A Night To Remember


It was finally the weekend. My boyfriend Mike and I were going out to a bar to see a band and some friends. When we got there, we were the first ones there. We both ordered a beer and found a seat.

Everyone started showing up, and the beer was coming more regularly. I don’t even remember how many beers I had, but I know I was feeling really good. We decided to head home, both of us were pretty hammered so we had his brother drive us home.

When we got home I got changed for bed and crawled under the covers. Mike came in and turned out the light and climbed into bed with me.

I was already to go to sleep when I felt his hand starting to rub my pussy. Oh, it felt so good. I started moaning and rubbing against him. I was getting so hot. He slid his hand into my pajama pants and into my thong. “Mmmm your pussy is so wet.” he told me. He started rubbing my clit harder. Then slid two fingers inside my dripping wet cunt. I bucked back against his hand, wanting more.

We ripped our clothes off and he got down in between my legs. His tounge found my shaved pussy and he started licking and sucking. It felt so good, I kept wiggling around and moaning really loudly, which got him going more and more.

He was nibbling my clit and sucking my pussy lips. It was more than I could handle. Screaming, I came loud and hard. He licked up every last drop of my cum, then came up to kiss me and share with me. Oh, it tasted so good, too good.

He sat up then and pushed my head down to his throbbing, rock hard cock. I licked the tip with my tounge, circling the head. He started moaning loudly. I took it half way in my mouth, then came back up. Then, I took it all the way in, so I could feel the head touching the back of my throat. He loved that so much that he grabbed the back of my head and kept it there. He started pumping in and out, fucking my mouth.

I love to deep throat him, it pleases Escort Bayan him so much. He continued fucking my mouth. “Oh fuck yeah baby. Suck my cum out of me.”

His pumping got faster and faster and he slammed his cock into my mouth and held it there as his warm cum filled my throat. He pulled out a little so the cum was in my mouth so I could savor the taste. He pulled out a little more so the last squirt of his hot cum hit me in the chin. I licked it up, couldn’t waste a single drop.

He leaned back, feeling satisfied for now. “Finger fuck yourself, baby. I want to watch you make yourself cum.” I sat at the end of the bed, facing him. I spread my legs wide open so he would have a perfect view of my pussy. I reached down and started rubbing my clit.

“How’s this babe?”

He looked down at me approvingly, “Oh yeah, baby. Now put two fingers in your pussy. Pump your fingers in and out, then use three and finger fuck your pussy hard.”

I slid two fingers in my wet pussy, “Babe, my pussy is dripping wet again. You make me so hot.” I began pumping my fingers in and out. “Mmmmmm, oh yeah.” I then added another finger. I now had three of my fingers invading my pussy. I started going at it really hard and fast. “Oh fuck. Damn baby, I am going to cum!” I continued fucking myself until my whole body shook violently in ecstasy.

“Baby, that was awesome. Look what you did to my cock.”

I looked and it was rock hard again. “Damn babe. That looks nice. It would look better going in and out of my pussy right now.”

He gave me that sexy smile, “Lay down baby, you are going to get this cock, and you are going to get it now.”

I layed back and he moved up to me. I put my legs up so my ankles were resting on his shoulders. He teased my pussy with his cock. He kept touching the tip to my pussy lips. Then, all at once he slammed the whole seven inches Escort deep into my cunt.

“Oh yes. Damn that feels good, babe. Fuck my cunt.” He began pumping his cock fast and hard, it felt so good I kept moaning really loud, so close to cumming.

“Shut up!” he told me. I tried to keep it in, but I just couldn’t. It felt so damn good. My moans began escaping my lips again. This time he told me to shut up and he put his hand over my mouth. This really turned me on, he had never really been controlling during sex before, and I loved it. He took his hand off my mouth right when I began cumming. I let out a big scream.

“The only time you should be screaming is when my cock is in your ass.”

“But baby, I love your cock so much, I can’t help screaming.”

He looked down at me, “So, you love my cock, huh? Tell me again, and yell it out like you mean it.”

“Oh fuck baby, I love your cock! It feels so good in my hot wet pussy! I love your cock!”

He smiled down at me, “Okay baby, roll over.” So, I turned around and got on my hands and knees. He slapped my ass, hard enough to sting pretty good.

“Oh Yeah baby! That feels so good.” He slapped it harder. Then reached over and picked up his belt. He began whipping my ass with his leather belt. “Ahh! Yes! Whip my ass, baby.” My ass started to burn, I could feel it turning red.

“Yes, you have been a bad girl.” He whipped me again. It hurt so good, and the words he was using made me cum right then.

“Ohhhh fuck, baby, I am cumming!” He put down the belt, grabbed my hips and slammed his cock into my dripping wet cunt and started ramming it. He reached up and pulled my hair so my head went back as far as it could. He continued slapping my ass while he fucked me.

He pulled out and stayed right behind me. I was kind of confused for a moment, until I felt the tip of his cock at my asshole. I had Bayan Escort never had anal sex before, but I had been thinking about it recently. Luckily his cock was very wet from my pussy juices.

“Ready?” he asked. I just moaned a little and he slid his cock slowly into my ass. “Ohhhh baby. Your ass is so fucking tight.”

He began fucking my asshole slowly at first, then faster. I couldn’t believe I was letting him fuck my virgin ass. But it felt so good. It didn’t even really hurt that bad at first, thanks to my cunt juices.

I was moaning loudly at this point. It felt so damn good. “Oh damn, I think I am cumming! Your cock feels so good in my asshole!” I was fucking him back and my body started to shake.

My cum started dripping down my thigh. I reached down and scooped it up with my fingers. I reached back and offered it to him. “You eat it baby, I want to see you suck up your own cum.”

I liked my fingers clean. “Mmmmm, my cum tastes sooooo good.” He continued fucking my ass. I could feel him tense up. Then, I felt his cock explode and release all that cum into my ass.

“Now, tell me you didn’t like that.” He smiled at me.

” I loved it baby. I loved having your cock in my ass.” I collapsed on the bed.

I heard him move and then I felt his hand on my pussy. He slid two fingers in my cunt and his thumb in my ass. ” I’m not done with you yet.”

He began fucking my pussy and my ass at the same time with his fingers.

It felt so good, all I could say was “What are you doing to me! It feels so good. Don’t stop, baby. Keep fucking me hard. OH! Yes!” He finger fucked me so hard and so fast, I came right away. He pulled his hand away from me and his palm was full of my cum. He licked up half of it and offered the rest to me. I sucked it up right away.

“Damn, baby. You did things to me tonight that I thought I would never do, ever. And baby, it felt damn good. You are the best.” I leaned in and kissed him on the mouth.

He looked at me after we kissed and told me, “and that’s not the last time, baby.” We drifted off to sleep with smiles on our faces. I will never forget that night.

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