A night on our own

A night on our ownIt’s one of those great nights where we don’t have any plans or any k**s to worry about. Chase and I snuggle down on the couch and get ready to watch a movie. I’m horny as hell, but all night I’ve been sending him the “not interested” signal, so I can catch him by surprise later. It’s a good thing he has picked up on that signal because if he were to touch my pussy at all I’m pretty sure he’d notice that I was dripping wet, not to mention I would probably cum on the spot at his touch. We start the movie and, just like I was counting on, his long day at work kicks in and he’s snoozing beside me. I wait a few minutes to make sure he’s sound asleep and then I reach over and free his cock from his pajama pants and start striking it. It responds by starting to harden but he stays asleep. I move myself onto my knees on the floor in front of him and start sucking his cock and rolling it around in my mouth, getting it harder and harder until its stiff as a board. I pull it into my mouth as deep as I can get it, choking myself on it over ataşehir escort and over until suddenly he jolts awake and sees what I’m doing. I’m so fucking wet I can hardly take it but he puts his hands both on the back of my head and wraps his fingers up in my hair, gripping it and slams my head down on his cock, over and over, fucking my face, sometimes slamming it deep and making me gag and other times a little more shallow, giving me time to recover a moment before slamming it deep again. Suddenly I feel a shudder and he pushes my head down deeper yet and I feel his cock pour cum down my throat. When he’s done flooding my mouth with cum I stand up and climb onto the couch and stand in front of him, putting one foot up on the back of the couch and shove my dripping pussy into his face. I put one hand behind his head and mimic the movements he did with me, shoving his face into my pussy over and over. I buck and cum over and over as he rolls his tongue over my clit, teasing it and gently nips at it one minute and then jams his escort ataşehir tongue deep inside of me the next minute. Then he begins to lick at my clit over and over while he reaches up and slides two fingers inside of me and begins thrusting them in and out of me harder, then gently, it’s such an amazing feeling that I don’t think anything can ever get any better than this when he reaches up with his other hand and rolls my nipple between his fingers and I explode in an orgasm so intense that my cum shoots out, all over his face, soaking him completely. I buck and writhe above him but he keeps licking at my clit and relentlessly banging my pussy, ramming against my g spot with every thrust and pulling and playing with each of my nipples with his other hand and it’s only a matter of minutes before I’m exploding with another orgasm. I pull away and check his cock and it’s rock hard again so I sit on his lap, sliding that rock hard dick as deep into me as I can get it, and twisting and writhing against it, soaking it with the juices ataşehir escort bayan in my pussy and kissing cory, loving the taste of my cum all over his face. I pump him in and out of me a few times, straddling him on the couch facing him and then I lean up, pulling him out of me and I reach behind me and grab his soaking wet dick and move it into place before slowly lowering my ass down over his dick, taking his hard cock deep into my ass. His eyes are wide and he’s so surprised and turned on by this, he leans forward and lightly bites and sucks at my nipples while putting his hands around my waist to help me raise and lower myself over him moving his cock deeper and deeper into my ass and then more shallow before lowering me again pushing his cock back deep into my ass. We get into an amazing rhythm doing this, going faster and faster until he releases me on one side and moves his hand around and begins circling my clit with his first two fingers. I’m in extasy between his cock pounding my ass and his fingers on my clit until suddenly he starts pounding faster and shoves his fingers inside of me and starts massaging my g spot with his two fingers and massaging my clit with his thumb and it only takes about 30 seconds of this before we are both screaming and cumming before collapsing on each other.

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