A Married Mother Tastes Life On The Other Side

A Married Mother Tastes Life On The Other SideA Married Mother Tastes Life On The Other SideThis story is another example of my secret lesbian lifestyle that I have now beeninvolved in for the past 6 years. Still to this day my husband doesn’t know that Ihave been having an affair with another woman, our real estate agent and mybest friend. This has been the best 6 years of my life both physically andmentally. Up until now I had only ever been with one woman Jillian. But thatchanged on a business trip to Sydney recently.I live on the Gold Coast in Australia and work for a large multi national companyas a secretary for a senior employee. This year the company was holding itsnational end of year awards in Sydney and for the first time all of the staff wasinvited. All the airfares and accommodation was paid for. This was fantastic. Itmeant that I would get a chance to meet with all the other girls that I deal witharound the country and put a face to the names.We arrived on the Saturday morning. Most of the flights arrived about the sametime and we were picked up by bus and taken to our hotel in the city. On the buswere 3 girls that I have regular contact with, Shelly, Julie & Sharon. We talkedour heads off all the way to the hotel.Once there we were allocated out rooms with our room mates. I ended up withJoyce a middle aged woman from Sydney. We have had brief contact over thelast few years but really didn’t know much about each other. She was anattractive woman around the same height as me and looked to be around 65 oddkilos. A size 12 to 14 I would dare think.We went to our rooms and unpacked. I told Joyce my life story (leaving out mysecret side of course) and she told me hers. She is married but has beenseparated for 2 years and has 2 boys. A 9yo and a 12yo. Her husband had runoff with another woman. So I asked her if she was on the prowl tonight, and shesaid “if I get lucky you might have to bunk in with one of the other girls”The three girls Joyce and I hung around for the morning and ended up at DarlingHarbour for lunch. We all got on like a house on fire. Evan Joyce was comfortablewith us “younger girls”.As we were getting ready to go out that night I just stripped off and headed forthe shower. I’m very casual around woman now and I didn’t really care if Ioffended Joyce or not. I don’t think she cared too much because after her showershe came out with a towel wrapped around her, then she dropped the towel andproceeded to get dressed in front of me.As suspected a full figure woman, full breasts, wide hips with love handles a thinstrip of pubic hair and a few extra kilos around the mid section. The only thingthat didn’t match her body was her killer legs, they were outstanding. All in allstill a very tidy package. I myself at 35 am still reasonably taut and terrific at52kg with my average boobs still firm and I tight ass to die for. We were bothlooking very sexy in our outfits ready to party.That night we were bussed to the venue and all of us had a blast and eventuallyended up in a bar in the city close to our hotel. We were all pretty drunk by thenwhen Sharon came running over to the table and asked all of us if we wanted togo to the nightclub around the corner with the three guys she met at the bar.Shelly and Julie jumped at the chance. I was not really interested and Joyce saidshe didn’t want to spoil the younger ones night by tagging along. So Joyce and Istayed there and had a couple more drinks then went back to the hotel.As we were getting ready for bed I was heading for the bathroom in myunderwear and Joyce was sitting on the edge of the bed dressed in a t-shirt andcotton knickers, with tears welling up in her eyes as she started to cry. I satdown next to her and asked what was wrong. She said to me she hated men.Every man she talked to tonight was either married or not interested. She saideven if she went naked tonight still no man would have noticed her.I told her that was nonsense. “Any man would die to be with you” I said “You’regorgeous and funny and beautiful and someone would come along soon andsweep you off your feet”. I told her that just about all of the guys there tonightweren’t that good anyway, because the other girls left without any of them intow. This seemed to help put a little smile on her face and Joyce gave me a littlehug and said thank you.She crawled into bed as I went to the bathroom. By the time I came out naked (Ialways sleep without cloths) Joyce was staring at the ceiling with this lost look onher face. I told her that everything in the morning would be better and to try toget a good nights sleep. She looked over at me and said she would try.I turned out the lights and got into bed. I shuffled around for a few minutes toget comfortable and then I heard Joyce starting iskenderun escort to sob like a sad puppy. Thiswent on for a couple of minutes before I had to do something to help her overthis dilemma.I turned the lamp on and got out of my bed and crawled into Joyce’s and cuddledup behind her. I started to stroke her hair and tell her that everything was goingto be alright. Joyce started to calm down and her light sobbing and tears reducedto a faint whimper. Joyce rolled over onto her back and looked up at me and said”thank you for understanding and being a good friend”.She then reached up and gave me a kiss to say thank you. I dragged the kiss outas long as I could and then gave her a few shorter kisses for good measure. As Ibroke away from the last kiss I looked at her with lust in my eyes. She was juststaring at me with this slightly confused look on her face. I knew right then andthere that this was my chance.I leaned down and slowly started to kiss Joyce tenderly on the mouth. After afew seconds and feeling no hesitation from her I parted my lips and let mytongue slip out and press lightly against her lips. I was excited to feel Joyce’s lipsslightly open up to accept my probing tongue.Suddenly Joyce tensed up and pulled away looking up at me and said “I don’tthink I can do this Amanda”. I leaned down and started to place very light kisseson her forehead and cheeks and said to her “You have no faith in men anymoreJoyce, just relax and let me show what life is like on the other side of the fence.”With that said I leaned in again and placed a slightly harder kiss on her lips andlet my tongue slip straight into her mouth. I could feel her pulling away again, soI drove my tongue deeper into her mouth and really gave her a lust filled kissthat would be hard to resist. I then felt her body start to relax and she started torespond to my kiss.After about 10 seconds of a very passionate kiss she broke away again andturned her head to the side. This exposed her neck and ear to me. I could senseshe was about to call the whole thing quits and get up. I couldn’t let this happenand I dove in and started to attack her ear and neck. I heard her say “Amanda”in a tone of voice that you would use if you where telling your k**s to stop doingsomething. Just as I sucked her earlobe into my mouth and lightly chewed on it Iheard her let out a large sigh as if she was giving up and letting me have myway.Suddenly the green light appeared in my head and I just took off. I kissed, lickedand chewed her ear and neck like it was my last meal. I could feel Joyce’s chestrising and falling as she was taking in the big breaths.With my left arm d****d over her and my hand resting on the bed, I began toslide it up her torso and cupped her breast. Joyce then had a sudden intake ofbreath and turned her head towards me. Her eyes were wide open and she had alook a shock on her face. Before she had a chance to say anything I stuffed mytongue into her mouth and gave her the deepest and wettest kiss I think she hasever had.My left hand went back to caressing her breast and I knew from that moment onthere was no turning back for her. I could feel her nipple starting to react to mytouch and she was starting to kiss me back with as much passion as I was givingher.I released her nipple and slid my hand up inside her t-shirt to touch the nakedskin of her breast and she let out a large sigh as if all her worries were leavingher. At this stage my nipples were rock hard and my pussy was soaking wet withexcitement.This was a huge turn on for me. I managed to seduce another woman a motherof 42 of all things. I remembered what it was like when Jillian seduced me for thefirst time and how excited I was. It changed my life forever. Now it was my turnto change somebody else’s life (for the better I hope).I began to push up Joyce’s t-shirt to expose her breasts so I could get to herprotruding nipples and I felt her right hand helping me with the task. Her lefthand was now caressing my back. I raised my left leg and slipped it across hergroin as I ground my crouch into her hips, and started to slow hump her leg likea dog on heat.I broke our deep kiss and lent down to take her nipple into my waiting mouth.There is something to be said about sucking a woman’s nipple that has givenbirth. They were huge. Much bigger than Jillian’s and she’s not slouch in thatdepartment. Thinking that she proberly breast feed her c***dren on these mademe tingle with joy and sent another flood of juices to my already soaked pussy.I let my left hand slid down her stomach feeling her soft full figure under mytouch. It was a nice feeling to have not such a firm body next to mine. A nicemiddle age spread in all the right places to cuddle up to.I ran my hand further iskenderun escort bayan down until I was sliding it over the outside of her knickers,feeling the heat from her pussy. Joyce’s natural instinct was to part her leg togive me access. She parted them slightly at first, still apprehensive, but once myfingers brushed over her lips the doorway to greater treasures was open forpleasure.I released her nipple from my mouth and returned to kissing her deeply. Joyce’sbody was starting to move around under my touch. As my fingers were makingslow circles over her pussy I could feel her knickers gathering up in her crotch. Ibegan to push the loose material into her wet pussy. It felt like I was fingerfucking her with cotton gloves on. The more she moved around the morematerial gathered up. It felt like I was pushing all of her panties into her.Her moaning told me she was well and truly into what was happening, so it wastime to make my move south down her body, kissing all the soft spots on theway. I sat up and knelt between her legs and slowly pulled her undies offexposing her deeply red swollen pussy.I raised her knickers to my face and breathed in her musky fragrance. I thenexposed the crotch that was wet with her juices and looked into Joyce’s eyes.She was staring at me not knowing what was going to happen. I placed mytongue onto the material and started to lick the crotch as if it was a lollypop.Then I opened my mouth and pushed in her panties sucking them like notomorrow.I was looking and Joyce the whole time and watched her face change from theloving mother look to this unleashed bitch on heat. Her hands had moved up tocup her breasts and pinch her nipples as she watched me devour her cum soakedpanties.I leaned forward and removed her knickers from my mouth and gave her a deepkiss allowing her to taste her cum on my tongue. As we kissed I brought herknickers to our mouths and slowly inserted them into our kissing frenzy. Joycewas now grunting and moaning louder than before and I was starting to grind mypussy on her pubic bone trying to get a little relief.I broke away from the kiss leaving Joyce to feast on her panties and slid downand started to lick up her inner thighs. As I licked over her pussy lips for the firsttime I felt her hand run over the back of my head gently urging me on. I gentlylicked and probed her pussy feeling every crevice and taste she had to offer. Imoved my hand up and slid her hood back exposing her pulsing clitoris. It waslike a red beacon flashing in the night waiting for someone to put out the fire.As I sucked her clit into my hungry mouth, Joyce’s body suddenly arched up andher hand pushed my head harder against her groin. I sucked and chewed on herlove button just waiting for the explosion. I could hear her really groaning nowand she was staring to become verbal saying “oohhh fuck” “oohhh fuck” over andover. Then suddenly her legs clamped around my head it all went silent as herbody gave up the treasure that I was seeking.Her body started to convulse as her orgasm ripped through her body. My chinwas being soaked by the pussy juices being expelled from her body. I suckedand sucked on her clit and rode the climax wave with Joyce until her bodyflopped back on the bed and the pressure of her hand and legs released my headfrom her pussy.I slowly and gently licked all around her pussy trying to get every little drop ofjuice I could find. As I was cleaning up Joyce’s crotch I felt her reach down andgrab my hand and guide it to her pussy. She began pushing my fingers into herpussy urging me to fuck her again. Wow did I release the b**st in her or what.She had just had a very intense orgasm which would have finished off mostpeople, but she wanted to go again.I put two fingers into her pussy and slowly started to work them around. Thiswas not good enough for Joyce. She reached down again and grabbed my handand pushed the other two fingers into her gapping pussy. This woman knew whatsee wanted now as was not afraid to ask for it.I thought to myself that if she can take 4 then she could handle 5. I pulled mythumb into the palm of my hand and worked my hand in and out until I managedto slip in the fifth digit. I couldn’t believe it, 15 minutes ago Joyce was sobbingthat she was all alone with no one to love her, and here I was virtually fistfucking her to her second orgasm in as much time.Joyce reached down and grabbed her knees and pulled them out and up to herchest exposing herself to me. This allowed her pussy to open up more and myhand seamed to slip in up to my knuckles with ease. I started to drive it in andout at the same time slowly twisting it from side to side. I reached in with myother hand and began the rub over her clit and urethra with my thumb.Joyce’s escort iskenderun body was starting to work with the rhythm of my fist and at one stageshe let out a small squirt of pee and I think she may have passed wind as well. Iknew right them that all her inhibitions had gone out the window and she wasright into the bi-sexual experience.I leaned in and licked and sucked her clit and urethra where her pee had pooledand was rewarded with another squirt. I don’t think she realized that she hadpeed a little at this point. Then suddenly I felt her whole body go limp and myhand slipped further into her. You know when your about 3 seconds away fromorgasm your body relaxes just before you explode. And explode she did. Ithought my hand was going to be broken when Joyce’s muscles clamped aroundit. She closed her legs and her body convulsed squeezing and releasing,squeezing and releasing.I held my hand still while she was going through her orgasm. After about 15seconds or so she let out this long sigh and her legs fell back onto the bed. Joycewas breathing as if she had just run a marathon. I pushed one leg open andslowly pulled my hand out making a popping sound as it exited.I sat there for a minute just taking in the moment. I slowly licked the juices frommy hand as I watched Joyce return to the living. I leaned forward and offeredher 2 fingers which she licked like it was an ice cream. I started to grind mypussy against her pubic bone realizing that I had not got off yet.I got off Joyce and moved around on the bed so that I was sitting pussy to pussywith her. I grabbed one leg and slid it under hers, and pulled her other leg overthe top of mine. I started to move my hips back and forth pushing my pussyagainst hers. I settled into a rhythm pulling her legs hard against me and beganfucking her with a purpose. Our pussies were slapping together making wetsloppy sounds.I moved my hips up and down so my clitoris was sliding over hers humping herhard and fast. I felt Joyce’s hands grab onto my legs pulling me harder againsther. I looked up at her face. I could see her willing me on. Her hips were nowmoving with mine. We were fucking each other hard just waiting for me to getmyself off. I think if there was a dick in between us neither of us would havecared. (maybe next time I can get a double ended dildo to add into the mix)I felt my orgasm building faster and faster harder and harder. Then it hit me. Itfelt like sparks were shooting out of my pussy. I was shaking as the wave ofpleasure ripped through my body. I squirted a small amount of pussy cum overJoyce’s tummy and then collapsed backwards on the bed. My breathing was hardand heavy as small aftershocks were still coursing through me.I looked up at Joyce and watched her as she ran her finger through the juices onher tummy and brought it up to her mouth to taste my offerings. I lay there for afew minutes to recover and then I untangled myself and slid up next to Joyceand gave her a light kiss on the lips. I then said to her “welcome to the otherside”. She looked at me and said “thank you for showing me”.We cleaned ourselves up and then curled up with each other and went to sleep. Iawoke the next morning to find Joyce leaning over me with her fingers runningthrough my thin pubic hair. I parted my legs to give her access and let her fingerme to a wonderful little orgasm. We had a shower together and I got Joyce offwith the remote shower head spraying water directly on her clit.Joyce asked me how I became “interested” in the same sex. I told her that I wasdrawn to the “dark side” in a slightly different situation than what happened lastnight, but I would never swap what happened to me as it made me look at mylife a different way. For the better I might add.We got dressed and went down to breakfast with the other girls. All the girlswere staring at Joyce and Shelly said “it looks like someone had a good time lastnight”. Well I’m not surprised that Shelly asked because, Joyce had a beamingappearance, you know that “I’ve just been fucked and it was great look”. Joyceshot back “it’s amazing what a good nights sleep will do for you” and she justkept right on eating her breakfast. You go girl I thought.When we had finished breakfast we went back to our room to get ready to leave.I looked at my watch then looked at Joyce and said “we have got an hour andhalf before we have to go” and before I had a chance to finish Joyce wasunbuttoning my blouse. I guess she knew what I was going to say.We keep in very regular contact now via e-mail and phone and Joyce is comingup to the Gold coast next month for 4 days R&R without her k**s. I think I willget Joyce to eat me out and I just might surprise her with a mouthful of my ownjuices. Then again I might unleash my liking for water sports and hope that shewill not be offended and join in. I don’t know weather I will introduce her toJillian. I don’t know if she would be ready for someone else to join in. but that’sstill a month away, a lot can change in a month. Ill let you know what happens.

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