A Night To Remember


It all started one summers evening when my mate Adrian and his wife Christine came to stay. We had all known each other for a year or two and they came to stop for a long weekend with my wife Jean and I, as there was a play on at the local theatre Saturday night that they wanted to see which had some TV celebrity as the star. On the Friday night we decided to go out for a drink but before we went, we had quite a bit to drink in the house and the girls were a little tipsy before we even set foot in the pub. They were both dressed in light summer dresses, with no bras on whereas Adrian and I had on jeans and t-shirts.

The local pub was about 10 minutes stroll away and it was a real pleasant walk in the balmy summer evening, in fact it was so nice and the pub was so hot, we all sat outside by the river bank, just us men entering the bar to get our rounds of drinks. As the evening wore on the girls got a little drunk and the conversation got a little risqué with sex becoming a hot topic. The girls were also moaning about the heat so when they went to the toilet, together of course as girls do, Adrian and I suggested that they removed their panties to cool off!

When the girls returned some minutes later they were both giggling and Jean handed me her white lace panties, still warm, rolled up into my palm. I noticed that Christine had passed something, rolled up in her hand, to Adrian. I guessed that they were her knickers. I instantly felt my cock growing in my jeans at the thought of these two girls sitting there with no panties on under their summer dresses. The evening wore on and after more drinks, it was soon closing time and the pub shut. We started to walk home and the conversation was still risqué as we walked along hand in hand with our respective wives. Jean and I occasionally stopped for a snog and a grope of her naked arse over her dress; I noticed that Adrian and Christine were doing the same and that he was stroking her breasts as well.

When we got in we poured another drink and decided that it would be a good idea to watch a blue movie on the video as Adrian had brought a selection with him that he had just acquired from a mate of his who worked in Germany. I put the tape on and was amazed that the quality was very good, except for the crap background music, and that it was in Rize Escort English too and had not been dubbed. I sat on an armchair while Jean sat on the floor in front of me. Adrian and Christine sat together on our sofa. The only light in the room came from the table light and the TV screen and as the movie progressed bawdy comments were made about the actors and actresses and the storyline.

It was after I realised that Adrian and Chris had gone a bit quiet when I saw that his hand was down the front of her dress and he was feeling her breasts in between exchanging passionate kisses. I was enthralled as I saw him rubbing her boobs and she started to rub his cock over the top of his jeans. I nudged Jean and whispered for her to watch them too as my cock started to grow once more in my jeans and started to feel very uncomfortable, trapped in my pants. Christine’s breathing started to quicken and I saw that Adrian’s hand was now under her dress and was touching her pussy. I felt really hot and I could hear that Jean’s breathing rate had increased as well as she turned slightly and started to rub my hard cock over my jeans.

Interest in the blue movie ceased as we watched Christine pull down Adrian’s zip fly and struggle to get his cock out which she then started to lick and suck. We saw that his was bigger than mine, maybe 7 or 8 “ long and we could clearly see that the thick purple head was wet as she licked his hard shaft. Meanwhile Adrian had pulled her dress up over her head and she was stark naked! My cock hardened even more at the sight in front of me, as Adrian felt her petite tits and lowered his head to lick and suck on her nipples. She had stopped sucking his cock but we could clearly see her hand slowly stroking his cock up and down. Adrian then pulled of his shirt and then raised his arse of the sofa as Chris pulled off his jeans and underpants.

I was feeling really horny by now and I knew Jean was feeling horny too by her heavy breathing. I moved my hand down the front of her dress and started to fondle her tits, her nipples were erect and she moaned softly as I rubbed them between my fingers. She pulled me down onto the floor and we started to kiss passionately as I stroked her thighs and felt her hot and very wet pussy that was soaking. She pulled down the zip on my Rize Escort Bayan jeans and managed to my relief, to free my hard cock from my underpants. The tip of it was wet with pre-cum and I raised my arse from the carpet so she could pull my jeans and pants right off. We kissed some more as I rubbed the outside of her wet pussy, only pausing to pull her dress over her head.

The noise from the other couple had increased and we looked over to them to see that Adrian and Chris were also laying on the floor and he had his head buried deep between her open thighs and was, from her gasps and moans, obviously giving her pussy some special treatment with his tongue. She lay flat on her back with her legs raised and was also rubbing her nipples with her own hands. I noticed again that she had very small tits that had almost disappeared as she lay back. She carried on making louder and louder moaning noises and it was obvious that she was nearly ready to cum. She arched her back and let out a loud moan like a wounded animal and howled with pleasure as Adrian continued to lick and suck her pussy.

This turned us on even more as I moved my head down and positioned myself between Jean’s thighs and started to lap at her dripping pussy. I flicked my tongue in and out and had only nibbled on her clit for a very short time, maybe even seconds, when she gripped my head and shuddered with her orgasm. I moved my head away, and we kissed for a few moments before she moved her head down and started to lightly stroke and lick my throbbing cock. While she did this I saw that Adrian was now on top of Chris and she had her long legs wrapped around his back as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. You could hear the slurping noises quite clearly as he fucked her and she gave out low moans every time his cock went deeper into her.

Jean was by now sucking hard on my cock and I knew that if she kept this up, I would soon be shooting my spunk into her throat which I didn’t want to do as I was desperate to fuck her. I gently pulled her up and rolled her onto her side, stroking her tits as I did so. I moved behind her and pushed her knees up so we were like spoons so I could enter her wet pussy and fuck her and be able to watch Adrian & Chris at the same time. They had moved into the doggie Escort Rize position and he was holding her hips whilst pumping his hard, glistening cock, wet with her pussy juices, in and out. She started to moan again, getting louder and louder as his cock was thrust inside her. Once more she had a loud orgasm and I felt my cock throbbing as it was getting closer to spunking. Reluctantly, I pulled my cock out and rolled Jean onto her back gripping the cheeks of her arse and lifted it up so I could insert my cock back inside her soaking wet pussy. I stared to nibble her neck and lips as I slowly started to fuck her again, trying to concentrate as hard as possible so that I could hold back from cumming as long as possible. She wrapped her legs around my back and drew me in close.

I then noticed that Adrian was back on top of Chris and she had her legs around his shoulders. They were only inches away on the floor and we could clearly see his glistening cock, obviously sticky and wet with her pussy juices as her he fucked her harder and harder. She moaned, “ Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me,” as he pumped away faster and faster until he started to grunt and then thrust himself deep inside, shooting his hot spunk into her. She thrashed around moaning and moaning with her orgasm. This triggered me off so I started to fuck Jean faster and faster. Jean was gasping and started to shout, “ Fuck me, fuck me harder,” copying Chris’s words. I felt me cock starting to throb and I knew that I could hold back no longer as I felt the spunk moving up my cock. Just as Jean had her climax I shuddered as my spunk shot inside and it seemed to keep shooting and shooting. I gasped with pleasure as I filled her wet pussy with my spunk and we lay there for a while cuddling and caressing each other.

By now the video had ended and we were all a little bit startled by the hissing noise and black and white flecks from the TV screen. We were all a bit quiet and lay on the floor for a while making small talk. Before long Adrian & Chris said their goodnights, picked up their clothes from around the room and went up to bed. I guess we were all feeling a bit embarrassed by what had occurred. We had a coffee and cleared up the lounge before making our way up stairs.

We heard soft moaning coming from their bedroom and could hear the bed creaking and we were tempted to knock on the door and ask to watch them again, but we were both feeling very tired, after all the drink and excitement and climbed into our bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was certainly a night to remember!

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