A Night at My Brother’s Ch. 02


My brother quickly straightened up and hugged me for a few seconds as he whispered into my ear, “That was close…” He playfully smiled and turned around.

“Yes darling, the beds are ready. Tami helped me out and we were done in no time.”

“That’s great! Thank you dear,” she said looking at me.

I smiled and nodded my head as I headed to the door. Before leaving I asked my sister in law, “Would you mind lending me a towel? I really want to take a shower.”

“No problem, follow me dear.”

I looked back at my brother as we left the room. She opened a small door located on the side of the corridor and handed me a deep red colored towel which had a soft texture and was very big in size. She noticed my confused expression and said laughing, “Haha, you know how big your brother is, that’s why towels need to be huge as well.”

I giggled a little and agreed with her.

“Where are my mom and my sisters?” I asked her.

“They’re downstairs watching a movie. You can join them when you’re done.”

“I will, thank you.”

My sister in law then led me to the bathroom which had black and white decorations. It felt very sophisticated even though it wasn’t too big. She explained me how to use the shower handles and left with a smile on her face.

I opened the hot water and while it warmed up I got undressed. First, I took off my black sweater, followed by my white shirt, my black brassier, and I dropped my flannel skirt on the floor. I then pulled down my black panties. Lastly, I stepped out of my shoes.

Before getting into the water, I tied up güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my hair into a bun. I stepped in the shower and the water felt marvelous running down my skin. The combination of a cold night with a nice hot shower was priceless.

I began to wash up myself, scrubbing every inch of my body. Suddenly, the sound of a closing door startled me. I grabbed the shower curtain only to peek through the side of it. Gonzalo was standing there, leaning against the door, and looking what seemed directly at me.

I froze for a couple of seconds and could barely make out his face because of the water vapor. A smile began to appear on my face and I uncovered my body a little bit more by moving the curtain further to the side.

“I’ve always wanted you as well, Gonzalo. Even though I’ve had boyfriends in the past, I just can’t stop thinking about you, and clearly you can’t stop thinking about me either. So why don’t we play a little game?” I said as I closed the water tap.

He walked confidently towards the shower and harshly pulled the curtain away with one of his hands. I stepped back and tried to cover up my naked body with my arms.

My brother had a kinky smile on his face and with his eyes on me answered, “Alright, what kind of game lil’ sis?”

With a naughty expression I replied, “I’m going to try to make you grow desperate for my body. I’ll have one hour to do it. If you give in before the one hour mark, I win.

A bit surprise but clearly excited he answered, “Sounds interesting Tami… I like your idea. But what if you end güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri up begging me to fuck you first?”

Gonzalo’s eyes widened as I stepped out of the shower and walking towards him with my wet, naked body, making him step back until he hit the door. I hugged him around the neck, resting my arms on his shoulders and tip toeing simultaneously. I could hear and feel his heavy breathing.

“Oh brother… I will beg you to fuck me. Go on…” I whispered, “You can touch me if you want to…”

His arms laid flat to the sides, making a fist with his hands. I took one of his hands and placed it on my lower back as I pressed my body against his, feeling his erection through his jeans.

His other hand came up and grasped my hair firmly, pulling me back gently but with decision.

Smiling he said, “This is going to be hard. You have until midnight.”

I smiled at him as he turned around to open the door and left.

I picked up my clothes and got dressed again. I couldn’t wear the same dirty panties and I had no spare clothes since the stay at my brother’s house was not planned. I fixed my hair and makeup in the mirror and headed out the door.

I went to the guest room where I saw my mother and sister in law talking and laughing.

They had always been very close and could speak for hours.

Downstairs I saw my sisters and their boyfriends watching a comedy movie, laughing as loud as they could and eating popcorn.

“Chloe, where’s Gonzalo?” I asked my oldest sister.

“He’s in the kitchen Tami.”

“Thanks, güvenilir bahis şirketleri enjoy the movie,” I said as I walked to the kitchen.

Gonzalo was standing there, drinking a glass of water. He didn’t seem to notice me, so I approached him from behind and hugged his waist. He startled a little and turned his head to see me there.

I began to slide my hands down his body, teasing him and touching around his already prominent erection. I took one of his hands and pulled it back, placing it underneath my skirt and on the back of my upper thigh. I made sure he felt that I had no underwear on.

His breathing was getting deeper and deeper, and I occasionally heard a slight grunt.

“Come on Tami, let’s go out for a walk,” he said with the little composure he had left.

Before leaving I turned him around, and tip toeing once again I took hold of his face with both of my hands and got very close to his lips, almost kissing him and said, “Alright brother, let’s go.”

We walked to the main door and before we stepped outside Chloe asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to show Tami the big tree that’s sitting in the back yard. She loves nature so I assume she will love this tree too.”

“Great idea! Make sure you don’t catch a cold,” she said as she turned her attention back to the movie.

I looked at the clock before leaving: 11:45.

We strolled for a bit in complete silence. I was feeling anxious and nervous but also very confident.

“Do you really want me to fuck you Tami?”

His question surprised me. I stopped and said nervously, “Y-yes, I wouldn’t be here with you if I didn’t want to.”

There was a small pause and then I continued, “Do you want to fuck me?”

My brother smiled and with a lustful expression in his eyes, he grasped my arm firmly and dragged me under the big pine tree that sat on the back yard.

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