A Newlywed’s Awakening


Note: A woman who wishes to be anonymous told me about the time she had an affair with another woman. It was far and away the best sex of her life.

Part 1. My background

My name is Maryann. When I was in high school I dated maybe 8 or 9 boys until I started dating Dave, who was 4 years older. I fell madly in love with him and we soon became sweethearts. Once in a while we would break up when our parents thought we were too serious or wanted us to date other people. I kissed some other boys but didn’t do much more sexually than that.

As for Dave, I gave him oral and he played with my boobs some. He felt my pussy over my bikini and inside of it a few times. But not more than that. He never did eat me and I remained a virgin. I was still living at home and everyone told me I was too young to get married. But I thought I knew better than anyone, so I married him shortly after I turned 19.

Part 2. Karen starts Maryann’s seduction

Right after I got married I started working as a receptionist for Karen, a friend of my aunt. Karen was a beautiful woman who was in her late 30s. I knew she was single but did not even think she might be lesbian or bi. My husband was working construction and would come by during lunch or when he was driving by to say “hi” like newlyweds often do.

Karen would come and talk with me as soon as he left, often asking sexually oriented questions and making comments about us. She asked if he was my first sexual experience and, after blushing, I said “yes”. As we talked she often would touch my arm, or touch my face and tell me I was so pretty that Dave was lucky to have me, that he had better treat me really good.

I really enjoyed talking with Karen but looked at and thought about her with confusion because of how I felt around her. As she came by and she became more and more touchy. I loved it. I loved her attention of every type! I found myself excited to go to work because of her, and when she was out of the office I remember feeling sad. She must have sensed how much I enjoyed her company and attention because she always complimented my choices of clothing, over and over, even when I wore the simplest things. I loved it.

One day Karen asked me if I had ever kissed or made out with a girl, and I told her “no.” She seemed to just burst with excitement about the issue, but didn’t push anything concerning the subject on me.

After that Karen brought up the topic again, and said in a subtle way how the kiss of a girl is so different and more satisfying than kissing a man. But then she added, “Oh… but you just got married, and you must be in love beyond your dreams…” and I would blush again.

Karen brought up the subject more and more often, saying how much fun kissing a girl was. She would ask me whether I had kissed a girl yet, even though she knew I hadn’t. Because she loved to see me blush. She told me that kissing a girl was the most sensual thing I could ever feel. One day she asked whether my husband’s whiskers ever bothered me when we kissed. I thought about how they would bother me, both when we kissed and also when he would give me oral. And how he was clumsy when he gave me oral. She saw that I was thinking about her question and said, “Oh I can see that his whiskers do bother you.” I started to think of that Karen really knew what she was talking about.

Karen was really getting to me. She would buy me lip gloss and have me try it for her as she stood and watched me put it on. She took me out to lunch a few times and soon started to hold my hand during lunch.

Soon during these lunches she would hold my hand and point out cute girls to me. She would comment on their hair and eyes, their figure, their breasts and bums. I was so naïve that I had no idea she was seducing me. I was still innocent enough to think, “Oh, I’m married. She would never flirt with me, she’s just being nice.” I soon started to notice girls on my own, just like she did when we were together.

Looking back, I realize that some of her “friends” who would come to see her were actually her girlfriends. When they saw me they too would flirt with me. Karen would come out of her office and bring them to my desk to talk about me. She would ask me to model my clothes for them, just like I did for her. I loved it! I also loved it when they all told me how sexy and cute I was. But I didn’t think there was anything sexual about it.

One day I saw her kiss one of her friends. Not like a make out kiss, just a soft kiss. More than a quick peck but not making out. I had no idea that she was setting me up.

Karen kissed her friends more and more often in front of me. I knew these ladies and almost all if not all of them were married to men. Somehow that made it OK. It was just something that women did.

She also started to hug me. Soon, every day. Then when she got to work, and when she got back from lunch. They she would tell me she was having a bad day and ask me for a hug. I loved it, and to this day still give a full body hug whenever kocaeli escort I hug anyone.

Karen would tell me how much she loved my hugs. She had her boobs done and told me that she was my size until she did, and how much she loved feeling so feminine in her clothes and how much she loved it. She told me she loves hugging and feeling her breasts against other breasts. She told me to hug her with a tight full body hug, and asked whether I could feel her breasts against mine. I nodded my head and smiled. In hindsight she was doing a great job setting up an inexperienced 19 year old.

Soon we were openly talking about my sex life. I will never forget the day Karen stood behind me, telling me she wanted to take me shopping and stuff my bra to see how I would look with a boob job. She had some silicone implant things that even had nipples that she handed to me. She told me to slide them inside my bra. She even undid the first button or two on my blouse as she watched me.

I was so excited to have big looking boobs that I just let her help me with the implants, not thinking that her hands were feeling me up. She helped me position them to look real, and I LOVED IT. Karen she was so excited and so was I! She told me, “Lets go show you off at lunch” and I wore them all day.

I should have suspected something when 3 or 4 of her friends came to see her that afternoon and she had me stand and show them off to each one of them. OMG I loved it!

Part 3. The First Kiss

Then it happened. All the talk about kissing and seeing her kiss her friends almost daily. Karen and I had been hugging and she would kiss my cheek daily.

Then one day she kissed my lips just as I was leaving to go home. She quickly said, “Oh, I’m so sorry Maryann.” I stood still with her hands on my arms, saying it was fine. So she kissed me again. We ended the kiss and just looked at each other.

Karren told me, “You’re not doing anything wrong.” And then we basically made out. The first time I felt her tongue in my mouth I felt so important and so thrilled that she wanted to do this with me. Soon it became normal. She kissed me like that at least once a day and would say something sweet to me every time she did it. Such as how it’s ok to want to kiss her anytime, and how soft our kisses were.

One day she told me that my husband cannot come close to kissing me as good as she can. In fact, Karen saw the effects her kisses were having on my nipples, and pointed out my aroused nipples to me and said they were proof that I liked her kisses more. Of course she was right, so I agreed with her. And once I agreed with her she knew she had me.

This went on for a few months. It got to the point that when Dave stopped by to say “Hi” or take me to lunch, I would of course kiss him goodbye. Then she would also want a kiss. I would tell her, every time, that her kisses were so much better than his. I meant it – they really were! Even her touch on any part of my skin was incredible.

I never did try to give Dave suggestions on how to improve his kissing – in retrospect I’m not sure why I didn’t at least try. After a while I did not like his kisses anymore and kissed him much less often. I started to pretend I was kissing Karen when I was kissing him, with my eyes closed of course. Soon I was doing that most of the time.

I remember vividly the first time Karen was in one of my fantasies. I felt shocked and worried that it came to my mind so easy. I justified it by telling myself it wasn’t cheating because she was a woman. Karen told me this over and over, and I think that helped me to let her seduce me.

Part 4. Breasts

One day Karen was visiting with one of her friends in her office and called me in. She asked if I thought her friend’s breasts were real or if they were augmented (like hers). I looked but could not tell. I thought she was very pretty and had very sexy breasts, bigger than Karen’s, and said I wasn’t sure. Then Karen told me to feel them and then tell them what I thought.

I just stood there, not moving. I wondered how on earth I could just reach up and touch this beautiful woman. She must have sensed my fear because she whispered to me, “It’s OK dear”. She took my hands and put them on her breasts, over her top. I meant to feel her softness for just a second, but she put her hands on mine, and kept my hands on her. She encouraged me to keep feeling her breasts and to squeeze them.

All his made me light-headed. I was so caught up feeling her breasts I could hardly speak, and my mouth became dry. I saw the friend and Karen exchange a look. Karen got up from her desk and come over by us. Karen asked me, “What do you think Maryann?” Then Karen added that before I guessed I should also feel her breasts.

So I did. And I finally said that I thought they were all real. Both women clapped and said, “You’re right!”. It truly was fun and exciting experience. I could feel that they really liked me for going along with their little game, and I loved that they liked me. kocaeli escort bayan I was so young, and Karen and her friends made me feel like I was this perfect little sexy cute fun person that they all wanted to be around.

As her friend left Karen told me to hug her, so I got up to hug her. As I did her friend leaned in and kissed me. This shocked me. Then she smiled, told me how soft my lips were, and left. Similar things happened with two more of Karen’s friends. One of them even felt me up while I was feeling her! She even felt my breasts inside my bra and top and she told me I could say “no” anytime to anything. Each time one of Karen’s friends did this I was lost in so much lust and fantasy that I didn’t do anything to stop her.

I reveled in all this and wanted more. I justified to myself that I was not cheating on my husband because we were all girls. It didn’t count as cheating, like it would have if I had done the same things with a man.

I came less and less often with David. I remember a conversation I had about the subject with Karen. One time she told me that when one of her friends was in her office, they would make love for well over an hour, and that they both had 3-4 orgasms that kept getting better and lasted longer each time. Karen asked me whether David ever gave me two orgasms? I shook my head “no” and looked down.

Then Karen put her finger under my chin and moved her lips close to mine and asked, “Does he give you one?” I shrugged my shoulders and got tears in my eyes. I think it was the first time I knew I would give myself to her. She kissed me and hugged me and whispered the naughtiest things I have ever heard in my ear. She told me in detail what she would do to me to make me cum over and over. We made out in her office, and we both knew that it was only a matter of time until we made love.

Part 5 – The Lead-Up To My seduction

Karen had told me I needed to learn how the touch of a woman compared to that of a man. I remember asking how could it be that much different, and she said she would have to show me how it was not only different, but better.

Karen started on the outside of my skirt, and rubbed me in a slow circle, telling me I had to experience it to know the difference. But after a while she stopped, and left me wanting more. Looking back, I realize she orchestrated my seduction perfectly.

I remember thinking, “Oh don’t stop, please don’t stop.” She must have read my face because she started again. Her touch was soft and it was right exactly where it needed to be. Her motions and pressure were just perfect. She looked at me and asked whether I liked her touch. I was so overwhelmed I could only nod. I could barely even get out a word. So she continued rubbing on me. This happened on several days.

But Dave and I were moving, so I put in my notice. Karen said that she wanted to feel inside my panties before I left – she wanted me to experience what it felt like to have a woman feel me there. But I told her I did not want to do that. She was wonderful and said that she understood.

But I knew as soon as I said it that I was lying to her and to myself. I thought about her offer constantly, for several days. Finally, two days before I was about to leave I went back into her office, and told her I wanted her to touch me. But Karen said “no”. She would not.

Instead she told me that if I still felt the same way the next day she would let me know what a woman’s touch felt like and how much pleasure two women could give each other. She made me promise not to have sex that night with David. She wanted to know if I was smooth down there, and I told her I wasn’t. She asked if I would trim and shave for her and not have intercourse with David that evening. I agreed. That night David briefly felt my boobs and put his hand in my panties. I gave him oral and a hand job. But that was all.

The next day I wore a skirt that was shorter than the one I usually wore, a button-up top, my very sexiest undies. I wanted this more than anything! To be candid, I was more excited than I was on my Honeymoon with David. I even remember feeling that this was going to be another Honeymoon. A second Honeymoon. Or maybe even my first “real” Honeymoon!

I am not a very hairy person, but that evening I trimmed my little v down to where it was stubble only. Hiding from my husband of less than a few months that I was preparing to give my pussy to my boss the next day. Hoping for it!

I waited at work for Karen. She arrived dressed so sexy, with a top that showed off her very sexy breasts. She came in and checked around the office, came back by me, and kissed me. She complimented me over and over on how I looked. She asked me to remove my bra and to work for the rest of the day without it. I was shocked but wanted to do that for her. So I instantly got up and went to the ladies room and took my bra off. I had a top on that was tight, so anyone looking would know I was braless. I felt sexy and she loved my kocaeli escort look. We rarely had a lot of people come to the office and I was leaving anyway, so I felt ok doing it.

Near the end of the day Karen called me into her office. She was standing. We hugged and kissed. She was eager but patient. She asked if I was able to not have sex with David and I said “yes”. She kissed me hard with her tongue after I told her that. She asked if I purposely dressed sexy for her today and I nodded. She kissed me hard again. She asked me if I did anything special for her and I told her I trimmed and shaved myself. I felt Karen lift up my skirt as she kissed me passionately.

Karen gave me every opportunity to back out. Her fingers teased and played with the waist band and leg openings of my panties. She asked me if David ever got me to beg him for sex and I said “no”.

She looked at me and said, “Will you beg me to touch you?”

I said “YES”!!

Part 6. I Lose My Girl Virginity

My hips started to move to her touch. Karen told me she could feel my heat, and she told me over and over how much she had wanted me, and how much her friends love to come to her office to see me. Her very sexy red nails were lightly grazing my lips she was holding my panties away from my crotch, giving her access to my wetness. At first she was not touching me very much. I was moaning and gashing, and she told me I sounded like an angel

I felt like I was floating. I could hear Karen talking and I know I was answering her questions. But I had never felt like this when I was with David, and I never have since. She took her time sliding her finger in and out of me. She told me I was small and tight and that she had dreamed of this day every day since she first met me.

I was SO hers at that moment I would have done anything she asked. My husband was the furthest possible thing from my mind. I even would have married her right then if she had asked!

Karen tasted her fingers and told me I tasted like candy. She asked if she should stop, and I said not to. She then took my clit in her fingers, making a fast circle around her, and asked whether I wanted more? I said “MORE” before she could finish her sentence!

Karen took off my top and skirt, and asked to see me walk. Then she got on her knees. I almost passed out when she put her tongue out, curling it back, and with her finger motioned me come to her, I took my panties off and knew that she was going to make oral love to me. At that moment I wanted NOTHING more in my life than that. I realized that I had never had these feelings with any man. And since then I never have.

I started out standing up, but knew I was going to fall, and so did she. So she laid me back on her plush rug and completely undressed. It was the first adult pussy I had seen, and it was perfect. Karen was smooth and I knew her pussy soon would be mime. We kissed and she laid on top of me, her hips grinding on me, pussy to pussy.

She made grunts and moans and told me she was going to fuck me better than any man had ever fucked me, and that it would be so good I would never, ever, forget this. Obviously I haven’t! I came so gloriously I think I might have blacked out briefly.

The next thing I remember was Karen giving me oral. Perfectly! I had never felt anything like it and never imagined anything could be so wonderful. I remember feeling like I was going to explode. I was moaning and could hear my own voice rip through me like lightning.

I actually went blind – all I could see was a bright white light. Then I passed out.

I have no idea for how long. I only remember waking up in Karen’s arms and starting to cry. Karen comforted me and let me regain my composure. She told me she had never seen anyone cum like that. I had been reduced to a blob of putty. Karen was rubbing my pussy and feeling my breasts, and playing with my nipples as I laid there with my legs spread wide for her. She told me to come see her any time, day or night. She told me I was hers and this made me giggle, and then she giggled too. But it was true. It really was as if I were her wife and we were on our Honeymoon.

Part 7. After I Made Love With Karen

After we made love Karen told me to come to work the next day, and I did. But David and I almost immediately moved away, and I soon became pregnant. I felt ugly, fat and so un-sexy, and David did not want to have sex with me.

One day Karen called me and told me she wanted to see me. I was happy to hear from her, but I cried because I did not want her to see me pregnant. Karen came to my house 2 days later.

She said she had watched my husband leave in his truck. She bathed me and could not say enough times, over and over, how beautiful I was even though I was almost 7 months along. She loved my smooth pussy, and soon had me naked and was playing with my swollen breasts. Soon she treated me to the second strongest orgasm of my life.

I did not let Karen leave without licking her. Which was so unlike anything I had – or have – ever done. So different, but in such a really good way. She was on her knees and controlled the pressure. It did not take very long for her to have an orgasm with my mouth glued to her perfect pussy. That was the last time I ever saw Karen.

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