A Hot Day At The Beach


I can do this, Raine thought to herself as she fished out a crisp $10 bill and handed it to the taxi driver.

She pulled down her fitted t-shirt and smoothed out her jeans before walking through the gate of the high rise building and pressing the button to alert the receptionist to release the lock on the door.

She smiled at the brunette woman as she finished up a phone call, raised her hand to signal that another one had come in and then looked up expectantly.

“Goodmorning,” Raine said politely. “I’m here to see Mr. Brandon Roberts.”

“Is he expecting you,” the receptionist asked.

“Yes, he is,” Raine lied hoping that he would be as happy to see her as she was to see him.

Brandon was an old flame of Raine’s. Old being the pun of the day since Brandon was more than 20 years older than she was. With salt & pepper hair and thick glasses, he was a bit of a nerdy guy, exactly the type that Raine liked to seduce. Unfortunately she had not had the chance to sample Brandon’s sexual skills yet. Something had gone terribly wrong when she met him a year before during a business meeting. One look at him and she knew that he was someone that she wanted to see again. The idea drove her to email him later that evening, thanking him for his time, a move she was sure would force him to think of her and ultimately keep her on his mind.

But things went terribly wrong when, after spending time with him socially, she realized that she had feelings for him. Whenever “those things” popped it, it was almost an instinct to sabotage any future with the person. Yes, Raine was a hit it and quit it type of girl, too afraid of being hurt to develop anything more. You can’t be rejected if you reject them first, was and still is her motto.

Although she was definitely a head turner in the looks department, Raine had yet to experience anything close to love. She poured herself into her work, demanding more from her talents than most would because she figured that her success was one thing she had control over. She knew from experience that no matter how nice she was or how fantastic she was in bed, those things wouldn’t guarantee a real love in her life.

“Mr. Roberts is ready to see you now,” the receptionist chirped brightly.

Raine walked over to the elevator doors and stepped inside, holding her breath. The last communication that she had with him she had cursed him out and told him she never wanted to see him again. It was a bratty move that usually resulted in a permanent end to any future encounters but here she was, almost magnetized to him once again. He could easily brush her off as one of the lunatic stalkers he has had in the past, women were drawn to his easy going nature and he had been hurt güvenilir bahis many times before by women who demanded his time and acted outlandish when he was unable to give it.

As she stepped off the elevator on the 9th floor she shook her head and briefly thought of turning around to leave. After all of this time, she still didn’t know if he really liked her or if she was just some stupid girl with a crush. Instead of leaving, her feet moved in the direction of his office and as soon as she rounded the corner, he was stepping outside to meet her.

They stood silently in the hall for a few seconds, their smiles speaking volumes as happy vibes bounced back and forth between them. “Come on in,” he said and walked toward his office.

She followed him and sat down on the chair opposite his desk. She frowned at the emotions stirring inside her. He looked her over, offering appreciative comments about her looks, asking about her family and her career ventures. She only provided head nods as he questioned her, unsure of what her voice would portray if she dared to speak.

She looked him over, her body heating up as she watched him fumble with his cell phone which had just buzzed.

“What are your plans for the day?” he asked her.

She shrugged, still unable to speak.

“I’ll be right back,” he said and disappeared through the door. When he returned he grabbed a leather bag from behind his desk, looked down at her still sitting on the chair and said, “Come on, let’s go.”

She rose quickly and followed him out the door and down to the parking garage. He opened the door to his Black BMW truck and she hopped in, her heart was beginning to do flip flops again.

“You wanna go to the beach?” he suggested and she smiled. “Back to your place to change?” he offered.

“Sure,” she muttered.

Once they arrived at her house, she led him to the living room. “You can change here,” she said.

“Where are you going to change?” he asked her.

“In my bedroom.”

“Why can’t I change in your bedroom?” he asked.

“No.” she replied and walked away.

Her bedroom is a Fuck Zone. No man who is not about to fuck is allowed. Raine couldn’t take the teasing this man does and she liked him too much to come on strong and direct like she usually does to get her way.

Once she had changed into her bathing suit, a modest one piece, she covered it with a t-shirt and a pair of cut off jeans shorts. She walked back into the living room to see that he had already gone back outside to hang his suit in his car. She hopped back inside his car and smiled at him as he changed the radio station. A half a block away she couldn’t help herself any longer. She reached over and grasped his türkçe bahis hand pulling it gently onto her thigh as she looked him in the eye.

He gave her a half smile in silence, then he suggested that they go to the grocery store to pick up snacks for their beach trip. After the sandwhiches were made and the cool drinks chosen they chatted easily about music as they drove the short 15 minutes to the coast.

The beach was nearly deserted when they got there. A group of people in their 20’s tossed a ball near the water’s edge and a woman was sunbathing a dozen feet away from them. Raine found a nice spot near a palm tree and Brandon set up a beach chair and laid out a blanket for her before heading back to the car to retrieve the cooler, drinks and snacks. When he returned he set up the umbrella, turned on his portable radio and removed his shirt as he sat next to her.

“Come here,” she commanded quietly and he obeyed, scooting closer to her and laying on his back. She placed her head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her immediately, holding her closely.

“I’ve been wanting this for so long,” he said and she melted inside. She had hungered for the same thing but was too afraid to ask. He pulled her closer, repositioning her body so that she was on top of him, She danced to the music while on top of him, grinding her pussy on his dick, feeling the moistness between her legs as the breeze from the ocean, just meters away, tickled their bodies.

Within minutes she heard him snoring softly and she laughed as she ran her fingers through his chest hair, counting the gray ones. She kissed him softly on his chest but his snoring told her that he had no idea what was happening. Her hand roamed his body, up and down his chest, lingering at the waist of his beach shorts before moving lower to the bulge below. Daring herself, she gently rubbed on his penis.

She fondled him, taking the time to savor the feel of his cock through his shorts, imagining what it would taste like and how it would fill her up on the inside as he thrust inside her. She imagined him grasping her ass with his big hands and pumping his seed deep inside her, impregnating her on the first shot.

He lay motionless, seemingly oblivious to her caresses. She laughed as she fished inside his bag and removed the sun tan lotion, always prepared, he was an avid camper and kept beach supplies in his truck at all times, just in case. She rubbed his body down with lotion, enjoying her fingers first close encounter with his smooth skin.

The sun had coasted through the afternoon sky, causing them to have to shift to avoid the beaming light as they adjusted the umbrella. He leaned against the cooler and pulled her up to sit between his güvenilir bahis siteleri legs as he wrapped his arms around her. His fingers played with the hem of her t-shirt before drifting down to her jeans shorts and then inside them.

He found her clit through the thin fabric of her bathing suit and used his finger to flick it back and forth rhythmically as she squirmed in his arms whispering his name is ecstasy.

It was now her turn to lean against the cooler and he positioned himself on top her, face down, staring into her eyes, almost nose to nose.

She looked up at him, her green eyes sparkling as she stared at her reflection in his sun glasses.

“You are amazing,” he said to her. “You are an amazing, extraordinary woman,” he said. She rolled her eyes and he moved in closer, touching his lips to hers hoping she would understand how he felt through the magical kiss. He buried his face in her breasts and with one hand, released the string on her bathing suit. He then moved back to push aside her t-shirt with his teeth. His lips found her nipples and he nibbled on them, sucking them like a newborn baby. Her pussy was so hot that he could feel the heat against his chest as he lay on top of her.

Still staring into her eyes, he knew what she wanted but this wasn’t the time or the place. Instead, his arm shifted as his hand reached lower and found its way inside her bathing suit bottom.

“You’re wet,” he muttered. Seconds later, he watched her arch her back as his finger inched its way inside of her. Slowly, slowly he penetrated her with his finger and she held tight to his back urging him to go deeper past the knuckle all the way in.

He pumped faster and faster as she squeezed him and bit her lip, her eyes glistening with tears of satisfaction as he fucked her pussy with his fingers in broad daylight.

“You’re fucking me,” she whispered.

“I know. Do you like it?”

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “Don’t stop. Keep fucking me.”

He did. She pumped her pussy against his hand holding him tightly as she rode the wave of an orgasm so delicious that she weeped.

He removed his hand and brought his fingers to his lips, licking his finger, tasting her sweet juices, savoring the scent that wafted across his nose.

An hour later they were packing up the beach supplies and heading back to her place. She silently wished the day didn’t have to end, but it did.

He kissed her gently on the lips and walked back to his car. She sighed, walked to her room and flipped on her laptop to check her business mail. In it she found a strange email from a horoscope sight she had visited once or twice.

She opened it and grinned as she read: The full moon of May 5 will bring you a highly romantic and tender time, and your episode will arrive within five days of this date. You should surely enjoy this full moon very much, dear Cancer, for you’ve not seen a romantic moment this lyrical in a long time.


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