A Flight of Fancy

Big Tits

I remember the takeaway coffee cup hot in my hand. In the other was Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. It was eleven o-clock on a Friday night and where was I spending it? Inside a god forsaken airport! I perch the novel, open and face down, on my legs and shift myself higher into my airport lounge chair. “Why can’t I ever get comfortable?” I mutter irritably to myself.

“Beg your pardon?” A lady inquires. She’s sitting several seats down, on the row facing inwards to my row of chairs. She appears about mid thirties, wearing the usual ensemble of tight, dark blue jeans and a floral print shirt. Combined with her straw blonde hair and glasses, she would look at home roaming around a farmer’s market or inner city bookstore. Pretty in her own unique way, yet not my normal type. Besides this woman, there is practically no one else in this part of the airport at this hour – except for a cleaner about 700 metres away, with his multi purpose trolley, and a middle aged gentleman slumped in the corner of the lounge, attempting to sleep.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was just talking to myself.” I reply.

“Oh, ok.”

Once more I lift up my book and attempt to read. However I can’t seem able to absorb the words on the page. All I can think about is how the chair is digging into my back and arse, and how my eyes feel so sore. With a sigh, I replace the bookmark, return the book into my overnight bag, then lean my head back and close my eyes.

“I simply cannot believe that I was convinced to make this trip. Especially at this hour, at such short notice.” The lady states, obviously in my direction. I smile at the absurd thought of the cleaner having a shouting conversation across several hundred metres of airport with this woman. Reluctantly I tip my head down, open my eyes and attempt to engage with her.

“Oh, why is that? Where ya going?” I ask.

“I’m going to visit my sister. She is six months pregnant and has just kicked her fiancé out of their house for martial indiscretions. She needs, “moral support”. Whatever that is supposed to mean.”

“Martial indiscretions?”

“Yeah, she believes that he is sleeping with his secretary. Highly original, I realise. In truth I think it has more to do with her hormones being thrown around from the pregnancy and a desire for attention. However, she was willing to purchase the airplane ticket, so at least this trip is not costing me anything.”

“Hmmm…” I respond, lacking anything insightful to reply with.

“So why are you travelling to Singapore?”


“Really? What sort of business would that be? Multi-national mergers, hostile takeovers, or maybe illegal drug smuggling?” She replies teasingly.

I laugh. “Hardly. I work for a large transport company, and we’re interested in business deals with a consortium there. You know, expand our connections.”

It was at this time that an announcement was made over the PA system for all passengers of KLA 170 to board the plane. Both she and I extract ourselves from the chairs and begin collecting our carry-on luggage. Then we walk up to the gate, give out our tickets to be processed, then proceed to board the plane. During all this we stand near each other, but not too close. We both appear torn between not offending the other by ignoring them completely, nor wishing to stay too close and invade each other’s personal space.

Although our seating were allocated, there was plenty of seats available. Hardly surprising really, considering it was almost midnight on a Friday night. Most people travelling overseas allow plenty of time to arrange all the details, such as choosing a more suitable hour to travel. Which left a small minority of people, like us, who were forced to travel for reasons outside their direct control. This all made for quite a dreary and sullen group of passengers.

Following my female companion down the isle, I quickly found my seat, and discovered that her allocated seat was quite some distance away.

“Well, this is me.” I say, displaying a tired smile.

“Oh, I see.” She looks at me, then further down the plane in the general direction of her seat.

I sigh a little internally and say to myself, well, at least she could be a small distraction from such a long flight. “Hey, look. The plane is barely half full. How about you join me, and we can pendik escort keep each other company? I doubt that I’ll be able to sleep tonight, so we can get some drinks and chat.”

A smile sprang to her face, showing off small dimples in her cheeks. “Sure, I’d like that.”

With that settled, we stow our luggage about the seats, and scoot across inside our seats. I hold out my hand and introduce myself.



“Well, its nice to meet you Jessica.”

The rest of the boarding and initial takeoff of the plane was uneventful. We were informed that the cabin crew were going to serve us a light meal and offer us drinks, before turning the interior lights down so passengers can sleep if they desire. Jessica and I chose to skip the hideous airline food on offer, and instead ordered some drinks. One of the benefits of international flights were that they tend to ply their customers with plenty of alcohol, to keep everyone in a more compliant mood. It was certainly working for us.

Jessica and I went through the typical questioning strangers begin with, or as I like to think of it, the Big Four. Family, Childhood, Work and Martial Status. I quickly found out that she was a middle child, with a sister several years older, and a younger sister approximately 1 year younger. She was a marketing coordinator for a large non-for-profit organisation and was single. In turn, she discovered that I was an only child, single and Jessica already knew what I did for a living.

The conversation then moved to topics such as celebrities that scared us, movies we loved and our long term life goals. It was almost 1 am by this point, and the cabin crew had just turned down the lights. I was sipping another bourbon and coke, probably my fourth, and Jessica was on her third white wine.

“So, we have several more hours of flight left, what do you want to do?” Jessica whispered, seemingly because she did not want to wake up anyone else around. This struck me as strange, because there was basically no one within sight let alone ear-shot of our seats. But I was happy that it afforded her the chance to lean closer to me.

“I don’t know. I guess we should probably sleep soon. Otherwise I’ll end up having crappy jet lag.” I reply, equally quietly.

Jessica looks at me through her glasses and says, “Well, that is certainly is ONE option.” As she utters ‘one’ she places her hand on my thigh and grips it hard.

At that moment I could almost feel the cogs turning within my head — painfully slow. I guess the tiredness and prospect of a long and uneventful night had blinded me to the obvious flirtations of Jessica. And with that realisation, my cock immediately begin to swell, followed closely by a small smile.

“Hmmm, I believe you maybe right. I completely forgot all the other things I could be doing in the company of a beautiful woman.” I say, attempting to invoke all my charm and wit.

“I’ll say,” Jessica leaning even closer and ever so gently nibbles on my ear. She began to move her hand higher on my thigh, periodically gripping my leg hard. I respond by placing my hand on her thigh, imitating her movements. For some time we lean sideways, towards each other, with a hand moving slowly and firmly up and down the thigh of the other. Damn these seat rests! I complain to myself.

At this point my cock was straining at the fabric of my pants, so I decide to further things along by moving my hand into her crotch. As my fingers press up to her pussy through the jeans, I hear Jessica release a small sigh. She leans closer and sucks on my ear lobe. I ask her, “would you like to join the Mile High club?”

Jessica giggles and says, “who says I’m not a member already?”

I press even harder into her crotch and says, “well, in that case you can initiate a new member.”

We quickly decide that I will leave and go to the toilet at the far end of the plane, followed by her about 8 minutes later. When I enter the cubical I lock the door, and give my cock and nice squeeze and rearrange it in a more comfortable position. There is not nearly as much space as I envisioned in the toilet cubical, but I reassure myself that it will be fine.

Within a few minutes I hear a light tapping on the door. I unlock it and see it’s Jessica, with a slightly nervous smile on her face. escort pendik I ask her, “Did anyone see you?” She replies no, and closes the door. We immediately embrace each other, and begin kissing ferociously. I reach down and squeeze her tight arse while she strokes my muscular back. A few minutes later I un-tuck her shirt and begin undoing its small, fragile buttons. I strongly desire to simply rip the shirt off, but I suspect it would be a mood killer. Jessica begins to undoing my belt and manages to undo the top button of my pants, when…

“Hello?” We hear a female voice from outside. Jessica and I look at each other, both paralysed in fear. We dare not move, lest we make any noise.

“Come on, I know you are in there, and I am well aware of what you are doing. Do you realise that it is against the rules of the airline for passengers to use the toilets for activities other than which they were intended?”

Both Jessica and I are dumbfounded. Should we open the door and accept the shame and possible punishment, or continue to pretend we are not there? The choice is taken from us, because at that moment we hear the door being unlocked from the outside.

What a scene we must have made. Jessica with the top half of her shirt undone, a black lacy bra showing, and me with my belt undone, pants half unzipped, and about 2 cm of underwear showing. The youngish flight attendant looks at us both with a mixture of distain and tiredness and says, ‘both of you, come with me.”

Instead of parading us up the plane as I fear, she takes us further down the tail end of the plane, where the kitchen is. She makes us sit down on two of those special cabin crew seats. By now my erection is completely gone, and all I wish is to escape from this predicament. The attendant turns from us, and proceeds to pour whiskey into a small glass. She turns back to us, with the drink in her hand, and sips it. “Come on guys, do you think you are the first couple to try this?” She asks.

Neither Jessica or I say anything. We just look at the ground.

“Of course we can’t do anything with you while you’re on the plane. But protocol says that we need to inform the police and they..”

“Wait,” I interrupt, “isn’t there anything I can do? My employer will fire me if they hear about this!” I plead.

The flight attendant pauses, takes another sip of her drink, an runs her fingers back through her hair.

“Look, it really is a lot of work to go through. The paperwork, phone calls. Maybe we could come to some sort of arrangement.” She smiles at me and Jessica in turn.

Crap. My mind starts racing, attempting to figure out how much money I can afford to use to pay her off. However my thoughts are halted when the woman leans forward and kisses Jessica squarely on the mouth. Jessica is similarly surprised, but quickly recovers and begins responding to the attention. I stand up, and quickly check that the curtain separating the kitchen from the rest of the cabin is secure. Then I return to Jessica and the attendant, and start fondling one breast of the flight attendant and one of Jessica’s. The attendant pulls away from Jessica and begins kissing me in earnest. Up this close I see her nametag, which says, Madeline. I pause and say, “Madeline. That’s a very beautiful name.”

She just smiles and pushes me into kissing Jessica again, while sliding her hand under my boxers, and tugging softly on my cock.

Not long after that I managed to finally remove Jessica’s shirt and bra, Jessica had successfully pulled my pants and underwear to my feet, and Madeline had retained all of her clothes, but her hair was let down. It was only now that I was able to study this new woman in detail. She was about 5’7″, brunette, pretty and with breasts considerably larger than Jessica. I could make all of these observations because I was still sitting in the cabin crew seat, while Madeline was between my legs sucking my cock deep into her mouth. I could feel her tongue massaging the underside of my cock, and feel its head sliding along the back of her mouth. She occasionally moaned in pleasure, from the combined sensations of Jessica playing with Madeline’s breasts through her uniform, and my cock in her mouth. The vibrations from her moans felt fantastic on my cock.

Jessica unbuttoned Madeline’s shirt, careful not to disrupt pendik escort bayan the attendant’s important ministration of my hard-on. With one free hand, I reached over to Jessica and began stroking her pussy mound with my hand, while the other was stroking Madeline’s hair. With Madeline’s top undone, I could see a cute, pink bra, attempting desperately to keep her firm breasts from escaping. She suddenly stops sucking my cock, stands up and pulls Jessica from her seat. She then pulls Jessica’s pants off, exposing a black thong that matched her bra. She then positions Jessica in front of me, with her back towards me. Then she pushes Jessica down onto my lap, carefully pulling the thong aside. Jessica follows the suggestion, lowering herself down and positioning my cock against her hot entrance. Then with a deep intake of breath, she lowers herself onto my cock. The sensation is amazing, and I cannot resist the desire to push up to meet her, penetrating even deeper inside of her.

Madeline is content to play with herself, watching Jessica ride of cock while I reached around to play with her small breasts, rubbing her nipples between my fingers. After a few minutes of this, Madeline removes her hand from her pants, and I see her fingers are slick with her juices. She steps closer to Jessica, and proceeds to kiss her deeply. Then she raises her fingers to Jessica’s face, and watches Jessica lick her juices off her fingertips. Once her fingers are thoroughly cleaned, Madeline places her hands on top of mine, adjusting my fondling of Jessica’s breasts. She alternates between extremely soft caresses, with hard pinching of her nipples. Jessica obviously agrees with this pattern, soft moans escaping into Madeline’s open mouth.

Jessica then decides to take charge, and reluctantly pulls herself off my cock and away from Madeline’s embrace. She forces Madeline into the empty seat, but not before hiking up her uniform dress, and removing her panties. Then Jessica positions herself in front of Madeline on her hands and knees. I don’t need any more suggestions — I move behind Jessica and begin to insert myself inside her again. However, at the last second I decide to slowly feed my cock into her arse instead. I could tell from the slight tensing of her body that this surprises Jessica, but then she slowly pushes her arse against my cock, urging me on. Jessica slowly begins to nibble the soft inner flesh of Madeline’s thighs. Madeline grasps Jessica’s head with both hands gently, then leans back, closing her eyes and letting her mouth hang slightly open.

I set a slow rhythm, sliding in and out of Jessica’s arse. I eagerly watch Jessica lick Madeline’s red, puffy lips, sucking each one into her mouth, and licking up and down her slit. Then she slowly begins to circle the area of Madeline’s clit with her tongue, every now and again sucking that area between her lips. All the while Madeline moans in pleasure and intermediately strokes Jessica’s head.

Jessica then slows her oral play of Madeline in favour of pushing herself harder onto my cock. I in turn hold her hips and pull her against me with each thrust. Madeline looks down, wondering where Jessica’s attention has gone. Then she smiles knowingly, and decides to remove one hand from Jessica’s head to idly stroke her own clit. Within a few minutes Jessica cums hard, her whole body going rigid and shudders. I nearly cum myself, feeling a renewed tightness around my cock.

With a sudden passion that surprises me, Jessica swiftly recovers and begins eating Madeline out in earnest. Once more Madeline leans back and begin moaning and moving her hips in turn with Jessica. This is all becoming too much for me, and I can feel an orgasm building. So it would appear for Madeline. She begins to pull Jessica’s face hard against her crotch, and Jessica furiously sucks her clitoris and pushes her tongue into Madeline’s pussy. A domino affect occurs. Madeline suddenly begins shuddering hard and groaning. This pushes me over the edge, and begin shooting cum deep into Jessica’s arse. Which seems to trigger another orgasm in Jessica. This causes her arse milks my cock. However I see Jessica torn between enjoying her second orgasm and with helping Madeline having what appeared to be an earth-shaking orgasm.

Once we were once again composed, we exchanged contact details, promising to meet up while in Singapore. Then Jessica and I returned to our seats and proceeded to sleep through the sleep through the rest of our journey. That sure was one way to make it through a long international flight!

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