A Game of Questions in His Office


His Office

Michael sat in his office, most everyone gone for the day, as it was half past five. He just taken off his pants and had just finished putting on his ex girlfriend’s pantyhose. He loved being able to rub his feet together and feel the hose against them as well as the compression and silky feeling they provided him.

He was just running his hands up and down the front of his thighs when there was a knock on the door and the door came open, not even giving him time to move his chair under his desk so that he could hide his “secret.”

Michael’s heart jumped quickly at being caught in this state of dress, but at least his dress shirt covered his cock. “Don’t believe in waiting to hear permission to enter into an office Lauren?”

Lauren looked up from where she was reading something off of the papers she had printed out and stopped while her mouth fell open and she blinked a few moments, her mouth working back and forth with no sound coming out of it, like a goldfish.

“I…well…I mean… oh my god I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude, and are you wearing pantyhose?” Lauren asked before she could help herself. Lauren stood 5’9 and was a tall woman, with long dark hair, and always wore hose with her dresses as well as under her slacks from what Michael could tell. Or at least the footies that were hose but sock level. Today Lauren was wearing a pencil skirt with a white blouse and tortoise colored glasses which Michael couldn’t tell were for the look or if she needed them with her stunning green eyes.

Michael thought that this could go one of two ways, he could be embarrassed (and in actuality he was and was mentally kicking himself for not locking his door) or be casual about it. “I am Lauren, does this bother you?” Michael asked assuming she would think he was weird and use it as an excuse to leave.

Lauren paused for a moment, letting her eyes run up and down his legs, stopping at his crotch for a moment before meeting his eyes. “No, I, well…may I sit?” Lauren asked, not really asking before she took a seat across from him, crossing her hose encased legs, her feet in her 4 inch black Christian Louboutin heels.

“For God’s sake Lauren at least shut the door.” Michael said with a small amount of annoyance.

“Oh right, sorry.” Lauren uncrossed her legs and pushed her glasses back up onto her face and popped up quickly to shut the door. As she turned back around Michael thought he saw some color to her face. Was she…embarrassed? Lauren moved back to her chair sitting back down.

“You were saying Lauren?” Michael asked as he watched her, wondering just how uncomfortable he was making her as he ran one foot over the other.

“Why do you do this Michael?” Lauren asked “I’m not judging you.” Lauren said quickly.

“Why do you want to know Lauren?” Michael challenged her with his rebuttal question.

“I find it .. interesting.” She said watching his feet as they played across each other. Lauren leaned back and crossed her legs, letting a heel dangle as she watched him.

“Interesting how?” Michael asked, pressing further.

Lauren bit her lower lip for a moment, in almost a shy look. In reality, whenever she did this the uncertainty that the look portrayed always captured Michael’s attention due to the innocence look it also displayed. “I want to know what you like about it, is it the feeling, the look, are those your…” She paused for a moment, not really sure if she should go on.

“My girlfriend’s hose?” Michael finished for her. “The answer to that is yes and no.” Michael held up a hand forestalling another barrage of questions at least for the moment. “Yes the were my girlfriend’s and she left them for me after she had worn them and no they are no longer hers as we broke up.”

Lauren shook her head. “I’m so sorry Michael, I didn’t mean….. to…well bring it up. Should I go?” Lauren put her hands on the arm rest as if to stand up.

“No,” Michael paused before adding. “or rather, only if you want to.”

Lauren took her hands off the arm rest and eased back down into the seat, her eyes going again to Michael’s legs. “I would like to stay,” she said.

“You know it’s rude to stare.” Michael said following her eyes. At this statement Lauren looked up at him, her face turning crimson.

“I’m sorry, I just… I never, I’ve never seen this before.” Lauren stammered, obviously intrigued but unsure of herself.

“And…?” Michael pressed, his hands going back to his thighs, lifting the end of the shirt of a bit to see what her reaction would be. Just as he thought her eyes moved down following the movement, clearly wanting to see more.

“Wha…what… and what?” Lauren asked, her eyes not bothering to go up to meet his as she answered.

“You said this was… interesting was the word I believed you used.” Michael said, pressing his advantage. “What do you want to know or…” Michael paused for effect, his hands now moving higher up his thighs, “or see?” Michael could almost hear her swallow before she answered him.

“Why do you wear the hose Michael?” Lauren asked, wanting görükle escort to know as she gently moved her crossed legs back and forth.

“Why don’t we play a game Lauren?” Michael suggested.

“What kind of game?” she asked as she leaned forward to touch Michael’s knee, her fingers moving over the hose, the red of her fingernails in contrast to the nude hose.

“We can take turn asking questions and see where this goes.” Michael leaned forward and grabbed Lauren’s hand and moved it higher up on his leg wanting her to rub his leg but then Lauren moved her hand higher before Michael stopped her.

“uhmmm okay Michael.” Lauren said pulling her hand back.

“You go first Lauren, what do you want to ask me?” Michael asked, curling his toes in the hose and eyes up here Lauren.” Michael pointed out as Lauren was still staring at his legs.

Lauren felt herself blush again. “Sorry Michael,” she said looking up at him. “What can I ask?”

“What do you want to know?” Michael pushed the question back on her. “It can be anything.”

“Anything?” she asked both of her perfectly shaped eyebrows going higher and her painted lips parting slightly.

Michael smiled and nodded his head.

“How you feel in the hose?” Lauren asked, her tongue parting her lips slightly, wetting them.

“It makes me feel…” Michael paused for a moment, “sexual.”

“It excites you?” Lauren asked glancing down again.

“No, but I guess it’s what like a woman feels when she wears lingerie, something to remind you of being sexual.” Michael finished.

Lauren nodded as if that made all in the sense in the world.

“My turn Lauren.” Michael said quickly before adding, “Are you shaved?”

“WHAT?” Lauren asked almost coming out of her chair.

“You heard me, I want to know if you are shaved.” Michael stated looking a shocked Lauren in the face.

“You can’t ask that!” Lauren said crossing her arms under her breasts.

“Well I can and I did. The only question remains is if you are going to answer my question. Or have you taken advantage of me Lauren? Having me answer with no intention of answering my question?” Michael finished pressing the point.

“No I was going to answer your question but I didn’t think it was going to be that!” Lauren sighed deeply.

“Did you think I was going to ask what your favorite color was?” Michael asked.

“Maybe something like that.” Lauren said, her voice going quiet.

“Well you set the tone asking me a sexual question, but no I wouldn’t ask about your favorite color is as I already know that it is pink and green with you preferring pink as those were your sorority colors.”

Lauren’s shoe fell off as she sat there in shock. In fact, Lauren almost fell out of chair.

“How, how do you know that?” Lauren asked, uncrossing her legs to move her food towards the shoe.

“Stop, leave your heel off, in fact take off the other one and get comfortable.” Michael smiled, wondering if he was pushing it too far. Wondering how she was going to react to his telling her that she now owed him another answer to a question as she had just asked another one!

Lauren slid her foot out of the heel, moving her foot up to rub it through the hose.

“Well?” Michael asked.

“Well what?” Lauren replied.

“Are you? Michael pushed

“Am I what” Lauren questioned.

“Are you shaved?” Michael pressed.

“You really want to know, don’t you?” Lauren seemed to pause for a moment, thinking, before coming to a decision. “I am.”

Michael felt his cock twitch under the hose, God how he loved a shaved woman. The taste, the smell, the look.

“Completely or …” Michael started before Lauren cut him off.

“I’m completely bare, I prefer it that way. Does that surprise you?” Lauren let her foot drop before crossing her leg, perhaps a bit too high, perhaps on purpose.

“No.” Michael said, shaking his head. “I’ve found most women who have their nails done, shaped eye brows, hair styled I’ve found those to be very reliable indicators to how a woman keeps her pussy.” Michael added that last word to see if there would be a reaction and there was. Lauren dropped her head for a moment before looking back up in a determined fashion as if to say ‘this doesn’t embarrass me.’ Even though it did and excited her. “Your turn.” Michael finished.

Lauren bit her lower lip briefly, thinking before she asked. “Do you wear any other women’s outfits?”

Michael laughed, “No, just those hose. I’ve worn panties in the past for a very special woman who enjoyed me wearing hers but that was long time ago. The hose I wear for me because I like the feel. Now, what shall I ask?” Michael took his glasses off and put the end of these into his mouth, chewing lightly knowing from a previously overhead conversation between Lauren and Beth that she loved the look of a man that did this. “What is the sexiest lingerie that you own?”

“You seem like you have put some thought into these questions Michael.” Lauren noted as she thought about it. “Do you mean like trashy or slutty or what I prefer?” She asked not sure how to answer.

“Whatever bursa merkez escort you want to share with me and perhaps wear tomorrow.” Michael halfway joked.

“What if it is a nightie that I sleep in?” Lauren asked. “I sure as hell am not wearing that up to work.”

“A fair point, but I don’t think that is the case.” Michael said waiting patiently.

“I think my sexiest lingerie is a black and red corset with the straps for stockings and matching thong. My sluttiest is either my vibrating panty or the peak a boo panty that is an open heart on the back and uhmmm … open in the front.” Lauren said blushing faintly. “God why am I telling you this?”

“Because you like asking me questions.” Michael replied making it a statement rather than a question.

“I do.” Lauren said agreeing with him, “does this excite you?”

“What? The hose or the questions?” Michael asked.

“Mmm both I think” Lauren replied.

“I find you exciting.” Michael pushed.

“Thank you? Or at least I think it was a compliment.” Lauren smiled and waited for his next question.

“Do you wear panties under your hose?” Michael asked.

Lauren shook her head and said “No, its too bulky even with a thong or g-string. Do you want to see?” She asked standing.

Michael nodded, thankful in the hose she couldn’t see his cock getting hard at where this line of questioning was going.

“Can I see your cock?” She asked boldly as her hands went to the zipper in the back of her skirt.

“Yes, but not right away.” Michael replied, waiting for her to step out of the skirt.

“What do you mean?” Lauren asked as she stopped pulling the zipper down.

“I…” Michael began, his turn to pause for a moment while he tried to figure out how to phrase what he was thinking …”don’t want you to see me soft.”

“What does that matter?” Lauren asked tilting her head a moment causing her glasses to slide down her nose.

“I’m not the biggest guy in the world.” Michael could feel himself getting self-conscious over this.

Lauren started to laugh but saw Michael visibly flinch at her laughter. “No, sorry I didn’t mean to laugh, that was just not what I was expecting. But no, I am not a size queen like Christine down in recruiting. I would much rather him go fast so he can concentrate on me over and over.” She said seeing her words relax Michael. “But really? The size of your penis is what you are thinking of right now? As she unzipped the pencil skirt the rest of the way and stepped out of it and to the side before turning her back to him and bending over at the waist to slowly pick up the skirt. Michael watched the hose pull tight against her ass, the seam running between her ass as he gasped out loud in pleasure at watching her.

Lauren turned slowly around smiling, completing a full circle for him before turning to face him. Michael let his gaze run up and down her body before settling on her thighs.

“There is no panel.: Michael noted to her, seeing Lauren’s shaved pussy under the hose. Michael liked his lips lightly.

“No there is not, I like the way this brand looks. I’m not a fan of the panels.” Lauren nodded her head. “And I think you are not either.”

“Are you excited yet Michael? Now can I see your cock under the hose?” Lauren asked as she watched Michael’s reaction.

‘No, but I’m starting to get there.” Michael replied.

Lauren’s hands moved slowly to the top buttons of her white blouse and she slowly started to unbutton each one pausing to ask him a question after each button.

“Do you want to see my breasts Michael?” the top button going.

“Perhaps get to rub your cock between them?” She asked pausing after the second button to use her arms to squeeze her breasts together deepening her cleavage.

Lauren ran a finger between her breasts asking Michael “Perhaps run your tongue between these?”

Michael watched her slowly nodding his head while his hand reached down to rub his hard cock. Lauren reached the final button and undid it, freeing her shirt before taking it off to stand in front of him in only hose, heels, and her black lace bra, her clothes laying in the other chair.

Lauren moved to stand in front of Michael, her legs pressing his legs apart as she slowly kneeled between his legs, her hands running along his inner thigh as she bent slowly down to kiss his leg softly, her big green eyes staring up at him. Slowly she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting it slide down her arms, her breasts spilling free, nipples hard and clearly excited.

After another kiss from her full lips she asked “What about now?” Slowly she was pushing his shirt up and over his very hard cock in the hose. She moved her head to his inner thigh, letting her dark hair fall over his cock as she let her teeth graze along his thigh before gently rubbing her cheek against his throbbing cock. Michael was right she thought, he wasn’t large but she had played with smaller cocks.

Michal watched her reaction, and then as her hands moved to either side of his cock to grab the hose and move bursa sınırsız escort the seam back and forth slowly over the head of his cock, eliciting a moan from him. Boldly she moved her hand to rub the head of his cock through the hose, feeling him press his hips forward against her.

“Did you forget our game Michael?” Lauren asked as she grabbed his cock through the hose, watching it throb in her hand as she pumped up and down slowly. “Or are we done?” She asked letting go of his cock.

“What do you like?” Michael asked as he reached out to grab her hand and guide it back to his cock. Lauren started to smile as she let just her fingertips run over the head of his cock in those hose.

“What do you mean?” Lauren smiled as she continued to rub her fingers over the hose in small circles around the head of his cock. “I like teasing a man until he is ready to do anything, and I do mean anything..” Lauren paused to let her tongue run out and up and down the length of his cock “to cum for me. Is that what you meant?”

Michael shook his head and swallowed hard, trying to catch his breath as he watched her tongue linger over his cock which was beginning to dampen the hose with pre cum which Lauren was enjoying. “Do you like pain? Nipples bitten or sucked on gently, being spanked?” Those types of things.

Lauren looked back up and him. “Again is that what you want to know right now or would you prefer I slide my hands along your hips and grasp the hose and pull them down over your cock so that I can take you in my mouth? Or do you enjoy the feeling of the hose too much?”

Michael moaned trying to think while realizing he had lost control of this game, if he ever had it.

Lauren kissed the head of his cock again, her hands moving along his hip to grasp the hose. “This Michael?” She asked again while kissing up and down his cock in the hose. “Or this?” She said as she grasped the hose on either side of hips and pulled them down quickly. The hose slide down easily against the leather executive chair, with the help of Michael lifting his hips, and down over his cock before Lauren took all of his cock into her mouth, moving her head back and forth several times before pulling back completely, a thin line of salvia running from her lips to his cock.

“Well Michael?” Lauren inquired as her hand stroked up and down as his hips began to push up. “Can’t decide? Well what about another option?” Lauren stood and straddled him, leaning back on his thighs and grabbing his cock to rub it against her hose covered pussy. She leaned in and whispered in his ear as he thrust his hips up. “Does this excite you? Rubbing your cock against me in the hose?” Lauren could feel his cock jumping against her, his hips pushing up repeatedly.

“Please let me inside you.” Michael pleaded.

“Not today Michael, today is about you and the hose, but I will let you cum all over me in my hose, drenching my pussy with your cum so that for the rest of the day you will know that under my skirt I am covered in your cum.”

Michael moaned loudly and Lauren pulled back grasping his cock and pushing it against her clit though the hose as he exploded on her. Lauren squeezed his cock, milking out the rest of the cum, spreading the whiteness over the nude hose still rubbing his cock against her clit slowly.

Michael’s chest rose and fell quickly as he tried to catch his breath, his legs still shaking as the hose pressed tightly against his thighs. Michael watched Lauren slowly stand and step back, lean over and lick the head of his cock clean.

“Mmmm, I think I like this game of questions Michael, did you?” Lauren walked backwards, reaching down to take her skirt from the chair and slowly step into it before zipping it up.

Michael swallowed hard taking a moment to find his voice. “I most certainly did, but what about…” Michael stopped continuing to watch her dress, sliding her bra on, leaning forward to let her breasts fall into the cups before standing back up. “What about you?” he asked.

Lauren put the blouse back on and began buttoning the buttons from the bottom up. “What about me Michael? Do you mean am I going to enjoy having your cum on my hose today?” She smiled at him mischievously. “Is that what you mean?” She asked as she finished with her buttons and stepped back into her heels.

“No I mean, don’t you want to cum?” He asked her as she walked back over to him.

“You mean, can I make you cum? Is that what you wanted to ask? Stand up before answering me Michael.” Michael rose as he began to formulate his answer. Lauren reached down and began working the hose back up his legs, over his cock, pulling them up tightly over his ass.

“These do wear very differently for a man.” She said as she reached inside the hose to move his cock against the seam.

Michael nodded slowly. “Yes that’s what I meant Lauren.”

Lauren gave his cock one last squeeze and leaned in and kissed him on cheek, the heels almost making her his height. “Not today Michael, maybe another time, but I’ll definitely be thinking of you tonight when I touch myself in these hose, still covered in your cum.” Lauren turned and headed out of his office, stopping at the door and turning around to smile at Michael. “I’m already looking forward to your next questions Michael, and to think I almost missed this game but I’m so glad I stopped by your office.”

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