A Family New Years Eve Ch. 06


Please read “A Family New Year’s Eve – Chapters I, II, III, IV, and V” – before you read this (if you haven’t already.) This will make more sense if you do.

Matt opened one eye and looked at his alarm clock – 8:30am. He could see the bright New Year’s morning sneaking around the window shades in his room. He closed his eye as he was trying to remember what had happened last night. Then it all came rushing back to him, his mind filled with so many images, his blood flowing faster, filling his eighteen year-old cock as he realized it was resting between the firm, beautiful cheeks of his mother’s ass. “Oh God,” he thought, “it’s really true! Fuck me!” My wife told me later she could feel his huge slab of man-meat start to firm up between her cheeks. She was so happy, so relieved that our son seemed to have no ill feelings from the night before. Laurie snuggled her ass back into Matt’s thickening pole, capturing him in the hot crack of her ass. Their breathing got faster and shallower as they awoke fully, connected now in a way that would change all of our lives forever.

Matt spoke first, whispering in her ear as he kissed and licked her shoulders. “I love you, Mom.” His long fingertips were pulling gently on her thickening nipples, teasing her, making her moan with longing.

“I love you, too, Matty. Uhm, don’t stop, baby…that feels so good.” Laurie was losing herself in the pleasure her son was inflicting on her.

Matt was starting to tug harder, pulling her hard tips out from her swollen and bruised breasts. Laurie moaned louder as he started to hurt her…just perfectly. Matt’s voice dropped instinctively into that feral, masterful pitch he had discovered sometime just after midnight. “Give me the massage oil, Mother.” Laurie trembled from hearing that voice as she reached to the headboard and found the bottle. As she handed it back to her son, she felt him lift the sheet off of them and separate himself from her. Matt poured some oil into his hand and stroked his hard-on until it was slick and shiny. Then using a little more, he rubbed his fingers through the crack of his mother’s ass, dipping first one and then another into her puckered back door until he felt her sphincter relax at the intrusion. He lifted his mother’s long, shapely leg and thrust his rock-hard ten inch cock deep inside her bowels.

Laurie came instantly as her son’s magnificent cock filled her completely. Her pussy spasmed, flooding her thighs with her liquid love. Matt felt her cunt muscles working through the thin membrane separating her two holes. Again, she heard the deep timbre of her new Master’s voice. “You love this, don’t you, slut?” Laurie shuddered as another wave of pleasure washed through her. Matt drew his thick meat slowly out of her ass, stretching her tight ring until it stopped around the crown of his cock. Just as slowly, he worked his member back up her glorious ass. “Everything about last night,” he continued, “will only get better and better, Mother.” He drew out slowly and then pushed himself in again as Laurie continued to moan from deep in her throat. “Of course,” he said, “I’m assuming everything you said, everything you told me last night, was the truth, Mother.”

Laurie was having a had time concentrating on her son’s words. His voice produced a trance-like state, keeping her highly aroused, almost constantly on the edge of an overwhelming climax. “Of course, baby.” Laurie was able only to mumble, her energy all focused on her son’s huge cock. As it plowed in and out of her tender, stretched brown hole, she could feel every vein in that swollen organ as it touched her deepest parts. “I only told you the truth…about everything, Matt.” She moaned again as he took himself all the way out of her.

Matt looked down at the rounded, flushed cheeks of his mother’s ass. “Too fuckin’ much!” He thought he was in heaven…totally in control. He held his stiff prick in his hand, and was amazed as he saw Laurie’s anal ring stay open, as if waiting, wanting to be filled again by his thick, slick dick. He pushed the plum-sized head into her chute and held it there. “So, you weren’t just caught up in the moment when you sucked Shane’s dick, right?” He fed a few inches of meat into Laurie’s stretched-out rectum.

“Oh, fuck, Matt…that feels so good, baby…mmmm…fuck mommy’s ass, honey.” And her loving son started stroking his full length in and out of her clenching ass. “Of course I was caught up on the moment, Matty…you and Shane are so hot together.” Matt felt her cunt start to tremble through the separating membranes. He started pinching her nipples as he fucked her harder and faster. “Baby, you looked so beautiful, standing there as Shane sucked your cock into his mouth.” Laurie started rubbing her clit in time to the rhythm of the huge log sawing away at her ass. “You know I’ve always liked Shane the most of all your friends…I just never knew you two were so…close, Matty. Ohhh, Jesus, Matthew…you fill me up, baby…keep fucking Mommy’s ass…ohhh…fuck, Matty, you’re making me …ah…” Laurie’s erzurum seks hikayeleri voice rose to a muffled scream, “I’m cumming, baby…fill me up…shoot it in my ass, Matty…ohhh…unghhh… fuck YES YES YES!!! Please, baby!”

“I’ll cum when I want to, Mother.” Matt was pounding his huge tool into his slut-hot mother’s ass, listening to her mumble about him and Shane. He flashed on her expression earlier when his friend walked into the kitchen and saw her standing there, naked and aroused. He’d seen one quick flash of uncertainty in her lust-filled blue eyes, but just as quickly it was gone. When she had wrapped her arms around his friend and gave him a hotter kiss than any of his girlfriends ever had, he knew she was totally under his control. Awesome!!! “You liked watching him suck me, Mom?” The timbre of his voice made her cunt walls flood with her liquid climax.

“Yes, baby…it was so hot.” He could hardly hear here, her face buried in the pillow as she moaned her response.

Matt just loved pushing her buttons – loved the way it made her pussy and her asshole clench whenever he struck just the right one. “Wanna see Dad do it, Mom?”

Laurie was moaning into the pillow again as Matt kept up his relentless hammering, plunging his long, thick meat in and out of her back door. God, she was loving it! She heard him say something about his father. “What, baby?” She picked her head up and looked over her shoulder. “He’s so beautiful,” she thought. “What did you ask me, darling?”

Matt’s eyes were dark as coal as he looked back at his mother’s face, flushed with desire for her boy, grimacing as he kept shoving his hard ten inches up her ass. Her mouth gasped as he stroked in and out of her. “I asked you if you wanna see Dad suck my cock, Mother.” Laurie shook as another orgasm hit her hard, her eyes starting to roll back.

“Fuck, yes, baby…you know I do.” Matt was deep inside her, his swollen balls resting against her slick, wet cunt lips. He started grinding his hips into her. “I want to see him make you hard for me, baby…get you ready to fuck your mommy.” Matt bent over her, pulled her tit roughly up to his face. He started to suck her hardened nipple. He stopped and looked at her again.

“What else do you want, Mother?” He saw her sky blue eyes glaze over again as he swirled his tongue over her breast, sending chills through her body.

Laurie couldn’t believe what she was feeling. She’d never been fucked so beautifully before, and she knew she never wanted to let this go. She felt so dirty, loving every minute and every inch of her young son’s magnificent cock, buried in her ass. She drifted back to her dark place, and told her son what she truly wanted.

“Oh, Matty…I want to see…” her voice cracked with emotion and lust. “I want to feel your father sucking your cum out of me…I want you to fuck your daddy’s ass, Matty, so he can know how good it feels, too.” She felt herself starting to tremble all over as she shared all of her vision with her son. Laurie felt Matt’s cock expand deep within her bowels as she mentioned her husband again. She knew her baby boy was on the verge of a major explosion.

Matt was so close. He couldn’t believe his mother! She was on exactly the same wavelength he was. Matt really loved his dad, but the raging hormones that had helped elevate him to the Alpha Male, also told him that it would be the right thing to do. He started moving back and forth again, pulling his hips away and then slamming them back.

“I want you…oh, Matty, you’re gonna think I’m so bad, baby…I want you to fuck your sister…” Visions of his incredibly hot older sister flashed in front of his eyes. “I mean…” Laurie’s voice dropped to a throaty whisper, “I want you to make Lisa your slut, baby… just like me.”

Matt was in another place as he listened to his mother. He just knew, as if by instinct, Lisa was his for the taking. He was fucking his mother with all he had, so close to the brink. Laurie looked him straight in the eyes, not believing the words coming from her mouth, but completely unable to stop them. “Please, Master…” she felt his final expansion deep within her, signaling his imminent climax. “When you mark her…” Matt’s eyes started to roll back – he just couldn’t fucking believe how hot his mother was. “When you take a small bite of her tits…and her cunt, too, baby…just like me…can I lick up her blood for you? Please, Matty?” And finally, he lost all control as jet after jet of hot, white cum poured into his mother’s ass. With his final thrust, Matt fell forward on top of Laurie, sweat and cum binding their skin together.

They laid there, still connected, as their breathing and their pulses slowly came back to normal. As Matt calmed down, he started to deflate and he gently disengaged himself from her and rolled over on his back, his thick cock laying across his thigh. Laurie sat up and leaned over her boy and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Relax, baby, I’ll be right back.” She returned after a moment with a warm, wet hand cloth and a towel.

Laurie took one of Matt’s joints and lit it. She handed it to him and then softly started to clean his fabulous cock and balls. As she gently wiped the shaft with the warm cloth, she asked if he liked the idea of dominating his sister. Laurie chuckled. “Remember how she used to torment you when you were growing up? Always having to be the first at everything?”

Matt lay back against the pillows, smoking the joint his mother lit for him. “Christ, can you believe that one! Wait ’til I tell Shane…he will shit! I should probably teach her how to roll!” He started laughing softly at the thought, then became aware of Laurie’s soft touch on his dick. “That feels good, Mom.” He took another drag of the pot and thought about Lisa. “God, she really turned into a hottie these last few years. And she hasn’t been shy about showing me, either. Lisa, my slut? Oh yeah…way cool.”

Laurie was drying him off, rubbing the bath towel briskly over his lean, muscular thighs, then gently lifting his cock so she could dry his sac and then the shaft. Laurie’s voice had a light, sing-song quality as she continued talking about her daughter. “I know she wants you, baby. Daddy told me before, when he saw Shane leaving.”

Matt exhaled slowly, then held the joint to his mother’s lips. Laurie looked at him with surprise. “Honey, you know I don’t smoke.” Then she saw his eyes darken momentarily as he held it to her once again.

“Just a little bit,” he said, “so you don’t cough.” Laurie did as she was bid. She inhaled a small amount, struggling not to cough. “Okay,” he said, “you can let it out…slowly, Mother. Now, again.” Laurie took another small drag, holding it in more easily this time.

“Did Dad fuck her last night after they watched us? Is that what he told you?” Matt took another drag and then put it out in the ashtray.

Laurie exhaled again, feeling something strange. “No, honey. She told him he couldn’t have her pussy or her ass until…uhm…he ate your cum from them.” Matt moaned at the picture she was painting inside his head. Lately, every time he’d seen his sister, he’d been picturing her naked, posed like the chicks he looked at on the Internet Naked Teens sites. “Daddy said her pussy tasted so sweet, Matt.” Laurie started licking his balls, drawing first one then the other into her mouth. She looked up at her son, her eyes just slits of ice-blue fire. “Make her your slut, baby…then we can all take care of you…and Shane…and maybe some of your other friends, too.”

“Cool…way fucking cool!” Matt chuckled to himself. “Okay, Mom…let’s get this party started!”

I had drifted off to a light sleep, Lisa curled next to me. Something woke me up just before dawn. Hearing the sound of the front door, I grabbed my robe and started downstairs. I heard my wife and, no, not Matt…it sounded like Matt’s friend, Shane. I continued slowly down the stairs until I saw them. My heart just stopped cold! Laurie was standing in front of the door, completely naked, kissing our son’s best friend in an anything-but-motherly way. When they saw me, Shane broke away. Looked up at me and mumbled something about New Year and then was out the door.

Meeting my wife in the foyer, I was struck once again by her beauty and her raw sexuality. We kissed and I knew I was tasting more than one lover on her lips. “Was he good, baby?”

Laurie moaned into my shoulder as I rubbed her breast. “Easy, sweetie,” she cautioned me, “our son, my new Master, got a little carried away.” I backed off quickly, showing concern. “No, it’s okay, sweetie.” Her whisper grew low and hoarse. “I told him to mark me if he wanted me to be his slut. He did…three times. God, Steven, I love that kid!”

“What about Shane?”

“Baby, they were so hot together…I’ll tell you about that later. I sucked Shane off…he said he would be back later to fuck me. Wanna watch me, baby?” Her grin was almost evil.

My cock started to rise and Laurie noticed it with a grin. “Save that for later, baby. Go back to sleep with our baby girl.” Laurie gave my cock a quick squeeze. “Is she perfect, baby? Did you fuck her tight little pussy? I know you want to.”

I told her Lisa’s body was indeed perfect; her pussy and her asshole were a taste sensation, and she gave great head. But, I regretfully confided, I had not fucked her. I told her of Lisa’s conditions. “She’s a lot like you, babe, more than we thought.”

Laurie told me I would have her soon, but know we should try to get some sleep. She kissed me softly and sent me back upstairs as she headed back to Matt’s room.

Lisa was stretched out on my bed, her face on the pillow and her top leg drawn slightly up, her perfectly rounded ass exposed to my incestuous eyes. “What was that, Daddy?” she mumbled, half asleep.

“Mommy was just saying goodnight to Shane, baby girl.” I crawled on to the bed, next to my daughter’s flawless ass.

She mumbled again. “God, Daddy, Shane’s so cute…wait…Shane?” She lifted her head off the pillow to look at me. “Really, Daddy? Shane?” I nodded. “Oh Jesus,” she giggled as her head hit the pillow. “She really is a slut, huh, Daddy?”

She could hear the love and the lust in my voice. “Just like you, baby.” And I dipped my tongue between her cheeks and swiped her tangy hole.

“That’s it, Daddy…eat my ass until I fall asleep.” I continued to lick her little bunghole for a few minutes until I heard her snoring very softly. I moved over to the other side of the bed and fell asleep, my hand around my cock.

I awoke several hours later, the smell of pot working its way into my head. I opened my eyes to see my son lounging back in my massage chair, gazing at his sister’s naked body, smoking one of my joints. My eyes drifted down his nude, lean form until I saw him stroking his half-hard cock lazily with his other hand. What a specimen of manhood! I understood immediately both my wife’s and my daughter’s obsessive need for my son’s hard cock. My own desire was rearing its head as well. I smiled at my son. “Happy New Year, Matt. Uhm, what are you doing here? Besides smoking my dope?” I grinned, showing him I was not upset. “Bring that over here, son.”

Matt got off the chair and walked over to my side of the bed. His cock was swaying as he came towards me. He handed me the joint with a grin, stopping just in front of me, his thick shaft hanging just in front of my face. “Mom said I should tell you guys she’s making breakfast.” I exhaled and handed the joint back to him. He took a quick hit, then picked his prick up and held it out to me. As he let out the smoke, he said. “But I thought you might like a little appetizer first, Dad.” He rolled the head of his cock over my lips as I opened them wide enough to let him slide past and over my tongue. He grew so hard and long; it was so fast I could hardly adjust to the size of him as he started to fuck my face.

The motion of his hips rocked his sister awake. Her eyes opened wide as she slowly realized what she was seeing. “Fuck, Daddy…you really are doing it for me, aren’t you?” She moved closer to the action, stroking her brother’s cock as he kept pumping it down my throat. “Matty, your cock is so beautiful.”

“Glad you think so, Sis. From what I can see, you’re pretty cute yourself.” He reached across and slid his hand up from her thigh, over her hips until he had cupped one of her pert, hard-nippled tits in his hand.

Lisa looked up at her brother and batted her eyes. With a mock pout, she asked, “Am I cute enough to fuck, little brother?”

Matt pulled his cock away from my mouth. I felt empty. I watched as he pulled Lisa over to the other side of the bed. She was laying on her back as he sat next to her on the side of the bed.

I watched my son put his hands all over my daughter’s very willing body. He palmed her tits first, causing her to moan. Then with one hand, he rubbed her lightly all over her chest and shoulders. His other hand explored her more hidden parts. Soon, she was breathing hard, trying to relax with one of his long fingers buried in her juicy snatch and another buried in her ass. She reached up and circled his neck with her arms, kissing him deeply. “Fuck me, little brother…please?”

Matt smiled at her as he slowly pulled his digits from her. “You bet, cupcake…I’ve been wanting to do you for a long time…but like I was telling Dad, Mom said breakfast is ready – time to come down.”

I splashed some water on my face and brushed my teeth. Lisa insisted on a fast shower. Matt started to glare at her and his voice seemed to drop for a second. Then, just as quickly, he smiled at his older sister and told her not to take too long or the pancakes may get cold. As Matt and I walked down the stairs, I asked him about the look he started to give his sister. He said he would explain later – it would be ‘more effective’ once they started having real sex. I knew what he was talking about. His Uncle David possessed the same abilities.

We sat at the table as Laurie finished the last batch of pancakes and took the bacon off the stove. It smelled delicious – I was sure everyone had worked up quite an appetite during the long holiday night. Cold juice and hot coffee were already on the table. It seemed almost like any other holiday breakfast at our house, except the heat was turned way up and we were all naked on this particular January first. When Lisa joined us a few minutes later, she found herself over-dressed in bath-towel wrapped around her body. Without a word, she smiled at us all and unwrapped the towel. She laid it over the back and the seat of her chair and sat down with us for breakfast.

We all lifted our orange juice and Laurie toasted in the New Year. We clinked glasses, loving and lustful looks passing between all of us, and drank to the memories of the previous night. When everyone relaxed and started to eat, it was Laurie again who caught our attention. She looked at Matt and smiled. “Any regrets, baby? About anything last night?” Matt smiled warmly at her and shook his head. My loving wife looked at me, giggling a little. “I know you…no regrets about anything, ever. Right?”

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