A Family Affair


I’ve written a few fictional stories that I’ve posted here, and now, I’m going to tell you all a true story from my life. First, let me tell you a little about myself. My name’s Tracy and I’m 31 years old. I’m Caucasian, 5’5″ tall, slender, with fair skin, light brown curly shoulder length hair, green eyes, 34B breasts and a nice firm ass. I’m proud of my body, and often wear short skirts, low cut tops and tend to go without panties, especially in the summer when it’s hot. Oh, and I love sex, lots and lots of sex and have a definite kinky side to me. Oh, and I love dirty talk during sex, especially having a guy call me names like whore, slut, and even bitch.

Now that you know what I look like, let’s get on with the story. A few years ago, I was in a serious relationship with a guy named Will. He was a couple of years older than me, good looking, 6’5 with a muscular body and a dick that was 9″ long and 2 ½” thick flaccid that swelled to 11 1/2″ long and 3 1/2″ thick when erect. He was the youngest of five brothers, all who have similar bodies to him.

Once a week, Will, his brothers and their father would gather in our game room to play poker and have a few beers. One night while they were playing cards, Will called out to me, I was in the living room, and asked me to bring them some beers. When I was setting the beers down, I leaned over, my skirt raised up, inadvertently giving Will’s brother Jim a glimpse of my bare ass. Will noticed what Jim was looking at and said, “Jim, why don’t you push her skirt up and get a better look?” Jim grinned and pushed my skirt up to my waist, baring my ass and freshly waxed pussy to everyone. It was obvious that they liked what they saw, as betist giriş their shorts began to tent as their cocks sprang to attention.

What I did next brought a grin to all of their faces. I stepped back and took my skirt off before stripping off my shirt, leaving me in nothing but my favorite silver stiletto sandals. I moved beside Jim and bent over, unzipping his shorts and pulling his cock out. Before he could say anything, I took him in my mouth and started sucking him off. After a couple of moments, he stated bucking his hips, shoving his cock down my throat. He didn’t last long and I was soon swallowing the ribbons of his cum as they spurted down my throat. When he finished, I stood up and took a drink of his beer before looking around the table and saying, “Who’s next?”

Their father, Aaron, unfastened his shorts and pulled his dick out, so I rounded the table and took him in my mouth. He grabbed my head and started fucking my face, shoving his enormous cock down my throat. After several minutes, he came and I swallowed his cum. After a drink of his beer, I moved on to Will’s brother Steve. After Steve, it was Chris’s turn, then Blake, and finally Will.

By the time I was finished with Will, Jim and Aaron were ready to go again. Instead of sucking them off, though, I laid down on the table in front of Jim, spread my legs and told him to fuck me. He looked at Will, who told him to go ahead, so Jim stood up and pressed his long, thick cock deep into my pussy. After a few, almost gentle thrusts, I told him to fuck me hard. Jim grinned and started pounding me hard, pulling almost all the way out before burying himself balls deep inside me again. After betist yeni giriş several minutes, he began to tense up and Will said, “Cum inside her. Fill my little cock whore’s pussy up.” That’s all Jim needed to hear, and he came, sending a couple of long spurts deep inside me.

As soon as he finished and pulled out, Aaron took his place, telling his sons to watch and learn, that he was going to show them how to fuck a cock whore like me. Aaron pulled me off of the table, turned me around, and bent me over it. As soon as my chest hit the table, he thrust into me hard and fast, burying his foot long, four inch thick cock deep inside me. Before I had a chance to stretch around him, he started fucking me hard and fast, bottoming out against my cervix on every thrust and bringing an element of pain to things that to my surprise, had me cumming harder and longer than I ever had in my life. When my pussy finally relaxed around him, he gave me a few more thrusts before pulling out and burying himself in my ass and filling my bowels with what felt like endless streams of semen.

After Aaron pulled out, Steve lifted me off of the table and led me over to the couch. He sat down and told me to ride him. I climbed on top of him and we soon got into a rhythm that had us both moaning in ecstasy. While I was fucking Steve, Will grabbed a bottle of lube and passed it to Chris, who covered his cock, moved behind me, and slowly entered my ass. The three of us went at it for a while before Steve came in my pussy with a groan. A few minutes later, Chris lifted me off of Steve and bent me over the couch before thrusting into my pussy and after a few thrusts, came adding his spending betist güvenilirmi to that of his brothers.

When he had pulled out, Blake laid me out on the floor and covered me with his body. He was slower and gentler than his brothers and father, and to my delight, soon had me cumming yet again. After he, too had cum inside me, he moved out of the way so Will could take a turn. Will told me to get on all fours and fucked me hard and fast, spanking my ass in time to his thrusts until it was bright red and felt like it was on fire. I was begging to cum, but he came before I could, adding his cum to that of his brothers.

As soon as Will finished, Aaron told him to get out of the way, that he “wanted to make the little slut scream”. He fucked me harder and faster than anyone ever had before or since and soon had me crying and screaming in a mixture of pleasure and pain. After several minutes of the brutal pace, he came, adding his cum to his sons’ and making me cum once last time. When he was done, he pulled out and stood up. Jim and Blake helped me stand up and Will took a couple of pictures of me with their cum running down my legs. They thanked me for a good time, went and cleaned themselves up, and left.

As soon as they were gone, I took a shower to soothe my aching body and get the cum off of me while Will straightened up the house and called for take out. When I was done, I rejoined Will downstairs and ate a late dinner before going to bed, exhausted from the evenings’ activities. I was sore for the next couple of days because of some minor internal bruising, specifically on my cervix but when the guys asked me for an encore performance a few weeks later, I quickly agreed and enjoyed myself even more than I did the first time!

I’m no longer with Will and unfortunately have lost contact with all of them, but thanks to them, I’ve developed and love for being the center of gang-bangs and engage in them a few times a year!

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