A Father’s Pride – Inauguration


The thing about Jacqueline, was her sweet little face and her tiny rosebud lips…it made me so proud to know my loins were able to produce something so bright, so vivid, and so beautiful as my daughter, Jacqueline. For eighteen years, I had humped that behemoth in my bed I called my wife. As long as the gin and cigarettes didn’t run out, she was compliant enough with her bleached pubes and too bright lipstick. But Jacqueline, she was every daddy’s dream girl.

Since her birth, I have bathed and lotioned my daughter. I know every inch of her body. Weekly, the aestheticians come to the house in order to pluck and polish my little girl. Mrs. Marquette supervised what was to be done during those times. Quite sensible, really. After all, today’s world doesn’t understand the father’s right to prime his daughter for sensuousness in order for her marriage to the proper man to work out well for all those involved. So silly, really, the conventions of the staid middle class.

I made the final tour of our suite, adjusting a picture, fluffing a pillow. All was ready for our cruise. With a flourish, our steward, Bjorn, introduced Jacqueline’s arrival. Breathtaking. She was gowned in an ice blue gown of silk, her blue-black hair swept up in an intricate fashion with diamond clips and sapphire pins, her ruby lips subtlety enhanced by color, and her stormy sea-blue eyes perfectly framed by thick lashes.

The silk clung to her delicate curves in luxuriant waves, swirling with the sway of her hips as she strolled to me, smiling the look of a woman who has come home. I heard the pop of the champagne cork as I reached out to trace the outline of my daughter’s breast and felt the first tingles in my prick as her nipple hardened under my touch. I accepted a glass of champagne and traced the outline of her right breast, so it wouldn’t feel left out. For all her knowing smile, I laughed as she blushed taking the champagne from Bjorn. “Daughter, there is no need to blush. Bjorn will not only aid us on this journey, he will procure and assist in your education.”

This made the heavenly Jacqueline blush more, causing me to laugh louder, but not unkindly. “Beautiful, Jacqueline. How you have teased your Daddy for eighteen years.” I said gently, pulling her tall frame into mine, my hand firmly on her sweet little peach. A little moan escaped from her lips as our bodies made contact, making me smile all the more. “A toast, Daughter Jacqueline,” I stated grandly, raising my glass, and giving a gentle grind of my hips into her pelvis, “To your awakening!”

“To my awakening,” she concurred, her knowing woman’s smile forming yet again.

“The photo session wasn’t too taxing, I trust?” I asked, holding my glass at the ready. The tall, blond, Bjorn was there with the champagne and a tray of delicacies. I watched the struggle unfolding on Jacqueline’s features as I savored the flavor of the Argentine chocolate melting on my tongue.

“No, Daddy. It was very pleasant.”

“The reason I ask, Jacqueline, is the agreement we made. Do you remember our agreement?” I asked, the timbre of my voice stiffening. I wanted my beautiful girl to tell me the truth. It really wouldn’t change what would happen next. I just wanted my little girl to show me the kind of consideration I have shown her all these years.

My beautiful girl took a long, swallow of champagne before stating quite plaintively “I do not know of what you speak, Father.”

I smiled indulgently at her as Bjorn filled her glass yet again. “Darling, I’m talking about your sessions with Mariana at her studio. Mmmm, don’t quarrel with me child. I know all about our little bikini waxer’s sideline business.” Bending down to Jacqueline, I demanded quite softly, “Does your little bikini waxing tramp actually seem brave enough to ask the daughter of one of the richest men in the world for a date, much less sex while she sets the timer on her tripod? Hmmmm?”

His prick hardened as he watched her hand shake, ever so slightly, while she put the glass down. His smile broadened as escort seks hikayeleri he watched her raise her perfect chin in defiance. “You did not smell a trap, little mouse. Darling, Jacqueline. It could have been so easy for you. However,” I sighed, strolling to my beautiful girl, “now we must take the hardened path. Stand, please.” I ordered.

My heart sang as she quickly stood, her chin still raised defiantly. I stood in front of her, my hands twisted in her bodice as I gave her a long, loving kiss, ripping the beautiful gown from her body and tightening the hand on the back of her neck as she tried to jerk away from me. “I hope you enjoyed Mariana’s tongue licking your pussy, sweet baby girl.” With a nod of my head, Bjorn brought the pictures of Mariana and Jacqueline and spread them on the low table for our collective perusal.

I watched Jacqueline fall to her knees, sifting through the photographs. Tears welled in her eyes as she viewed the photographs of herself and Mariana entwined in a variety of positions, heads thrown back, pussies slick, nipples hard. They were so beautiful, my daughter Jacqueline and my whore, Mariana, locked together for eternity in celluloid. I removed my jacket with Bjorn’s help, and tsked my daughter, “Enough with the tears, my pampered little bitch. Come into the boudoir, and we will dole out your punishment. I want us to spend the next six weeks in harmony, learning every level of pleasure together. But first, we must take care of reeducating you in the art of self-discipline. Come.”


I was incensed. In three, angry strides, I was at my daughter’s side. I grabbed her hair as close to the scalp as possible, and drug her to the boudoir, hefting her body to the bed. The tears were real, now, not the release of a spoiled teenager used to always getting her way in all matters. I heard her pleas with only one ear. I did not care. What arrogance of the youth. I slapped her face, once, to get her attention. “It is now time for you to shut up, my little slut. Consequences must be paid for your disrespect.” And with that, I began.

I forced her legs open with mine, and had her splayed before me. It was time to break my little girl’s spirit. It saddened me, but it had to be done in order to ensure her life would not be squandered. “Across the world, women are sold into sexual slavery, “ I said, slapping her tits with my hand, “These women and girls would give anything to be the richest little girl in the world and do anything their Daddy asks of them,” I told her gently before slapping her tits one, two, three more times, with as much force as my daily squash games and boxing bouts had instilled in me. Listening to her moan as I rolled her over onto her stomach, I felt myself begin to harden with a vengeance. “Now, my little bitch, it’s time to begin your reeducation in earnest.”

I began to spank her ass, oblivious of her cries. I watched her ass turn from white to pink to the darkest red. I accepted the paddle Bjorn brought me and felt my ire rise as I witnessed Jacqueline’s hands pumping her pussy. “Slut!” I cried, actual tears of rage welling behind my eyes. Bjorn, secure her hands. Bjorn went to the head of the bed and pulled each hand away from her pussy, holding them clamped in his mammoth hands. I began to beat her ass with a viciousness I hadn’t felt since I first bedded the little Asiatic girl my father brought home for me so many years ago.

I opened the fly to my trousers and plunged my prick into her tight hole, listening to her screams, feeling the tearing; and, more, feeling a sense of accomplishment well inside of me. With my knees pressed firmly against the bed frame, I picked Jacqueline up from the other end, ramming her ass again and again against my throbbing cock. I ignored her pleas, slamming her hips against my cock until she finally passed out from the pain, causing me to shoot long and hard into her bowels, before tossing my end of her body back to the bed. “Clean the slut up and change the linens while I bathe, Bjorn.” I said, heading for the marble tile bath. When I emerged from the bath, I was gratified to see my little love sitting up in bed, in the sheerest, white negligee, her face only slightly puffy.

“I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“Princess,” I cajoled, sitting on the side of the bed, my fingers gently twisting first the left nipple, and then the right nipple into puckered hardness. I watched my sweet Jacqueline capture her bottom lip in her teeth, and kissed her gently my lips seeking hers in a long, slow kiss, my hand gently grasping the back of her neck. Looking deeply into her eyes, I quietly demanded, “Are you ready to have the wedding night every daughter should experience with her own sweet daddy?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I untied the negligee, and slid it from my beautiful daughter’s body. Her milk white skin boasted the darkest, reddest nipples I had ever seen on a white woman. I kissed my way down my daughter’s neck, pinning her pelvis down with my legs as she tried to arch to meet my body. Her pussy needed some lessons in patience. I took one of her nipples into my mouth, flicking it furiously with my tongue, listening to her moan, feeling her body attempting to thrash. I switched my attention to her other breast, flicking it with my tongue, before sucking it for all I was worth.

I am oblivious to my daughter’s screams as I try to suck milk from her breast. I viciously begin to pinch and twist the other nipple, and listen to her screaming. My mouth and hands switch positions, and my daughter shrieks in protest as my assault begins anew. I love this new generation of cunts that honestly believe because we men gave them the right to vote, we are a bunch of apes walking around planet Earth looking only to please their little pussies. I pull my daughter’s hands above her head and stop my ministrations with my mouth. I slap her tits and her face until she is finally quiet. “Did you really believe me to be that damned stupid?” I asked incredulously, forcing three fingers into her mouth, making her arch her neck. “Did you think, I would take one look at your sweet little body and completely forget YOU DEFILED MY FAMILY NAME!” My beautiful daughter manages not to turn on the water works this time.

“Now,” I say, pinning her shoulders with my knees, “you are going to suck this cock. It’s the one really useful thing for a woman’s mouth.” With that, I lowered myself into her mouth and throat. When she began to gag, I arched her neck, until she had all of me. I told her she was Daddy’s good girl, before I began to pound her face with my prick, my balls slapping themselves against her chin.

ithin minutes, I had shot a load down my little girl’s throat and was proud she didn’t loose a drop. My baby was sore; but, worse, she was completely frustrated. I began to stroke her hair. “Now, my beautiful, baby girl, are you ready to make love with your Daddy?” I ask my daughter softly, kissing her lightly on the lips. She nodded her head in ascent, a smile tentatively lighting up her beautiful face. “Mmmm, daughter,” I whispered against her throat as I begin to lover her body in fully, “you are learning the role of a good wife.”

I kissed my baby’s throat, and my baby’s chin. I seek out her lips with my fingers a feel myself well anew as her lips grasps my fingers and begin sucking on them, her tongue swirling my cuticles. I pull my daughters face of the pillow and kiss her long, and slow, our bodies beginning to meld. “Jacqueline?” I question her gently, by hands slowly pulling through her long, black hair.

“Only you, Daddy,” my little girl says in the high, melodious voice of her youth, “Jacqueline only loves her Daddy,” my sweet baby says to me, her hands cradling my face as she draws me to her for a wet, full kiss.

I am iron. I am also a man. Now, I will bring my little girl to the dizzying heights of pleasure as only the man who loves her more than anything in the whole world is able to do. I kiss and massage her breasts, feeling my daughter’s hands wrapped in my hair. I continue to massage her breasts as I work my way down her body, swirling her belly button with my tongue, kissing her pelvis bone from one side to the other.

I gently spread her legs with my hands and smile as she gasps, “Daddy!” in her breathy little girl’s voice. She is exquisite, my beautiful daughter. Her milky pussy is blushing a light pink as I gently pull her legs open. “Oh, Daddy, I love you so much,” my little baby doll singsongs to me as I begin licking the perfection of her pussy. No curling black hairs spoil the perfection before me. I spread her lips with the victory symbol of my left hand, breathing in her scent.

“Daddy, mo-ore,” she growls and me making me laugh. I lick her inner folds with the skill of a connoisseur. As her juices begin to flow forcefully, I plunge a finger into her pussy and move up the bed to give her a little taste. The little minx wraps her hands around my forearm and begins to suck on my finger with such power I have actual fright for my skin.

“Easy, little girl,” I laugh, “we have many hours of pleasure before us.”

“Daddy, please,” my baby begins to cry, “I need you! I need all of you. Please!!”

I laugh at her tears and bring my attention back to her pussy. Once again, I spread her little cunny wide open with my fingers and begin a torment of kissing on her intimacy. I roll her engorged clit between my thumb and my forefinger as my mouth descends on the puckered rose bud of her anus. I once again fill my lungs with her scent as I lick her ass, spreading her legs wider and wider as she begins to trust my rear assault. I begin to chew on the inner lining of her ass, her cries and screams for more making me harder and harder. Ass I chew on her ass, I begin to wet my fingers with her hot, thick juices, plunging my fingers into her cunt violently, one at a time, hardening each time as she screams and arches with each thrust.

“You are so built for pleasure, my sweet,” I announce gaily, as I plunge my thumb into her ass. I begin a rhythmic rape with my right hand, by left hand supporting her hips as I simultaneously plunge in and out of her ass and cunt. Faster and harder I plunge.

“Visuals, daughter,” I growled through clenched teeth, “play with your nipples. Make your Daddy desperate to plunge himself into your pussy.” I was so hard, and felt a surge as Jacqueline did as she was bid without hesitation, rolling her nipples between her forefingers and thumbs, her head tossing wildly on the pillows as she begged for release. With only a slight difficulty, my mouth found her clit, her hips bucking wildly beneath me.

I sucked deeply on her clit. “Da-addd-dy!!” She cried, “Pl-pl-please!!” she demanded, her little girl’s voice wreathed in the most intense kind of pain. “Daddy! Now!” she demanded. I flicked her clit with her tongue, feeling her hips take on a rhythmic thrust older than the sands of time. I sucked and flicked her clit in time with my hand plunging into her ass and pussy. As it began to build in her, I felt my sweet baby began to stiffen. With deliberation, I bit down on her clit, listening to the inhuman scream as she attempted to pitch her body of the bed, her hips thrusting like a rutting goat’s as she came, her juices flowing like rivers down her thighs.

I stood, bracing my knees, once again, against the foot of the bed, and plunged with the brutality of the ages into my daughters wet and willing cunt, her scream indicating my ripping through her maidenhead as I was too far gone in my own pleasure to notice. Again, again, and again, I slammed her lithe body against mind, her legs wrapped around my waist, my hands forcing her hips to hit me harder, to have me plunge deeper into the little girl I have petted and coveted all these years. I watched my little slut go from rolling her nipples to giving herself an all out breast massage, her little hands trying to induce milk from her uncultivated breasts. “Daddy, I love you!” she screamed, as her hips began to do a wild bucking frenzy and her juices began to flow down my legs.

“Daddy loves his baby! Daddy so loves his baby!” I screamed, pumping the contents of all that I have been and all that I hope to be into my sweet, loving, baby girl.

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