A Good Man: Ann’s Story


My first story, A Good Man was written from the man’s point of view. I began asking, what about the woman’s experience of the encounter? This is the story from Ann’s point of view. I am a man so I hope I got it right. Tell me what you think.


“I’m putting on my little waitress cap and my fancy high heel shoes. I’m going to go find me a real man, a good man, a true man, a man to love me for sure.” — Mary Rose Foster (Bette Midler) in The Rose


It is mid afternoon, time for me to leave after my early shift as a waitress in the old 1950s style dinner on the corner in the rural hamlet I live in. I am irritated at the boss, who pinched my ass today and the cook who snickered about it. I am getting out of here in September when I start university in the city.

I leave by the side door. On the job I am required to wear a waitresses uniform right out of the 1950s. It is a knee length pink dress with a zipper in front, black cuffs and collar, a black apron, and a small black cap. Once outside I pull off the cap, untie the apron from my waist and shove them into my purse which is hanging over my arm.

I am tired and irritated, and I have to walk home.

As I start to walk along the side of the road I stop and look along the long boring route home and think, fuck it I have a better idea. My parents would be mortified, but I am a grown woman now, I can do what I want. I turn and look back toward where cars come in my direction. I see there is a lone car stopped at the corner. Why not? I think as I lift my hand and stick out my thumb in a hitchhiker’s signal.

When the light changes the car crosses the intersection pulls over just past where I am standing. That was easy, I think as I run up to the passenger side window. The driver, an older man maybe 35 or 40 rolls down the window. I lean down, my bare arms on the window ledge and smile.

“Thanks mister can you drive me home?” I ask looking into his eyes and smiling again.

“Sure, no problem, get in,” he says.

I open the door and slide into the passenger seat. My dress bunches up on the seat exposing my bare knees. I put my purse on the floor between my feet.

I look at the driver. He is cute maybe five seven, dark blond hair, blue eyes, work pants and shirt, not a suit and tie kind of guy.

“Where are we headed?” he asks.

“Just down the road, my parents place is a couple of concessions over,” I answer.

I glance down to his crotch. Yes, I see a bulge. I smile to myself; guys are so predictable.


“Thanks again, really,” I pause and say, “You’re not from around here, are you?”

“No, I live, and usually, work downtown but I had a job out here today,” he answers.

I smile, thinking should I do this? He is not from around here so what the fuck why not; maybe I can salvage the day. I slip my hand under my dress and slip my panties down my leg to the floor and bunch them into my purse.

“That’s better,” I say.

Then I slip my hand under my dress again and stroke my labia and clit few times. It feels good; I sigh and close my eyes. I know he is watching. I love the feeling, but it also should have the desired effect on my guy. I look him in the eye and giggle.

“Sorry it’s been a long day. My boss is such and asshole and so are all the others. I’m leaving soon to university so I can get out of here,” I explain.

He pulls out onto the road. He quickly looks over at me. I look down at the growing bulge in his crotch and giggle again then look up and say, “You’re kind of cute, you know, for an older guy. Not like my boss. He’s a creep.” He quietly laughs. “I have an idea,” I say, “It’s been a boring day and I am up for some fun. You think you could help me with that?”

He stammers, “Ya…I guess so.”

He is cute and nervous and vulnerable not arrogant like the boys in school or my fucking boyfriend or my fucking boss.

I giggle again, “Oh, you’re cute, but you better watch the road we don’t want to end up in the ditch.”

I reach over and place my hand on his knee. I slowly begin to move it up his leg it feels warm with just the fabric of his pants in the way of his bare legs. He draws in a breath and groans. I look out and around, but we are pretty much alone on this stretch of road. I reach his bulge and stroke his cock a few times through his pants. I shift my position and use both hands to undo his belt and pull his zipper down. It is cramped down there. He pushes his hips forward. His underwear is all that is in the way of my warm hands. The tip of his cock is poking out of the top.

“Just a second,” He says, and he reaches down to the seat leaver to move the seat and it suddenly slides back with a thump.

“Careful,” I say, “We don’t want to crash, do we?”

His lap is now available to my hands. I look around again and use both hands to pull his underwear down freeing his cock and it stands to attention. “Oh, that’s pretty, and just the right size,” I observe. It’s true some guys are tiny, and canlı bahis some guys are so huge it frightens me. I move my hand, lightly stroking the warm engorged shaft, up to just under the head and back down again.

We have already passed one concession road and are coming up on the next one. I look up and say, “My place is coming up soon, but don’t worry where not stopping yet.” I don’t want the poor guy to think this is coming to and end too soon.

When we arrive at the intersection where my parents house is I see that my father is out front cutting the grass. “Oh shit,” I say and drop my head down into his lap my cheek resting on his warm cock. “Drive,” I say and giggle. “That’s my dad out front of our house.”

“Are we passed yet?” I ask hiding down below the windows.

“Yup all clear,” he answers.

I rub my cheek against his cock again. It has a musty sweat smell but not to bad. “Hum that’s nice,” I whisper then I slip the head of his cock past my lips and into my mouth.

He gently places his hand on my hair. Not like guys usually do, they always push me in until I gag. He allows me to set the pace. My head bobs up and down as my lips slide over his warm hard shaft. I lick the length of his cock along the soft tube running under the length of his cock. “Dame that is amazing,” he whispers. After a few sucks I lift my head to look around.

“I know a spot just down the road where we can get some privacy. Just up ahead there is a wood lot, you should turn into the lane that leads inside,” I say as I continue stroking his cock.

When we come to the forested area we turn into the gravel and dirt lane and drive into the trees. The lane ends at a spot a local farmer uses to cut firewood. There is an old wooden horse for cutting logs. Lying on the ground are some old branches and off-cuts left behind from the last time it was used. He pulls the car into the spot beside the horse. “Perfect,” I say, “my boyfriend and I used to park here sometimes.” He is still hard as I begin to stroke him again. He turns off the car.

“Let’s go in the back. There is more room,” he suggests.

I look in the back and smile, “OK,” I say.

He gets out and awkwardly pulls his pants down hopping on one foot then the other to remove them. As he turns to open the side door he looks around. The trees are thick, and we are well hidden from view. We can hear the sounds of cars on the road. It is spring, and the birds are singing their mating songs. I removed my shoes and socks and get in my side. He gets in and sits on his side in the corner turned toward me.

His legs are nice, but he still has his socks and shoes on, that’s a no-no. I look at him and laugh. “We can’t have that,” I say and proceed to take his shoes and socks off. “We don’t need these either.” I lean toward him and grab the hem of his underwear, pull them off and throw them on the floor with his pants and shoes. He pulls his shirt up to allow full access to my mouth and tongue.

I proceed to suck him again, but now I have more room and I take him in deeper and smother enjoying the silky-smooth texture of the warm skin and the hard blood engorged insides. I lap my tongue along that soft underside of his cock.

“Oh, yes babe,” He says as he places both hands on my head and gently caresses my hair. As I suck him, I realize my grandmother’s crucifix is hanging down from my neck bouncing as I suck. I am not religious anymore, but I wear it in her memory. I think she would not approve of what I am doing.

He is gentle with me, not jamming into my mouth like he is fucking it. He is breathing deeply and flexing his buttocks in rhythm with my sucking. My pussy is juicing up. I am anticipating his cock in my vagina filling me up. Suddenly his cock begins to pump, and he begins to ejaculate.

‘Oh shit, I’m coming!” He exclaims.

I pull him out to the tip of his cock, and he shoots his load of creamy salty cum into my mouth. I close my eyes and wince as I take it in. When he is finished coming, I drop my head and force myself to swallow.

“Shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come so soon,” he apologizes.

I am upset. It can’t be over so soon. I can’t look at him. I shake my head slowly and say “fuck.” I took the risk to seduce this stranger hoping for something different and this is what I get. I feel tears in my eyes. I finally get the courage to look up, the tears running down my cheeks.

He looks at me and I realize he is shocked and upset as well. He cups his hands on each side of my head and lifts it up to face him. He looks me in the eyes and says, “Hay, listen beautiful, we are not done yet I assure you.” Then he smiles and pauses. He seems really concerned for me.

“My name is William, what’s yours?” he asks.

“Ann,” I reply.

“That’s a beautiful name,” he says and pauses again.

“OK…Ann…can I kiss you?”

I am feeling hopeful he seams to care about my feelings. I look down thinking what do I want to do here?

“OK,” I whisper my decision.

He bahis siteleri leans in and kisses me on my forehead, then he kisses my tear covered cheek, then he kisses the tip of my nose, and then he kisses me gently on my cum stained lips. He holds the kiss and waits until I decide to open them up to him and he very gently licks around the opening and I stick my tongue out to meet his. We gently intertwine our tongues, and he pulls me toward him.

We kiss for a while probing each other with lips and tongues. Our arms are entwined in a gentle embrace my hands under his shirt moving over his chest and caressing his waist. I am on top of him one leg between his legs while the other straddles him. I feel my damp pussy kissing his naked thigh. I lift my hips off him and reach down with my hand between his legs and proceed to stroke his semi-erect cock. He gently places his hand over mine and says, “Not now, I think it is your turn.”

He sits up and I fall back onto my back on the seat. He is on top of me still kissing me. He moves from my mouth down my chin and then to my neck leaving a trail of wet kisses. I am tingling all over and I am getting wet. I hug him to me, and I sigh and groan.

He sits back and slowly opens my zipper down to my waist exposing my bra and my belly. I watch him. He leans forward again and slides the shoulders of my dress down. We both laugh as I lift up and we struggle to get the top of the dress down around my waist. Both of us fumble trying to find places for our arms and legs and him trying not to crush or pinch me in the process.

Once he is perched above me again, He kisses and sucks my nipples through the bra then he moves to my soft belly and licks around my belly button. This is driving me crazy. He puts his hands behind my back and fumbles with the clasp and removes my bra. He stares at my breasts his eyes wide. “They’re fucking beautiful,” he says as he runs his hands around them. He leans forward, licks around my hardening nipples and begins to suck them one after the other. My left breast is the most sensitive; I hold him close and groan when he sucks on it.

While doing this he slides his free hand down past the rumpled dress top and over the bottom of the dress which is still covering my bum and between my legs. He caresses my lower thigh and gently moves up my thigh under the dress and carefully strokes just to the edge of my labia. I groan and squirm pushing my pussy toward his hand. He stops and crouches back onto the floor between my legs and begins kissing and licking the inside of my legs, under my knees and up under the dress to my inner thighs.

“Oh God, sweet Jesus that is amazing,” I say.

And it does feel amazing, and then I realize he is planning on kissing and licking my Pussy. My boyfriend won’t even do that he says it is gross; even though I have to suck him off.

Then I think that I have been working all day. I haven’t showered yet. What is it like down there?

“But I haven’t …I’ve been working all day,” I explain.

This does not seem to bother him. He lifts my dress and gazes at my pussy for the first time.

“Oh yes that is one fine looking pussy,” he says and smiles.

Dame, I haven’t even seen it from that angle. He cups his hands under my ass cheeks I feel his tongue as he gently licks my labia on one side and the other. I am getting wetter I feel my juices flowing. When the bridge of his nose nudges my clitoris, I take a small breath and push against him. He licks from the bottom of my vaginal slit up to my clitoris. When his tongue reaches my clit, he wraps around it and plays with it as I groan. He continues to wrap his tongue around my clitoris. My body swells with the pleasure I feel. I feel like I will explode. I lift my ass from the seat and shove my crotch into his face.

“Oh, fucking God, Christ,” I shout.

My legs shake and vibrate, and I contract repeatedly as I come. A flood of juices flows out of me as I orgasm, and he continues to lick me.

I begin to relax as my orgasm subsides. I lower my ass back down on the seat. He lifts his head from between my legs and looks at me lying spread eagled in front of him. I look at him, he looks back at me.

“That was amazing. I have never …that way.” I say.

We both sit up and face each other across the seat. I have one foot on the floor and another on the seat. I spread them just enough so that he can see my pussy. He is sitting legs apart as well. I am happy his cock is growing erect again.

“So, Ann,” he says.

“So, William,” I say.

“You where pretty upset back there I hope you are feeling better now?” He asks.

“Yes, I think so …yes now I feel much better. It is just that the guys are always taking their pleasure from us girls. They never think of my/our pleasure. I’m talking about the other girls, my friends. We go to parties where we are expected to give the boys blowjobs. Whether we do or don’t we are called ‘sluts’ or ‘stuck-up church girls.’ My boyfriend bahis şirketleri fucks me until he comes then I have to pretend I am coming, or he will be upset. It is all pretty tiring, frustrating and sad. I guess I fantasized a stranger from somewhere else would be different,” I explain. I pause for a while looking at him. “How did you learn to do that?” I ask, “Is it something that city guys do?”

“Oh, I don’t know about that, some do, I guess. The fact is I was shy in school. I was attracted to girls, but I couldn’t ask girls out, I was terrified of rejection,” he says.

“No, really, I don’t believe you,” I smile. I like that he seems so vulnerable, he seems so nice.

“Yes, it’s painfully true. I only knew about sex from my fathers hidden sex manuals and porno magazines and I jerked off a lot. My first girlfriend was after High School. I met this, you could say, a kind of wild woman in a shop and we had a friendly talk. She asked me out, we drank a lot, and she jumped on me. That was my first experience of real sex. I didn’t really know what to do so I talked about it to my sisters, and they gave me these new feminist books, the latest sex manuals. A woman psychologist interviewed thousands of women and they told her what they liked and didn’t like. It was confusing too, because they liked so many different things, but it gave me ideas. Another was kind of funny it had drawings of a couple having sex in all sorts of positions and explained all about pleasuring each other. That one is called The Joy of Sex.”

Well, that is quite a story. “Well, you seemed to have learned something.” I say and smile again.

“Are you with someone now?” I ask. I can’t resist, my grandma said I always asked embarrassing questions.

He gets a bit of a shocked look on his face. He pauses, figuring out how he should answer.

“Yes I am. We are going through a bad patch right now. We haven’t …for awhile, but we’ve been together for ages …so.” He looks at me, “maybe I’m not really the ‘nice guy’ or ‘good man’ you think I might be.”

He is embarrassed that he is cheating on his long-time girlfriend or wife; he is not clear on that, with a girl he just picked up. Well, I am cheating on my boyfriend. I give him a subtle smile.

“So, you said you were going to University soon?” He asks.

“Yes, in the fall.”

“So, what are you going to study?”

“Well, I am kind of curious, always asking questions to find out the truth, you know. So, I am taking Journalism. I want to see the world find out about places and people different from here. Most of the people around here are afraid of other people other cultures. They are deeply afraid of new things.”

“Wow, I think that is great. I think you are very brave; I am impressed.” He says looking at me. But his eyes wander down to my exposed pussy.

My dress is bunched around my waist and my legs open just far enough he can see my pussy. He realizes he is staring and looks up. I smile.

“Yes, I see you are…,” I say and look down at his cock which is standing up erect, “impressed by me.”

I lift my foot to his crotch and begin to run the soles of my bare feet up and down the shaft of his cock. He looks back at me and smiles.

“Come closer,” I say.

He moves over me, strokes my hip, and kisses me gently on the lips. He kisses my breast, and his hand moves between my legs.

I slip my hand into his and say, “Not now, I want you to fuck me.”

“Is that OK? I don’t have a condom?”

“Yes, it’s OK; I’m on the pill, what with the boyfriend fucking me an all,” I say.

I move my hand to his cock and begin to gently stroke it. The sensation of my warm hand on the silky shaft is exquisite. “Come, I want you inside me please,” I whisper and pull him toward my pussy.

When the tip touches me, he gently probes the opening to my vagina. “Yes,” I say and pull my hand away to brace myself and I move my hips to meet his cock. We have been talking for a while, so I am not soaking wet. He is sitting up between my legs. He slowly pushes a few times into the opening which covers the tip of his cock with my juices, and he goes deeper and deeper each time as I become juicer and juicer. He is watching his cock spreading my labia and vaginal opening as he enters me. When he looks up at me, I am looking back at him with a big smile on my face.

Once the head is inside, he pushes deeper sliding past the opening and I feel filled up with his hard cock. My creamy wet juices coat his cock as he slowly penetrates deeper. He moves in and out going deeper each time until he is in as far as he can go. The base of his cock and pubic hair are stimulating my clitoris and I can I feel his cock nudging the opening to my cervix.

“Damn, Ann, you are amazing,” he whispers into my ear. We kiss as he pushes in and out and I push up to meet his thrusts. Our speed increases and I am feeling pressure build in my whole vulva as my orgasm builds. My legs contract, grip him and begin to shake. I wrap my arms tightly around him. And I feel my vagina walls contract around his cock as I come. I break from the kiss and I arch my back. “Owow oh yeees,” I mumble into a guttural groan my whole body taken over by waves of pleasure.

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