrapped her legs around his. “Hi.” He replied, returning her sexy smile. HELLO. What was he doing to her? As soon as the smile adorned his face, her butterflies seemed to intensify three-fold. It felt like they were having a drunken-butterfly-stomach-toga-party in there. She almost giggled at her own analogy. Pete was staring into her eyes, the effect hypnotic. She couldn’t get over the effect he was having on her.

Belinda had driven to the marina to be alone. She hadn’t told Peter this, but she was seriously reconsidering her options tonight. Her last attempts at romance had lead to nothing but heartbreak, she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life at all at this point and on top of that, her housemate’s boyfriend was giving her the total shits. She was glad she was able to spend some time out of the house, and the tuzla escort fantastic sex she’d just had didn’t hurt.

Peter gazed dreamily at her as she lay naked on his warm bed. She noticed that for the first time – she was uncovered, but totally comfortable. Pete must have turned a heater on while she was asleep. Belinda stretched, smiling wide, then rolled over to rest her head on his well-toned chest. Pete draped his arm around her, finding himself caressing her bare, perfect ass. “Fuck you’re beautiful.” Pete remarked. Belinda blushed. She felt complete, comfortable, secure. She giggled and rolled over onto her other side to hide her embarrassment at his words. Pete stared at the perfect waist, hips and ass in front of him. He looked at the clock. 1 AM. It was going to be a long morning.

Pete ran his hand along Belinda’s thigh, causing her to sigh and shiver slightly as she lay stretched out on her side. She closed her eyes as his hand explored her thighs and ass. She was getting so hot already… Belinda parted her legs slightly, almost unconsciously, giving him access to her inner thighs, which he proceeded to brush lightly with his fingertips. Pete ran his hands higher and higher, until his fingers contacted the warm, damp, soft folds of her pussy. Pete slipped his finger between her thighs, reaching her tender clit and working it with his fingertip.

Belinda grabbed a hold of the bed head railing as his finger set her on fire, bringing her to orgasm almost immediately. His touch was unique and expert as he manipulated her erogenous zones, her orgasm coming on strong and fast. As Belinda went over the edge and was consumed by her orgasm, Pete slid his index finger deep inside her. Belinda bent at the waist, her whole body convulsing from this sudden assault on her vagina. “FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!” Belinda breathed as her orgasm took her to wonderful places. Pete by now had a raging hard-on. As she came down again, Pete moved his hips closer, taking tuzla escort bayan his had cock in his hand and placing the head on her wet opening.

‘Fuck!!’ Thought Belinda. She’d just come down from another amazing trip to euphoria, only to feel his cock between her legs. She wanted him so bad, opening her legs wide now and sticking out her ass to provide him better access to her damp slit. She felt him apply pressure and groaned as he started to enter her. She was already soaking wet, so he didn’t have much trouble penetrating her at all. As she felt herself filled with his cock, she twisted her torso and looked into his eyes, brushing his face, as she revelled in the pleasures he was sending her.

Peter lifted her left leg, and passed his over the leg still below him, arranging their bodies into a kind of scissors arrangement. Belinda had never tried this before, but she trusted him. As soon as Pete had gotten positioning sorted out, he began to thrust again. Belinda’s eyes opened wide, as did her mouth, at the sensations she was experiencing. She had never tried this particular arrangement before, but now she wished she had! She brushed his face lightly with the back of her hand and then lay back, relaxed, and let the orgasms roll.

Pete thrust his cock slowly in and out of his beautiful partner, her contorted face and quiet feminine moans spurring him on. His strokes were deep and controlled and, using his pelvic muscles to their maximum potential, he was able to keep her in a constant state of nirvana.

Belinda was barely conscious now. Pete’s efforts were completely consuming her, her vagina contracting around his throbbing cock, almost bringing him over the edge. “I want you to come for me.. AHH” She managed to speak. Pete pulled out of her, flipping her almost limp form over onto her knees, Belinda complying wholeheartedly, realising what he had in mind.

Peter grabbed his cock in his hand, placing it between her thighs and sliding it into her escort tuzla wet gash, grabbing her hips and began to fuck her… first in long slow strokes, then steadily quickening his pace, gaining alarming speed. Belinda didn’t know what it was about his cock… whether it was the shape, the size (which wasn’t massive at all, in fact it was rather average) or maybe some other attribute… all she knew is that she had to scream now. So she did. “OH MY GOD… OOOHHHH OHHHH FUUUUCCKKKKKKKKKKK PEEETTEEERRRRR”. This was enough for Pete, and he groaned loudly himself as he lost his load in her, cumming inside her wet, clenching snatch. The couple came together, feeling a connection neither had ever experienced before as their climaxes fed off one another. Their orgasms overtook their bodies, taking them to places neither of them had ever dreamed existed. Pete’s vision went white, Belinda’s face was crammed into a pillow to stop herself from breaking windows with her orgasmic scream. Finally their climax began to ebb, and they slowed down, Peter eventually slumping over her, as she sunk into the mattress beneath him.

As soon as he was able, Pete rolled off Belinda’s back, allowing her to breathe much more freely and offering him more comfort than her shoulder blades as a pillow. Belinda rolled over onto her back and panted. “Fuccckk!” she exclaimed. “I believe that’s the word for it.” Replied Peter jovially. He turned to look at her.

She was absolutely perfect… The way her blonde hair framed her perfect face. The way her red lips glistened invitingly. The way her blue eyes threatened to pierce his very soul, claiming him forever. The way her breasts sat perfectly on her chest. Her curves. Her smile. Her light-hearted manner. Why was this girl with him? Surely there must be better men available for a woman of her calibre. Pete shrugged these notions off as he leaned in to kiss her. All he knew was that she had chosen him. And she seemed to be enjoying her choice.

The couple drifted into blissful sleep in one another’s arms, forgetting the troubles of the world for a while. What tomorrow faced was irrelevant – they both knew that they had found something wonderful.

(To Be Continued)

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