A Get-Together in the Youth Hostel


Would the lights be on the whole night? Sarah doubt whether she would be able to fall asleep in the youth hostel with the lights still on.

To calm her mind, she started to look around the room. There were eight bunk beds, four on each side, with a rather large space between the sides. She knew that above her slept a gothic boy, and in the beds beside them two girls, of which one had a very pretty face and many-coloured dread locks. In the beds across the room where two reasonably fat but funny guys. The beds directly across her, however, were still empty.

Then someone came in. It was an average looking guy, slim and with hair hanging in front of his eyes. As he turned off the lights, Sarah’s eyes had to get used to the dark. She only faintly saw the guy lifting himself in the upper bed with a muscular arm.

Then he threw down his clothes, which he had wrestled off his body while already lying beneath the sheets. How prudish!

Then a second guy came in. It was only in a flash that Sarah saw the slim looking figure, with hairs as black as ashes and deep brown eyes. This time Sarah’s eyes got used to the dark, and she was able to see everything.

First the boy threw his bag under the lower bed. Then he lifted his t-shirt over his head, the way boys do it with their head bended. Then his hands shifted to his pants, unzipping it. As he stepped out of his pants, Sarah gazed at his beautiful thickly muscled legs and his slim chest going over in impressive shoulders.

Suddenly the guys deep eyes were looking directly at her. Did he see her looking? Quickly she closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep like she should be.

Unable to resist the urge to watch, she opened her eyes just enough to see the boy’s figure. He was still looking in her direction. As he slid down his shorts, it was as if he was giving her a show.

Did she just see something between his legs? Her eyes opened up wide now. Unfortunately, she was too late, the guy already stepped in his bed. And now he stared back brutally.

Sarah had gotten hot from all the excitement, and decided to lay on her back. The t-shirt she had decided to wear to hide her panties was actually too warm for this time of the year. In warmth and frustration she peeped at the other side of the room again.

As she did, the guy turned on his back too, and threw off the sheets. The scarce moonlight coming through the windows lit his kuşadası escort muscular belly, and his large boner lying on it.

The boy didn’t look at Sarah anymore, but instead closed his eyes and threw his head in his neck as he placed his hand on his hard penis, lifted it and started to masturbate it.

All this caused Sarah to be overthrown with excitement. Her t-shirt quickly landed on the floor. Although the warm sheets rubbing past her nipples were nice, she got rid of them and exposed her whole body for the stranger.

Her elegant fingers ran past her heavy breathing chest, her goose bumped breasts and the bones of her hips that stuck out.

As she let her hand glide over the hill between her legs, it was as if her pussy lifted itself on his own, wanting to be touched. And she let it be touched.

Sarah ditched her wet panties on the floor too now. She spread her legs a bit, partly to welcome her hand, and partly to relax her body.

First she gently touched over the various lips of her pussy. Then she plunged in a finger in her wet pussy. And then two. But the fingers reminded her of what she really wanted.

She looked back at the guy again, and studied his body. As he stroke himself, his body got up and down. It seemed as if he wanted to brace himself from thrusting his hips up and down too much, but wasn’t able to hold himself from horniness.

His penis was very long and slightly bended. Sarah admired the dark hairs around the shaft, the nerves across it and the think penis head exposing itself.

During all the action Sarah hadn’t been conscious of her heavy breathing, but now she had trouble not to moan.

The sounds coming out of her mound that joined the plopping sounds coming from her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, caused a chain of reactions.

The fat boys in the corner now dared to masturbate themselves more loudly, and one of them could hardly repress mumbling.

‘O yeah…’

The girls in the other bed made wet sounds two, one of them even stood up to get something out of the closet, which shortly after created the faint of a buzzing sound.

The guy in the bed above the muscular boy had thrown off his sheets too, exposing a meaty penis which he stroked furiously.

The pretty boy laughingly looked at the bed above him, and then stared back at Sarah, with a decisive look in his eyes.

He raised his long body, and with his penis standing up he walked over to her bed. Gently he lay down on top of her. His hands and fingertips playing a game with her wet fingers created a special kind of intimacy.

It felt as if she was going to drown in his big brown eyes. She rubbed the hill of her pussy against his stiff penis, and he pressed it back against her body. As they got into a rhythm of dry-fucking each other, their lips crossed. His lips are so soft, Sarah thought as he tongue kissed her.

Then he drew back his tongue, which led Sarah to look him in the eye with something of anger. His eyes laughed back at her eyes. She felt the fingertips she already trusted against her back. Gently but dominantly he raised her and lay her down in the middle of the room.

When they lay down next to each other, they hungrily let their hands slide over whole each others bodies. It was as if this was their place and their time, and the whole youth hostel was meant to carry the horniness that was in and all around them.

Between her hips, Sarah felt his fleshy, hard boner. Her hand pushed against his shoulder, and as he lay on his back she sat on him. She raised her body the way people do it when they feel horny and longing. She let everyone around the couple see how much she enjoyed pressing her wet and opened pussy lips against the sexy guy’s hard-one.

Then she grabbed the object of her lust in her hands, and let it in her pussy. As it slit between her wet lips, she thought of how she always gets so excited when something hard first enters her pussy.

Then the familiar feeling of enjoyment rushed over her. She rode the boy. His thing inside of her bumped against her special place. She ran her hands through her hair and past her breasts, and she bended her back.

Then someone got up from a bed, walked past the couple and turned on the light witch. It was one of the fat boys. He walked back to his bed with his penis in his hand and sat on straight on the lower bed, without any shame.

This caused Sarah to give way to her body even more, and she moaned so loud she almost screamed at times. The boy beneath her was witnessing all of it with his smiling eyes. Now he showed his more aggressive side and pumped in and out of Sarah.

His horniness was showing in his hips, thrusting forward furiously, and in his hands, clinging on to Sarah’s hips, even pinching her with his nails. And she loved to see his throat sticking out some more as he bended back his head in excitement. At times he let go a repressed growl.

The whole room was watching them now. The fat boys sat next to each other masturbating. They accompanied the couple with supporting remarks.

‘O yeah…’

‘Yeah baby, move that sexy body of yours!’

‘Fuck him harder, fuck him harder for me!’

Sarah, in full conscious of her exposure, looked around the room. The pretty dread lock girl looked directly at her. It had something sneaky to see a pretty girl like that in such a horny state of mind.

But then the boy aggressively turned her head back to him. She laughed, but found something sexy in the way his hands slit over her neck.

She fucked him harder, rode his penis faster as her hands ran through the black hairs growing on his muscular belly.

Then she felt a certain stretch, starting in her feet. Her eyes showed something of a shock and got wet. A tear ran down her cheek. She longed for this moment.

It started as a tingly feeling in the area of her clit, then it rushed over fully like a powerful itch that spread around her vagina and clit organically. It was something that completely held her in its power.

As her vagina grabbed and sucked in his penis, the pretty guy stared out his eyes with pure lust in them. He straightened his legs. He pressed in his penis as far as he could. On the swell of it, Sarah could feel he was climaxing too.

And he wasn’t the only one.

The guy in the upper bed walked to the couple, masturbating with his penis held out in front of him like a sword.

‘O God, I’m gonna cum…’

In the room filled with moaning and gasping sounds, Sarah suddenly felt liquid being flicked between the arm blades of her back. It felt warm, and it gliding of her caused her to shiver.

She turned her head to look at the guy but her attention meanwhile was caught by one of the fat boys. He had something naughty in his eyes and stepped straight at her. His sperm he sprayed right in her face. Thick, white liquid covered her lips and cheeks.

It only took a moment for the second fat guy to reach the climax of his masturbation too. His sperm flew over Sarah’s nipples and the rest of her breasts.

A bit even landed on the pretty guy’s hairy belly. He looked up, pretending to be mad, but with the smile still around his eyes.

It was at this point that Sarah realised the intimacy of what had just happened, and the potential of youth hostels.

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