A Night With My Ex-Girlfriend: Part 2


A Night With My Ex-Girlfriend: Part 2For Part 1 go to my page…Everything here is a true story, it all happened about a year ago…After we pleasured each other and gotten dressed, Erin told me she had some quick errands to run. “I have to run to the bank and make some payments… when i get back we can get ready to get some dinner,” she said, “you can hang out her for a while… make yourself comfortable okay?””Yeah sure, how long do you think you’ll be?” i asked.”I shouldn’t be any longer than an hour””Okay, i’ll see you in a bit then.” before she left she gave me a quick kiss and left. It had been so long since we had been this good with each other. it almost felt as if we were together again, but i had to remember, she still had a boyfriend. she was cheating on him. with me. It was bad, but i didn’t give a shit. part of me was still in love with Erin, so what the fuck…30 minutes passed on by of just lounging on the couch watching tv going through the events that had just unfolded within the hour i couldn’t believe it. it wasn’t like before Erin texted me to check on me. “whatcha doin?” it read.”Nothing much… just watching tv. you almost done with your errands?” i replied.”Yeah, just finishing up.” i was figuring out what to reply with when i got another text from her. “we probably shouldn’t have done that.” Fuck.”what do you mean?” i replied.”i just feel guilty… we shouldn’t do anything more”‘great,’ i thought to myself. i hung out at her apartment for about another 20 mins. until she came home. “Hey, how you doing?” i asked.”i’m okay i guess”her almanbahis yeni giriş face read of mixed emotions. guiltiness, confusion, passion, love. she bit her lip. she was still horny. she sat down next to me and i put my arm around her. “it’s gonna be okay,” i told her before i kissed her forehead. she looked up at me and kissed me, “yeah,” she said with a smile. “i’m gonna take a shower okay, do you need to get ready?””umm… no i think i’m good,” i said as she got up and walked to the bathroom. she walked in and left the door wide open. she started to undress in front of me. she slipped off her dress, then undid her bra letting her perfect breasts free and looked at me smiling. i was getting hard again. my cock bulging out of my jeans and she asked me “did you take a shower yet?” i had taken a shower earlier in the morning, but it was an invitation, she still wanted more.”oh, no. i should probably take one though huh?” i said”yeah, you should…” she said with a look of sex.i walked toward the bathroom, took off my shirt off and threw it to the ground. i entered the bathroom looking at her beautiful, almost naked body. her soft lips craved my kiss. her chest inhaling and exhaling slowly. she grabbed my belt, undid it and slid my pants and briefs off of me. “let me get the shower going.” she told me. she moved to the shower and leaned over showing off her perfect ass through that red lace thong. i could see that she was wet.”it’s gonna take some time for it to get warm, i should go get a towel in the mean time”i couldn’t take almanbahis giriş it anymore though. i couldn’t wait. i was rock hard. pre-cum was dripping from my cock. i wanted her. so i took her. i stopped her and pushed her up against the wall.”what are you doing?” she said. i came closer to her and slipped my cock in-between her thighs and she gave a soft moan. i came closer and kissed her. she accepted my kiss as i slipped my tongue into her mouth. we made out there for a few minutes until i lifted her leg up and pushed aside her thong. i lifted my eager rod and slipped it into her entrance. she was so incredibly wet. i gave a thrust and i was completely inside.”Augh!” she moaned as i went deep into her for the first time in a long time. she threw her arms around my neck as i held her leg up thrusting into her slowly. she dug her nails into my back as my other hand clutched her ass.”Faster Nate” she said between pants. i obliged her and pumped her faster and harder, as her moans grew louder. i had to have another way, so i pulled out and bent her over the sink. i ran my hands up her legs to her ass. i could hear her breathing hard, “hurry Nate, take me some more” she begged. i slipped her thong off as i got to my knees. i spread her ass and moved to her dripping pussy. i kissed her pussy lips slowly making my way in, softly licking the circumference. “augh, oh my god” she moaned. finally i licked her slit, taking all her cum in my mouth. i loved her taste. i stuck my tongue in her whole for a quick taste before i would take her from almanbahis güvenilirmi behind.i finished eating her out and stood up. i moved my dripping, throbbing cock up and down her pussy teasing her. “your teasing me nate…” she said as she looked back at me with smile. “don’t tease me” i obeyed as i sank my cock into her.”augh so fucking good” i grunted. i grabbed her by the hips and thrusted hard. my cock was throbbing hard inside of her. Our moans intertwined with each other. Erin looked back at me and told me to “fuck her harder,” so i did. i grip got tighter as i got closer, “i’m gonna… i’m gonna cum…” i said in between pants.”Cum inside, don’t pull out, i want it all!” just the thought made me blow my load. i thrusted harder and harder as i wrapped my arms round her waist. “augh! i’m gonna cum! i’m fucking cumming!” i said with one final thrust as we both grunted one last time. I unloaded my self into her. every. last. drop.i pulled my self out and looked at my cock wet with our mixed juices. slowly my cum began to come out of her as she remained bent over trying to catch her breath. “oh my god,” she said “that was fucking amazing” i came close to her and kissed her on her neck. “no k**ding” i said. i lifted her up from the sink and held her close and kissed her.”we should probably take a shower and get ready now””ha ha yeah” she said with a smile as she kissed me back. we jumped into the shower and got clean washing each other. when we got out we got dressed and ready for dinner. the day had been amazing so far, not even in my dreams could things be going so well. yet it was still in the back of my mind that we weren’t really together and she still did have that boyfriend. whatever fuck him. she was all mine for the night.the day was almost over but i knew that we were far from done. we left for dinner, it was only 6.

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