A Morning with Lilly: part 2


A Morning with Lilly: part 2Okay, so this is part 2. Which means there is a part 1. Which means if you have not read part 1, go find it and read it first.I am hoping to convince Lilly to allow me to use a couple of pictures of her to illustrate my next story…. Very intimate pictures of her … But I will only do so with her permission. For those of you that she is not as intimate with…. sorry. She is incredible!!! And what she did next…..**************************************I started to reach for my pants, but Lilly put her hand on my arm. I turned and looked at her and she had this devilish grin on her face. About 30 yards away and much closer to the noisy waterfall, a couple just a couple of years younger than her in appearance were kissing and dancing to the quiet song of nature’s solitude. We were each still trying to quiet our own pounding pulses after having just finished a late morning tryst behind a rock in the small grotto on public lands in California.Lilly pulled my hand down her firm young body to the curving transition from her flat stomach to her sex. Our combined juices still trickled out of her as she smiled at me and turned to watch the other couple. They were slowly re-enacting the same erotic scene we had only moments before finished playing out. Their clothes were being shed, revealing sleek and fit young bodies that fit together perfectly in each other’s arms. When the man bent his head down to suck in the nipple that crowned the front of the very full breast on the woman, I felt Lilly’s flesh tighten and a new wave of thick sticky love juice ran out of her and between my fingers! “She is really into watching these two!” I realized and an idea came to me.At 56 years of age, I was more than twice the age of my companions in our private bohemian retreat and while I could tell the action of the new couple was going to move Lilly back to a very excited state, I knew that even with the little blue pill I had taken before leaving my hotel that morning I knew I was going to be pushing it to be ready for round two as soon as she was. Still my fingers found not just a willing, but an eager reception and I did not want to lose the momentum we had built over the last hour.Taking one last glance at the other couple as they left their clothes and s pack on the beach and made their way to the shallow pool I leaned over and kissed my young lover in one of the most heated and wonderful kisses I have had in a long time. Then slowly I slid down and moved myself between the rock and her body so she could watch our company as I did what I like to do.Over the past few months I have seen literally dozens of photos of Lilly’s pussy. She has this cute little knot of flesh that protects her clit and a sparse stripe of hair above that. But her pussy has these two tender thin petals of flesh that normally just barely peek out of the padding around her sex. But as I got a good look at her now, I saw those timid pink flesh flaps were now red, and swollen after the rough pounding they had just had to endure. They were also glazed with a white bubbly cream that seemed to have painted nearly everything from one mid-thigh to the other.I am not gay. I am also not a cuckold. But I will confess, that I have never been afraid to taste my own spunk. On many an occasion I have been known to “clean the mess I make” of a woman up without using a towel. Now, with a pussy literally dripping with my cum only inches from my face, I have to admit to being damn pleased to be right there!Lilly rotated those hips forward and looked down at me with a smile. “So the big man likes to eat sloppy seconds from a girl’s pussy? Well, have at it, Bryan! My god, you put enough stuff güvenilir bahis up into me to feed an army!” And with that she moved forward and as I watched her chin rise so she could spy on the others, I noticed her nipples were still hard and I could just see the pounding of her heart in between those two lovely mounds.I leaned forward and ran my tongue through her red and irritated flesh and tasted the unique blend of our lust. It immediately made my cock twitch! She would taste wonderful all by herself, but there was definitely something about the way that our own cocktail had been stirred together that was a heady aphrodisiac! I began lapping at her slit and sucking on her clit, carefully at first and then more and more aggressively over time. As I licked clean the thick sexual fluids she would become more aroused and the trembling tightness of her sex would push another line of cream glaze out to flow over her lips and onto my face and tongue.I heard her moaning and groaning and at first I thought she was being very bold. What if the other couple heard her and saw her? But then I realized she was able to see them and they were probably even then swimming naked by the falls or at least were far enough away that there was no real risk to her vocalizations. After that, it did not matter. I was lost in my own bliss and lost in the experience of licking her pussy from bottom to top, circling her clit and then sucking on it and battering it with the tip of my tongue. Over and over again I repeated the journey and pushed her pleasure higher and higher.Suddenly I was brought back into reality as Lilly gave out a short, loud cry, immediately followed by a flood of her pussy cream. Lilly pushed herself upright and held herself there for a few moments; chest and face pointed up toward the sky and then she slowly seemed to melt down my body, her knees settling to either side of my hips.There was no hesitation, no question of whether to do it or not. She leaned down and holding the sides of my face and turning it up, she began licking me clean as she whispered, “My God, that was wonderful! It has been … a very long time …. Since a man made me cum … multiple times … like this!!” She continued licking my face and lips and kissing my eyes and nose. Then our tongues began a wicked samba dance, chasing each other around the dance halls of our mouths and each sharing in the leftover flavors of lust and passion. We had been kissing for several minutes and my flagging cock had begun to harden enough that I was thinking about trying to pierce her yet again when we both became aware or another presence. We turned and there about 10 yards away was the other couple, still naked, watching us. She was standing a little in front of him and had his cock in her fist as she slowly stroked her. He was pressed up against her back and shoulder and had reached around and was squeezing her large full tit on the far side of her and pulling on the nipple as they watched with smiles on their faces.They did not say a word. The guy just unfolded a blanket he had had under an arm and he unrolled it in front of them. Lilly looked over her shoulder at me with a smile and wide eyes as if to say, “What the fuck? Do we stay or run?” I smiled shrugged and watched. The woman was blonde and looking at her again, despite being heavily endowed, she could not have been out of her teens! They guy looked like he may have been out of school a couple of years, but he had still not really grown into his frame. He was about 6 feet tall, but probably weighted less than 175 pounds. The girl smiled at me then blew Lilly a kiss as her man got in position behind her. She folded her arms on the blanket türkçe bahis and closed her eyes with a smile as she felt his hands on her hips. Moments later I could tell he had just pushed his way into her. She drew in a long breath and then exhaled slowly as she opened her eyes and looked at us again.They started fucking right then and there and the combination of seeing her big young breasts bouncing beneath her and Lilly reaching down and squeezing and tugging soon had me ready to go. I was kissing and sucking on her tits and showing her stunning body off to our visitors when she leaned up to my ear and whispered, “I want them to watch how a real man fucks!” She then bit my earlobe playfully and I shuddered.She climbed off of my lap and had me position myself feet more or less toward the other couple. I was up on my elbows which gave me the most incredible view or Lilly’s body as she lowered herself slowly, feet to either side of my hips. Her asshole was still such an inviting target, but I could just tell that her lovely velvet fuck box was soon again going to be welcoming my rude fuck stick. She reached down and grabbed my now solid rod and smiled back at me, “Old man, my ass!” She said to me and then proceeded to take the tip of my cock and slowly run it back and forth through the slit of her sex several times before finally lowering herself all of the way down my shaft!Looking over at the other couple they were watching us and I am secure enough to admit that they were mainly watching Lilly… and why the hell not?!?! I mean from where I was lying, her long silky legs were flexing and relaxing as she slowly slid up and down the shaft of my cock; her tapered waist was even more accentuated by the position and posture we had, making it appear that I could almost reach clear around her waist with my two hands!! I was occasionally seeing just a hint of her one nipple and a lot of side tit as she lifted that thick mane of hair up and looked back at me with a smile as if to ask me if I was enjoying her ride!!!The guy started slapping his girl’s ass and she yelped but started banging back into his hips producing audible slaps of flesh colliding. Her big natural tits were swinging back and forth and she lowered herself to just the height to where they nipples were dragging over the surface of the blanket they had hastily thrown down. She reached back between her legs and started rubbing herself furiously. A moment later I could feel Lilly touching her own clit, but in a much more controlled manner. It was almost as if she did not want to be rude and not follow suit, but she was not going to waist the buildup to a mind blowing orgasm for the sake of keeping up with a couple of strangers.Lilly looked back at me and quietly said, “Have fun watching but please don’t cum. I want to ride your cock long and hard!” She then blew me a kiss while at the same time poked a manicured fingernail into my tight scrotum and d**g it across the tight wrinkles of flesh! I moaned and she giggled which caused her pussy to send undulating waves of pleasure up and down my dick and I had to fight myself for control!Our two visitors were now sweating and panting and nearly oblivious of us as they raced headlong toward an orgasm that was ushered in with screams moans and the sounds of firm fit bodies slapping hard into one another in ways that only occur between lovers.Lilly sank all of the way down on me and rocked back on her ass up a little ways onto my hips and lower belly. I was still in her and as she rotated her hips up and down I slid in and out of her in a feast of pleasure. She was wet; my God was Lilly wet… and hot!!! It felt so go to slide in and out of her güvenilir bahis siteleri like that. I reached around her and cupped one of her firm breasts and squeezed her nipple gently before slowly rubbing a fingertip over the very hard sensitive tip of her tit. Sh e moaned and I gently rolled her nipple in my fingers, slowly increasing pressure and tempo as I felt her hips speed up and slow down.The girl got up on all fours and crawled up my legs. I could not really see what she was doing at first but I could guess by the fact the her chin brushed my nut sack and Lilly moaned…loudly! A moment later, I felt the girl’s tong lick the base of my shaft as it slid out of Lilly’s lips and then her tongue quickly swabbed my balls a couple of times to returning, presumably to Lilly’s pleasure button. The guy had been watching the action and from where he was lying I doubted that he could see much more than his girlfriend’s golden ass, but that did not keep him from smiling! Lilly and I were starting to pick up the pace despite her earlier declaration that she wanted this to last. The girl between her thighs was a game changer and that strategy was now long forgotten. She pushed the back of the girl’s head down and told her to suck us both and everything that was going to be flowing out of us!The guy on the other blanket got up and walked over and stood with a still thick cock, but now considerably softer and limper constitution, and he thrust his hips toward Lilly. She looked at his prick and I saw her lick her lips and then she leaned over and sucked him into her mouth. The dude closed his eyes, gave a little tremble and then arched his back thrusting his hips so that Lilly did not have to lean over.The change in angle, the feeling of the girl’s spit running over my balls, my now pulsing and tightly stretched cock was rapidly reaching the point of no return. Then I felt Lilly quiver and tighten and sink my shaft all of the way into her. I saw the girl get up and join Lilly in a quick cock kiss of her boyfriend and then there was a short scream and Lilly pitched forward, wedging even more of my meat into her! I fell back onto my back and the world spun as my brain lost all blood flow and I was blissfully ready to die, pumping millions of sperm up and deep into the incredible rippling, hot and wet pussy that was milking my cock and balls for all they were worth!On and on it went. Lilly was lying over my legs, pulling my cock down and pointing it toward my toes. But every tremor every little quiver of her body was magnified through the walls of her vagina and exploded around my cock causing me to jump and stir her inside all the more, so that our mutual orgasms reverberated back and forth between us, diminishing just a little each time like an echo in walls of a box canyon.I finally began to soften and I felt just a flood of good flow out of her and over my cock balls and thighs and down around my ass. I lifted my head and caught a glimpse of the girl smiling, grabbing their blanket and racing after her boyfriend, around the rock and out of view. I laid my head back down as I hear Lilly quietly swear and stir on top of me and move very stiffly to the side. She rolled onto her back and started to giggle. “You may not like being called an old man, but damn I am going to walk like an old woman for days after this!” She giggled.I looked down at her and saw the thick white trails of cum that stained her beautiful creamy ass and pussy area. She looked damn good enough to eat…. and so I did!!!**************************************MMMMMMMMMMMI am hoping that you enjoyed this. More to the point, I really hope that Lilly enjoys it…. and takes pictures of herself enjoying this….. and thinking what it would be like for thousands of dirty minded men and women on XH to see her body, hot, dripping and freshly orgasmic. If she does and shares them with me to share with youYou will be the first to know!!!!

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