A Mother Pleases Her Loving HusbandMaster – Part V


If you have read my first four stories you know that I am a loyal and devoted sub to my loving husband/master. He was such a good master and while he was away for a week long fishing tournament he instructed me to complete two tasks. One task was that I was to seduce one woman a day during my lunch break from my job. The second task was to seduce our 17 year old son and let him use his mother for his personal pleasure. I loved the tasks my husband gave me and this was one of my favorites.Thursday Afternoon – November 8: After Laura and I returned from our lunch date we went into the ladies bathroom and checked ourselves in the mirrors and did a little fixing up for the rest of the day. I looked at Laura as she completed brushing her hair and thanked her for the wonderful time I had at lunch and then pulled her to me. Our lips met and we shared one more intense kiss before I let her go saying, “I will be expecting lunch with you at least once a week.” Laura blushed as she walked out of the bathroom and I saw that my nipples were extended, poking out showing everyone my excited state. I smiled as I too exited the bathroom and headed to my office. Once in my office I saw a bright yellow post-it note on my desk that read, “Sonya, please come see me as soon as I return to the office after lunch.” It was signed by my boss Jim and I held it and smiled as I was wondering what he wanted me for after lunch as he generally came back in and just hibernated. I looked across the hall and saw Karen at her desk and asked her if she knew when Jim had put the note on my desk and she said, “He must have just done it before you came in. He seemed to be in a big hurry but went into your office, but did not say anything to me.” I now knew that Jim knew that I had seen him and his wife and the other woman coming out of the hotel and I smiled, knowing what he wanted to talk to me about.I opened another button on my blouse and got involved in my work. I did not have to wait long as I heard the private door to Jim’s office open and heard him shuffling around inside. I got up, checked myself in the reflection of mirror in my office and went to our connecting door. Jim seemed startled as I lightly knocked on his door and entered it without waiting for him to say come in. When I saw Jim he was blushing and griping his fists tightly and he had large beads of sweat on his forehead. I did not push the issue as I said, “I got your note Jim, what did you need to see me about?” Jim stared at me as he looked at me then his eyes fixed on my cleavage that I wanted him to see. He started to stammer but I could not understand what he was saying so I said, “Jim, slow down, it’s okay. I can be trusted as I have worked for you for 15 years now and I don’t mind what you do or if you are staring at my cleavage.” Jim again blushed as he turned away from me for a moment.I said, “Jim, I do understand. I wondered why you had said something about the way I was dressed earlier and now I know.” Jim turned asking, “What do you know?” I moved closer to Jim saying, “I know you like it when I dress sexually. I know you like to look at my cleavage and you even like to look up my short skirts when I am sitting in that chair right there.” Jim was looking around his office again and I knew I had him and I moved even closer saying, “Here Jim, şişli eskort look at my cleavage.” I pulled my blouse completely open for him and his eyes gawked at my heaving breasts in the lacy shelf bra I had on. I smiled at Jim asking, “Now, isn’t that better Jim.” Jim stared at my heaving titties and I knew he wanted to see more so I pulled my blouse off my shoulders, now standing in front of him with only my bra and skirt on. Jim’s emotions were running wild as he continued to stare at my breasts. I soflty took his right hand and pulled it to my left breast and said, “It’s ok Jim, you can touch them.” Jim’s fingers began to kneed my fleshy globes and he raised his other hand and began pulling and mauling my right tit. Jim’s sexual hunger for me was evident in the way he continued to massage and grope at my titties. I stood still as Jim continued to maul me and I said, “Jim, I know you want more from me don’t you?” Jim looked up into my eyes and I could see the lust in them. He was about ready to explode as I said, “Jim, I can see your cock pushing your slacks out and you want to fuck me, don’t you?” Jim could only nod as he felt me move closer to him and unbuckle his belt and reach into his slacks to grasp his stiff rod. Jim moaned when my fingers encased his long cock and felt his slacks and boxers slide down his legs. Jim, now naked from the waist down was ready to fuck me.I smiled at Jim as I moved closer yet, never letting his cock go as I kissed him. Jim’s lips parted and we kissed, our tongues danced together like two snakes mating. My hand slowly began to slide up and down his long cock and it felt like velvet. Jim moaned and groaned as my hand stroked him nicely and soon I felt the start of his precum coating my hand. I pulled my lips from Jim’s and said, “Ok Jim, It’s time to take me and make me your office slut.” Jim smiled at me as I turned around and pulled my skirt up, baring my naked ass for him and leaning over his desk.Jim moved behind me and I felt his hands spreading the cheeks of my ass as his cock slipped between them. I felt the head of his cock touching the entrance to my pussy and I looked over my shoulder saying, “Jim, Fuck me, fuck me like a office slut should be fucked.” Jim did not waist any time as his cock speared deep into my pussy and he grasped my hips. I felt him thrusting into me with great strength and knew that he wanted this fucking as much as I did. As Jim’s cock split me open and probed deep into my womb I heard his intercom ring. I looked over my shoulder and looked at Jim. He had a look of total fear on his face as the intercom buzzed again. I reached over and hit the button asking Laura what she needed and she said, “Sonya, Jim’s wife is on line one, should I take a message?” I looked back at Jim who was still fucking me shaking his head for me to say for Laura to take a message and I said, “No Laura, put the call through.” Jim looked at me in total shock and fear as he heard my words and stopped fucking me. I picked up the phone saying, “Hello Sharla, this is Sonya, Jim is busy right now but wanted me to take a message.” Sharla was pleasant as she said, “Oh thank you Sonya, I do appreciate that.” I said, “Sharla, this is my job as Jim’s assistant so how can I help you?” Sharla said, “Please tell Jim that I need him to go by the şişli escort store on the way home and pick up that lotion we had talked about at lunch.” I smiled saying, as I looked over my shoulder at Jim, “I will tell Jim to go to the store and pick up that LOTION you talked about at lunch.” I thought Jim was going to bust his nuts right there as he began to fuck me slowly, trying not to make any noise. Sharla did not hang up immediately and asked, “Sonya, are you okay?” I smiled saying, “Yes Sharla, I must have had something for lunch that is upsetting my tummy.” Sharla asked, “Where did you go to lunch?” I told her that I went with Laura to the little restaurant attached to the hotel that her, Jim and the other woman went to and I heard Sharla gasp. I knew that Sharla understood that I knew about her and Jim’s noon time fun with that unknown woman.As I looked back over my shoulder at Jim I said, “Jim, your wife wants you to pick up that lotion you talked about at lunch, do you know what lotion that is?” Jim only shook his head and I said, “No Jim, I want you to answer your loving wife.” Jim was in a state of panic as I said, “Sharla, Jim is trying to figure out how to tell you he will pick up the lotion as he continues to fuck my wet pussy.” I heard Sharla shriek when she heard my words. I looked back at my boss who was still fucking into me and I said, “Jim, I want you to tell Sharla that I will be coming home with you after work and she needs to be naked and sitting in that big chair in your front room when we get home.” Jim continued to look at me in fear and I said, “Now Jim, tell your hot sexy wife what I said.” Jim spoke softly but I said, “No Jim, tell your wife to be ready to please you and me when we get to your house after work.” I could still hear Sharla breathing hard on the other end of the phone as Jim said, “Sharla, Sonya saw us at lunch time and I am going to bring her home for a little after work fun so please, be naked and sitting in that chair as she has instructed when we get there.” I smiled up at Jim and said, “Do you understand Sharla?” I heard Sharla clear her voice through the intercom and then heard her softly say, “Yes, I understand Sonya.” I said, “Good, now listen as your husband fills me with his cum.” Jim was grunting as his hips were now pushing against my upturned ass and I knew that this was too much for him. He was proving to be a very weak man even though he has a very powerful position in the community and in his job. I knew that from now on he and his uppity wife would be doing anything I instructed them to do from that moment on. Jim’s cock began to spurt and I pulled the intercom box closer to my face saying, “Sharla, Jim is filling me with his hot cum. Soon you will be watching him fucking me and eating his cum from my pussy and ass and even sharing it with me in a hot kiss.” I knew that Sharla was masturbating by the grunts and groans coming through the intercom and I looked up at her wimpy husband saying, “See Jim, even your hot sexy slut wife loves to listen to you fucking me.” As Jim’s cock softened and he pulled out of me I said, “Ok Jim, get on your knees and clean up that mess you created between my legs.” Jim looked at me and hesitated, not understanding what I was saying. I said, “Jim get on your fucking knees and lick mecidiyeköy escort my pussy clean of your cum and make it quick.” Jim began to stutter and stammer as he said he had never done that before and I said, “Jim, now, do you understand me?” Jim slowly got on his knees and I felt his hands on the cheeks of my, then felt his breath on my puckered anal opening. As Jim’s tongue softly touched my freshly fucked pussy I said, “Sharla, Jim is now going to lick his cum from my nasty cunt, just like you will be doing later tonight.” I heard another gasp from Sharla and knew she was cumming from the intensity of mine and Jim’s fucking in his office and the thoughts of what might happen later tonight. I said, “Sharla, I’m going to go now as I have to let Jim do a good job and clean my naked pussy,” then cut off the conversation with her.Jim was lapping at my pussy as I pushed back against his face, letting his mouth and tongue probe deeper into me, tasting more of his acrid cum as it seeped out of my womb. I know he was loving it as he grasped my hips and pulled me harder onto his face and I said, “Jim, I’m going to cum. I want you to drink our cum.” Jim was like a mad animal as he sucked and licked at my pussy and soon he was drinking my cream like he was drinking water from a faucet. I was rocking and pushing back against his face but soon I fell over his desk, breathing hard and trying to regain my composure. After a few minutes I stood up, pulling Jim off his knees to stand in front of me. I saw the mixture of our orgasms drying on his face and smiled at him. I looked into his eyes saying, “Ok boss, now you will let that cum stain dry on your face and remain in your office until its time to go home. Then we will both go to your house and I want your wife to see your cum covered face, do you understand?” Jim nodded his head and I knew that my boss and his wife would be my willing subjects whenever I wanted them and this would please my loving master. Work quickly passed and I went to Jim’s office to get him and I saw him sitting at his desk in a state of dismay. I smiled at him as I saw the crusty cum that had dried all over his face and said, “Ok boss, its time to go.” My words awakened him and he slowly stood up and moved towards me. I took his hand and shoved it under my skirt, rubbing his fingers along my gash and watched him smile. We locked up the office and Jim got into his convertible Mustang and I got into my Ford F-150 pick up truck and followed him to his house. I pulled into his long drive behind him and parked toward the back of his house then got out and went into the open garage door. Jim was already out of his car when I reached him and I pulled him to me and unzipped his slacks. He looked at me with questioning eyes and I said, “Jim, I want you to be stroking your cock when you walk in and see your obedient wife.” I pulled Jim toward the door that entered their residence from the garage and as we walked through the pantry and into the kitchen area we both could see the top of Sharla’s head as she sat in the chair she was instructed to sit in. As we got closer we could see her naked form come into view and I pushed her husband toward her. I stood there watching them looking at each other as I slowly began to undress saying, “Sharla, suck that nice cock while I disrobe dear and get it good and ready to fill my pussy again.” Sharla looked at me with terror in her eyes and I knew that she was afraid of what I might do if she did not follow my directions but she slowly moved her mouth toward her husbands erect cock.

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