A Night of Exploration…..Becoming His……Part

A Night of Exploration…..Becoming His……PartDraven opened the bathroom door and I could hear the shower.“Kali, come join me for a shower.” He said.“OK” Kali replied.She walked to the bathroom and they got in the shower.“Wash me.” He commanded.Kali grabbed her luffa, put some soap on it started washing his body.“Pay special attention to my cock and balls slut.” He said.Kali began washing his back, down to his ass, she got on her knees to pay attention to washing him. She washed him inside and out then kissed his ass and pulled his cheeks apart and licked his asshole. She turned him around and washed his legs up to his cock. She washed him and then after rinsing him off she put his cock in her mouth. She started to suck and play but he pulled her up so she could was his hair. After rinsing him off he grabbed the towel and began washing her. He washed all of her, slipping 2 fingers inside her pussy as he cleaned, then he washed her hair. When they were done they dried each other off and they went into the spare bedroom.“What about Delia and Maura?” She asked him.“We will join them in a bit. I want to talk to you first.” He replied.“Oh, ok.” Kali replied.“First we need to clear a few things up. We are into BDSM and when I ask you a question your answer is always Yes Sir or No Sir. Is there anything you won’t do?” He asked.Kali thought for a second and answered, “No k**s, no peeing or shitting on me, no a****ls, no belts. I haven’t done enough to know what else I won’t do so that’s all I’ve got.”“You obey when I tell you to do something. You don’t question you just say Yes Sir. I won’t force you to do anything that fethiye escort bayan will cause anyone harm and once we get to know each other and you trust me I will push your limits. Right now I’m going to push just a little to see what you are comfortable with then when we join the other 2 you will be pushed again. You ok with that?” Draven explained then asked.“Yes Sir I am ok with that.” Kali responded.“Good. Get on the bed, lay on your back, open your legs, and close your eyes.”Kali got on the bed and laid down on her back as he instructed. He laid next to her and looked at him. He smacked her tit and said “Eyes closed.” Kali closed her eyes. He touched her hair, trailed down to her face, to her neck, and placed his hands on her tits. He kneaded them and he bent down to kiss her. The kiss was soft at first then got rough. He pulled back and he got rough with her tits pulling on the nipples, smacking them, then she felt his mouth on her nipple, sucking, kissing all around it, then back to her nipple and biting, sucking, twisting, and biting again. Kali squirmed and crossed her leg rubbing her pussy together. Draven stopped what he was doing and pulled Kali’s legs apart and shook his head no and went back to her tits. The more he played and bit her the more turned on she got and she slid her hand down to her pussy and as she was about to finger herself he grabbed her hand and put both above her head. He held them there as he continued to play with her tits. He did that for a bit then he let go of her hands and said “Keep them there Kali and don’t move them. If you move them you be punished.” Kali nodded escort fethiye her head yes so he knew she understood.Draven kissed his way down Kali body and when he got to her pussy he stopped and kissed his way around it but never went in are even close to in. Kali squirmed and whined, when she tried to sit up he smacked her pussy and said “No” then went back to exploring. Kali laid there trying desperately not to sit up to watch what he was doing. She thought about moving to her breasts and playing with them but stopped because she didn’t was her pussy smacked again and didn’t want him to stop what he was doing. So for now she didn’t move any part of her body. Draven stayed where he was and spread open her pussy lips diving in with his tongue and fingers.Kali was now in heave as he licked her pussy and slid his fingers in and out of her. She tried to move with him put he made sure she couldn’t have any movement. He started tongue fucking her and then he jumped up ran to her bedroom and ran back. When he returned he had her Hitachi wand, he plugged it into an outlet then got back between her legs. He continued to eat her and finger her adding another finger then another and when he tried for 4 but couldn’t get it in. He sat back for a second and smiled, “You’re very tight Kali.” He turned on the wand and put it on her clit as he fingered her. She started getting loud and came up off the bed reaching for his cock. He slapped her tit and her pussy then she laid back down. “Let me do this and you can please me later. Right now I am learning your body and you need to let go, just feel, and don’t fight it. We will have fethiye escort many more times to explore but right now you need to let go and feel. He turned off the wand, flipped her over, moved her to the edge of the bed until her head was hanging off, and he told her to get on her knees. She did as she was told and he slammed into her pussy getting his cock wet, he fucked and moved, and got harder then he pulled out and slid into her ass. Kali tensed for a minute and Draven stayed where he was and whispered, “Relax slut, just relax” and she did. He pushed all the way in then grabbed her ponytail and pulled. Kali moaned and Draven smiled then said “Put the want on you clit whore.” Kali did as she was told and Draven let go of her pony tail then he leaned down and wrapped his hands around her neck, closing his grip and getting tighter and tighter. She didn’t know what it was doing but she was starting to moan louder and it felt fucking amazing.“You like being choked don’t you Kali?” He asked and when she tried to answer him she couldn’t and he smiled.“Fuck yes, I am about to fuck you so hard, take this cock slut, feel it all in you. Be a good whore, be so good, feel my cock in your ass and love it. I am so looking forward to fucking that tight pussy.” Draven said in her ear.He got faster, gripping her neck, she tried to move, I tried to get some control. But Draven had all the control, He was fucking Kali, he was choking her, he had on her, legs spread, pushing his cock deep inside her, and she was at his mercy and…..she absolutely loved it. She screamed when he hit the spot and she came, squirting everywhere. Draven came in her ass when she came everywhere. He pulled out of her ass then laid next to her, gathered her up in his arms, and just started talking to her. As Kali laid there she smiled, ‘all of this is amazing’ she thought and relaxed into him.

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