A Hunters Tale


He sat back from the PC and slid the keyboard tray away on it’s runners. He stretched and rubbed his eyes. At nearly fifty five, he was running to fat. He’d always been active but as winter approached and with his work slowing down, he’d not been as careful as he had been and continued to eat as though he were twenty and very active. Now he could feel the bulge of his stomach, resting against his ribs and his groin. He stretched again, as much to ease the discomfort of his belly as the pain in his shoulders.

“Shit!” he exclaimed as his wife walked into the bedroom he used as an office.

“What’s wrong Hunt?”

“They rejected my story again!”

“Which one?”

“the brother and sister one,”

“The incest story, about the siblings you based on me and Garth.”

“Yes, I don’t understand it. I said they were both over the age of majority and consent, I mean do I actually have to say they’re over eighteen, spell it out or what. I know they hate that I don’t use an editor and that I try to keep the UK version of spelling, but this is the third time.”

“Hunt, perhaps you do need to use an editor and perhaps you should be more relaxed about it.”

“I don’t know, I really don’t. Then there’s all the anonymous posts complaining about the stories, I think I’ll just give up”

“Hunt, don’t do this, just give it a day or two. Hey can I ask what made you base the characters on me and Garth?”

“I suppose it’s because when I first met you, you and Garth were so close.”

“I know but nothing like that ever happened, I mean we played show me yours, we watched each other pee but that’s about all.”

“I know, but it was just the way the story came out.”

“I don’t know how you dream these things up. I was astonished at how you described us.”

She stood behind him and her musky scent enveloped him. She wore a shortish nightie, nestling above her knee and he could feel the soft roundness of her 36E beasts pressed against his neck. Had he been standing behind her he would have seen the lower edges of her buttocks and the full length of her bare legs. She massaged his arms and kissed the crown of his head. He smiled and moved his arms behind him, feeling the soft outline of her sides beneath the thin cotton covering. She grinned as she saw his erection tenting the sleeping shorts he was wearing. Leaning forward she ran her hands over his moobs and circled his nipples.

“Come to bed,”

“Helen I’m not tired,”

“Neither am I, come to bed,or maybe we can just enjoy ourselves here.”

She squeezed his nipples gently and licked his earlobe. He smiled and spun the chair gently round, then pulled her onto his lap. She rubbed her arse against his cock, his shorts providing only a millimeter of obstruction between them. Standing up she pulled her nightdress over her head her breasts raising under the fabric then falling back gently against her chest. meanwhile he pulled his short thick cock free of his shorts.

She turned to face him, straddling the chair and moving over his cock as he held it out towards her. With a grunt she impaled herself fully onto him. She felt his cock fill her up as he felt the walls of her cunt slip around him like a warm wet embrace. He held her round the waist and dipped his head to kiss and suckle on her melons, as she tilted her head back and enjoyed the stimulation.

Slowly she began to move up and down his shaft, feeling her lips being pulled downwards and then slip away from his cock. She loved the down stroke as his cock pistoned into her. Her clit was alternately pushed against the base of his cock and then free and clear. She now added a slight twist on completing the down stroke, rubbing her clit harder against the top of his cock. Their lips locked together, tongues tangling and they slowly edged towards orgasm, he now lifting up as she came down, so their contact was all the more positive. Slowly they ground into each other until finally he could hold back no longer.

“Hel I’m cumming, Oh God can’t hold it.”

“Hold it Hunt, hold it for me baby,”

“Trying but I can”t last any longeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr,”

“Oh Baby, keep going, keep going for me, that’s it, oh Godddddd, I’m Cummmmmmmmmmmmmm…”

They pushed and rubbed against each other until they could push no more. Helen’s body sank against Hunters and they gasped and panted together for ages.

“God I needed that, honey you are a fabulous lover.”

“Hunter you make me so happy, I love you so much.”

“I’m tired now,”

“No shit Sherlock?”

They untangled and held each other close, his limp cock dribbling the last of his cum over her lower belly and pubes. She grinned and wriggled against him. They kissed and reluctantly separated. Walking to their bedroom, they climbed into bed and spooned, she wriggling and giggling as his spent cock touched her bare bottom. His hand came over her waist and he held her breast firmly, she sighed and they snuggled together, soon they both slipped into dreamless sleep.

Over karaman seks hikayeleri the next few days Helen began to think about her brother and how close they were and how distant they had become. She and Garth had been close as kids and had grown closer in their early teens as their father, Ralph, battled against alcoholism. Their mother, Ruth, had then begun to work all the hours she could to try to maintain

their standard of living, but it was a constant battle as Ralph fell off the wagon too often, using whatever money he could find to drown his sorrows. Finally he had died in a stupid accident, falling dead drunk into the path of a car, dying there on the road never conscious of the mess he left behind.

Life changed overnight and so they drew together, they had few relatives, so the funeral was a drab sparsely attended affair. It was the cheapest available but still drained their precious reserves. Ralph had life cover, but the Insurers tried to evade payment, saying that his alcohol induced accident amounted to suicide which wasn’t

covered. Finally with the aide of a local solicitor, they came to an agreement and they received a token payment, it was no big deal. In fact it was so poor a payout the solicitor waived his fees, saying they had been badly treated.

At Eighteen, Helen had started work, hoping to go to University later, once Garth had been. Garth, however, had other plans and nineteen months later as he hit eighteen he decided he wanted to travel the world. Shocked Helen had, for once, lost her temper with him and all the bile and vitriol she had stored up for her father, but never released, was directed at her younger brother. Garth had a store of anger too and he opened the doors wide and emptied the warehouse. The two siblings left no stone unturned and every slight or misplaced word, gesture or look between them was dredged up and hurled at the other. Finally Garth looked at Helen and snarled.

“Well fuck you! you don’t like it, tough shit, because I am out of here and I won’t be back, EVER!”

Flying upstairs he’d packed his things and left. That was the last time Helen had seen him, as he went upstairs she walked out of the house. After going to her friends she returned late in the evening, to find her mother curled up on the sofa crying her eyes out. Though she never blamed her, Ruth was always a little less forthcoming with Helen, nothing nasty or shrewish, just perhaps not so affectionate. They got on with their lives and neither disturbed the other. Four years later, as she finished her degree course, Helen met Hunter and the world changed again.

Hunter was a nice steady guy, who treated her like a precious gift, always ready to support and help her. She in turn discovered that she enjoyed sex, and Hunter was the key that opened that box. Once the genie was out the fun began, and oh! what fun they had had.

They had sex everywhere they could, endlessly, sometimes nearly getting caught in some pretty interesting places. They had sex in lifts, aircraft, boats, telephone boxes, by the stage door of a well known London Theatre. they’d coupled in a library, a Ladies toilet in a Parisian store. She remembered the time they had nearly been caught in the barely lit cellar of a German Berg. They had oral sex several times in cable cars in Switzerland, nearly got caught peeing together into the Grand Canyon on an American holiday, naked after hot sweaty sex. They made love in the sea off the island of Menorca, Spain, chest high in the water as people swam and played around them. Helen reddened as she thought back to those early years with Hunter.

During their evening meal that night, Helen told him what she had been thinking and that she had made a decision.

“Hunt, I’m going to try and find Garth, find him and apologise for being such a bitch, I might have to go abroad, are you okay with this?”

“Sure Hel of course I am, do you have any clue where he might be?”

“No but Mum might have had contact with him, I’ll start there. I’ll phone her tomorrow.”

After a sleepless night Helen decided to visit her mother instead of phoning. She showered and dressed. She chose a white blouse with ruffled sleeves and neck and a shortish skirt in a dark blue colour. Matching the jacket, handbag and shoes, she felt ready to face the world. Driving carefully across the city she pulled up outside her family home, memories flooding back. The neat lawn, was now kept tidy by professional gardeners as was the small bed of low growing flowers. The door was new, she and Hunter had decided that a proper sealed unit of u-PVC and glass was needed. That and a deadlock and security chain, because one couldn’t be too careful.

Ringing the bell she let herself in, shouting a greeting to her mother. She heard shuffling and a teacup put down a bit too heavily, followed a by a deep voice uttering a curse. She rushed into the lounge where her mother was seated in her usual chair. Standing opposite was a figure she sort of recognised.


“Hi Hel, how’re doing, how’s Hunter?”

Garth was a little over six feet tall, with deep set brown eyes. He was well dressed and clean shaven, probably carrying a few pounds more than he should. His face had laughter lines around his eyes, but his skin was healthy and tanned. He held a big strong hand out and touched her arm. Helen felt her eyes well up and she gasped and threw herself at him.

“Oh God Garth I’ve missed you so much.”

She felt his arms go round her and was engulfed in his being. She placed her arms round his sides and sobbed uncontrollably. He just held her and let her get it out, supporting and holding her as she cried out her pain. Slowly she began to calm down and the tears turned to little gasps and sobs. Finally she tried to straighten and he released her.

Free she dug into her pocket and found a tissue, wiping the tears away and blowing her nose. She grinned at Garth and held out her hand, he immediately took it and pulled her back into a hug.

“Wow, sis, I am so pleased to see you again at last,” he said. He pushed her away and undid her coat, helping her out of it.

“Hey look at you, you look great, still as slim and beautiful as I remember, but you got married and didn’t invite me to the wedding. I’m still cross about that!” he teased.

“I wanted you there, but I didn’t know where you were, I wanted you to give me away, but couldn’t find you anywhere.”

“Guess I was in Oz in the Outback, spent some years there, then Canada, up in BC, felling trees and stuff.”

“So where are you living now?”

“Well I’m staying with Mum for a few nights then I guess off again, I’ve come back from Germany, I went there after a couple of years in Copenhagen.”

“Where were you in Germany?”

“Berlin, I had a flat in what was part of the old East German sector, not bad, but after a while I thought I’d come home.”

“So what now?”

“Well I’ve got a bit put by, so I guess try to find somewhere local to live.”

“You’re back for good?”

“I think so, pull of the old country and all that.”

“After all you’ve done, seen, lived, you’re coming back here?”

“I sure am, and I should let you know you have two nieces, Myra and Helen, and a wife too, although in name only. One of the reasons I came back. We sort of grew apart, natural really, we were stupid to marry, but I don’t regret having the kids, best thing ever to happen to us. I know you don’t have kids, is there any reason?”

“Surely you can guess? I didn’t want any children I had to go through what we did, yes, it’s stupid as Hunter’s not anything like Dad at all.”

“What does Hunter think? surely he wanted kids?”

“Hunt’s not sure, but he understood how I felt so it was never an issue, but that’s water under the bridge now. I had cancer they took my womb away, so now it’s not possible and at forty nine I think I’m way past the baby stage anyway.”

“I’m sorry for that Hel, because Myra and little Helen have been a wonderful gift for Lucy and me.”

“Will I get to meet them?”

“Well with the divorce through and Lucy settled, maybe, they would love to meet their Auntie, I’ve told them how special you were, well still are, you haven’t changed a bit”.

Ruth had been sitting quietly listening to her children, she smiled, it was all coming together, she had wished for this for so long, it was a miracle. It must be thirty years since the breakup, yet they were quickly re-establishing their old friendship, talking over each other, finishing each others sentences.Laughing, and grabbing each others arms, giggling at remembered happy times. She thought back to those horrible days and Ralph’s drinking. She shuddered and sighed. The past, as they say, is another country, she had the present and it was looking good.

Suddenly she was aware that she was being spoken to, but she couldn’t hear the words, and she realised that she had somehow become unfocused, her eyes unable to pick out the children or anything in the room. She felt weak and her head was pounding, Helen was shouting something, hands on her, warm strong hands. Dizzy now she lay back and felt the world close round her.

“Garth, Mums not well, look at her, she’s grey and she’s not focusing, help me.”

Garth grabbed his mother as she slumped sideways in her chair, her mouth moving but no sounds coming out. He picked her up and laid her on the floor, a pillow under her head. He placed the blanket, which she kept beside her chair, over her, and tucked it closer as Helen dug out her mobile and called the emergency services.

They knelt beside her and whilst Garth held her hand, Helen soothed her, talking in low tones and lightly brushing her hair with her hand. They waited twenty agonising minutes before the ambulance arrived, but the paramedics were thorough and efficient.

They suspected Ruth had had a stroke and gave her oxygen and quickly had her on a stretcher and packed into the ambulance. They whisked off to the A & E unit at the City’s hospital. Helen and Garth were with her and held her hand and each others. With their mother admitted, stabilised and under treatment, they left the hospital in the early afternoon.

Blinking in the winter sunshine they held each other tightly. Garth suggested they find a place to eat and replenish their energy. Helen agreeing flagged down a taxi and they went back towards their childhood home. Stopping at the shopping precinct they headed for the cafe they remembered as children. As in all things change occurred, here though only a generational change, as the owner they knew had retired. Staffed now by his children and grandchildren it was still the same homely place they remembered.

They chose and awaited their food, meanwhile a young girl barely seventeen brought over their drinks. They stirred their tea absently, though neither took sugar. They gazed at each other, tracing the time that marked their faces. Garth smiled and reached out to tousle Helen’s hair, she grinned and slapped lazily at his hand.

“Time was when you would have screamed and shouted,”

“Time was when you would have run after doing that.”

They laughed, but each had a river of memories flowing through their minds. They sipped their hot brews and the girl returned with their orders. Suddenly hungry they pounced on the food and swiftly emptied their plates.

“So what now?”

“What? What now?”

“Are you going to stay at Mum’s now, or would you like to come home with me?”

“Well it will be lonely at Mum’s without her there and I’d like to meet this husband of yours, so if it’s OK, guess I’ll come back to your place.”

“Perfect, you’ll love Hunter and he’ll love you, let’s walk back to Mum’s and grab your stuff. Also it will be easier to arrange visits to Mum, OK?”

“Perfect, I haven’t unpacked, my bag’s in my bedroom, so let’s grab it and go back to yours.”

“Do you still think of it as your bedroom?”

“Of course, don’t you?”

“Of course, now come on let’s pay and get you back to my home.”

“Leave it with me,”

“No share’sy, like we used to,”

“No, H this time I’m paying, I know you, you’ll go all out at home and I won’t get to pay for a thing, go on, put your coat on while I pay.”

Helen grinned, stood and reached for her coat, which was draped over her chair. Garth went to the till and paid, the girl grinning at the tip he left. She shouted a goodbye as they opened the door and they smiled and responded.

Outside the sun had lost any warmth as it headed into the west and they pulled their coats tightly around themselves, adjusting to the cold afternoon. In ten minutes they had walked to their Mother’s and letting themselves in went to Garth’s room. He smiled as he hefted his bag onto his shoulder and marched back out again.

Helen locked up and flicked the button to unlock her car. Garth dumped his bag in the boot and climbed into the passenger seat. Helen drove quickly and efficiently back to her house, chatting to Garth about anything that came to mind. They went over old friends, shops, their school, girlfriends, boyfriends, until their came a pause.

Luckily they were just arriving at Helen’s so the gap was lost in the scramble to get out and into the warm home. Hunter was in the lounge looking through a pile of work, but he leapt up to embrace Helen, then shake Garth’s hand. They quickly settled and agreed that Garth could stay as long as he needed to, so he could set up his own place. Also being here he could accompany Helen to see their mother. Hunter hugged Helen as she told the tale.

They would go out for a meal in the evening after visiting Ruth. Ruth was hooked up to various machines and was a pale grey colour. The duty doctor said her condition was stable, but until she awoke they couldn’t tell exactly how badly the stroke had damaged her brain. They should be prepared for some degree of paralysis, possibly speech problems, motor difficulties and even severe brain damage in the worst case. He laid it out coolly and clinically, but with a degree of compassion.

They sat in the ward around Ruth, Hunter, holding Helen’s hand whilst she had a hand on Garth’s shoulder. He in turn was holding Ruth’s hand and murmuring to her, trying to engender some spark to revive her. Ruth lay still, her breathing shallow and rasping. After an hour they left, but as no one felt hungry they went straight home. After a hot drink and a few biscuits they went to bed.

Helen woke and saw the guest bedroom light on. Slipping out from Hunters cuddle she walked out towards the dim light. Opening the door she looked in. Garth was sat up in bed, naked, crying silently. She moved to his side, sat and pulled him into her, his arms wrapping round her as he sobbed uncontrollably. Helen welled up and tears fell as they clung together, just as they had as teenagers. They drew on each others strength until both had stopped crying, but they held each other tightly, fiercely. Helen kissed Garth’s neck and told him she loved him like no other. Garth ran his hand up and down her back as he confessed he had been wrong to go and had missed her desperately.

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