A Nerdy Girl Ch. 02


Since I have been asked to continue the story I will happily oblige. This picks up where the last one left off…


Lee’s hands followed mine as they drew on the inch of exposed skin between her sweatshirt and her jeans. Her hands kept nudging me lower toward her honey-pot. I let my fingertips push gently under the waistband of her panties and down to where her hair began. I brushed the very top and it tickled her as she spasmed in to me while bending over. I found the right touch after a few seconds and ended up petting her like a cat.


“Maybe I will torture you for the next few hours.”

She straightened up a bit. “I uh, can’t.”

I slowed to a stop.

“No, don’t stop.”

I started again.

“It’s just that you just got out of a relationship, and I might want more than a fling.”

“I understand. So where is the line?” As I asked I drew a line with my finger across her waistband. “Here?” Then I stroked her going lower and lower until massaged down either side of her clit and down to her opening, “or here?”

Her breathing changed as she drew in breaths more rapidly. Her body went taut when my other hand gently pinched her nipple and rolled the hard part of her aerolia between my fingers.

I slid my middle finger into her and bent my thumb so I could hit her g-spot and play with her clit.

“Ohhhh yesss!” It started as a throaty whisper and like her breathing rose into a crescendo of “Yes’s”. Very quickly she climaxed and my finger got very wet. It was difficult to focus on her though because she nearly judo flipped me over her onto the table when she came. I barely stuck out my arm in time to prevent me from slamming us onto the table.

Of course the other effect it had was pulling my güvenilir bahis raging hard on into her ass as she doubled over. I had to wiggle my finger out of her. Then trying to be gentlemanly I massaged her mound for a few moments as she regained some composure. She purred again when I dipped my finger back down to get it wet before pulling my hand out of her pants.

My ever intention was to taste her, but she took hold of my hand and brought it up to her mouth and sucked my fingers dry. All I got was the faintest whiff of her sweetness. I was already moderately aroused and her tongue on my fingers only brought me to an acute reality of pulsing throbbing my boxers. There was no way of hiding this as her soft beautiful ass was pressed up against me.

“Oh did you want a taste?”

“That thought did cross my mind.”

“Well may-be,” she elongated the maybe just like I did, “I will let you eat me out.”

I took in a very deep breathe savoring the feel of her curves against my body. “Hmm.”

“Or maybe…” she wiggled her hand down her pants, “Oh my goodness it is soaking wet down there.” She wiggled her hand out and waved it in front of me. It glistened from her cum. It tempted me in a way I hadn’t been tempted in a long long time to just reach out and suck on her fingers. Just when I thought I might get a taste she moved them to her lips and licked from a fingertip up to a knuckle.

“Now that is not very ladylike, especially after I have been the utmost gentleman.”

“Oh I guess you are right.” She moved her hand back toward me and brought her fingertips to my mouth. She played with my lips and twisted slightly in my arms. I let my hand move up and held her so her outside breast was in one hand and the other was pressed against my chest. türkçe bahis I loved the feel of nice full breasts against my chest and especially love the way some women arch their back while clawing at mine in the throes of lovemaking and while everything else fades away I feel it—pert nipples grazing my bare chest as I being her and then myself to orgasm.

Lee’s fingers brushed my lips open and she inserted her index finger which I took my time cleaning. She followed with her middle finger. When I finished with it, I lowered her hand and brought my hand to the side of her face. We kissed lightly and playfully for a while, then after a minute or two, I quickly licked her upper lip and then her lower lip, and when she opened her lips to try and mimic me I gave her a very forceful passionate kiss.

Our tongues dueled like fencers in the medal rounds at the Olympics. When we broke after many songs had played and Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘Relax’ ebbing before the finish, she was leaning against the table with her jeans unbuttoned, my hand cupping the bottom curve of her ass, her hand grabbing hold of me in all my fullness of my unbuttoned and unzipped jeans, my hand under her shirt and bra playing with her nipple.

“Damn, how’d we get here?” She looked at me in confusion.

“Maybe, its been longer than you thought and your body wants much more than that little release you had,” I looked at the clock, “thirty minutes ago.”

“Maybe your right, but I can’t right now.”

“Part of me wants to take you in a controlling fashion like the characters you write about. But on the other hand there are still a few obstacles I need to deal with before I am free and in a good place to start something new.”

“No, I mean I can’t because I’m not on the güvenilir bahis siteleri pill.” Clearly her body had taken over.

I stared at her dumbfounded. I am a gentleman first and like to take care of people and the women in my life whether it is in a passionate relationship or mundane friendship. I throbbed in her hand and we both looked down.

“You are huge and the last time I had someone almost as big as you I couldn’t stop cumming. I haven’t felt that in years and would love to have you fuck me silly.”

My jaw dropped open and she closed it with her free hand. Okay, now I wasn’t just intrigued, I was falling for her. She was open with me and not playing games, she was conscious of what was going on and what might happen, and she wasn’t a prude. In fact she still had me in her iron grip and wasn’t letting go.

“Damn, I wish I had known you were breaking up months ago when you were, I want to ride you like a jockey.” Her eyes were filled with lust. At this I stopped.

“Wait just a minute, if we really want to have a chance at this, at more than just friends with benefits, I need you to be in a slightly better place. I don’t want you in a state of animal lust.”

She looked at me and let go of my hard on. It was also clear that I had stung her or at least shocked her back to reality.

“Well, at least not to start out with. I would love to have you in that state after a while.”

“Well what do you want to do?”

“Let’s get together next week, I will bring some condoms and we can go at it and relieve some of your pressure. By that time I will have been able to deal with a couple of things and I’ll probably need a release myself.”

“Soooo, we are agreeing to meet just to fuck next week?”

“Something like that.”

“Then let’s wait until the following week, I will have just had my monthly visitor and you won’t need the condoms. I just hope that I can last that long.”

We agreed and both started counting down the longest two weeks of our lives.

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