A Free Pass Leads to So Much More


Abbie and I met about a year ago and quickly became friends and then lovers. A few months later, we were living together. Our personalities were similar, and our likes and dislikes matched almost too perfectly, as if we had grown up together and had the same experiences in life. We really enjoy being with each other and both of us love to try new and different things.

Maybe the strongest bond between us is the sex, which is the most incredible sex I’ve ever experienced. Abbie has a high libido and loves to have sex often and for long periods of time. Fortunately for me, and Abbie, I have a larger than average cock and have very good lasting power. I have the equipment to pleasure her the ways she wants. Often, I can have a first ejaculation and maintain enough harness to continue fucking without a break. And when I need a break, I quickly recover and I’m ready for more in ten to fifteen minutes. I always strive to give her more orgasms than I have and I’m always looking for new ways to give her sexual gratification.

What drives me to give her pleasure is that Abbie has a wonderful personality, a fabulous smile, and an incredibly sexy body that she loves to display for me. She is five feet six inches tall with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a fabulous figure. I just loved kissing her lips and playing with her 34C breasts and perky nipples. She also had an incredible ass which I love to feel with my hands.

Early in our relationship, Abbie and I discussed our sexual histories and while not naming the names of our partners, we discussed the number of partners, the length of relationships, and the quality of sex with different partners. I was not surprised to learn that Abbie had enjoyed sex with many different partners, in many different sexual positions, and had sex in many different locations indoors and outdoors. We also learned that we both loved oral sex, giving and receiving. I loved eating pussy, and she loved sucking a cock and having a mouth full of my cum which she would always swallow.

While we have been very open with each other about sex, and have been open to experimenting sexually in several ways, we both are reluctant to masturbate in front of each other. The one exception to this is when Abbie gets REALLY horny. I know when she is in such a dire need because she insists that I fuck he doggie style and that allows me to penetrate her deep and hard. And with my stamina, we often can keep this up for twenty to thirty minutes. While I am slamming my rod rapidly into her cunt, her hand is underneath, rubbing her clit furiously. In these situations, I also get very horny, and we both have a massive orgasm.

So, I am seldom surprised by anything Abbie tells me about her sexual past or her sexual fantasies. However, I was surprised when Abbie, who loves sex so much, told me that she never had sex with another female.

“Really?” I said in shock. “You’ve never had sex with another girl? Never enjoyed erotic kisses with another female. Never enjoyed the succulent taste of female cum?”

“Only when I suck on my fingers after masturbating.” Abbie said with a smirk.

“Ever been curious about having sex with another girl?” I came back at her. “Ever had an opportunity that you passed up?”

“I have been curious.” Abbie replied. “Just never really had an opportunity. And now I’m in a relationship with you and our sex is fantastic. Why would I want to risk what we have just to satisfy a curiosity?”

We were quiet for a moment while I thought about what Abbie had said. She looked at me as if wondering what I was thinking.

“You know.” I began slowly while carefully choosing my words. “Both of us have always wanted to try new things, and we both have wanted for each other to enjoy many types of sexual experiences. I wouldn’t object to you experimenting sexually with another girl. I don’t think that would be a risk to our relationship, especially if you weren’t hiding the encounter from me.”

Abbie gave me a very puzzled look. “What exactly are you proposing?” she asked.

“I’m going to give you what some refer to as a Free Pass.” I explained. “It would be a free pass for you to have sex with another female. You don’t have to ask my permission. All I ask is that you tell me about the experience after it happens.”

“A Free Pass?” Abbie asked looking for clarification. “Like a Get Out of Jail Free card?”

“Yea, I guess so.” I replied. “Except no crime would be committed and no one is in jail. Just a way for you to enjoy such an experience without any guilt or fear that I would object. I’m giving you a green light to enjoy sex with another female and I suspect you will greatly enjoy that. I don’t want our relationship to be a barrier to you having that experience.”

“So, you want me to have sex with another woman?” Abbie asked.

“Actually, I do.” I replied. “I’m sure you will greatly enjoy the experience, especially if there is no guilt or penalty.”

Abbie thought about my offer a few moments and then replied. “Okay. I’ll accept your Free escort vip Pass.”

That ended, for the time being, our conversation about the Free Pass I had given to Abbie. I was curious what Abbie was thinking. Did she have someone in mind? Was she already planning to use the Free Pass?

– – – – –

The next time the Free Pass was mentioned by either of us was a couple of weeks later, after another bout of fabulous sex. It all began one evening while we were in the living room, drinking wine, and very relaxed. We traded a lot of sexual innuendo while we were kissing. Both of became aroused and the kissing became very passionate. Abbie stood up and performed a striptease for me, revealing a new, very naughty, bra and thong set. She looked incredibly hot.

“You look good enough to eat.” I said figuratively and literally. The heavy kissing had created an intense desire for me to eat her tasty pussy.

“I was hoping this look would have that effect.” Abbie replied with a seductive look on her face.

I rose off the sofa, scooped Abbie into my arms and carried her into the bedroom. We quickly stripped naked and got onto the bed. After a little more cuddling and kissing, I moved down between her thighs and began licking her pussy which was already quite wet and very tasty. I licked her through several powerful orgasms until she couldn’t take any more and she pushed me away.

We cuddled and passionately kissed some more. It appeared that she enjoyed the taste of her girl cum all over my lips and tongue. As we kissed, she held my rock-hard cock in her hand. I knew she had plans for me.

“My turn.” Abbie said as she moved down between my legs. She held my cock near her mouth as she looked up into my eyes and said, “I want you to fill my mouth with all the cum that you have.”

I love it when she talks so dirty. My cock was throbbing so much it hurt as she swallowed about half my cock in her mouth. She had this way of pleasuring me orally that was fantastic. She wrapped her right hand around the lower half of my cock as she squeezed and stroked it. Her lips and tongue worked on the upper half of my cock, all the while her left hand fondled my balls. I was in blissful heaven. She would take me close to an orgasm, and then back off, leaving me on the edge. Doing this several times would make me super horny. My cock would be so hard and swollen that I felt it would burst. Then she would take me to an orgasm and my cock would erupt like a fire hose in her mouth. As I spurted load after load of my hot sticky cum into her mouth, she continued sucking and stroking my cock while squeezing my balls. It would be the most painful, intense orgasm I had ever experienced, and it was so fucking incredible. My cum would overflow in her mouth and leak out between her lips and down her chin. Finally, when I had given her all that I had, she would back away, open her mouth and proudly display the massive load of cum I gave her. The she would slowly swallow all of it.

“Thank you so much.” Abbie said to me in a loving voice. “You probably weren’t aware, but I had another orgasm just as you came in my mouth. Fucking wonderful.”

She was as exhausted as I was. We laid together and kissed more, sharing what was left of my cum in her mouth.

After resting several minutes, Abbie took my cock in her hand and began stroking me back to an erection. When I was hard enough, she swung a leg over me and mounted me cowgirl style. As she slowly began fucking me, she spoke.

“If you’re wondering,” Abbie began, “I’ve thought some more about the Free Pass you gave me.”

“Really?” I replied. I was very curious.

“About two years ago, I knew a girl who made my pussy tingle.” Abbie admitted. “She was a coworker named Cindy. She was a very cute, sexy, and somewhat naughty, redhead. I could sense that we had a magical sexual connection and I had actually considered having sex with her. I’m fairly certain that she wanted me. But at the time I was dating a guy and I didn’t want to cheat on him, even with another girl. And when he and I broke up, Cindy was in a relationship with some fella. Then she changed jobs and somehow, I lost track of her. Occasionally I have thought about what might have happened. I would use the Free Pass to have sex with Cindy, if only I knew where to find her.”

“Wow.” I replied, almost sad. “That is a shame. And you don’t know what happened to her?”

Abbie shrugged, and we kissed. In silence she rode my cock to a delightful, shared orgasm before we fell asleep again.

– – – – –

A few weeks later, after a long day at work, our evening began like most of our normal Friday nights. Abbie and I went out to our favorite dance club to wind down the work week by drinking and dancing. This had become our usual Friday night activity and was our way of physically and emotionally freeing ourselves from a week of hard work. Both of us enjoyed our jobs, but neither of us had a soft, cushy job.

As we walked from the parking lot towards the club, Abbie turned towards escort rus me.

“I really need this tonight.” Abbie said. “It’s been a rough week at work, and I really need to do some serious drinking and dancing. I hope you’re okay with staying late and possibly you may need to carry me back to the car.”

I assumed she was at least half-joking about needing to carry her back to the car. I was aware that Abbie could party hard, but she usually stayed sober enough to get back to the car, even if I had to help her.

“That rough of a week?” I replied as a rhetorical question. “You party as hard as you want.”

As we entered the club, it was obviously filling up with customers. We both quickly looked for friends that may already have a table but didn’t see any.

“Matt. Why don’t you go get some drinks and I’ll find us a table.” Abbie said to me. “Make mine a large margarita on the rocks, with salt.”

“I’ll do that.” I replied as we turned to walk in different directions.

A few minutes later I was walking away from the bar, margaritas in hand, scanning the tables for Abbie. She caught my attention by waving at me. She had found a table for two right next to the dance floor.

“We got lucky.” Abbie began. “Another couple had this table and was just leaving. So I grabbed it.”

We sat and took long sips from our drinks. Soon after we started our drinks, the DJ began playing one of Abbie’s favorite songs.

“Let’s dance!” Abbie exclaimed as she put down her drink and rose quickly out of her chair.

She was already dancing as she walked, shaking her booty for me. I followed her onto the dance floor, staring at her cute ass. Abbie had dressed for a night of serious dancing. She wore her favorite silver lamé, sleeveless mini dress that had a very low neckline, a very high hemline, and accentuated all her curves. Under the dress she was wearing a matching bra and thong set made from a pale pink, sheer nylon, fabric. She also was wearing her silver shoes with four-inch heels which further accentuated her long legs. Abbie had on a lot of makeup, including her favorite red lipstick. She knew this outfit would attract the stares of lots of guys and even some gals. She lived for such attention.

Abbie was a dancing powerhouse that night. I tried to keep up with her, but I had to take more frequent breaks. During my occasional breaks, some other man, or sometimes a female, would take my place as her dance partner. Our table on the edge of the dance floor made it easy for me to watch as she danced, and with whom she danced. The men all maintained a respectful separation from her, but some of the females were rubbing or bumping their body on Abbie’s. But it appeared that Abbie was able to control all of that while having a great time. As the hours went by, these other dance partners kept Abbie entertained, but none appeared to capture her attention. And seldom did any of these partners last more than a dance or two before I rejoined her on the dance floor.

That changed late in the evening when another female began dancing with Abbie. I had just been to the bar to get fresh drinks for both of us and was sitting at our table. This new female was about Abbie’s height and body shape. She had red hair and heavy makeup including extreme cat-eye and ruby red lipstick. She wore a sheer white top, obviously without a bra, and a very short, black micro mini skirt made of stretch fabric. From the moment that this girl appeared on the dance floor, it was obvious that she had Abbie’s attention. They danced three songs, constantly bumping and grinding on each other. When the third song ended, they embraced and the redhead girl gave Abbie a big, full-on, kiss, which Abbie accepted without any resistance.

I watched with great interest as the redhead whispered something to Abbie and then they turned and walked towards the restroom, side-by-side, hip-to-hip, each with an arm around the other’s waist. They were gone fifteen to twenty minutes. I assumed that the ladies restroom was busy.

Eventually the two women returned, still walking hip-to-hip, each with an arm around the other. Abbie’s face looked flushed, her lipstick a bit smeared, and her hair was disheveled. I also noticed that the backside hem of her tight dress had ridden up and was exposing the bottom half of her very cute ass. It appeared that she was completely unaware of that.

“Hey Matt!” Abbie began as they arrived at our table. “I want to introduce you to Cindy. I mentioned her to you a while back. She and I used to worked together.”

Now that I was much closer to Cindy, I could see through the sheer fabric of her blouse that she had large firm breasts and very large, dark, noticeably firm nipples. I rose out of my chair and extended my hand to Cindy.

“Nice to meet you.” I said. “You two are quite a dancing duo.”

As I released Cindy’s hand, Abbie leaned into me and whispered into my ear.

“You do remember me talking about Cindy, don’t you?” Abbie asked and then continued. “I’m going to use escort elit your Free Pass and spend the rest of the night at Cindy’s place. I’ll call you in the morning.”

The moment that Abbie had introduced her friend, Cindy, I was already expecting Abbie to say something about the Free Pass, and she did. Abbie gave me a kiss and then turned away from me, with Cindy still on her hip and arm-in-arm.

“Lead the way.” Abbie said as they walked away towards the exit.

I finished my drink and headed home.

– – – – –

Later that night, I laid in bed thinking about the events of the evening where Abbie reunited with Cindy. Initially, while I had been watching them on the dance floor bump and grind against each other, I had no clue that the redhead was Cindy. Only when they returned from the restroom did I consider that possibility. Then Abbie introduced us and told me she intended to use the Free Pass. My initial thoughts were that I was very happy for Abbie and Cindy. As Cindy looked quite hot, I anticipated that they would have an incredible night of sex with each other.

Weeks ago, when I gave Abbie the Free Pass, I felt very confident that such an experience would not threaten our relationship. I thought that by giving her the Free Pass, I had done the right thing for Abbie. But after seeing how hot Cindy was, and how the two of them interacted, I was a bit concerned whether this night could damage our relationship.

Now I wondered if I made a mistake. Would I still be her number one love? It was scary that I possibly had put our relationship at risk. Did I fully trust that Abbie would still love me the most? Could she handle having two lovers? Could I handle her enjoying sex with another person?

So many questions inside my head.

– – – – –

About 9:00 the next morning I received three text messages in a row from Abbie.

“Super incredible night!”

“Thank you SOOOOOOOO much!”

“Love You! I’ll be home before noon.”

I was happy to read that Abbie had a great time with Cindy. I was also relieved that Abbie was coming home. I waited in anticipation to see her and hear about her experience.

A bit after 11 AM Abbie arrived home. She walked straight up to me, gave me a big hug, and a long, loving kiss.

“I love you so much.” Abbie said earnestly. We were still in a tight embrace.

I smiled and gave Abbie another quick kiss and asked, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Absolutely!” she replied. “Somewhat exhausting, but I loved it all.”

“Tell me about it.” I requested in a polite voice.

I could tell that Abbie was tired. Possibly she had little to no sleep. She sat down on the sofa, and I sat beside her, each of us turned a bit towards the other. She took my hands in her hands and looked straight into my eyes. As most times, she had a big smile on her face.

“Last night,” Abbie began, “was such a super incredible experience. Eye opening. Earth shattering. I cannot thank you enough for suggesting this, encouraging this, and allowing me to have this experience without any doubts or feelings of guilt. The fact that you trusted me having sex with another person, makes me love you even more, if that is possible.”

“You’re welcome.” I replied. “I suspected that you would love the experience, and it appears you did.”

“I suppose you want more of the details.” Abbie said.

I nodded my head to indicate that I did.

“I know you were watching when Cindy first approached me on the dance floor, and we began dancing.” Abbie continued. “I felt an immediate spark from head to toe. My pussy began to tingle in anticipation, just as it does when I see your gorgeous cock fully erect.”

Abbie blushed and giggled a bit, as if embarrassed to tell me that seeing my erection made her pussy tingle. I was glad that she could tell me that.

Then Abbie continued to tell me the story of the previous night.

“After we had danced together for several numbers, Cindy suggested we visit the ladies room.” Abbie began. “I didn’t need to use the toilet but agreed to join her. I had no idea what she had in mind, maybe she needed to pee. As we walked arm-in-arm, my whole body was tingling. I felt something special was going to happen. When we got inside the bathroom, Cindy pulled me into a stall with her and closed the door. She quickly embraced me and gave me another kiss, shoving her tongue into my mouth. Almost immediately her hand was under my dress, inside my panties, and she began fingering my pussy, which was already wet. She obviously wanted me, and I really wanted her in return.

“I surrendered to her, and I was returning her passionate kisses. My hand was groping her tit through the sheer fabric of her top. My head was spinning as powerful emotions and feelings welled up inside me. I’m sure the alcohol contributed to the sensations. Her fingers were magical inside my cunt. It seemed like less than a minute later I had a powerful orgasm. I wanted to scream out loud, but Cindy kept her lips locked on mine. I screamed into her mouth. Cindy held me tight as my body shook from head to foot. My orgasm went on and on. I was feeling weak kneed, and I was afraid that I was about to collapse right there. Somehow, I gathered the strength to push her away.

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