A Mother’s Seduction Ch. 04


Waiting for Lisa to come out of the bathroom, I could feel my bikini bottom soaked already. Bikini bottom is a laugh; it is just a tiny thong with string wrapped around my waist. I would be arrested if I ever went to a public beach wearing it. The top is just as bad, just two little pieces covering each boob. There’s no way Lisa can beat this outfit.

“OH MY God.” I say aloud as Lisa walks into the kitchen.

To say that I am stunned is an under statement. Shawn just looks at her in disbelief. His cock must be hard as a rock just looking at her. She did it again, just when you think you’ve seen it all, Lisa does one better.

“So, how do you like my bikini?” She asks.

She has two little red cups on her nipples and just a red string going around her waist, that’s it. Her long legs and flat stomach just add to the site of her shaved pussy. She’s built like a sixteen-year-old tomboy, that’s why all the guys chase her.

She slowly turns around, ever the model; her cheeks are so toned I’m jealous. I can’t wait to see Shawn’s monster cock slide into that little ass of hers. Even if he just fucks her pussy, she looks so small to be able to take it all inside her. Just the thought of that big dick spreading her open makes me even hotter.

“Where’s your suit Tiger?” She asks Shawn.

She uses my pet name for him. I kind of like calling him tiger and he calls us his two cougars. Two cougars that are horny as hell. This kid won’t know what hits him in about ten minutes.

Shawn takes hit T-shirt off and then slides his shorts down. His eleven-inch cock springs up, Lisa gasps and I just look with anticipation. Standing naked in front of us with a dick that looks like a flagpole, these two cougars are in heat.

“That’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.” Lisa says.

She leans back spreading her legs apart giving both of us a view of her shaved pussy. Lisa knows how to tease; even I’m getting turned on by her.

“Pussy or ass.” She says to Shawn.

“Both.” He replies.

“OOOOHH, I like that.” She so seductively answers back.

Lisa walks up to Shawn and lets his dick slide between her legs. It sticks out past her cheeks, how is this skinny little girl going to take that big a dick inside her, kırklareli seks hikayeleri I hope she doesn’t hurt herself. Even I went so slowly the first time, not being sure if it would bottom out. My pussy felt like it was being stretched apart that first time, now I can’t get enough.

“C’mon baby, let’s go fuck by the pool. There’s nothing so exciting like the fear of being caught with that big cock stuck halfway in me.” She says.

My God, I didn’t see that coming but with Lisa expect the unexpected. I quickly mapped my back yard in my mind. The Murray’s are away on vacation and we have that big 8ft fence around the yard, no one should be able to see anything. I’ll lock the gate and front door just in case, my mother would have a heart attack if she walked in on Shawn fucking us. Jesus, what about a plane or a helicopter. Action news would take on a whole new meaning. Fuck it, let’s do it.

“Then you can fuck me, if there’s anything left after she gets done with you.” I say.

“I’ll fuck both you cougars and have some left over.” He says.

“He hasn’t even had his first threesome and already he’s looking for more pussy. Tell us in about five hours if you still want more.” Lisa chides him.

As the three of us walk outside naked, I have to admit that the excitement I feel is so new to me in this regard. Fucking in the bedroom, even with the lights on pales in comparison to feeling the breeze and feeling the warmth of the sun on my me. You would think that wearing a bathing suit would be the same but it’s just so exciting and that little fear that we might be caught.

“Cath, do you have any KY? I’m goanna need it.” Lisa asks me.

“Funny you should ask that, I was just going to get it.” I reply.

Opening my nightstand, I pick up the bottle and then decide I’m going to be daring too. I grab my ten-inch dildo that has fake balls on it as a handle and walk to the pool with it.

“I have one of those but mine is green.” Lisa says.

Shawn pushed two of our recliners together to make one big one. I’m glad I didn’t buy the cheap one’s; these have the thick cushioned bed that goes the full length. He put the third right behind the other two, I guess so I can get a bird’s eye view of Lisa being assaulted by his cock.

Looking at Shawn as he lays on his back with gorgeous dick sticking straight up, I realize that it’s not just how long it is but how thick it is. Spreading me open is one thing but Lisa’s tiny little asshole is going to be stretched like it never has before.

The other thing is, how long can Shawn last before he cums. It’s been four days since we had sex, I wonder if he jerked off this morning. It actually would be the smart thing to do, that way he can last longer than shooting in a few minutes. I hope he did cum.

Looking at Lisa closely, if it wasn’t that her face gives her age away, you would think she was a teenager. Long tanned legs and no bikini lines either, she’s been nude sun bathing somewhere. No wonder she likes it outside so much. Plus her small boobs and toned body, I can see why men find her so alluring.

Watching as she climbs up and I know what she is going through, as she has to lift up high so she can guide it in her. She grabs the shaft and slowly lowers herself so his cock just enters her.

I lean back and it is just a feeling of awe as I see my son’s cock slowly disappear within my best friend’s pussy. I can’t get over how it excites me to watch Lisa’s thin thighs and little butt from where I am sitting. The sight of another woman being spread wide open is just driving me wild.

Lisa must really be turned on because as I watch Shawn’s cock gliding in and out, it’s glistening with her own cum. He slowly starts to go the whole length of his cock inside her and spreads her cheeks wide open. I can’t help wondering how she’s going to fit his big dick in that little asshole. She leans all the way down as each stroke goes in her letting me see all the detail in all it ecstasy.

“I can’t believe how big it is; even my dildo doesn’t fill me like this.” She moans.

I pour lotion on my toy and slowly slide it in me. Just the thought that someone could walk in and catch us, drives me even crazier with desire. My hand starts pumping my dildo to the same rhythm that Lisa’s pussy is being fucked to. I don’t want to wear myself out for the real thing either.

Shawn starts pumping faster and faster, it’s so erotic to see that big dick go in and out it’s full length with each stroke. Lisa just moans as she feel the full assault on her little kitty cat.

I’m so amazed Shawn hasn’t cum yet, if he keeps going like this, he will soon. Should I say something or just let them enjoy the time they have right now.

“Do you want to cum in my pussy or ass, my big dicked Tiger?” Lisa asks.

“I want your ass.” He replies.

She slowly lifts off and I hand her the KY lotion, she pours it down his cock and slide her hand up and down to make sure it’s fully soaked. I want to say something about not hurting herself but decide it might sound foolish.

“You think my pussy was tight, wait till you feel my ass clamp that big cock tight. Then you can shoot all that cream in me.” Lisa says.

She lifts herself all the way up and holds his cock so it lines up with her ass. Ever so slowly, she lets her weight help push her tiny asshole apart so it opens for the intruder. I watch in awe as Shawn’s head slowly starts to go into her, Lisa moans as a few inches push inside.

I’m just amazed at what I’m looking at; Shawn’s cock is halfway in her ass. Slowly Lisa takes more into her, Can she take it all, I wonder. I rub my clit furiously as I watch what is unfolding in front of me.

“I love to get fucked in the ass; feeling that hot spray fill me is like no other felling. Cath, you have to try this soon. Tight enough for you my teenage toy boy.”

“I can’t take much more.” Shawn moans.

“C’mon baby, shoot it all inside me, give me all that hot cum.” She moans.

Shawn starts pumping faster, Lisa’s little ass takes the whole length inside her. It’s amazing to watch that little ass being stretches open stroke after stroke.

“I’m cumming.” Shawn moans as he furiously fucks her faster and faster until he shoots his load into her. They both stay still for a moment and then Lisa lifts up and down, I catch the first of the white cum on his shaft as she slowly lets it glide in and out of her. She lifts all the way up and just the head of his cock is still in her, it looks like vanilla ice cream oozing out of her.

Rubbing my clit as hard as I can, I feel myself about to climax as well.

“And this is just the first one kid.” Lisa says as she rolls over and lays on the recliner.

“Forget about finding a girl friend, there’s two cougars that need all your attention.” She adds.

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