A Mother’s Conflict


It all happened so fast; Selena Infierno was scurrying down the steps of Alan’s home in only her jeans and a lacy, black bra while her shirt draped over her shoulder. At the top of the steps, Alan watched in satisfaction as she struggled to push the shirt on over her sizeable breasts which struggled against the bra. She looked back momentarily in frustration, but the moment her hazel eyes met his icy blues, that frustration melted away and the only thing in her mind was the next encounter she’d have with that young man.

“I hope that wasn’t the last time we do that together, Ms. Infierno,” teased Alan as he gripped his crotch to her, “It’d be a shame if a woman like you weren’t regularly satisfied by a man like me.”

She walked out the door, ignoring his comment as best as she could and began making her way home. Her mind was racing. She knew what she had just done was wrong, but a part of her enjoyed the taboo nature of it all. Sure, she’d been with younger guys before, but never was she with somebody whom she knew had nothing but hatred for her own son, Joaquin.

She thought to herself, “That was unbelievable! How could I do something so stupid?! This is my son’s manager and no doubt he’ll find out about this. That delincuente is definitely the type to kiss and tell.” As the logical side of hers went on and on, the other side slowly crept into her subconscious. “That was pretty exciting though, I do have to admit…it’s not often I get to play teenager and sneak around with a hot, younger guy..” She didn’t know it yet, but this was the beginning of a massive conflict with herself. A split between a woman with needs and a loving mother with an equally loving family.

Selena could’ve easily taken to the sky to quickly get home, but she decided to walk and take in some air as she pondered what she’d done.

It started with a visit to her son while he was on the job at Game Center. She only meant to bring him some fresh food for him to enjoy since he frequently went out to eat while working to save time.

Joaquin Infierno was a hard worker and regularly sacrificed personal time to work a few extra hours if only to get out of the house. While well enough to live on his own, he stayed with his mother by choice to help out around the house as well as keep his little sister, Clara, some company.

Selena was blissfully unaware that she was being watched by Joaquin’s manager; a man who she’d eventually share a bed with. That man was Alan Rucka, a guy the exact same age as her son. His skin was fair, his eyes were icy blue, and his black hair was neatly brushed back save for a few strands that fell over his face. Alan absolutely loathed Joaquin’s existence. Unbeknownst to Selena, Alan was the boy who regularly bullied her son during their school days. Of course, she never knew of this due to Joaquin not letting the bullying bother him much, therefore not mentioning it. The moment he laid eyes on Selena, his wicked demeanor shifted into a more mischievous one. He thought to himself that Selena may have been Joaquin’s sister since she looked deceptively young at first glance. Immediately, he undressed her in his mind as she innocently conversed with her son as he dug into his homemade lunch.

Once he was done eating, she made sure to grab the container the food was in so she could take it home to clean it before going out. After she left, Alan came out to greet Joaquin, “Jojo, I didn’t give you permission to take your lunch break yet.” he declared sternly. Joaquin simply continued his work as he answered, “No, you didn’t, but I’ve been here since we opened and worked for 5 hours straight with no break. If I’m gonna be here til close, then I’m gonna need a break every now and then.” Doubling down, Alan rebutted, “You take a break when I say you can, understood?” Joaquin didn’t verbally respond, he just nodded as he grabbed his clipboard and went back to work.

There was a clear tension between the two. Nobody knew why Alan had it out for Joaquin so bad, but it was something that was accepted by the rest of the staff. Joaquin was constantly scheduled to work long, grueling hours dealing with irritating customers, inventory checkups, and tracking shipments of games and gaming systems. None of the staff minded because they regularly took long breaks, sometimes not coming back at all and not one of them received the same talking to that Alan just gave Joaquin. “By the way, tell your sister I said she’s cute,” Alan proudly said to Joaquin as he did his job. “You mean my mom?” he corrected, “No, I don’t think I will.” he responded, making Alan even more inclined to put him down.

“Just for that, you’re opening tomorrow, dickhead.” he told the hard working Joaquin. Adjusting his glasses, Joaquin rolled his eyes out of Alan’s sight and went back to his cashier duty. Alan then grabbed some of his belongings from his office and went on his way out. “I’m leaving early, have fun being the only one here.” he taunted as he walked out the door and flipped Joaquin the bird, out of sight of the cameras.

Everybody who worked at Game Center was escort bayan mecidiyeköy under Alan’s influence except for Joaquin. One would wonder why he didn’t go to corporate and report Alan’s managerial abuse, but it was immediately clear once one realized that he was doing everybody’s job, giving everybody free money for doing the absolute minimum work. If Joaquin just quit, he’d lose his supplementary income and that wasn’t something he was interested in doing since that money was mostly used to help his mother and sister while other money he made while not on the job was saved for himself, tucked neatly away in a black box he kept under his bed.

Selena definitely noticed that her son was always working and often felt bad, wanting to give his manager a talking to in much the same way Joaquin would threaten to do for her as a child. Joaquin was a definite mama’s boy; always doing favors for her and taking care of her when she was incapable. Having lost his father at a young age, he really had no other adult figure in his life but his own mother.

As she cleaned the container, she started shifting her thoughts away from Joaquin for a second. After all, he was an adult at this point and should more than be able to handle whatever life throws at him. Her thoughts mostly centered on herself for a change. When she wasn’t being the hero known as Mamacita, she was typically just doing the usual stuff 45 year olds do; shopping, going on walks, checking to see what was playing on TV, and flirting with young men.

She didn’t feel she could ever form a connection with any other man after her husband as he was her one and only, but that didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy feeling desired. One of her favorite things to do was frequent a local pizza bar that most of the city’s youth spent time at. The place served not only pizza, but alcohol, offered activities like bowling and arcade games, as well as a mini club like area where people could dance and mingle.

“I think a night on the town is long overdue,” she thought to herself as she made arrangements for both Clara and Joaquin to have food to eat when they got home from their respective jobs. She placed an order for a couple of pizzas since Joaquin could eat an entire pie on his own. After that, she went to her room and began showering, excited for the night ahead.

Once she was done, she made sure to dress appropriately. She wasn’t going to a fancy restaurant, but she wasn’t going on a simple grocery run, so she made sure to wear something that accentuated her curves. She reached for a pair of mom jeans and slipped them over her backside, almost having trouble due to her size. “Oof~ I may have gained a little weight,” she embarrassingly thought to herself, but then she looked at herself in the mirror and immediately pushed out any thoughts of her being overweight.

As she put on a simple bra, she realized she had no clean shirts, so she went looking for something to wear from her children’s rooms. She started with Clara, considering she was the only other female in the house, but a majority of what Clara wore was far too tight for her, so she went over to Joaquin’s room and went into his closet and shuffled through his various shirts. Eventually, she found one of his black, long sleeved shirts and slipped it on over her chest, tucking it into her pants and rolling up the sleeves as they were far too long for her shorter arms. After getting dressed, she went back to her room to brush out her brown hair. As she brushed, she noticed the bit of grey in her hair and thought for a second about coloring her hair.

“No, that’d take too long,” she thought as she just tied her hair in a high ponytail. As she did, she tongued the inside of her lip and looked at her jewelry box, contemplating putting her lip ring on. The passing thought was pushed away, however, as the last time she’d worn it was when her husband was still alive. She didn’t want to put it on and just grabbed her house keys and went on her way to the spot.

Already at the pizza place, Alan was enjoying himself, dancing with random girls and showing up any other guy there. As he went on about, in the back of his mind, he was still fixated on Joaquin and the woman he earlier learned was his mom.

“How does an annoying dipshit like that end up with a mom that hot?” he pondered, sitting at the bar with his drink.

“Seriously, I fucked with him all these years and not once did I ever think to say shit about his mom?” he thought, taking another sip.

He sat there for a while and immediately began fixating all of his negative energy he had on Joaquin and shifted it to lustful energy towards his mother. He couldn’t get her off of his mind and everytime he thought about her, he immediately thought of how much it would destroy Jojo if the guy that bullied him all throughout his childhood and is now managing his work life also banged his mother. He began smiling to himself, ignoring others who attempted to spark a conversation with him.

“Too bad I wouldn’t know the first thing about her or where escort güngören to even find her,” he thought to himself as he finished his drink and turned around, only to see walking into the place, Selena Infierno, Jojo’s mom. The moment he saw her, he grinned evilly to himself and got up, slowly making his way toward her.

Once he got closer, he noticed she was already flirting with some guy near the entrance and immediately stopped, taking a step back. He knew he only had one chance to make a good first impression on her, so he observed their conversation from afar. Selena instantly regretted sparking a conversation with the young man as her facial expression clearly showed disinterest. Her eyes trailed around and, as if strategically, Alan moved out of hiding and immediately, she fixated her sight on him. The other guy’s voice slowly began trailing off as she looked at Alan like he was a three course meal. Something about his eyes and his hair combined with his dominating presence and how little he seemed to care that 2 girls were clearly trying to bed him got her mind going places.

He noticed she was staring, but made sure to not make any eye contact and instead acted as if he was just mingling, making her feel he was uninterested. Suddenly, the young man’s voice came back into focus. His tone was very questioning and a guilt formed in her mind as she realized he had asked her a question, but she hadn’t been listening to a word he’d said. Being nice, she acted as if she was listening and answered his question as best as she could, trying to give the guy a fair chance.

“Hey beautiful, is this guy boring you?” asked Alan as he was right in front of Selena as she feigned interest in the conversation. Her eyes lit up and, uncharacteristically answered Alan with a slight chuckle.

“Yes, I’m sorry, he is.” she responded, shattering the other guy as he just put his hands up and slowly backed away.

The guy was clearly disgruntled, “Fine, Alan, be a dick and hog the super hot models all for yourself.” he said to him.

Alan simply scoffed and stuck his hand out to Selena, “Sorry about that, he never knows when to quit. I’m Alan by the way,” he introduced himself casually.

While she felt bad about the guy, she immediately shoved him out of her mind and shook Alan’s hand, introducing herself in return, “I kind of figured from that kid’s comment,” she giggled, “My name is Selena.”

Immediately, a connection was formed and Alan was mesmerized by her beauty. He knew she was hot, but he didn’t realize how hot. The security cameras at work didn’t accurately show off her thickness or the way her lips curled when she smiled. Had he not seen her earlier, he wouldn’t have even known she was a mother, much less a mother of a 22 year old guy.

They spent a while getting to know the basics of each other, but Alan made sure to not reveal exactly who he was as he wanted to at least sleep with her before he did. He knew revealing himself to her would likely make her never want to see him again, so he played the waiting game. Selena also had to be vague about what she did and who she was as she didn’t want to just blurt out to everybody that she was the heroine known as Mamacita.

“What do I do for work?” she repeated Alan’s question, searching for an answer, “…I make and sell clothing online.” She didn’t know why she gave that answer, but it was an answer she could live with and easily bullshit her way through since her daughter, Clara, did exactly that.

“That’s pretty neat, I manage my own store. We buy and sell entertainment media,” replied Alan, keeping his occupation vague, but detailed enough to not get her asking deeper questions. Luckily for him, she was far more interested in his chest as he caught her staring, as if trying to make out each pec as it strained under his shirt. “See something you like, Selena?” he asked teasingly.

She quickly shifted her eyes up to his and with a simple smile teased back, “Maybe.” she completed her declaration with a seductive wink, noticing the blush it caused. They continued casually talking with one another deep into the night until the place was getting ready to close. They had learned very little about one another. Selena hadn’t even gotten around to telling Alan that she was a mother of 2 children, but she didn’t feel like she had to. He was making all the right moves and as the place was closing, she offered to walk him home. He happily agreed and his inner devil smirked, as if saying “I’ve got this bitch now.”

As they walked home, Alan took a chance and reached out for her hand, holding it firmly. She slid her fingers between his and before either of them knew it, they were in front of Alan’s apartment building. She didn’t plan on going up to Alan’s room, but she found herself standing in the hall as he turned his key and opened the door, revealing a pretty barren apartment. All he had was a simple recliner, a TV, and a cheap looking table. The kitchen was neat, as if unused and all that was on his counter was a microwave and clean dishes.

“Like escort çapa the place?” he jokingly asked, knowing how empty the place felt. “This is gonna be an uphill battle, but I got her here on my looks alone and that phony story, so it should be easy to bang her if I play my cards right,” he thought to himself, when suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

He turned around and, to his shock, was greeted with Selena’s plump lips crashing onto his. The genuine shock overcame him and, for a split second, forgot what he had planned. “It…was that easy?!” he thought to himself as a slight smirk crept on his lips as Selena assaulted them with affection. “What a fucking slut… Can’t believe she just threw herself at me like this. Oh well, I’m going to enjoy this~” his thoughts continued as he reciprocated the kiss and quickly lifted her off her feet, wrapping her shapely legs around his waist, walking her over to his bedroom. No words were exchanged between the two, just raw passion.

Alan pulled off Selena’s top, exposing her sizeable breasts straining under her bra. Without missing a beat, she reached behind herself, arching her back, giving Alan an eyeful, undid her bra and let it fall to the floor. Alan immediately groped the pillows and brought his face close to them, planting kisses all over them, making sure to not hit her nipple until the very last moment. She was already moaning and he began to feel her grind her crotch against his leg through those thick jeans of hers. He wasted no time removing her belt and unbuttoning her pants. She slid her fingers through his hair, messing it from it’s brushed back state as he gave her nipple some much needed love.

As he undid her pants and pulled them from her legs, she used those legs to shimmy his pants down his, revealing a pulsing bulge underneath his tight boxers. Alan adored the sight of the brown beauty beneath him so much that he’d almost forgotten that this was the mother of Joaquin, that smarmy dipshit. Not wanting to reveal himself quite yet, he tugged his boxers down and didn’t even give her the chance to remove her panties. He wanted her bad and he wanted to make sure he at least slipped his cock inside, so he pushed those panties to the side, revealing her shaved pussy and slid his rigid dick in.

She was taken aback by how he didn’t quite give her any warning, but she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist as he went to town on her, gripping her hips tightly as her arms wrapped around his neck. They roughly fucked a decent portion of the night away, keeping each other up for hours. She felt nothing but pure bliss as the young man ravaged her like she was in her own porno. This was what she needed, a lovely one night stand with a hot, young stud and she was getting her wish. Alan didn’t let up and kept the pace going, legitimately tiring Selena out. He clearly knew what he was doing as he made sure to change up his movements every now and then to keep things fresh. Her lips found home on his one more time as she couldn’t hold it any longer and ended up cumming hard on him as he thrust. Alan felt her warm juices surround his cock and immediately felt a huge wave of satisfaction wash over him.

The moment she came, he pulled his cock out and let his orgasm hit, cumming on her stomach, breasts, and some of her face. His body trembled, as did hers, but he made sure to not collapse onto her as he didn’t want his seed getting on his body, though she did try pulling him down for a kiss, but she felt the warm spunk with her hands, wiping it onto her hand and licked it off in a seductive manner, giving Alan bedroom eyes and a wink once she finished.

Smirking, Alan leaned down as if to kiss her, but instead breezed his lips past hers, gently brushing them against her cheek and moving a lock of her hair behind her ear as he finally told her, “Hope you enjoyed that, Selena, now you get to live with the fact that you willingly threw yourself at and fucked the guy who’s been making your son’s life miserable for not only the past year, but also since grade school,” he whispered tauntingly.

Immediately, her eyes grew wide as she put her hand on his chest and pushed him up a bit, looking into his eyes.

“What are you talking about?” she asked alarmingly, clearly rattled by this revelation, hoping it was a joke; after all, he didn’t mention Joaquin by name, so he could have been lying. Her fears were realized when he answered, however.

“I mean I’m your son’s manager at Game Center, unless the name Joaquin Infierno doesn’t mean anything to you.” he teased as he brushed the back of his fingers over her cheek.

She wanted to slap the hell out of him, but she was far too charged with lustful energy to really do anything except push him off of her and close her legs as she searched for her clothes.

“Don’t feel too bad, Selena, It’s not like I’ll tell him,” he said with a laugh as he watched her scramble. Admittedly, he did feel bad, but at the same time, he enjoyed watching the woman who gave birth to Joaquin scramble across his room, putting her clothes on like she was a teenager who just got caught in the act. She didn’t say a word to him as he continued taunting. “..or maybe I will, it’s not like fucking his slutty mother will affect him all that badly, now would it?” he kept pushing the issue until she put her finger to his lips.

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