A Helping Hand Ch. 03


Author’s note: This third installment is written with Linda’s thoughts regarding the incredible encounter with her sister Kay and her husband Jack. Chapter 4 will be submitted by Many Feathers, as was the 1st chapter in this series. Please vote, send us feedback, and tell us what you think. Kiss, Anna


When I woke up, it took me a minute to realize where I was. My body felt wonderfully relaxed and warm, and still heavy with sleep and contentment. Slowly, luxuriously, I stretched, and the blanket slid off me, onto the floor. I frowned. “Why am I on the couch, naked? What time is it?” Just then, Kay’s cuckoo clock came to life and the little birdie told me it was 4am. Again I frowned. My thighs felt sticky, and so did my pussy. “What on earth….”

“Holy SHIT!” Suddenly I was wide-awake. Did I just have the most amazing dream or did Jack and Kay really give me the orgasm of a lifetime earlier tonight? I blushed fiercely remembering how loud I’d screamed, and my bald pussy twitched hungrily in response. “WOW!” My nipples stiffened all over again, recalling Kay’s and Jacks’ wet sucking mouths on them. As images of their incredible massage and everything else flooded my mind, I smiled widely. They’d promised to make me feel good, and they sure as hell did!

For a while, I just sat there, basking in the warmth of the fire, and the wonderful glow of my body. My sister and her husband were truly something else. They’d taken me into their home, without any questions asked. They’d let me take my time to recuperate, without any pressure. All they’d done was love me. And now, they had MADE love to me!

I had to let that thought settle in. Yes, they had made love to me, with their hands and mouths. More than my bloody husband had done in all the years of our marriage. I blushed again, when I thought of Jack so selflessly eating my pussy, without asking for anything in return. I grinned like a naughty imp. Well, knowing my sister, Kay would have made up for that quite adequately!

Stretching again, I got up and folded the blanket. I decided to go to bed and catch a few hours more sleep. Turning off the lights, my mind was treating me to more naughty images though…

“Linda? Linda!? Are you awake, honey?” From far away I heard my sister calling my name. “Huh?” I replied sleepily and tried to open my eyes. “Hey, wake up sleepyhead! It’s almost 11 am! Here, smell this! Isn’t that something to wake up for? Lindaaaa….” Kay’s voice teased and cajoled, but it was more the delicious smell of coffee, than her words that made me jolt upright!

“Whoa!! Easy girl!” my sister grinned. “I barely managed to stop your cute titties from getting blistered!” She sat down on the back of my bed, and handed me a large mug of steaming coffee. “Hmm!” I replied vaguely, never quite the talker in the morning. Kay knew me, and laughed, waiting patiently until I had downed at least half her deliciously strong brew.

“What did you say the time was?” I asked incredulous, taking another large sip.

“It’s almost 11am sweets, and I wouldn’t have woken you up if you hadn’t told me about your appointment at that agency again today at 2pm. I thought you might want some time to shower and have something to eat before you go”

Kay stretched out her hand to take the mug, and I let her, desperately searching for words to say something about last night. She was one ahead of me though. She stood next to my bed grinning, staring unabashedly at my naked breasts. “Go shower Sis, you smell a little too sexy for a job interview…unless the interviewer likes the smell of warm sticky cummy pussy!”

Blushing, I took a swipe at her with my pillow. “God Kay, you can be so…so…”

“I can be so what? So straightforward? Yeah, that’s why y’all love me so much!” she laughed. “Go take that shower, honey, and don’t masturbate for too long, cause I’ll be fixing us something to eat!” She yelped when my pillow hit her in the stomach and laughed out the door.

When I stepped into the kitchen about half an hour later, Kay was just toasting some rye bagels. My mouth instantly started watering at the sight of the thinly sliced smoked salmon, cream cheese and garden cress; my all time favorite lunch food when we were students and I could only afford a luxury like that once every other month or so. I couldn’t believe my sister had remembered that! “GOD, you are an absolute angel!” I yelled, and hugged her tight against me.

She hugged me back, and her warm small voluptuous body felt so good against mine. Kay had always been like this. She gave of herself, her love, her empathy, her heart, her attention and affection so generously, without holding anything back. Even as children she’d always been the one to comfort me and look out for me. That didn’t mean she couldn’t be irritatingly overbearing like a mother hen sometimes, as well as incredibly bull headed, but I loved her to pieces.

Over our scrumptious brunch, I tried to thank my sister betist giriş for what’d happened last night, but she waved it away. “Linda, honey, trust me, we thoroughly enjoyed it! Really, we did! You were so beautifully responsive! I think your body needed that even more than you yourself realized!”

She grinned “Oh stop blushing! So what if you woke up the neighborhood screaming?” She laughed even louder when she saw the stricken look on my face. “KIDDING!” she said.

“No one heard, and even if they did, that would be nothing new. I always scream my head off when I come, and Jack isn’t exactly known to hold back either! In fact, in a hotel, someone called the police on us once! This old lady across the hall somewhere, thought we were murdering each other!” she wiped her eyes laughing. “She did! We were caught with our pants down so to speak! So don’t be embarrassed ok?”

“Ok” I said, grinning as well. “God that would have been a sight, shame I missed that! I envy you, you know that? Jack is such a wonderful sexual being!”

Kay nodded “Yes he is, but so am I! These things have to work both ways, honey, I’ve seen too many marriages break up over different sex drives. When Jack and I got serious about spending our lives together, we’d both had unhappy relationships in the past. We talked a lot about sex and our desires, about previous let downs and old hurts and disappointments. We learned from those shared stories and experiences. We agreed to always be free with each other, to never hold back, to be honest and open, and to explore every avenue and little alleyway we wished, but always together. It’s been a feast ever since, and I know he feels the same way!”

I had listened with fascination. When I’d met and married Harold, we’d moved to the far side of the country, and although Kay and I had kept in touch, these were not the kind of things we’d talked about much on the phone. “Kay, did you not mind Jack sucking my pussy at all?” I asked before I even realized the question was there. She smiled. “NO” she said, “in fact I found it hot as hell. It turned me on like you won’t believe!”

“I don’t know if I could do that, you know, watch my husband eat another woman’s cunt like that” I said, “it seems so…well…I don’t know…so…”

“Well, you are not just some other woman, you are my sister, and besides, as long as he doesn’t do it behind my back, it’s fine by me!” Kay interrupted, sounding a little miffed “You didn’t have too many qualms about it last night when he made you cum so hard!” she added.

“Oh Kay, I didn’t mean it that way, really!!” I said, afraid she thought I was condemning their free spirited way of life. “It’s just, I can be so very jealous, you know me! I don’t know that I could be so generous!”

My sister could never stay angry for long and within a second she was laughing again. “There’s nothing to be jealous about, really. Jack and I truly love and respect one another. We’d never do anything to hurt each other, or make each other feel bad. That makes a world of difference! We’ve never gone this far before, you know! We’ve shared naughty dreams and fantasies a plenty, but until you came” she grinned at her own innuendo “we never acted on them. What we DID do, was promise each other that if we ever got the chance, we’d only try stuff like this if we both agreed on it, and were both happy with it. That’s the only way it can work for us!”

“Would he let another man suck you, or fuck you?” I asked curiously. “If it was truly my desire, if I really wanted to, I’m sure he would! Thing is, he is such an amazing lover, not many men could make me feel the way he does anyway, or I haven’t met them yet! We arouse each other so much, we haven’t ventured there. Who knows, maybe one day we will”.

She got up to put our plates in the dishwasher, and gave me a quick kiss as she walked by.

“You should get ready Linda, if you don’t want to be late. I have to scoot, or I’ll be late for work. Let’s talk some more tonight when I get back, ok?”

“Sure. Oh, Kay? What would Jack like for his birthday this weekend? I haven’t had a chance to look for anything yet. What would make him feel really good? Is there anything he’d really like?”

My sister gave me a funny look. She started to say something, then apparently thought better of it.

“What?” I said, “Come on, WHAT?” She looked at me again, and a naughty smile spread across her face. “You want to help me give Jack something he’d really love?” she asked?

“Yeah, he’s been so good to me! Why, do you have something in mind?”

“Oh honey! Oh, do I ever!” she grinned wickedly!

Jack and Kay were out for dinner. As a birthday present, I had given Jack a dinner voucher for a fancy restaurant in town, and he’d been so surprised and happy with it. It took quite some effort to convince him I wanted the two of them to enjoy their dinner without me tagging along. He was so concerned and sweet about it, betist yeni giriş I felt almost guilty not letting him in on Kay’s little plan. I told myself she knew him best, and he’d love what we had in store for him. It had taken me a few hours to get used to the whole idea, but being honest, I found it quite exciting at the same time. This morning had been fun; shopping with Kay for some of the things we were going to need tonight when they got home from the restaurant. It had all seemed wonderful then, but now that I was making all the last minute preparations, I was getting nervous as hell! Why had I agreed to do this? I knew I’d fuck up, somehow, Kay was so much more experienced than I, and…

“Relaaaaaax…breathe in…breathe out….” I caught myself, afraid I was going to hyperventilate. “Don’t be nervous now girl, you’ll be fine, have faith in your sister”

Kay and I’d in fact had a great night discussing all this in detail. She’d given me a crash course so to speak, and we’d had the giggles for hours.

“Stop worrying woman, get going! They’ll be here any minute now!” I scolded myself, and sure enough, not 5 minutes later, I heard their car pull up in the driveway. Faster than lightning, I scanned the room for anything I could have missed, turned off the light, and hid in the closet, with the door slightly ajar.

“Oh Jack! The face of that waiter when you kissed my tits in front of him! You naughty, naughty man, you!” Kay’s merry laugh echoed through the hallway.

“Yeah well, they were daring me!” Jack responded.

“Who did, my tits?” Kay laughed even louder, and I could hear them coming into the kitchen.

“Yeah, you know, they were winking at me…they were teasing me all night! I’m sure I heard your right nipple whispering BITE ME, BITE ME!”

“You nutcase, I love you!” Kay’s rapid high-heeled footsteps were coming closer.

“Where are you going, you sexy little hot assed thing? Come back and play with me, baby!” Jack sounded a little breathless, much like he was chasing her through the living room.


Jack slowly entered the bedroom. “Why is it so dark in here honey? Where are you?” He flicked the light switch but the room stayed dark. I barely stifled a giggle. Jack flicked it again, but nothing happened. I’d of course taken out the light bulb, as per Kay’s instructions.

“Hey honey, I think we need a new light bulb in here, this one’s WHAT THE FUCK?” Jack exclaimed, and I knew Kay must have managed to sneak up behind him and put the blindfold over his eyes like she told me she would.

“Hush my sweet…” Kay crooned softly…”It’s your birthday remember? Tell me, did you make a wish today when you blew out the candles on your cake? Did you wish for anything exciting to happen tonight, perhaps?”

Jack blew out his breath softly, in a long sigh. I couldn’t see, but by the sound of it, Kay was running her hands all over him. “Fuck baby, you drive me nuts!” he whispered.

“Not yet my love, not yet, but give me a little time and I will!” Kay promised with a husky voice that made even ME quiver! Clothing rustled, and Jack protested a little for form. “Hang on! Let me undress you too baby!”

“Later” Kay said, “Lift your feet!” I heard shoes dropping on the wooden floor, and the jingle of Jacks’ belt buckle. “Don’t move babe, stay there for a second”

The bedside table lamps went on. In the soft light, I could make out Jack’s shadow against the wall. He looked very naked and very aroused, his dick stood out like a tent pole in front of him.

“Take my hand honey, here, feel the bed? Sit down Jack. Now slide to the middle of the bed for me!” Kay’s hands softly pushed Jack down on the bed, until he was lying comfortably spread out in the middle of their huge bed. Jack trusted her completely. They’d obviously played games like this before, or so he thought. Again, I could barely hold back a nervous giggle. Jack was quiet, but his breathing sounded a little faster than normal, especially when Kay took his left hand and folded a furry Velcro bond around his wrist and attached his hand to the curled brass headboard.

“Kay, fuck, are you tying me up?” Jack asked with an aroused little tremor in his voice. Now that he was on the bed, I risked softly pushing the closet door open a little wider. WOW! I now had a clear view of Kay moving around Jack’s naked body. She must have caught my movement from the corner of her eyes, for she looked at me and winked, and motioned to be quiet.

“What’s it feel like?” she laughed, attaching his other wrist to the bed “You are at my mercy baby, you’re all mine, to do with as I please…or not!” she added with a wicked chuckle. When she tied his ankles to the bed as well, Jack started squirming a little, but by the looks of his jerking cock, that was more from betist güvenilirmi excited anticipation than from anything else.

Kay stood up and slowly opened the zipper at the back of her dress. Jack held very still, biting his lip “You’re undressing!” he breathed, as he heard the rustle of the fabric sliding to the floor.

“You wouldn’t tell me what you’re wearing underneath…damn, kept me guessing all night!” Jack complained, sharing his wife’s taste for beautiful naughty lingerie. “What are you wearing, tell me, please? No lace in your bra, I would have seen that through your dress. Silk? Satin?” He licked his dry lips. “What color baby, tell me that at least!” Kay giggled.

She climbed on the bed and straddled his chest, rubbing her breasts against his face. “Oh fuck, Kay” he moaned and nipped at them. “Satin!” he sighed happily. “I knew it!” He sucked her hard nipple through the fabric, and tugged it between his teeth, moaning with frustration when she pulled away from him.

“Red…and black!” Kay whispered in his ear, before sliding down his body to kneel between his legs. “Holy shit!” Jack moaned. My sister grinned and looked at me. I stared down my body and smiled. She was right!

In the lingerie shop, she’d talked me into trying on a very sexy black lace set I would never in a million years have picked for myself. Amazingly though, it looked stunning against my dark blonde hair and light skin. “Very sophisticated and very sexy” the lady in the shop commented, and I blushed when Kay whispered “She has the hots for you!”

“Hush, fool!” I’d hissed at her. I got my revenge later, when Kay was showing off her new fiery red satin set, which made her look like a sex devil impersonated. My sister has the most luscious, smooth body, all natural firm curves, and I was not the only one to notice. “Who did you say that woman has the hots for? She’s eating you up with her eyes! Look at her staring at your big tits!” Kay grinned, but she did blush for a change, which made me feel a lot better for some reason!

My naughty sister had to have the last word though, and in front of the saleswoman, she grabbed me and kissed me full on the mouth. She left me standing there, totally stunned, and swished her hips when she walked back to her dressing room. The lady looked at my face and smiled widely!

“OH FUCK” I came back to earth as Jack let out another long slow sigh. “Later!” my sister promised, and slowly started caressing his body with her small, soft, but surprisingly strong hands. Jack stretched under her touch, arching his back when she teased his small hard nipples with her fingers and her lips. “Hmmm that feels so good baby,” he moaned, and Kay smiled at me.

I stared in awe at my sister as she kissed and licked and stroked and nibbled and nipped, teasing Jack unmercifully, never touching his cock. Kay did things with her hands and tongue I’d never seen anyone do before, and I was learning more by the minute. She knew just where and how to touch him, and it showed! In no time, she had him panting and straining against his bonds, trying to maneuver his dick into her hands to find some relief.

“Patience, my horny big boy, patience!” She scolded, and licked his lips before she moved to the back of the bed, slithering her agile body down his, careful to not touch his drooling prick. Slowly she sucked his left big toe in her mouth, and Jack bucked “OH FUCK!”

“More, honey?” Kay teased, as she took her mouth off him. “Oh babe, that feels so fucking hot, YES more! Please?” he moaned.

My sister looked up at me, and I knew my time had come. Very softly, not making a sound, I knelt by her side, and when she touched my arm, we both took a big toe in our mouths, sucking hard. For a moment, Jack didn’t seem to realize what he was feeling, he just moaned. Maybe he thought it was Kay’s hand teasing his right toe. But, when we each started to lick our way up his legs, and moved up to kiss the inside of his thighs, Jack sucked air into his lungs audibly.

“Kay?” he asked a little hesitantly, “Kay, fuck! You’re not alone?!”

“Nope” my sister replied, without stopping her licks.

Jack’s cock jolted visibly. “HOLY SHIT! FUCK!” Kay laughed. “Who’s with you?” he yelled.

Our tongues had reached his balls, and just as we’d agreed, I followed my sisters’ lead, mirroring her every move, so Jack’s balls got licked and sucked and bathed lovingly from both sides. He exhaled in a big WOOSH, and stopped asking questions! Licking and teasing, Kay’s tongue and mine slipped and slithered all around my brother-in-law’s tight balls. He was smoothly shaven, and I had to admit to myself that I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of his soft, bald, slightly wrinkled sac under my tongue.

When Kay signaled, we moved our heads slightly and started licking up the base of his cock. For a second I was startled, as I tasted the sticky sweet pre-cum that had oozed all the way down his shaft, but again, I had to admit I enjoyed the taste and feel of it in my mouth. Harold had never allowed me to suck his dick. I’d never even seen it properly; we always had sex in the dark. Being this close to Jack’s cock was a new experience for me, and one I was learning fast to appreciate!

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