Subject: A Little Bent (category: college) This story contains graphic, sexual content between males. If you are under the age of 18 in most places, you are not allowed to read this story by law. This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, places, or events that have occurred is purely coincidental. If you liked this story, have some suggestions, or are interested in getting a story commissioned, email me at ail! Remember to support fty/donate.html – Jesus, I was fucking horny. The laptop’s bright LED screen cast a dim glow over my eyes. I was watching a Thor movie, I don’t remember which one this was. I looked down at the lower right of my desktop. 1:36 A.M. I could feel the eyebags under my eyes drooping, but I didn’t really want to sleep just yet. It was the weekend after midterms and I could finally breathe, and I decided to spend the rest of my night binge watching superhero movies, because why not? A scene comes up where Chris Hemsworth doesn’t have his shirt on. I feel my cock spring up and tighten against my pants. My eyes glaze over Thor’s rock hard abs, and the mounds of pecs on his chest. I lick my lips, desperately craving to run my tongue over his body. My roommate had gone back home for the weekend now that his exams were over and I was free to jerk off in the dorm room as much as I wanted. I shove my hands down my pants and start stroking my hard dick. Oh, how I would pay a boatload to have a man like Thor pin me down and drill into my hole, I thought. I pull my hands back out of my pants and decide against jerking off for the night. I was getting sick of only having my own hands to pleasure myself. Maybe I should buy a toy. I push against my desk and out of my chair, collapsing face first onto my bed. My oozing dick was leaking precum onto my boxers, staying rock hard as it stuck between my body and the mattress. I pulled a few all nighters the past week studying, and had no time to jerk off. My balls were about to explode, but I didn’t just want to masturbate. I had 7 days worth of spunk stored up and it felt like a waste to just shoot it on my bed sheets. I start grinding my dick against my bed out of desperation. God, I needed someone to suck off. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. My head raises, as I look towards the source of the noise. Who the hell could be knocking on my door at 1 in the morning? For a moment, I consider ignoring it and just wallowing in my horniness. Then again, this could be the miracle I was hoping for. Maybe the guy knocking on my door was Chris Hemsworth. I take extra long pushing myself off my bed and making sure there isn’t a wet stain on my sweatpants. I slowly pull the door and I think to myself, Holy shit, it’s Thor. In front of me, was a 6 foot giant block of muscle. He was wearing a black muscle shirt that clung tightly to his pecs as well as a pair of gray athletic shorts. I wasn’t gonna lie, I tried taking a peek to see if his bulge could be made out through the fabric. “Hey, you’re Marco, right?” he tells me, and I nod. “I’m Chase. I’m a friend of Oskar.” Oskar was my roommate. “He told me I could spend the night here, sorry if it’s on such short notice.” Suddenly, I find myself not caring if he showed up in the middle of the night. I give him a welcome smile. “Oh, it’s no problem. I wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon.” He steps in through the door with his duffel bag and I stare at the two huge buns hugging his shorts as he passes by. Jesus fuck! He had one of the fattest asses I’ve ever seen. What the hell were the odds that this tall, buff, beefcake would be staying the night in this dorm of all places? I wasn’t complaining, though. “Yeah, I have an away game here tomorrow,” he says, setting his belongings down on the bed opposite mine. “Oh, I’m Chase, by the way,” he extends his hand. I shake it and savor the hard grip he has on me. “My place is really far from here so I thought it would be easier to find somewhere to crash over the night instead of getting up at 3 in the morning to drive on the day of the game,” he says with a hand behind his head. “Sorry if you were enjoying your weekend alone, man. I’ll only be here for the night.” I shake my head vigorously. “No, no. It’s really okay. In fact, I don’t mind the company.” I sit down on my own bed and admire Chase. His features were chiseled, but not intimidating. He had short black hair, and brown eyes. From his accent, I guessed that he lived somewhere south, though it wasn’t that strong. His toned biceps and huge thighs made it obvious that he did sports all the time. “Yo, is that Thor?” Shit. I forgot about the movie. It’s paused over the scene where Thor is shirtless, showing off his godly physique. “I love Marvel movies, man! Superheroes are the shit.” At least it looked like it wasn’t really obvious to Chase that I had paused there to ogle over Chris Hemsworth’s washboard abs. “Oh, yeah. I love superhero movies too.” I took advantage of the fact that he wasn’t looking so I could check him out a little better. I could see the snake between his legs through his shorts, and damn, it looked long. I fantasized about taking it in my hands and swirling my tongue around it. I could feel my own dick tenting again in my pants. That wasn’t good. I had an idea. “If you’re not doing anything for the rest of the night, we can just watch the movie,” I suggest. Chase seemed to think it was a great idea. “We don’t have a T.V. though, so we’re just gonna have to watch it on my laptop.” I take the laptop and rest it on my legs, and scooch over on the bed, gesturing for Chase to sit beside me. He seemed reluctant at first, since the bed was clearly designed for only one person, but he eventually comes around and squeezes next gaziantep escort to me on the bed. I feel his bare legs make contact with mine and I can only feel the erection in my shorts get harder. Thank God I had the laptop on it to cover it. I could tell just from looking at them that this guy did not skip leg day. His thighs looked meaty, and full of pure muscle. Compared to them, my legs looked like twigs. I wasn’t an unathletic person, either, mind you. I hit the gym around once a week, but still my calves couldn’t compare to Chase’s. Mine also had nothing more than short, inch long hairs while his were covered with a mat of dark brown curly hairs. They tickled me slightly as they touched me and I wasn’t gonna lie, it was kind of fucking hot. I slid the movie slider so we could watch it all the way from the beginning. “I don’t think I’ve watched this one,” he says as the title screen fades in. Thor: Ragnarok. Oh yeah, that was the one. It was a little hot with both of us trying to fit on one bed. I could feel his shoulders pressed against mine, and I was trying to resist adjusting my posture so I could feel more of his body. Who would’ve known I’d have had a tall, muscular jock in my bed tonight? He puts one of his hands over behind his head and exposes his open armpit to me. I do everything I can to avoid reacting, because the scent is heavenly. It was pretty clear that the last time he took a shower was early in the day, or even a day before, because the stench that was wafting from his pits was rank. I try to get as much of it in my nose as possible. During the movie, I try to sneak as many peeks as I can on his Greek god-like physique. His build was huge, and I desperately wanted to run my hands and tongue all over him and worship him. I don’t think my cock went soft even once for around 20 minutes. We were both sweating a little bit at this point, but I didn’t care at all since it only served to greaten the sourness of his armpit stink. My mouth was watering at this point. Somewhere along the 30-minute mark of the movie, a hot girl, or alien, I guess was on screen. I wasn’t really watching, if you couldn’t tell. But what I was watching was the bulge in Chase’s shorts. I could see very clearly that he had a semi going on in there. “Damn, she’s hot,” he says through clenched teeth. I try my best to act the same. “I know, right. I would love a hot alien chick to be all over me right now.” That seemed to do the trick. I could see the outline of his dick in his shorts grow longer and longer. He seemed to finally notice that it was pretty obvious. “Sorry, man,” he said with his face turning red. “I’m a little horny. Haven’t gotten any action in a few weeks. Pretty rough.” I thought that it was really cute that he felt embarrassed. “Hey, it’s no sweat, dude. You think you’re the only one around here who’s horny?” I lift the laptop up with both hands and show him my bulge which had been throbbing for the past 30 minutes. “Woah!” He exclaims. “And I thought I was hard.” “Yeah, had finals and was stressed for the past 2 weeks. Didn’t really have time to, you know,” I say suggestively while making an up and down motion with my fist. He smiled after seeming to get it. I paused the movie with the frame still on the alien woman. “You know, since we both have a little problem on our hands, what do you say we try and fix it?” I say to him, hoping he’ll take the bait. “And how do you propose we do that?” Without saying another word, I pull my shorts and boxers down. My cock springs out like a happy little tail. “Woah, dude, what the fuck are you doing?” “What?” I look at him, trying to sound that what I was doing was normal. “We’re both horny, and we’re both alone here. It’s pretty clear that both you and I want to jerk off, so why not?” “Isn’t that kind of gay, dude?” he says in disbelief. “And what’s wrong with that? We’re just two dudes, looking to get our rocks off. No shame in that, man.” He still doesn’t look convinced. I was starting to worry a little that my plan wouldn’t work. “I’m gonna start stroking myself, now. If you don’t like it, you can just go on over to the other bed and go to sleep with your dick rock hard and full of cum.” My eyes go back to the screen as I start pumping my 6-inch cock. For a few seconds, he’s silent. Then, I look over at him to see him pulling his own shorts down, and then his boxers. He reveals his white cock, and it’s huge. Had to be 7 or 8 inches at least. And it was thick as fuck. I couldn’t help but stare, and he saw me staring too. He didn’t really care, and had a look of pride on his face. “Damn, man!” I exclaim. “Your tool is fucking huge, what the hell?” “Yeah? You’re not really that small, either.” I feel my cheeks go a little red at the compliment. “And you’re not cut? Where are you from?” “Chile. Circumcision isn’t really a big thing there.” I was talking to Chase but wasn’t really looking at his face, rather his cock. It was hypnotic. The head was pink and lustrous, I wanted to take it into my mouth so fucking badly. He had a lot more pubes than I did, surprisingly. They were dark brown, matching the color of his hair. Luckily for me, the fact that my cock was uncut made it a point of focus for Chase as well. He was staring as I slid my hand up and down the shaft, pulling the foreskin back with each stroke. He seemed to be mesmerized. “Damn, I wonder what it feels like to be uncut. It would be nice to jerk off whenever I want without needing lube.” He says all this as he’s stroking his own long cock. Clearly all the talk about dicks was making him even harder. I unpause the movie and we continue to stroke our own cocks. I hear Chase grunting every now and then as he’s jerking off, and suriyeli escort it only served to turn me on even more. My dick was like a faucet at this point, pumping out so much pre-cum that my knob was all shiny. I look over at Chase’s member and he’s leaking a lot of pre-cum too. “Hey, Chase,” I say to him in a whisper. “Want to know how to make jerking off feel even better?” “How?” he says, with his interest clearly piqued. I set the laptop further away, with it resting on one of both of our legs. “Now, don’t freak out. Just be chill, and open-minded,” I say to him in a calm tone. Slowly, I take my right hand and grip the top of Chase’s cock, right over his own hand. “Yo, dude, what the hell?” he says. “Calm down, man. Here,” I gesture, and take his hand off his own shaft, so I can start stroking the whole length of it myself. Chase audibly moans. “Oh, Jesus,” he says, and I look at his face and see his eyes rolling back onto his head. I pay extra attention to my strokes on his dick to give the head of his cock some love too. He’s moaning in pleasure at this point. “Jesus Christ, Marco, that feels so good. Damn!” he half-shouts. He takes his left hand and puts it over my shoulder and pulls me closer to him as I’m jerking him off. His armpit ends up right next to my face, and I take a few whiffs while his eyes are shut from the stimulation his tool is getting. I’m in heaven, I think to myself. The raunch, earthy smell that comes from his pits fuels my cock’s hardness as I continue to stroke Chase up and down with both of my hands now. His cock is overflowing with pre-cum at this point. Chase is moaning louder and louder, not even bothering to try and hide the pure ecstasy that he’s feeling. The heat turns up, and eventually Chase takes off his shirt, throwing it onto the floor. My eyes are glued to his chest and stomach. They’re perfect, I think to myself. His pecs are like freshly baked buns, shiny and golden and plump. I used all my willpower to resist going down on them and licking them. His abs were so well-cut and defined, I’m pretty sure he had an eight-pack. Soon enough, I find myself wanting more. I see the look on Chase’s face and it’s quite obvious he’s in heaven from the handjob he’s getting, so I take that as my sign to take things a notch further. Without saying anything, I lean down and start taking his cock in my mouth. “Yo, dude, wha-” he says, before abruptly stopping to free a moan from his mouth. “Jesus, fuck!” I pull myself off the bed and lower myself in between his legs to get a better position to suck him off. I think the laptop fell off the edge, but I didn’t really care anymore. I was pushing my head lower and lower, taking more of Chase’s cock in my mouth inch by inch. It isn’t long before I have the whole length of his dick down my throat. “Oh God, oh fuck,” I hear Chase moaning. He puts his big, meaty hands on my shoulders as I bob my head up and down his thick cock. I can taste the saltiness of his pre-cum on my tongue, and savor it as I swallow more of the cock fluid that he’s leaking every second. I reach up and run my hands over his stomach and abs, I don’t even think he noticed. He has both of his hands on my head now, pushing me down and forcing me to go even deeper on his cock. I gag a few times, but I choke it down. I can feel Chase starting to lose control. He’s grinding his hips onto my face and my nose is buried straight into his dark pubes everytime I go down. He starts to relentlessly fuck my face and his balls start slapping against my chin with every thrust. My throat eventually starts feeling a little sore so I finally decide to pull off of his cock. “Alright, you’ve had your fun,” I say panting. “Now you do me,” I tell him as I put my legs up near his head and position my own cock by his face. “What? No way, dude! I’m not gay,” he says complaining. “Yeah, and you just got the best blow job of your life from another dude. I don’t care if you’re not gay, if you want me to keep sucking you off you’re gonna have to return the favor.” I thrust my cock up to his face and he looked a little bit icked out. I motion for him to take the cock in his mouth, and he reluctantly starts sucking, but just the head. “That’s it, good boy.” I put my mouth back over Chase’s shaft and deepthroat him once more. He moans. I take my own hips and grind further into Chase’s mouth, forcing him to take my whole length. I hear him choking, but I don’t pull out. After a while, he starts to get the hang of it, bobbing up and down my dick as I’m sucking off his. We get into a rhythm, 69’ing each other right there on my dorm room bed. We’re both sweating hard, sucking each other’s cocks. I felt close to cumming, but I didn’t want to climax just yet. After a few minutes of pleasuring one another, I pull my cock out of Chase’s mouth. “That your first time sucking dick? How’d it taste?” “Actually,” he says, wiping a mix of precum and saliva off his chin. “Not that bad, it actually tasted kind of good, man.” I grin at this. Good. “Alright, as your little reward, I’ll make you feel even better. Stay right there.” I climb off the bed and reach for a bottle of lube on my nightstand. I open the cap with a pop and start squeezing the contents onto my hand. I see his eyes widen and I read exactly what’s on his mind. He didn’t look that opposed to fucking a guy, I’m assuming because he just experienced how well another dude could suck his dick and make him feel good. I lather the lube onto his cock by stroking him off, and I see a smile widen across his face as he closes his eyes. He was pretty easygoing about fucking another man considering he was just saying a few moments earlier that he wasn’t gay. I take the rest of rus escort the lube and stick two fingers up my asshole to get it in there and slicken my insides. I take off my shirt too just so we can both get completely naked. He seemed surprised to see that I was kind of fit, too. Of course, my build didn’t come close to his, but I liked to think I had an outline of a 6-pack on my stomach. I waddle with my knees on top of him and align my hole with the tip of his cock. “You ready?” I tease him. Chase nods vigorously. I slowly shift my weight and sit on his cock. His rod was so fucking thick, it takes a little bit of effort to get the head past my entrance point. After a bit of wiggling, I start to sink deeper and deeper onto his meaty shaft. He groans in audible pleasure. “Oh, fuck!” he exclaims. Inch by inch, I let his cock go deeper up my hole. It hurt like a fucking bitch, I don’t think I had ever taken a cock as thick as Chase’s before. I felt it stretching my hole beyond proportion. Thank God I didn’t go easy on the lube. Finally, I let his cock slide deeper and deeper in until the whole length was up my ass. The look on Chase’s face told me all I needed to know. He groaned. “Oh-, oh, I can feel you all over my dick. You’re so fucking tight!” he says in a harsh whisper, looking like he was using all of his willpower not to cum then and there. “We’re just getting started,” I tell him. Slowly, I start pushing myself off his cock, and when only the tip is inside, I slam my whole weight back down, engulfing him whole. I let out a loud moan. It hurt like a fucking bitch! Chase’s eyes were rolling back into his head again. I continue to ride Chase like this, starting off slow but eventually speeding up. His thick cock impaling my asshole hurt a fucking a lot in the beginning, but as the sex continued, his fat prick started hitting spots that felt just right. I put both of my hands on his chest for leverage, and I squeeze his beautiful pecs. I can tell Chase starts to hunger for more now. He puts his hands on my hips and starts thrusting into me himself, burying his cock right into my g-spot with every upward push. We start getting louder. The walls were pretty thin in the dormitories, so I was praying that everyone else was too busy sleeping to hear us. My bed was damp from our sweat. “Oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah,” Chase says, moaning, as he continues to fuck me in a rhythm. My rock hard cock is leaking pre-cum onto his abs. “Faster, fuck me faster, man!” I say to him impatiently. He obliges, and thrusts into my ass even quicker than before. Jesus! This guy knew how to fuck. I was surprised that he was able to go this long without blowing his load. Most of the other horny college guys I had hooked up with before couldn’t last more than 10 minutes without spunking. I could feel myself getting close to climaxing myself, so I decided to change things up before I went past the point of no return. I motion for him to stop, and then I pull off his cock. My ass leaked lube and precum as I unplugged his cock from my hole. I lay flat on my stomach on the bed. “Fuck me man,” I urge him. Without wasting another moment, he flips off the bed and gets in position behind me. He pushes his cock back into my ass, slow at first, then when he gets the full length of his shaft up my ass, he loses all hesitation and starts rawdogging me senseless. I feel my vision go blurry from how fucking good it feels. I can feel him filling me up completely every time he fully buries his dick inside me, and there’s nothing else I want in the world than for him to cum up my ass. He’s pumping up and down, going faster and faster and I can feel his breaths get heavier. “I’m close, I’m so fucking close!” he exclaims. He lays on top of me, and I can feel his sweaty chest and abs make contact with my back as he drills his cock up in me as fast he can. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming inside you!” I can feel his strokes get long and heavy, until he finally buries his dick as deep as he can and I can feel his balls unloading all his sperm up my asshole. Holy fuck, there’s so much. As soon as he reaches his orgasm he hugs me tightly, clinging his whole body to mine and that’s enough to set me off. We both cum at the same time, and I think it lasted for a whole minute. When he’s done filling my asshole with his seed, he doesn’t move. We lay there like that for a few minutes, with Chase lying down on top of me, panting heavily. There’s a puddle of cum under me on my sheets, too. I can feel the warmth of his body enveloping me, and I remain hard even after I came. “That…that was probably one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had,” he whispers in my ear. Without a hitch, I motion that I want to get up. He pulls his cock back and out of my hole, as I sit up on the bed. I take both of my fingers in my hole and scoop up the load he planted inside me, and put it straight into my mouth. He stares, guffawed. I see that he’s getting hard again. “Let me clean you up,” I tell him as I bend down. I take his half-hard cock back into my mouth and suck off all the leftover semen that’s on his dick. I’m careful not to swallow it, as I scoop up some more of the cum that I blew over on my mattress, and put that in my mouth too. I relish the flavor as I taste both of our seeds mixing in my mouth. I push him by the chest onto the bed so he lays down, and I climb on top of him and kiss him, pushing our combined semen onto his tongue. This time, he doesn’t complain and seems to accept it gratefully. He swallows it without a word, and I stick my tongue back into his mouth as he puts his hand on the back of my head to kiss me passionately. I break off and lie down on his chest. For a few moments, there’s no sound but both of our heavy breaths as we relax from our intense orgasms. “That was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever done,” he says, sounding amazed. I laugh, and he laughs too. I lay back down on his chest as we both drift peacefully into sleep. I just hoped he would be able to focus on his football game tomorrow.

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