A Night in Las Vegas


Generally I am fairly conservative, and if you knew me you would be shocked by some of the things I have done when traveling away from home. If my mother knew about some of the things I am writing about she would be furious and may not talk to me for months. It certainly would be very embarrassing to her and I would be a huge disappointment given that she worked so hard during my youth to instill conservative values.

I of course rebelled as a child outside of her presence, and as an adult I still do have my moments of rebellion against my very conservative upbringing. My desire for adventure manifested itself during and after college to make up for my mostly less adventurous childhood. My college and adult friends have had a big influence on me after I left home.

This story is about one of my adventures when I was out of town at a conference in Las Vegas and I hope you find it as entertaining as I did. Before I start you should have a sense of what I look like. I am five feet five inches tall with blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. I keep very fit by eating healthy and working out as regularly as I can, and both guys and girls frequently compliment me on my looks. I also like the fact that people find me attractive and I have an exhibitionist streak in me. Sometimes I’ll wear skimpy clothing knowing full well that it may attract attention. I also love to flirt and tease.

So here is what happened when I went to a conference in Las Vegas recently. It was work-related and it lasted a few days (Wednesday through Friday). Given that I was in Las Vegas, I decided to stay over a couple extra days and enjoy a show and the warm weather.

At the conference I met several people I knew from the Industry and one in particular was Sara. I have known Sara for a couple years and I have only seen her a couple times at conferences, however we have kept in touch outside of conferences via social media. In the past we had hung out at conferences in the evenings by usually having dinner or doing some shopping.

Sara was recently divorced so when I met her in Las Vegas she was very excited about being a single woman again. We started off doing the typical things and went for dinner on Thursday and this is where Sara confessed she was looking for a man. Not a man to date, but a man to hook up with while she was in Las Vegas. She also had extended her Stay through Sunday like me.

“So how to you plan to find this man?” I asked Sara. “Are you looking for someone at the conference?”

“God no,” Sara replied. “I wouldn’t want anyone to know I hooked up with someone they know. I was thinking we could go out to a dance club or something. You are single, so maybe you will find a guy too.”

“We?” I paused for effect and to see what she would say next. She kept quiet and waited for my response. “I suppose so. I was really thinking about attending a show but I suppose I could go dancing. I like to dance.”

“We could dress up sexy and then my Knight in Shining Armor will appear and sweep me off my feet,” she said laughing.

“Ha,” I said. I didn’t bring anything sexy to wear on this trip.”

“Well let’s go shopping on Saturday! I know a great place to get what I want. I also didn’t bring anything appropriate. Can we go to a show tomorrow night after the conference, and then go to the club on Saturday?”

“Okay, I think we can do that,” I said with a little trepidation. “How about I pick the show and you can pick the dance club?”

“Deal! I also get to pick what we wear. Is that ok?”

With even more trepidation I said, “Deal.”

That night I booked a Cirque du Soleil show for Friday night. Sara was to meet me in my room before we headed out. We planned a quick early dinner after the conference, and then we planned to get changed for the show and have drinks afterward.

On Friday after dinner I headed back to my room. I didn’t really plan on wearing anything fancy when I packed so a laid out my designer tight-fitting white Capri pants and a tight dark blue tank top knowing Sara would probably dress way better than me. I then took a shower and did my makeup, and was just putting on my pants when there was a knock at the door. I knew it was going to be Sara since I was running a little late. Quickly I threw the tank over my head and got my arms through the holes before opening the door. My shirt wasn’t even pulled all the way down yet and I looked like a wreck.

“Hey,” Sara said as she walked in. “I love the Capris!”

“Thanks. I’m almost ready. Just need to find a bra and brush my hair quickly.” I looked at Sara who was taller than me by a couple inches and had an amazing body. Her boobs were probably a C or D cup, but appeared to be quite firm. She was wearing skin-tight jeans with 3-inch pumps and a tight-fitting low-cut reddish thin-fabric top with clearly no bra underneath.

“You don’t need to wear a bra do you?” she asked. “I thought we would take a step toward sexy for tomorrow night so I decided to go braless.”

“Well I don’t have Escort Bayan to,” I said. My tank was pretty tight and seemed to hold me in place well enough, and it wasn’t like I had never gone out braless before. I didn’t mind showing off my body a little if I was in the mood. “Let me just brush my hair then and I’ll grab my shoes.” I brushed my hair quickly and put on my sandals and we headed out and grabbed a taxi.

At the hotel for Cirque du Soleil we found a bar and had a couple drinks while waiting for the time to enter the show. It was your typical casino bar and we listened to slot machines as we tried to talk about what we would do the next night.

“Okay, we need to go shopping and I think the best time is probably early afternoon, so how about we meet up for breakfast and head to the pool in the morning?” Sara offered.

“That sounds nice,” I said. “I could use some sun. So what kind of store are we talking about?”

“I can’t remember the name. I just remember coming across it during another trip here and noticing the insane evening and lingerie clothing they had.”

“Insane?” I asked.

“You know,” she paused. “I mean sexy. Something you would wear to a hot dance club and to attract men.”

“You are already drop-dead gorgeous, so I don’t think you will need the sexy outfit to have men attracted to you.”

“Thank you Honey. I just want to be a little naughty, you know? Brian was so controlling in our relationship and I never had the chance to feel sexy while married to him. He picked at me every time I showed a little skin and all I wanted was to be sexy for him.”

“I understand,” I said. “And you are right. You should be able to dress as sexy as you want. Someone is going to appreciate that tomorrow night.” I looked over to my right and saw a table with two guys sitting at it and noticed they were looking at us. “Don’t look. Do you see those guys to the table to your left? They have been eyeing you up since they sat down a few minutes ago.”

Sara looked over quickly and then back at me. “Maybe,” she said. She looked again and I looked as well without trying to make it obvious. “I’m not sure. They aren’t looking now. Let’s do a test.”

She took her hand and squeezed each of her nipples so that they poked the fabric. “I’m going to walk by them and go to the ladies room. I’ll let you know if I get any looks.”

Sara walked by them and I watched as both men looked up at her and then smiled to each other after she passed. They noticed. The guys were about our age, maybe about five years older, and were cute.

On Sara’s return I saw that they stopped her and she spoke to them for a few minutes. One of the guys kept sneaking peaks at me as they spoke. A few minutes later Sara returned to our table.

“Well?” I said with huge interest. “What did you talk about?”

“They said they thought we were cute and wanted to know what we were doing in Vegas tomorrow.”

“What about tonight?”

“They have a corporate function to go to tonight, but they wanted to know if we might be interested in meeting them tomorrow.”

“And?” I asked. I was dying to find out what she said, and she was dragging it out.

“And I said that we were going to a dance club and they were welcome to find us there.”

“Wow, okay,” I said. I glanced over at the guys and the one who was looking at me winked. Then a few other guys showed up at their table and our friends stood up to leave with them. Both of them looked our way and smiled as they left the bar.

“Nice job,” I said smiling. “You have been to one place and you already met somebody interesting.”

“We’ll see if they show. But either way I’m going to dress like there is no tomorrow and enjoy whatever happens.”

We finished our drinks and headed to the showroom entrance. The show was spectacular as expected and after the show we headed back to our hotel for a nightcap drink and a little gambling. I of course lost money which is normal for me, and Sara came out about even.

The next morning we met around 9 for breakfast and then agreed to meet at the pool around 10:30. I did bring one bikini with me and realized as I was putting it on that Sara would probably approve. It was one of my skimpiest bikini’s that had smallish triangles with no liner and Tanga bottoms.

I got to the pool first and the attendant found a couple chairs for me near the pool. I brought a book and some bottled water and sat down on my lounge chair after spreading out my towel. As I looked around I saw several handsome men looking my way from across the pool and I put on my shades so they could not determine if was looking back. I looked down at my body to check that my suit was on straight and I noticed my nipples were poking very visibly at the thin fabric of my top. I laughed to myself and thought, “It is my chance to tease a little.”

I started reading my book and about ten minutes later Sara appeared at the foot of my chair.

“Hi,” she said. “Ooh, I like your bikini!” Escort She was wearing a cut-out bandage style bright white bikini that was essentially a series of straps across her large breasts that covered her nipples and not much more. There was definitely a fair amount of the sides and bottoms of her boobs exposed. Her bottoms were of a similar style and my immediate thought was what horrible tan lines she would get. The white material did look great against her lightly tanned skin though and I realized she didn’t have any tan lines, anywhere.

“Hi,” I said back. “Yours’ is nice too. I haven’t seen one like that.”

“It’s from the shop just inside. I forgot to bring mine. I was worried about all the stripes, but then I put on strong sunscreen so it shouldn’t matter.”

Sara got situated on her chair and I pointed out the men checking us out. Many of them were with their wives or girlfriends and I smiled at them and ran my tongue across my lips a few times to flirt with them. Sara also toyed with them occasionally.

After the pool we went upstairs and changed. It was around 2PM and we headed out for shopping about an hour later to get our evening outfits and whatever else interested us. We went to the mall first and looked for a while and I found several outfits that I thought would work, but Sara said they were not quite what she had in mind. She reminded me we agreed she would choose the outfits.

Sara then took me to the shop she remembered. It wasn’t from the mall. As soon as we stepped inside I realized this place had a lot of crazy items. It had studded leather outfits, cocktail dresses, crazy-looking Rave outfits, and lingerie. The clientele ranged from what looked like teenagers to young women and men in their 20s. Many of the people had tattoos. Sara and I fit in reasonably well given we were both in our 20s still, although only Sara had a tattoo and hers was near her ankle.

We walked around the entire store looking at all of the crazy items and then Sara focused on one of the racks. She pulled out an item that was a mini dress with straps and was made out of netting crisscrossed like diamonds. It was black and had small panties to go with it.

“Seriously?” I asked. “What would you wear under that?”

“I was thinking for you,” she said laughing. “You can’t wear anything under this. Nothing would work other than possibly wearing a bra, but I don’t think that would look good.”

“I think I would be arrested wearing that in public so we need to keep looking.”

Sara frowned and pulled out another outfit. It was a crop top made of black mesh and it had panties with a black mesh sequined pant. “I like this,” she said.

“That will get you arrested,” I laughed.

“Yeah probably, but I would definitely get some interest.”

“You won’t need that to get their interest. In fact it probably doesn’t matter what you wear. You are gorgeous anyway.”

“Thanks Honey. I just want to be a little crazy tonight and unwind the years of being with Brian. I may go over the top but that’s what I want.” Sara pulled out a few more items and then handed me two outfits to look at. “How about these for me?”

The first outfit was a black long sleeve backless slashed mini dress that had cuts across the front so that it was just strips of fabric connecting to the sides. There was one strip that went across the boobs and a few more strips under the boobs. Above the boobs were also a couple strips around the neck area and the arms were stripped as well on the outside. It looked like someone took a razor blade to the dress and cut out sections of the dress from side to side.

The second outfit was a white seamless mini dress with cutouts between the boobs and below so that the underside of her boobs would be exposed as well as the inner portion. Her hips and sides of her thighs would also be exposed.

The third option was a silver metallic backless mini dress with a plunging neckline that would go below her belly button. It had a thin strap connecting the two halves of the dress to ensure the dress had the potential to stay connected over her boobs.

“I guess these are good options. You won’t be arrested and they are certainly crazy sexy,” I said.

Sara smiled and then looked through a few more racks and handed me two items. The first was a black sequined backless mini dress with a plunging neckline that would extend below my belly button. It had a strap to connect the two sides but it was pretty low with the top strap being just above the belly button. The second outfit was a red backless deep vee cowl neck mini dress that also opened to near my belly button. On this one there wasn’t any strap to hold the sides together.

“Ok, I can live with these, but I think both of us will be falling out of our dresses if we aren’t careful. We certainly cannot wear bras with these. Maybe pasties or tape,” I said.

“I wasn’t planning on us wearing bras anyway,” Sara replied excitedly. “Let’s go try them on.”

Sara Bayan Escort and I got changing rooms next to each other and we each tried on outfits and then came out for opinions. Sara looked amazing in all three outfits and she ultimately chose the black slashed mini dress. She had to adjust her boobs to fit under the 2-3 inch strap across the front and it was imperative that the dress remained snug across the front for her boobs not to fall out. It seemed like it would.

For me, both dresses fit well. I didn’t have any tape so it didn’t take much for a nipple slip. I tried a couple dance moves in both of them and as soon as I bent down or swayed too fast to the side the fabric struggled to stay in front of my breast. The most risky dress for me was the red mini because it had no ties in the front; however the other dress really wasn’t much better since the straps were so low.

Sara examined me closely and said, “I think you look amazing in both, but I think you should go with the red one. I’m definitely jealous and wish I had chosen than one.”

“You can have this one,” I offered up quickly.

“Nope, I want to see you in that tonight. I think my black and your red dresses together will look smashing.”

“Okay,” I said. “Let’s go look for some tape and some shoes.”

“Forget the tape,” Sara said. “But let’s go look at panties and shoes. I need something to go with this outfit.”

On the way to the underwear section I said, “If I don’t have tape I’m going to be flashing all night.”

“You’ll be fine,” Sara said. “Just be careful. I think tape looks bad and the adhesive will come loose while dancing anyway.” That was true in my one experience in the past wearing tape to hold my dress. It also did a number on my skin.

We each chose black thongs to go with our outfits since our dresses were snug around our bottoms and we didn’t want any seams to show. After we paid for our items we went to another store to find shoes and I bought some sexy black strappy sandals with 3 inch heels that I thought would be comfortable enough for dancing. Sara decided to go with her 3-inch pumps that she wore the night before.

After we returned to the hotel we spent some time relaxing and then had a light dinner. By 8 PM we headed up to our rooms to get ready. We agreed to meet at 9PM in my room and then take a taxi to the dance club that was at another hotel on the Strip.

Precisely at 9PM Sara knocked on my door. I was just finishing my hair and stepped out of the bathroom to get the door.

“Hey,” I said as I opened the door. Sara looked amazing. Her wavy blonde hair extended about 6 inches below her shoulders in both the front and back and was curled on the ends. She had bangs just to the top of her eyelids and had black mascara outlining her eyes. Her facial makeup was done perfectly and her lips looked almost natural with a little bit of color and shine. Her dress also fit every curve of her body as though it was made especially for her. She had four strips of fabric that covered her incredible boobs and near washboard abs, plus a few thin strips of fabric to form the neck of the dress and her tight-fitting mini bottom. The top strip of fabric went across the middle of her largish boobs and mainly covered her nipples and not much else. Below her boobs were three more strips with the lowest strip just above her belly button. Below that was a strip of bare skin and then the bottom section of her mini dress. The mini bottom just covered her ass and barely covered her crotch. Her shoes were also incredibly sexy and her black toenail polish matched the shoes and dress.

I was really struck by her beauty. “You look incredible,” I said as I stepped back into the room. I stood there looking a moment more and then realized I was staring. “I just need to get my sandals on and then I’m ready.”

“I was going to say the same thing to you,” Sara replied as she walked in. “That dress is going to cause people to trip over themselves. Me included!”

“I have never worn anything near this racy.”

“Me either. I’m just bringing a credit card, cash, and my driver’s license in this small purse. I left everything else in the room just in case I lose it.”

“That’s a great idea,” I said as I sat down on the edge of the bed. “I’ll do the same.”

I leaned forward to put on my sandals and realized my breasts were not touching any fabric as the front of my dress extended out from my body. If someone were looking they would see just about everything. I got both of my shoes on and looked up at Sara as I straightened and realized she probably got a good view.

“You look fabulous,” she said. “I love that outfit and shoes. It’s so sexy.” Sara stood there admiring me as I reached for my purse.

“Thanks,” I said. “I’m afraid I’m going to be giving people a show tonight if I’m not careful.”

“If you do it will be the best show they have seen. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?” she said laughing.

“Ha, I hope so!” I emptied my purse of everything except the essentials and we headed down for a taxi. It was still quite warm out and the bell boy practically ran to us to offer help.

“Just a taxi would be great,” I said. He then motioned for a car and one pulled up immediately.

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