A Lucky Case of Despiration


A Lucky Case of Desperation

The lecturer kept going on and on, why drinking and driving was bad, how to adjust your mirrors, blah blah blah. Sandy was there because she had gotten a speeding ticket, and it was either this, or points on her license and a big insurance bill. Besides being hot and bored in the stuffy room, Sandy had an increasing need to pee, and the group had been told that leaving the room for any reason would mean having to sit through it again. She noticed that the girl next to her was squirming in her seat, she must need to go too.

Finally, the instructor announced a ten-minute break , and the girls made a dash for the restroom. It didn’t have a stall, just a stainless-steel toilet sitting in the open and a dirty urinal. Sandy was first through the door and was already dropping her pants as the other girl locked the door behind them.

“I’ll be quick as I can, hope you can hold it that long.”

“I don’t think I’ll make it, I’ll use the urinal.”

The thought of using a urinal to pee in had never occurred to Sandy and she twisted her head to see how it could be done. With her pants around her ankles the girl bent her knees and held her pussy lips apart. With a relieved sigh, a stream of piss hit the porcelain. Sandy was so intent on watching she wasn’t peeing herself, at first fascinated watching the yellow flow, then shocked as the girl licked her fingers before pulling her pants up. Only then did Sandy release her bladder, in the small room the sound of it seemed to echo in her ears. When she wiped herself, her fingers got wet, the thought of tasting them went through her mind before she grabbed more paper instead.

“Hey” the other girl said. “You really went for a long time there; bet you feel better now. My names June, what’s yours?”

“Sandy. Have you used a urinal before? I never have.”

“Just once, I’ll have to tell you about it but we better get back before we’re late.”

At 3:00 it was over, outside they lit up cigarettes and June asked Sandy if she wanted to go get a beer.

“I would, but left my money at the house.”

“No problem, I got a rack at my place. How about that, It’s just a short walk.”

“Thanks, after listening to that idiot in a hot room for six fucking hours I need a brew.”

June’s apartment was on the second floor of a small complex, the window ac was having a hard time keeping up with the heat from the roof. June put two beers on the kitchen table before hanging her blouse over the chair back.

“It’ll get even hotter in here before the sun goes down, if you’re comfortable in just a bra, go for it.”

Sandy stripped off her tee and checked out June’s tits as she took her first slug of beer. The bra looked too small for the heavy breasts, the fabric stretched tight making the dark nipples poke out at her. She was always disappointed she didn’t have more on top, she filled out a B cup but that was it.

“Okay, I’m curious, tell me about using the urinal.”

“It was a few years back, my boyfriend at the time and I were drinking at a club, and we both needed to pee. Anyway, I decided to follow him into the mens, we were sorta buzzed and making out a bit, and when his cock came out I asked if I could hold it while he went. It was cool, waving it around, and he was starting to get hard and his piss went up in the air and I was making a mess with it. Then he said it was my turn, and I had to pee standing. So, like I said, I was drunk and needed to go so I did it. He had to hold me up and I got pee all over my pants and I was laughing, and he said let’s go home and fuck.”

“After that he wanted me to hold his dick while he pissed all the time, and when I went, he’d put his hand between my legs then lick his fingers.”

“Wow, cool story. I saw you lick your fingers in the bathroom, you must have gotten into it too.”

“I don’t even remember doing it today, but yeah, I like it. Haven’t you tasted yours?”

“No, but you have me curious. Someday I might try”.

Two beers later and both girls had removed their bras and Sandy’s bladder was talking to her again.”

“I need to use your bathroom, be right back.”

“So, how about it? Are you going to taste your pee? There’s no time like the present.”

“Not this time, it would be sort of weird.”

“Girl, I am all about the weird, come on let me show you there’s nothing to it.”

June grabbed Sandy by the hand and led her to the toilet.

Now sit and spread your legs, don’t be shy, we’ve both seen pussies before. I’m going to put my hand in there and you give it a squirt, okay.”

Sandy wasn’t sure about all this, but did as asked. When she felt a hand cup her sex she pushed and soaked Junes fingers for a second. June stuck her fingers in her mouth and happily licked the piss off them.

“That was good, I never tasted another woman’s pee before. Now just do it again on your hand.”

Sandy reached down and her clit jumped as a fingernail brushed it, she hadn’t realized she was getting so excited. Taking a deep breath she pushed her labia aside and felt piss run off her fingers and into her ass crack. Determined to go through with it she looked June in the eye and stuck as much of her hand into her mouth as she could. As she licked her other hand crept up and squeezed a nipple, was she really enjoying it that much? The taste wasn’t unpleasant, and the act was erotic.

“I see why you like it, it felt really intimate. I thought it would make me feel dirty, but it didn’t.

June took her place on the toilet.

“If you want you can taste mine. You’re new to this, if you don’t want to I won’t be upset.”

Sandy looked at the tight curls of Junes pubic hair, the ones closest to the slip glistened. Leaning over she cupped the mound and waited. June looked at Sandy’s breasts, inches from her face, nipples standing proud. Leaning forward she was able to suck on one as she let her piss flow, only releasing the tit when she was done. Sandy stood up and was only a little tentative about tasting the piss on her hand, It seemed stronger than her own, and she wanted more, she rubbed Junes wet pubes to get another taste of it.

“My god, I can’t believe I just did that! I’m not a, I mean, I have boyfriend and all, but that really got me hot. God, I need a beer.”

In the kitchen June asked Sandy to tell her about her boyfriend.

“Scott’s a great guy, we met last year. He works on software for….”

“Girl, that’s not what I meant! Tell me the good stuff, tell me about the sex, tell me about his dick! It’s been months since I’ve seen one!”

“If that’s what you want to hear you better get me another beer. You would love his dick. He has a genuine 8 incher, and he knows how to use it. First time we did it I walked funny the next day; you know the feeling? Hold on a bursa üniversiteli escort sec, I’m going to pull my shorts down again, I’m going to need to give myself some relief as I talk about this, you probably will too.”

“Anyway, for being that long he’s not too fat. If you’ve ever deepthroated a guy, you know what I mean. I like to lay on my back stretch my neck, he’ll go almost all the way out and then slide it back in smooth as silk, and I never gag. It’s also great for anal. Nothing says this is good sex better than when a man’s hips slams into your ass cheeks as he plows your backside, am I right? I usually cum at least three times before he busts his nut, and an hour later we’re back at it again.”

June’s hands had been working her cunt and kneading her tits as she listened to the lusty de***********ions. She wiggled her fingers in front of Sandy’s face, pussy juice sticking between them.

“See what you made me do? Damn, now I need a shower to clean up and cool down. I bet you do to, you were really into it.”

Sandy grinned. Besides wanting to cool off, she had been wanting to see June naked, naked and wet in the shower would be even better.

“Let’s get cleaned up and go to my place, you’ll meet Scott, we can get some Chinese and hang out.

They got in a shower together and ran the water warm. June squeezed body wash onto coarse clothes. Sandy quickly worked scrubbing from Junes shoulders to the crack of her beautiful ass.

“Bend over and spread your cheeks, I want to make sure I get everything nice and clean.”

Junes ass was round and firm, and Sandy worked the soapy rag up and down the crack, pushing it into the crinkled asshole before soaping it up again and cleaning the pubic mound.

“Your ass is fantastic, Scott will love it. I don’t mind sharing him with you until you find someone, as long as the only pussy he gets is mine.”

“That’s very cool of you, especially as we just met. Before I wash you, I need to piss again. Are you okay with being peed on? My boyfriend and I peed on each other in the shower all the time.”

“It’s different, but sure. What should I do?”

“Kneel down and tilt your head back for me.”

June positioned her cunt so it was a foot from Sandy’s face. The piss that fell on Sandy was just warmer than the shower water. She rotated her head under the spray and opened her mouth to it. Piss was in her eyes and nose, and when she swallowed, she could feel it’s warmth in her belly. She slowly fingered herself until her friend ran dry.

“Wow, I see why you like it, it’s being totally saturated in sex. Scott is in for a few surprises tonight. It’s your turn now ,my bladder’s about to give out.”

June got on the knees, and when the pee started to flow, she reached around Sandy’s ass and pulled her cunt hard against her mouth. After drinking a few mouthfuls of piss, she leaned back and rubbed her tits and belly with the yellow nectar.

Standing, they kissed and fingered each other’s cunt, in seconds both were cumming hard.

“That was beautiful June, I can’t wait to try in again. I like to get home before Scott, let’s hurry and get clean and dressed. I’ll have to put my sweaty shirt back on, but if you have something that shows off your tits, wear it.

Dry and dressed Sandy ordered ahead for the food. As they walked to Sandy’s car June looked fantastic in a pink halter top that pushed her breasts out and allowed for a little wiggling.

The drive was short, they picked up the food at the Chinese place and made it home with twenty minutes to spare. The food containers went in a warm oven, Sandy changed into a shear top with no bra, and the girls drank and made a plan to surprise Scott when he got home.

“He always needs to pee after the first few beers, when he heads for the bathroom I’ll tell him I have something special for him and he should close his eyes. When I lead him to the toilet, you follow quietly, from there we’ll play it by ear.”

Scott dropped his backpack by the door and in the living room kissed Sandy. She introduced June as a friend from the driver safety class who she invited over for dinner. They girls talked about the class and what a joke it was, and how they hit it off and spent the afternoon at June’s place. It wasn’t too long before Scott said: ‘Be right back’ and started to walk down the hallway.

“Wait a sec Scott, I have a sort of surprise, be a dear and close your eyes while I take you to it.”

Sandy took his hand and led him to the bathroom. When he was in position, she undid his pants and pulled his clothing to the floor. Even flaccid, June was impressed by his size. Sandy grasped his shaft and aimed him into the bowl.

“I know this is something different, but I want to hold you while you’re pissing. Now don’t open your eyes and don’t go to fast at first, I need to aim it.”

Scott thought it was a silly surprise but went along with it and slowly released the hold on his bladder. Sandy felt it as piss started running through his dick, slightly enlarging his urethra. Giggling she leaned in and whispered to him: “How would you like to bury this thing in a nice tight asshole tonight?”

“Baby, you know I love fucking your ass, but why did you ask that way?”

“I said ‘a’ tight asshole, not ‘my’ tight asshole.”

With that Scott’s eyes popped open to see June standing by his side.”

“June has been without a boyfriend for a while, and I’m okay with you two hooking up as long as I’m there, and you don’t do anything but anal and oral, mine is the only pussy you get. When I was at her place she talked about how she liked holding her ex-boyfriends dick while he pissed, that’s how we wound up here, with me holding your cock. Isn’t it cool, me helping you pee. My cunt got wet just from doing it.”

“You probably have questions, if it’s okay with you let’s go eat and I’ll explain.”

Over food Sandy described most of what had happened that afternoon, as she talked Scott looked back and forth, first at his girlfriend who was being so open, and at her new friend with the big smile and even bigger tits that he was having a hard time not staring at.”

“So after we showered I told her to put on her sexiest top and we came here. Are you okay?”

“I’m a little confused. You saw her peeing at the class, and then you went to her place, drank beer and pissed some more, then you both got all horny and wet talking about my dick, so you showered together and pissed again, then finished off by fingering each other before ordering Chinese and coming here. Did I miss anything?’

“That’s about it. The pissing was fun, and she’s dick starved, and I figured you’d be okay with it. It’s just till she finds someone, and in the meantime look at those tits!’ I walked behind her and tugged escort bayan the bow open, sliding it off I lifted her breasts and pointed them at him. “And her ass is even nicer.”

A guy is a guy is a guy, and what guy is going to say no when his girlfriend is saying yes.

Sandy walked over to him opening her shirt on the way.

With his face pushed into her cleavage she asked if he was ready. The bulge in his pants said he was.

In the bedroom the few clothes they had on came off and were tossed in a pile in the corner. Sandy took lube out of the bedside table and motioned for June to get on the bed. Knowing what she was going to get, June got on hands and knees and pointed her ass in the air.

“Scott, before you can have her, I want her first. Be a dear and hold those beautiful cheeks open for me, I’ve been wanting to do this to her since we showered.”

He pulled her wide and Sandy planted a kiss on the brown puckered hole before covering it with lube and pushing a finger past the sphincter and into the warmth beyond it. Despite the tightness, her finger slipped back and forth easily. Sandy enjoyed ass play, but Scott was reluctant to let her play with his. The muscular ring clenched and relaxed as she probed it, more lube was added, and a second finger joined the first. When June was moaning and pushing back against her hand she reluctantly withdrew and looked at Scott who was slowly stroking himself.

“I’m going to watch as you fuck her ass. June, move over for a second and let me lie down under you. That way while he’s pounding you, I can play with your cunt.” When the girls were set, Scott placed his lubricated cock in position and pushed. From her position, Sandy was in a perfect spot to see the crinkled hole expand until the head passed, and like a pink log, the rest of him slowly disappeared up her poop chute. She shoved fingers into the gaping cunt and felt for the g-spot, thrilled at being able to feel her boyfriend’s cock through the thin membrane separating vagina and rectum.

June was loving the exquisite sensations she was receiving from both holes. When her friends had gotten into a rhythm, she lowered her head to Sandy’s cunt. The lips were open, swollen and red. She touched the clit with her tongue before snaking it down and into the vagina. She wanted to lick and suck Sandy to orgasm, but the pleasure she was receiving made it hard to concentrate on the task. It was only minutes before she came, she could feel juice dripping out of her pussy and knew it must be falling on Sandy’s upturned face. Scott’s cock continued fucking her, when his thrusts became harder, she pushed back against him as best she could.

Sandy indeed was getting her face washed with pussy juice, raising her head she licked a few drops that clung to the meaty lips before sealing her mouth around June’s clit. It was much longer than her own, she was able to bob up and down on it like a small penis as she sucked.

The sensations from being fucked and sucked was more than June had ever experienced, more than she was ready for. Her second orgasm was stronger than the first, contractions that ripped through her abdomen. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she peed a few spurts as she came.

Scott had been trying to hold back, besides wanting the fuck to last, he was a little worried he’d be too rough. As he felt the second orgasm ripping through June, he gave up on being gentle, he grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back as he thrust, harder and faster, her ass slapping his thighs. As he came, he lifted and ground his hips against her. Empty, spent in more ways than one, he rolled to the side and lay panting.

Sandy watched the end of their fuck in awe, above her head June’s stretched asshole was leaking a stream of cum.

June rolled to the side and draped her arm around Sandy’s waist. “I had a wonderful cum, I was trying to please you at the same time, but I lost my concentration.”

“I understand, he feels real good in your ass, doesn’t he? Maybe one of you could help me, I really need to cum.”

June kissed her: “I want to. Do you have a vibrator or electric toothbrush I can use?”

“The vibrator is in the drawer there but needs batteries. Is an electric toothbrush any good?”

“They’re great, you’ll see. Scott, will you get it?”

When Scott returned, the girls had changed position, with June kneeling by the bed with Sandy’s legs over her shoulders. The dead vibrator was buried in Sandy’s ass and June’s fingers were in her cunt. The toothbrush sounded like an angry hornet as it was pressed to Sandy’s clit. As worked up as Sandy was, her orgasm was instantaneous. When it was over June’s hand was soaked to the wrist with tasty lady cum and Sandy lay back panting.

After she had a chance to recover, they all sat on the patio naked to smoke and have a drink.

Scott asked Sandy about pissing with June. “So first you tasted yours, then hers, then in the shower drank piss by the mouthful?”

“I can hardly believe it myself, but yeah, that’s what we did. The taste is a little salty, not unpleasant at all. Before she actually started peeing, I thought it would feel like she was being nasty, getting me dirty and all. But it was the opposite, she was giving me this gift that got me super-hot. Now I can’t wait to taste yours. If you’re ready we’ll go to the shower and you’ll see.

Sandy put a towel down, knelt in front of Scott, and leaned back into June’s belly. Scott asked if there was anything special he should do.

June told him: “It’s best if you don’t go too fast, you want it to last. I like to get my hair soaked first, then feel it move over my face, down to my tits, then back to my face, but just have fun, okay?”

Scott stepped close and held his dick with his fingertips. In a few seconds warm yellow rain began to splash against Sandy’s face. Controlling the flow as best he could he soaked his girlfriend. Sandy turned her head side to side, tongue extended to pick the nectar out of the air. As her mouth filled, she savored every drop she could before swallowing. What ran down her chin was rubbed into her tits. Before he finished, she leaned forward to take the tip of his cock into her mouth and suck hard, lips sliding down his shaft as his last drops hit her throat. Releasing him, she allowed herself to be helped up and kissed Scott deeply so he could taste himself.

Scott was amazed at the reaction his peeing had produced in both of them. Before he was halfway done he felt his cock beginning to stir, the smell of piss heavy in the air made his legs weak. When Sandy asked, he was more than ready to let her return the favor. He got in position, Sandy pulled her lower lips apart he could see her open pee hole beneath her clit pointing at him. He kept his eyes open as she let loose, once escort bursa she got her aim under control piss splashed on his lips. Tentatively, he stuck his tongue out, when he found he wasn’t repulsed he opened and let a mouthful of pee roll down his throat. As soon as Sandy finished, June took her place. She wasn’t gentle, pushing her bladder hard to produce a stream that blasted into Scott’s face, he just managed to swallow a few mouthfuls without gagging. When it was over, his cock was sticking straight out, it’s entire 8 inches dripping wet.

They all rinsed off and jumped back on the bed. Sandy squatted over Scott and guided his cock into her cunt. Grinding circles on his hips, she crushed his hands to her tits and rode him cowgirl style. June lay next to them, knees up to her chest working the dead vibrator in and out of her pussy as she watched them fuck. Scott had great staying power, his girlfriend came three times before he finally released her seed into her, and she collapsed on his chest.

June ran her fingertips over the spent member and said: “Tomorrow you need to show me how you deepthroat this monster. I’ve tried doing it a few times, but can’t keep from gagging.

In the morning they were a confused tangle of arms and legs. Sandy woke first, the sight of her boyfriend fast asleep on his back with one leg over June’s hips made her smile. His position had his ass spread apart, the brown hole of his shitter surrounded by hair. It looked very sexy, when she ran her fingers across it, he stirred but didn’t wake. Feeling very naughty, she coated her index finger with lube and had pushed it into his shitter before he knew it.

“Hey what are you doing? I’m not gay you know!”

“I know you’re not, just relax will you. You say you don’t like it, but I see your dick getting hard, let me have a little fun.”

Scott’s resistance to being fingered faded as Sandy’s finger massaged his prostrate. He had to shift positions to free his hardening cock that got trapped against the mattress. His moving caused June to rouse, Rubbing the sleep from her eyes she slid around to watch the anal fingering, pulling apart Scott’s cheeks and resting her chin on the small of his back.

“He looks like he’s getting into that, what about giving him something bigger like your vibrator? It felt good in my pussy last night.”

“No way, I admit the finger feels good but not the vibrator, the damn thing looks like a cock.”

Indeed, the vibrator was realistic, an ebony phallus with a wide head and veins on the shaft. The outer cover was soft over a plastic core making it feel like the real thing.

Sandy got a second finger slick and pushed it in alongside the first.

“See how easily I did that honey; you didn’t complain at all. Now if you let us try the fake dick, I’ll give you a blow job before breakfast. If it’s too much for you, we’ll stop.”

Scott was enjoying being fingered more than he was ready to admit and didn’t want to seem too eager about trying to take a dildo up his ass


“OK, you know how much I love your blowjobs. You can put it in but just for a minute.”

“Get on your back and pull your legs up, that will make it easier.” Sandy covered the toy with lube and pressed the head to Scott’s hole and twisted it. When he seemed ready she pushed harder and continued twisting back and forth. Both girls watched his virgin asshole expand until the rubber glans popped past it.

Scott was concentrating on the pressure and trying not to tense up. Once he got used to having the tip in his butt, he told the girls to continue slowly. Back and forth, deeper each time, until the fake balls came to rest on his ass. He was a little uncomfortable, but the precum that dripped onto his belly told the story of his excitement. After a minute of working the entire length back and forth Sandy removed the toy.

“I see that got you ready for some head. I told June I’d deep throat you so she could see how I do it.” She lay on the bed with her head hanging over the edge. When Scott knelt before her, his dick was even with her mouth. He let half his dick slip in, he knew she needed a second to coat it with saliva. Only then did he continue. Tighter than pussy or ass, Scott and June could see her throat expand to accompany his girth. With slow strokes he fucked her mouth until June stopped him, saying she was ready to try it.

From her new position the first thing June noticed was how different the view was, the swaying ball sack was directly in front of her and she needed to look up to see the underside of the cock with it’s veins and prominent urethra. Reminding herself to breath through her nose, she let her mouth fall open to accept his penis. She had to stretch her lips to let him enter, she started wondering if this was a good idea, but she was determined to give it her best shot. Over and over Scott pushed his cock to the back of her mouth, withdrawing when she started gagging on it. Eventually he was able to go deeper and stay longer until her nose was pressed into his pubic hair and she able to breathe fairly easily. He didn’t try to delay his orgasm this time, Sandy had told him the position could get to be uncomfortable. When it was time he pulled out, the first blast of cum escaped while he was still in her mouth, the rest of his load cleared her face and landed on those jumbo tits.

Sandy congratulated her friend and helped her out by licking the puddles of cum off her chest.

Since it was Saturday, they decided to just loaf around the house, only going out to get the groceries for a barbecue.

Again they crowded into the shower, none of them was very full but they all emptied their bladders before turning the water on. Sandy went first, holding her lower lips open she peed straight down June’s throat. June had learned how to hold it open and the warm piss rolled off her tongue and into her stomach without swallowing.

Sandy wanted to learn how to do the trick. After some instruction, she was getting the hang of it before June ran dry.

Scott had been standing back, idly playing with himself as he watched the women anointing each other. When it was his turn both women knelt before him, and he went back and forth with his stream until he was empty and they were happily licking at each other’s tits.

15 minutes later they were in the kitchen drinking coffee and getting a shopping list together. The girls would go to Junes apartment for a few changes of clothes and then get the groceries. Scott said he would do a quick cleaning while they were gone, then made a phone call, inviting someone to come over for dinner.

“That was my friend Tom from work, he’s a cool guy, good looking I guess, but really shy. A few months ago, I caught him in his office looking at porn on his phone. He was a bit embarrassed but was able to laugh and show me what he was looking at. It was a guy on his back with a naked chick pissing on him.

I wrote this pretty quickly but think it came out well. Let me know if you liked it, and if you’d like to find out what happens at the barbecue.

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