A Lucky Break


A Lucky break by Cynthia O. Green I was, what you might call a late bloomer. I grew up in a protected household. Not exposed to boys much. Not really interested in boys until after what happened in this story. I went to a private all girl high school and was more interested in sports and academics than boys. Suddenly, or so it seemed, at sixteen I bloomed. Almost overnight I developed breasts, I mean real breasts. I started having these real weird feelings. I began masturbating. I suddenly began wondering what it would be like to do things with a boy or better yet, have him do things to me. I was feeling all kinds of urges in my body but didn’t know what to do about it A little before my seventeenth birthday my mother announced that she was leaving my father and moving out of state with her boyfriend. My father and I were devastated. Neither one of us had even suspected her of having a boyfriend. We had always been a very close nit family and it was a tremendous loss to me. My father and I became even closer in our shock. Several months later, while riding my bicycle, I fell into the path of a car. My leg was broken in three places. I was rushed to the hospital and they had to insert pins in my shattered bones, which required minor surgery. I spent three days there and was sent home with a full leg cast reaching to within a couple of inches of my groin. My father helped me into the car and informed me that he would engage the services of a nurse to come in to look after me. I was immediately concerned. “I don’t want to have a stranger in the house daddy.” I said. “Why can’t you take care of me? How hard can it be? Besides, nurses cost a lot of money.” He smiled broadly. ”Who is going to help you to the bathroom? Help you with your bath? Help you get dressed? You’re seventeen, nearly a grown up woman now. You need your privacy.” I thought for a moment, turning all the pros and cons over in my mind. “Very simple daddy. We have a large bathroom. I can get there by myself and as long as I keep my leg dry I can bathe myself, everything will be fine. As for dressing, I won’t be going to any dances for the next several weeks, so I won’t Pendik escort bayan need anything but my nightgowns.” It sounded reasonable to me. “Okay baby, we’ll try it and see how it works out.” We lived in a single story house so stairs wouldn’t be a problem and my room was right across from the bathroom. I was quite confident that we would be able to manage. What could go wrong? Arriving at home my father lifted me out of the car and, rather than giving me my crutches, he carried me into the house. I felt so loved by the gesture. “Uh….. Daddy…… I got to go pee.” I whispered in his ear as we entered the house. He immediately detoured to the bathroom where he stood me up in front of the toilet and backed out of the room. I suddenly discovered a problem. The nurse at the hospital had managed to slip my panties on over the cast but there was no way I could get them down and still sit down. “Daddy!” I screamed. “Help!” My father rushed in, took one look at my nightgown bunched up in my arms, glanced down at my yellow panties, half pulled down against the cast and understood the situation. Reaching into the medicine cabinet he retrieved a pair of scissors. Kneeling down he carefully snipped the panties in two places and began pulling the remnants away from my body. I heard a tiny gasp as he saw for the first time his virgin daughter’s vagina a mere six or seven inches from his face. My face was red with embarrassment as I felt his fingertips brush across my curly blonde pubic hair as he tugged at my panties. It seemed there was no end to my embarrassment, because, with my leg so straight I couldn’t sit on the toilet without being spread out wide and I needed help to even sit down. My father tried his best to look everywhere but at his daughter’s naked pussy and her predicament. After several minutes of humiliation I was able to relieve myself and my father helped me to my bed. I breathed a sigh of relief. My leg ached and I found sleep eluding me, but eventually drifted off. I awoke some time later in the throes of a nightmare where a monster was chewing my leg off. “Daddy! Daddy!” Escort Beykoz I screamed. Then he was holding me in his strong arms and patting my cheek. “Oh daddy, my leg hurts so bad! Make it go away!” My dad brought me a pain pill. Still I clung to him. “Can I sleep with you tonight daddy?” I pleaded. “I don’t want to stay here.” “Sure you can baby,” he whispered as he gently picked me up and carried me to his big bed. I snuggled in his arms, safe at last, and slowly drifted off to sleep. Next morning, after being taken to the bathroom I hobbled back to his bed and tried to ignore my father’s looks. Finally he inquired if I was planning on staying where I was. “Yes daddy.” I said rather meekly. “Your bed is more comfortable.” All I got was a chuckle in response. Things didn’t get any better that day. I tried to go to the bathroom by myself, with disastrous results. Trying to maneuver myself onto the toilet, I slipped and fell then found that I couldn’t get up and my father had to rescue me, luckily, he hadn’t left for work. Now I was totally dependent on him but he took it all with good graces, however, I did notice his eyes seemed to find their way to my bare pussy whenever he did help me. Also I noticed a large bulge in the front of his pants at the same time. Was my father getting turned on by my nakedness? Then came the day I had dreaded for several days. Bath time. My father had placed a board across the tub for me to rest my cast on while the rest of my body was in the water. The only problem was getting in, getting out, making sure my leg didn’t fall into the water. My father ran the water in the tub, helped me into the bathroom, slid the nightgown over my head and stood transfixed, gazing at my breasts for the first time. He let out a groan and I glanced down at his crotch. The bulge was back and bigger than ever. I felt a tiny shiver of something in my own groin. All of a sudden I was having strange thoughts about my father. Wondering what he would look like naked as I watched the bulge grow larger. My thoughts were interrupted by my father picking me up and swinging me over the tub. Cevizli escort As he lowered me into the water I could feel his warm breath on my breast. A tingle of desire shot through my nipples, almost painful in its intensity. I wasn’t sure just what was happening but suddenly I wondered what it would be like to feel his lips on my hard nipple. I squirmed around in the tub as best I could, keeping in mind that I had to hold on to the sides to keep my leg elevated. My father began shampooing my hair. I was acutely aware of his bulging crotch only inches from my face, as he stood over me. I also knew that he had a perfect view of my breasts and my pussy. Somehow I wasn’t as embarrassed as I had been a few days before. I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy the shampooing. Finally he rinsed my hair and I tensed, knowing what was coming next. Kneeling beside me, he began to wash my free foot. I kept my eyes closed feeling all manner of sensations rolling through my body. Slowly the soapy washcloth made it’s way up my leg. My mind was in turmoil as it got closer and closer to my pussy. Then, to my surprise, disappointment? It jumped to my arms, soaping up and down each one. Slowly I let out my pent up breath, just in time to gasp sharply as the washcloth slid over my breast. “I’m sorry Cynthia,” my father whispered. “Did I hurt you?” I tried valiantly to control my fluttering heart. “No daddy.” I stammered. “It’s okay.” Instead I wanted to scream at him that it wasn’t okay. That no one had ever touched me on the breast before. That I was feeling things that I wasn’t supposed to be feeling. Thinking thoughts that I wasn’t supposed to be thinking. Then the washcloth slid over my other breast and I couldn’t suppress a tiny moan. I opened my eyes and glance down at my father’s hand that was holding the washcloth, it was trembling visibly. “He’s as turned on by this as I am.” I thought to myself. I closed my eyes again as the hand, it was no longer a washcloth, but a hand holding a washcloth, moved slowly downward over my tummy, slowly, steadily, lower toward my mound. My mind was traveling at warp speed. Heart pounding. Steeling myself for that moment. It slid over my clit! “Oh god!” I moaned as my arms and legs trembled uncontrollably. “Oh god daddy! Oh! Oh! Oh please! Please!” I couldn’t breathe. My tummy was convulsing. Then the washcloth disappeared and in its place was my father’s fingers, rubbing, pinching and stroking.

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