A Not So Prim & Proper Wife- Chapter 7 (and La


A Not So Prim & Proper Wife- Chapter 7 (and LaA Not So Prim & Proper Wife- Ch. 7Our story so far:Tessa’s ordeal finally came to an end, when Ofi arrived to check on her, only to walk-in on the goings on, and witnessing Tessa’s defilement by the three black youths. Rescuing her, Ofi whisked her away to an unknown location. A place unknown to Daniel, at least, yet he knew that she was with the black man who started her fall from a prim and proper wife’s lifestyle. It now became Daniel’s ordeal to try and recover, and save their marriage… if he could.—————————————-She hadn’t said anything to her husband, as he sat there, looking like a very beaten and pathetic man. Daniel was beaten, certainly, both physically and professionally. His career in tatters, he had arrived home to find his wife in the arms of other men, albeit unwillingly, at least until Duane had her screaming in the throes of ecstasy. Being forced to watch his wife being ****d by the black men had aroused him in a perverse way, and he had managed to climax all over himself, despite the savage beating he had taken from Andre, with a little help from Charles. Face swollen, battered and bleeding, Daniel could only watch through blurry tears as his wife was subjugated and forced to orgasm repeatedly by these miscreants and hoodlums. Yet when Ofi came in and rescued them, or more accurately, Tessa, as Daniel was released from the cords holding him, he broke down and was sobbing in Ofi’s arms, of all people. Daniel had, indeed, been broken.Ofi, for his part, took immediate action. Propping Daniel up in his seat, the tall, thin African went to Tessa, and again wrapped his arms gently around her, cradling her softly, and cooing in his deep, resonant voice soft words. Caressing her hair, and holding her warmly, in her nude state, showed her that Ofi valued her as a person, and not a sex toy. She was naked, exposed, and vulnerable. Ofi could have taken advantage of her with little, or even no resistance. But he didn’t. He simply held her, and let her feel loved by a man. The man just wasn’t her husband.Tessa, for her part, nestled in to Ofi’s strong, dominating presence, and just let him feel her, and hold her, and take in that beginning of care. There was certainly a vibe between them, she was sure, now. Her own eyes closing, she was leaking tears again, small rivulets of moisture falling down her cheeks, as Ofi rocked her slowly, caressed her, and gave her warmth, and a feeling of safety.Ofi had to struggle mightily to resist his own body’s arousal, having the woman of his dreams in his arms, nude and so very ripe for the plucking, yet she was not in a state she should be touched in. This was a critical time for he and Tessa, certainly, and he knew it. Play his cards right, and the woman he wanted to be his wife would fall into his arms. Screw this up, and he still might give her a c***d, in time, but it would be a lustful time, rather than the long relationship he wished of her.After several long minutes of the room echoing in sobs and tears, both masculine and feminine, Ofi felt it right to ease Tessa to the mattress, and then searched the closet for a travel bag and some clothing for Tessa. He knew he could not leave her here. Daniel, being a man, would have to fend for himself. That was the way it worked among real men.She pitied her husband for his vain attempt to be the leader in their marriage. She pitied him for the inability to protect her from harm. She pitied him for his utter lack of manliness through these last couple of weeks. Most of all, she pitied him for the lack of sexual prowess she now knew he possessed. Daniel had been her everything, her world, from sex, to his providing for them, to being head of their household. But that wasn’t what and who she saw, now. She saw herself in the arms of a more dominant, more protective, and more virile man. His color made no difference. It was the man inside, and in that moment, she came to realize just what she had been missing.Daniel had never really protected her, at least not before the fact. He had simply bossed her around, getting what he wanted, simply because she had been made to understand that is what wives did. But in her limited life-experience, she hadn’t known the difference between being commanded and being led. Daniel, she realized, was a commander. All he did was give orders, tell her what was expected, and then be angry if she couldn’t meet that expectation. He, in a way, made her feel like less of a woman. He never worked to build her up, to really support her and help her reach her fullest potential, as a woman, and as a wife. She realized that the 1950’s ideal she had been living was a sham. It was holding her back from what life could really be like. As Daniel sobbed, as Ofi simply held her and caressed her softly, loving on her as if he automatically knew what she needed, her view of life changed. The notion of always being the prim, and the proper, that a wife was secondary to her husband. The man would always protect the woman. That she was undeserving of more than what she was given. All of those notions, and even beliefs, were changing.“Where are you going?” Daniel asked with a blurting, whiney sound. “You have to help me here!”Ofi was helping Tessa to her feet, and even into a loose-fitting blouse and simple skirt, she said nothing. As Ofi helped her feet into a pair of heels he had selected, she said nothing. Looking about the room, she tottered her way to the bathroom and grabbed her makeup and toiletries, but still said nothing.“Tessa, you have to stay with me!” Daniel whined. “You’re my wife!”“Let’s go…” she simply said, her eyes upturned to Ofi.As she was led out of the bedroom, she still said nothing.——————————Tessa was in a bit of a stupor, now that the pressure was off. Walking out the front door to the pleas and tears of her husband, Tessa seemed in a state of shock, and simply went where gestured. Ever demure and proper, she entered Ofi’s richly-appointed automobile gracefully, seating in first, and then securing her knees to each other as she curled her legs and folded herself into the passenger seat, not offering any effort at modesty as the skirt slid up her thighs, showing a lot of leg. At that moment, she didn’t care. Her mind was reeling over what had happened, and shocked at her husband. She was very quiet on the way to the final destination, which was Ofi’s home, a two bedroom condo. Ofi, for his part, did nothing to push her or place any pressure on Tessa. He simply drove her, and escorted her to his home. The trip over had been made in silence. Ever the gentleman to her, he kept is voice calm, level, and reasoned, his accent still evident as he helped her with the basics. For the moment his home was her home, if she liked. He would take her where ever she wanted to go, even back home, but she was safe there, and could remain as long as she wanted. Ofi even offered her medical assistance again, which she declined, almost sharply.“I’ve been ****d!” she barked out, and then she softened her tone. A prim and proper wife did not shout at her host, especially if he was rescuing her. “Can I take a nap?” Tessa asked a first acknowledgement of her condition.——————————————–When Tessa awoke, she wasn’t home. In fact, she wasn’t sure where she was, though it was nicely appointed, warm, and safe. Taking a moment to just come to full wakefulness, she let her eyes roam freely. The décor lacked a woman’s touch, that was certain, and there was a nearly dead plant on a dresser. But she was warm, under the covers, and in a bed. Tentatively reaching out, she also realized she was alone. Stretching her limbs, she looked about and realized it was dark outside, for the light of a lamp shone from outside. The rest of where ever she was seemed dark, still, and dormant. Then her eyes saw a clock on the nightstand. It read 4:17 AM.She stretched, groaning as she did so, and then yawned, and blinked hard to clear the last of the cobwebs. Feeling her body, she realized she was also wearing something strange. It felt like cotton, and swam in it. It was a man’s nightshirt, maybe? She was also filled with an urge for the powder room.Sliding from the bed quietly, she was able to see enough with her dark-adjusted eyes that she was indeed wearing a man’s nightshirt, and she could tell she was wearing her own underwear. Padding her bare feet across the carpet, she got a look in a full-size mirror. She looked like a train-wreck, she thought. But then things started to come back to her. Using great care to move as silently as possible, she checked the hallway, and found it empty. There was nobody there. The urge to urinate was growing insistent, so she retreated and checked to make sure the bathroom was empty, before entering it, and ever so quietly closing the door, and locking it. Seating herself and taking care of her bodily needs, she began to reflect on the last couple of days.Thoughts and images flashed through her mind’s eyes. Being captured. Roberto dead atop her. Charles brutally groping and mauling her ample breasts. The ass of a policeman at the hospital. The way Bennie kissed her. There was something about that bothering her. Orgasming as Duane fucked her. Daniel and the way he made love. She grunted. That was more to himself than to her, she realized.“Tessa, are you alright?” a deep voice softly asked from across the door.She gasped softly. How the Hell did he know she was up? But it spurred her memory. She was at his place. Safe. Secure. Warm. Loved?She was filled with the memory of what Ofi did with her once they got to his home.She had fallen asleep in the car, a nicely-appointed Mercedes Benz. He had gently shaken her to wakefulness and escorted her inside, every bit the gentleman she had experienced before they had sex that first time. Once inside, he went to work, quickly, arranging her comfortably in a chair, and getting her food and drink. Never once did he ask her what happened, but asked if she needed anything. Did she want to go to the hospital? He could also arrange for a house call from his private physician, if she wanted? What about the police? Tessa scoffed at that last offer. She was done with them, forever, she hoped.Then he sat with her, and began to listen as she talked. He sat with her when she was silent, too. When she started to sob, he hugged her, carefully and in a decidedly non-sexual embrace. He was helping her heal. Surprisingly, she fell asleep in his arms, and when he was sure she was in a deep, dead-to-the -world sleep, he carried her to his bedroom, undressed her carefully, and slipped her into his pajama top. Covering her gently, he stole from the room, letting her sleep, alone.——————————-“Tessa? Where are you? I’ve been worried sick!” Dan’s voice exclaimed. He hadn’t heard from his wife in almost a week. He had in contact with the police, and after his hospital visit, they made several follow-up meetings to get as much information as they could. After the third day, he reported her missing, he was that upset. “The police are now looking for you!”“Daniel, don’t yell at me.” Tessa spoke softly. “I haven’t done anything wrong.”Suitably chastised, Daniel let loose a deep breath, sitting in their kitchen. The phone rang, and when he answered it, he expected the police to be calling, or the insurance company, or even the contractor finishing the repairs on their home. His heart leapt when he heard her soft, sweet voice. Despite his elation, she sounded exhausted.“Tell me where you are. I’ll come get you!” His voice replied, excitedly. He was suffering from an entire avalanche of emotional turmoil. Defeat, humiliation, anger, rejection, fear, loneliness, frustration all took turns playing in his mind. Not to mention the fear of his wife. She had left, simple as that, which, to him, was perhaps the deepest blow. His wife had rejected him because he failed to provide for her safety. The fact he was hearing Tessa’s voice filled him with elation, and hope.“No. I’m going to stay here, for a while. I’m safe, and I need to understand all of this. I see a doctor tomorrow, and I’ll find out more. I am praying I’m not pregnant. But there is a good chance I am.”The words were a shock, in away. Not wishing to admit them to himself, he now had to face the fact that his wife was likely carrying another man’s c***d.“So? We will take you to the doctor and get an abortion.” The tone in his voice was rather matter-of-fact, as if he was simply issuing an edict.“I don’t know. Maybe.” “That do you mean.. Maybe?!?! You are not having some stranger’s baby!” That was an edict.“You don’t understand, Daniel.” She softly replied. She then ended the call by simply hanging up.Dan was left to stand there, listening to the dial tone, as he started to realize how emotionally devastated his wife was. Now real fear was gripping him. He started to call her back, only to realize he didn’t have her number. She hadn’t called her cell phone. He slammed down the phone in anger, bellowing out “FUUUUCCCK!!!!” to the empty kitchen, his voice echoing off the walls.————————————————-“That could have gone better.” Ofi said.“Yeah…” Tessa admitted. “But I needed to let him know I’m okay. He is still my husband.”Ofi laid his hand to hers. “Allow me to fix that, Tessa, allow me to be your husband. I can provide for you far more than you have been.”Seated in his family room, he in an overstuffed chair, and she in a corner of the couch, they looked at each other. The gaze was long, and had grown awkward for Ofi, but not for Tessa. She was trying to read the man. Still, he did not give away any body language. Just that long gaze that could be easily mistaken for a stare. But his voice was sincere, and his tone was calm, even reassuring. He broke the stare with his words.“Tessa, you will never again be harmed. No one will ever get near you again. The boys who did this to you. I know them. They shall never harm you again, that I can promise. In fact, I can guarantee.” His deeper rumbled voice was smooth, confident and assured. Tessa still did not reply to him, to give him an answer. Yet her mind was swirling. She still loved her husband, yet she was starting to become enamored in Ofi’s presence. She needed a strong man right now, a man who was, well, a real man. She was realizing she had made some wrong decisions early in her life. Was Daniel one of them? Certainly trying to be a good neighbor to Roberto had been. But she laughed it off, not wanting to appear rude, or improper. Yet when she complained to her husband, Daniel laughed it off as his being jealous of her beauty, a beauty he could not have. With a dismissive wave, Daniel had moved the conversation to the next subject, every time.Was trying to help the troubled youths in school another mistake? That notion would be harder to contemplate, for she felt in her heart that it was right to help others. The bullies and troublemakers were likely the result of a troubled home-life. She had reasoned before that by helping them in school, making their parents forced to be proud of their c***d’s academics, then it would fix the home troubles. In that she still held some reasonable faith. But was she naïve in how to relate to these students?As she sat there, wearing just a brightly colored satin caftan Ofi had managed to bring, and a pair of pink thong panties, she projected a very lustful image to Ofi. As she sat there, contemplating, she looked radiant, her long hair cascading down her shoulders and back, her clean face holding innocence, of sorts. Full lips begging to be kissed, and eyes that drew male attention like magnets.“Tessa?” Ofi asked. After a moment, she looked at him, suddenly aware that her fingers had inter-clasped with his.“Tell me… That first night. The night you made love to me. Was it just sex? Tell me I was just a piece of ass to you, like I am to those boys?” Her voice cracked. She hoped his answer would sway her, tell her to go back to her husband.“No, Tessa.” Ofi answered. “I cannot say that, for it is not true. I do not know why, or what caused it, but from the first meeting, you became very special to me. I do not offer to take your hand in marriage lightly. It will come at great cost, likely for both of us. But it is a cost I am willing to pay for you. Many times over.”Tessa kept a plaintive, solemn face. It was at once words she wanted, and words she didn’t want to hear. Still looking at him, she could only speak softly. “Thank you.”To Ofi, he showed a break in his countenance. In his mind, his thoughts were befuddled. ‘Just what does that mean?’ He mused to himself.“Ofi, I will ask this, for now. I need time. I need time to rest, to recover, and to heal. You know my marriage is a shambles, for reasons you may and may not know. I need to find out if it is worth recovering, or not. For now, though, may I stay? I will not make a nuisance of myself.”A wide smile revealed his answer. “Of course, my Tessa. You are welcome at my home as you wish. I promise to not make advances to you, though buca escort I have to be honest and share that you make me want you, simply by being in the room.” He paused, to judge her reactions, which were none. “I will have you stay in my bed, and I shall sleep out here.”As she began to protest, he held up a hand. “Consider it a condition of my home. I will respect your needs, and privacy, but in turn you must accept what I offer you.”It went against the things a prim and proper wife did, to not put a host or hostess at undue effort. But in this, she realized she had little say. Besides, he had been nothing but a gentleman and consummate host.“Then I shall accept your terms, Ofi, and find a way to repay you, in turn.” With that she yawned, and asked to be excused for bed.——————————————Daniel was in a fit of rage. He had been drinking Jack Daniel’s all day, straight from the bottle, and as the bottle dripped the last, he threw it against the wall.“That fucking bitch! What the hell is she doing? First she gets herself ****d, and now she ignores me? What the fuck!?!?!?” He bellowed out as the bottle impacted the wall, leaving a deep indentation where the corner of the bottle impacted the drywall.“Fuck it all to Hell!” He yelled, realizing he had just paid to have the wall repaired as part of the fire damage. He was raging, and he was also being assaulted by the visions in his head. Watching his wife react favorably to the black men fornicated with his wife, some of which she willingly responded to with great passion. Perhaps even a passion greater than he had been able to inspire in his wife. Yet he found himself growing hard at the thoughts, and he lowered his hand to his growing stick, and began to rub it.“That’s it, Slut. Fuck’em. Fuck’em all, and that black dude. Your boss. Fuck him, too! Spread your legs and make babies with every one of them. Lord knows you won’t with me!” His voice was growing louder as he grew more and more aroused, until he splattered his cum onto the floor. Several heavy splotches in the kitchen. Ones he could easily see in the new, energy-efficient LED lights. He marveled at that, the ability to see better. It was then he looked outside, and realized the curtain was open, and anyone walking by could have seen him, easily. “Fuck!” He yelled, more to himself, and he dashed up to turn the lights off. On his way to the chair, he then slipped in his own cum, and landed heavily on the floor.“Fuck!”——————————————–All of those pains would fade, as the following weeks went by. The weeks where her husband went to the hospital, and then the police, to file the reports. The weeks where she refused to see the police, given her experiences the last time she had been ****d, or to give a statement. Weeks where her husband was given time by his work to recuperate, and to get his house back in order. But most of all these were weeks where the decimated wife pondered and thought and even healed. Some scars would never be erased, the new fear of the dark, the possibility she would be left helpless, and even homeless. Tessa even saw a ther****t, who actually helped her talk out what she was feeling, and even more, what she was thinking. These were also weeks where she sweated out being pregnant. ——————————————-It was at their early dinner one evening that Ofi made a more public move, and it was but a small one. A kiss. It was small, and almost platonic, but directly on her lips. It had been the first intimate contact with a man, including her husband. But that kiss had warmed her in a way she didn’t understand, but accepted, almost gratefully. It was one of the small things upon which greater things were built. “Thank you, Ofi. That was nice.” She said, with a nice smile.After the kiss, which she returned out of instinct, she blushed, and looked to him. He simply sat back and was resuming his confident air as the conversation resumed, though in a more personal vein. Tessa was getting better, recovering as well as could be expected. Some of the emotional wounds would take a long time, but a lot of it was over with.————————————————-One morning soon after, Tessa awoke in Ofi’s bed, as had become the routine. Only now, she felt a presence. An arm wrapped over her, holding her close as she was spooned, was Ofi. As she startled at the revelation, Ofi also awoke.“Ofi! What are you doing in here?” she demanded.“Easy, easy, Tessa.” His deep baritone rumbled again. “You do not remember last night, when you awoke screaming from a nightmare. “I offered to stay with you, so you could go back to sleep.”Turning to look back at him, she looked quizzically. “Oh. Is that why you are still here?”“I apologize, but I am sure I fell asleep myself.”With a breath of relief, she lay back in bed. “Thank you for protecting me. I imagine I’ll be having these for a while.”“You have almost from the beginning, but you rarely wake up for them. Last night must have been particularly terrifying. That is why I came in, and saw you raised up on the bed, screaming.”“Oh, I was not!”“But my dear, I do not lie, not to you. Why else would I be in bed with you, without clothes?”She had taken to wearing the satin caftan as her bedclothes, not having anything else suitable, as well as comfortable, and she reached back, and indeed, felt his bare skin. She gasped, softly, as her fingers touched him, the pads of her fingertips caressing the side of his manhood.Being morning, Ofi had grown in size, his ‘morning wood’ hard, and as the girl of his dreams had woken, he had grown to nearly full-mast. Feeling the caress of his pole, he gently placed a hand to her shoulder, and pulled her back flat, so they could make eye contact. Her fingers somehow found their way around his shaft, and her wrist began to make slow rocking motions, teasing the man’s hardness even further.His dark eyes took in this lovely vision, hair tousled, and eyes sleepy, but growing brighter, and a soft smile on her lips. Those kissable lips that begged for his to devour them, and he found he could not resist. He kept his gaze on hers, and slowly lowered his face to hers, brushing his thick, dark lips to her full, pouty, pink ones. The first touch was just a brush, yet it was electrifying, for both of them.He then lowered his lips to hers fully, and used his tongue to pry hers apart, softly invading her mouth in a deep and loving kiss. It was long, and delicious, and as it neared the end, her soft voice mewed in response. After the kiss broke, her eyes matched his gaze, and she spoke barely above a whisper.“Please, Ofi. Make love to me. I need to know I can still make love with a man.”His hands began to caress the wife he wanted, in soft, gentle caresses, his dark fingers gently groping and touching her curves. His hands found her breasts, and she rolled to be fully on her back, availing herself to him. She used the opportunity to kick the covers down, leaving them both exposed, save for the thin caftan she wore. His hands slid smoothly over the silky material that clung to her, even using his thumb to play with her nipples, drawing them to hardness. Eyes never breaking contact, his lips found another spot to kiss, her neck, and he gently nuzzled in, and placed a series of small kisses that went from the tickle-spot under her ear, to her jawline, and ended with another long, tongue-wrestling kiss.For Tessa, her fingers slid up and down his black snake, teasing it as the thick member throbbed in her hand. Turning to face her newly re-found lover, her free hand then reached to caress his torso, his muscles, and his butt. Long nails leaving soft scratched in his ebony skin, she kissed him back, eyes fluttered closed. For that moment, there was no ****, there was no Daniel, there was no anything. It was just Tessa and Ofi, making love even more passionate than their first time.Gingerly, Ofi’s hand slid up along her thigh, slowly circling up and down, his fingertips tickling the inside of her thigh, which caused her to slide her knees wider apart. Accepting the invitation, Ofi slid his hand to gently cup her vulva, eliciting a moan as his thin, calloused hands rubbed her sealed petals. Tessa began purring as she felt his touch, and her pearl peeked out from its protected canopy, along with some slight seepage from her labia. Their tongues swirled and danced, the seal of their lips breaking as they exposed their tongues, ye the passionate kisses went on. Once it finally broke, Tessa’s own lips went to his neck, kissing him, while her palm went to his pouch, and gently caressed the family-bearing jewels. Her long nails gently tickled the base of his sac, adding more to his arousal. It did not take long before Ofi was in need of more from his woman. Sliding over her, placing his knees between hers, he opened her thighs further, and placed his turgid, dripping rod at her entrance. Then he lowered himself onto her, using the head of his cock to press her labia apart, until her body yielded to him, and the mushroomed head engaged with her opening.“I want you…” he softly shared.“Please… have me…” she purred, eyes in a dreamy-glaze, her lids half-mast.That was the last spoke between them for a while, as he used gravity to press into her, rather than the first time, where gravity sank her onto him. Adding little thrusts, her slick valley was encouraged to accept him, making her feel every fraction of an inch of his cock as it sank inside her.She gasped loudly, and her back arched as she felt him penetrate deeply into her, her dreamy eyes now wide with the pangs of pleasure. Her fingers reached to grab his back, while her legs lifted at the waist, bent up and back, until her knees were aside her chest. Toes high in the air, he began to cycle his hips, pulling out slowly, before re-penetrating her in a slow, inexorable, delicious thrust.Tessa’s soft voice began to mew, each thrust making her voice grow louder and louder, while her hands went to feel his chest, sliding down his rib cage to his waist, where she could only reach his hips. His far greater height towered him over her, and the act of kissing while positioned like this was so difficult. Yet her tongue waggled in the air, her body eager to kiss, a lustful desire unfulfilled for the time being.His hips started to assault her body with more force, and her body jolted in reaction, taking his black snake fully into her lady-garden, his pelvic bone smacking her pearl like a c***d being spanked with a rod. His ebony skin was sliding along her satin-clad body, enjoying the slipperiness as she enjoyed the penetration and ministration. Soon her toes began to curl, and her breathing grew sharp and quick. Ofi was nearly there, himself, and as he sensed her tensing, he shifted his arms to envelope her, holding her to him as his thrusts grew erratic. She wriggled in his grasp, crying out in what Ofi thought was terror, her soft voice breaking into a loud, high-pitched wail, just before he exploded in her. If Tessa had a last minute of remorse, there was no way to stop, he was too far along. He would cum in her until his sac was dry. He had been unable to stop himself at that point, unable to resist his manly and natural instincts.Laying atop her, heaving for breath, he lifted himself onto his elbows, his fingers gently caressing her hair, then her cheeks. Smiling, he spoke gently. “I hope I have not hurt you?” Her reply was to lift her head and kiss him.Breaking the kiss, she dropped her head back to the mattress, and smiled to him, a pretty, sated smile.“No,” she said through her smile. “I needed to prove I could still do this. Prove it to myself. I guess to prove it to you, also.”Sliding off of her, Ofi lay on his side, his hand still gently caressing her, from head to as far as he could reach, a loving, kind, warm reassurance of how he felt about her. Tessa, simply lay there, absorbing more love in the last twenty minutes than she had experienced in weeks.———————————————–Daniel was passed out on the couch when he heard the phone ring. He stumbled to find the wireless phone, hearing the ringing from everywhere in the house, save right in front of him. Frantically finding one, he pushed the on button, and cried out. “Hello? Hello?”“Hi, Daniel, it’s me…” He was immediately relieved to hear Tessa’s voice. “Before you yell at me again, I need you to know I am safe, and free to do what I want.”“Tessa.. I am so sorry! I shouldn’t have yelled like that. It was so wrong of me. I am just so worried about you. I need you home with me!” His voice sounded almost desperate. It had been a week now, and he had only had the one phone call from his wife, which he had destroyed.“In time, Daniel, in time. Right now, I need to stay where I am at. I feel safe here, and I don’t feel safe there. But I will call you, every day. It is only fair that you know how I am doing.”Daniel felt immense relief at the words. He at least some form of communication going now, with his wife. “What can I do to help you? What can I do to bring you home to me?” His voice was still tense, as his feelings of lost control were raging, and he needed to have that control back. He needed his wife to be the demure, prim and proper wife he had married. He desperately needed his old life back!“Let me recover, Dan… I need time and care.” She chided him. “I’ve had a very rough patch, in case you weren’t aware.”“I know… I know… I’m sorry, Tess… I’m so sorry…” There was adding in the background. “Listen, dinner is ready, so I’m going to go. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.”Daniel looked at the receiver incredulously. “What the Hell as gotten into her?”She smiled to Ofi as she disconnected the call. Seated in his lap on the couch, she wore a silky sundress, the only garment on her as Ofi held her to him, gently caressing her as she endured his frantic voice. She looked up to him, and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.“Thank you, Ofi. I need to do that.”———————————————-During this time, Tessa was given leeway with her schedule at work, Ofi saw to that. Besides, he had some other things to attend to, like the discipline of his two nephews, not to mention the third little thug. He did not take kindly to the violation of the woman he considered his bride. Andre and Duane seemingly dropped off the face of the planet, never even being reported as missing persons to the police. Charles wound up experiencing a very severe beating, along with a series of deep and serious wounds to his skin and muscles, and he was next to wind up in the hospital. Charles, being streetwise, knew better than to say what happened, or why he was beaten. It would have been beyond foolish to admit that he helped gang-**** his former teacher.Tessa started seeing a psychologist, one who specialized in sexual abuse and **** victims. She started with a once-a-week schedule, but soon wound up going daily. The ther****t helped her to dig out some real problems inside her emotions. There were lots of tears, and lots of pain, and after each session, Tessa went home… to Ofi’s house.There she was met with tender loving support, and when she asked for it, loving, passionate sex. Ofi was only too happy to oblige.Daniel started to rebuild his wrecked career, suffering the indignity of having to face his former subordinates, who were now his equals, or in two cases, now his superior. They pay-cut was insubstantial, but the message was clear. He had fallen into great dis-favor with the leadership. One more misstep and he would be gone.—————————————————–Tessa, for her part, had been in a fearful state, not really wanting to be with any man, let alone the man who left her to the perils of others. Except for Ofi. He had made her feel warm, welcomed, and most of all, safe. She was dreading that she was pregnant, and that gave her mixed feelings and fears on top of that. She was also feeling abandoned and perhaps a bit worthless. Her self-esteem had taken a beating. She confessed these feelings to her ther****t, whom she had been now seeing three times a week. Some of these hurts and fears she cried out, some of it she expressed in safe conditions where she could express the rage she felt, and some of this she simply talked out. For reasons she didn’t at first understand, she had taken to preferring the comfort of Ofi’s presence. It started with his taking her to his home, and ensuring her comfort and safety. Then the meetings to verify Tessa was recovering, and then following up with her work, and her precious project for troubled and troubling students. Ofi had always been confident, reassuring, and compassionate. Soon the meetings had turned into lunches, and then after-work meetings, and then early dinners. She found herself finding the only security she could sense when Ofi was with her. He was the very essence of an attentive, self-assured, and strong man. To Tessa, Ofi gave the impression of being in control of all he surveyed. He never once did anything inappropriate, and never once spoke escort buca ill of her husband. He remained dignified and respectful, despite his own feelings. But to Ofi, this was working far better than his original plan of sweeping her off to his homeland and keeping her there.————————————It took two more weeks before Tessa moved back home. During those two weeks, Tessa and Ofi had made love numerous times, each time growing more passionate than the last. Their post-coital glow and sharing gradually turned from the present and into the future.“Tessa, I know I have spoken to this before. Many times. But I want to again put it plainly. I am asking you to be my wife. I am asking you to marry me.” Ofi began.Tessa groaned. “I know.. I know… and there is so much to you to be loved by. I cannot deny I have special feelings for you, feelings no other man can touch, not even my husband. But I’m still married, though I don’t know for how long. I may go home, and find myself served with divorce papers. He may be dedicated to making our marriage work. I just don’t know. I’ve learned that…” and her words were interrupted by Ofi’s soft kiss. “I’ve learned that being with you is incredible, and not just in bed.” She grinned. “Though I can’t fake what you make me do. You are an amazing man and an amazing lover…” she concluded, kissing him back.“I hope you can decide soon. For though I have not discussed it with you, I must return to my homeland soon. My visa will be expiring, and I am needed back to my home. I would be thrilled to bring home with me the woman who has captured my heart.”The news struck Tessa like a lightning bolt out of the blue. “Ofi! Why didn’t you tell me this?”“It’s because I want you to love me for me, to be my wife and live your life happily by my side. I want it out of your heart, not out of some fear of the calendar.”Tessa broke into wide smile, and nestled into him. Together they fell asleep in bed, as they had been for the past week and a half.—————————————–Her first night back at her home was filled by nightmares and a very bad freak-out when Daniel tried to make advances on her. Being left alone to his own devices had only sated him so much, and he needed to feel the touch of a particular woman. His woman. Yet when he moved his body on top of her as she slept, she popped awake, and screamed. Thrashing about, she was able to get Daniel to stop, and she bolted from the bed.“Don’t you EVER try that again!” she yelled at him, her chest heaving in the thin mint satin nightie. She dashed from the room in tears, leaving Daniel to figure out what to do. His best solution? Leave her alone. Tessa spent the night on the couch, huddled in a blanket and sobbing herself to sleep.The next morning, she started to move into the guest bedroom. When her husband got home, she took him into the kitchen and sat down at the table with him, holding his hands in hers.“Daniel. Listen…” she told him directly. “Last night was too much for me. I’m sorry, but I can’t do that yet. Being in that room and reliving what happened to me is too much. I have too many bad memories. I know I’ve been going to therapy, and it is helping, but my ther****t has made me realize that my recovery is going to be slow. I don’t know if ever.” She lifted a hand to caress his cheek. “I’m sorry. I know you have needs. But I can’t satisfy them. Not now.”“What about me?” Daniel came back with, almost sounding pathetically.“Get your own ther****t. You can’t use mine.” She simply replied, and then rose, leaving him sitting there. Shutting the door to her bedroom, she curled up in bed, and swiped her cell phone on, and called Ofi.“Hey, it’s me.” She started.“Are you alright? Need me to come get you?”Letting out a deep breath, she admitted to him the incident the night before, and how she was feeling. “Truth is, Ofi, I realize that by being apart from you, I really do love you.”Daniel had been standing outside her door, eavesdropping. His heart sank at the news.——————————————–“Tessa, what are we going to do? I can’t have my wife behaving like this. The only neighbors we have left barely acknowledge me, and I am all the more miserable at work because I can’t be with you like I need. I need to have my sexy, beautiful wife back!”Tessa had just finished the dishes after cooking another nice dinner, this time one of spaghetti and meatballs for her husband to enjoy. Instead of compliments, she got this slap in the face.Shaking her head, she didn’t say a word, and just went to her bedroom, again closing the door, and made a phone call…..The next evening, after returning home from a therapy session, she picked up the house phone, and made a call. She had received some great news, but more importantly, had made a decision. “Hi, Ofi, it’s me, Tessa. I’m so sorry to bother you after hours, but I would like to see you. Can you come over?” she asked in her demure, soft voice.She had hoped to tell her husband that things had to change, but he wasn’t around at dinner time. He was scrambling at his new position, at the office, demoted, and yet still employed. His supervisor told him that if he had some strong success, he might once again be allowed to apply for his former job. For now, he should be grateful he was still employed, even if it was just as an analyst.“Of course. I shall see you shortly.” Was Ofi’s reply. It would allow Tessa forty-five minutes to prepare.Tessa took a quick shower, and trimmed where she needed, from touching up her landing strip and makeup to giving her nails a look-over. She had gotten to weekly manicures, something her ther****t had suggested, to help build her self-esteem. “Everyone should spoil themselves, just a little.” Tessa had been told.Going to her wardrobe, she daintily went through her clothing to see what she might like best to wear for the meeting. After going through the closet twice, unable to decide, she had a notion, and smiled. She went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of black lace garters, and black-seamed stockings. She took her time, to ensure her seams were straight and aligned with each other. Then she stepped into a pair of black patent leather stilettos, fastening the ankle straps carefully.The last thing she pulled out was her dress. It was a very 1950’s-era style, black satin, with a wide circle skirt, that was hemmed at the knees, a curve-hugging bodice, and a built-in shelf-bra. The sleeves could be worn fully up, or off the shoulder, and she opted for fully up. No need to give any false impressions, she thought. It was then she heard the front door open and close. She was twirling softly in the full-length mirror, watching the sweep of the skirt, as Daniel entered the bedroom.He let out a soft whistle as he saw his wife, and let his eyes drink in her beauty. He hadn’t drunk in more than her at first, until she stopped and looked to him. She was cordial.“Welcome home, Daniel.” She greeted him with a hint of formality. “Have you eaten?”“Yeah, I had a burger and fries on the way home. I’m sorry I’m so late. I couldn’t avoid it.” He replied, advancing on her. His erection was already forming.She held up her hands when he reached to her, holding him at arm’s length. “Not tonight. We have company coming over.” She then moved past him, and stopped at the door, giving the bedroom a last look over. It was then Daniel noticed that the room had been tidied up, and he wasn’t positive, but he thought the sheets had been changed too, as the bedding was turned down.He had, initially, held out hope he might get laid tonight, when he first saw her. When he had gotten home from the hospital, he wasn’t interested in anything except his pain relievers and sleep. But as he recuperated, his need to reclaim his wife, sexually, grew and grew. Most recently he had grabbed her from behind and started to dry hump her, as she was getting ready for a trip to the school district office. His wife had to fight him off with her long nails, and another argument had ensured. Tessa had taken to sleeping the guest bedroom, as she still had some fears about being in her own bed. She couldn’t. Not after what happened to her. She had even thrown away the silver satin sheets. Replacing them was easy, as there were several sets in the hall closet, but even her pillow had to be discarded. There also wasn’t a bungee cord to be found in the house.Tessa had taken to distancing herself from all men, save Ofi, and that was because she felt him valuing her as a person. Not treating her with pity, and not with some jealousy, as her husband had. To Dan, this was all her fault. He thought less of her for her ordeal, thinking she had been defiled, and perhaps even now unworthy of his wedding ring. They had fought a several times, now, as Daniel was insisting on sex, yet she wasn’t ready for such intimacy, at least not with him. He had taken to calling her a slut and even a whore when they argued, which did more to create a split between them. To Dan, she had acted very improperly, and now they both suffered for it. But that had been that one small kiss that had been as big as a crash of thunder.———————————The bedroom was made to perfection, the peach satin sheets replaced with white ones, the same ones, ironically, that were on their bed the night they came home from their honeymoon. The table lamps on low, and the rest of the room dimmed. It gave hope to Daniel that there would once again be sex in their marital bed. It would be Daniel finally taking his place where he belonged, on top of his wife, and thrusting in her until he climaxed. He saw his beautiful wife, made up into her full, sexy beauty, but he was rebuked, which hurt him, and made him angry. The home had been restored to its pre-fire and pre-home invasion state, with fresh paint and kitchen repairs nearly completed. Utilities were restored, and in all outward appearances, the house was normal again. Well, as normal as circumstances would allow. When Roberto’s wife got home, after receiving the news of her husband’s passing, she was going through the stages of grief as one would expect. Despite her husband’s philandering ways, she was loyal and devoted. That was mainly because she didn’t know of his predilections towards their neighbor. But tension existed, and for Tessa, the breakdown in communication suited her just fine. The less she thought of Roberto, the better she felt. But Daniel only knew that he wasn’t getting what he wanted. He wanted his wife, on her back, with her legs wide, toes pointed at the ceiling, with his body pumping into her. The fact she stopped him with the knowledge of company coming frustrated him immensely. He had an immediate hard on to get rid of, and quickly, and seeing his wife give a womanly gaze to ensure that the bedchamber was exquisite only gave him more want. He had decided that one way or another, his wife was having sex, whether she wanted it or not.A ring of the new doorbell interrupted his thoughts, and as he emerged from the bedroom, he saw his wife smoothing her skirt and checking herself one last time in the mirror before opening the door. Standing back, she admitted Ofi to the house, with a smile, a genuinely warm one. There was a tension between them, even Daniel could feel it, and it made him anxious. Not to mention the anger he already held towards the black man who had been the first to defile his wife, despite the fact she was a willing participant.“Everyone, please, let’s have a seat in the living room?” She asked politely, her 1950’s prim and proper manners surfacing.Daniel took his place in his recliner, swiveling it away from the television, and to the conversation, while Ofi sat on the couch at one end. Tessa, seated herself on that same couch, about equally from each man, yet taking the time to splay and set her skirt properly. Crossing her legs demurely at the knee, she leaned back, and looked back and forth to each man. She had to steel herself up just a tad, and used a mental tool her ther****t gave her to calm down, taking a few deep, slow breaths. During this time, Daniel just glared at Ofi. Ofi, for his part, simply looked back at the man, assured and confident. He held an almost superior smile on his thick, black lips.“I have some news to share,” Tessa began, breaking the ice, and the tension. “And I want to tell you both. Daniel, you are my husband, and you should know, and Ofi, you have been a great man to support me as you have, and I wanted to share this with you as well.”“Of course, Tessa, and thank you for being willing to share with me.” Ofi interjected calmly. His lips still tingled with a kiss they had shared earlier that day, and he wanted more of the woman. The fact Dan did, too, meant nothing to him. Ofi was almost predatory in his calm demeanor.Daniel, saying nothing, simply let his wife continue.“The biggest news, for now, is that somehow, despite everything.” She had to pause and take a breath. “Despite everything, I am not pregnant.” She looked first to Ofi, and then to Daniel, to get their reactions.“Why this is great news, Tessa, I am glad to know your fears have been defeated. You are obviously a very strong woman.” Ofi praised her at the news, his lips breaking into a wide smile, showing rows of gleaming teeth.“Thank fucking God!” Daniel blurted out. “It’s about time this nonsense was over with!” He had an immense sense of relief. Tessa and he had spoken about her having an abortion, in terms of an unexpected pregnancy. Daniel was all for it, but Tessa had decidedly mixed feelings about an unplanned pregnancy. But that discussion had been about an accidental c***d between the two of them, and not a third person. Tessa held up her hand to her husband to quiet him. “Please, Daniel, I am not finished. “She spoke as the room grew silent. “The doctor says that the reason I was a week late was because I had actually started as pregnant, but something went wrong, and I had what is technically a miscarriage.”Again, Daniel blurted out. “So the good news is you aren’t pregnant by one of those black bastards!” His tone was arrogant and filled with anger. The fact he had just offended her house guest was lost on him.“I am sorry, Tessa.” Ofi responded, after giving Daniel a look. “I know at some point you would like to have c***dren. Does this mean you will have problems in the future?” His voice was warm, caring, and decidedly interested. “Of course, Ofi! The doctor says I am fully healthy, and I can have as many c***dren as I want.” Both men had to smile at that, as the same idea hit them at nearly the same time. Each man could give the woman they considered his wife a c***d by them!“Again, Honey, great news!” Daniel spoke first. “So why is he here?” He asked, as he nodded to Ofi.“Ofi is here because I asked him to be. He has become very important to me, and has helped me a lot in getting over all of this.” She began. “But after talking this over with my ther****t, and even praying about it, I have come to a conclusion.”Tessa left a hanging pause in the air, as each man sat, while she adjusted her seat, and shifted down the couch to the man she would address.“Ofi, since the c***d I lost was to be a black c***d; I feel it necessary to have one. I am hoping you will give one to me?” she asked, reaching out to hold his hand.Daniel lost his mind and cut off Ofi before he could even speak. “What the fuck?!?!?!” he demanded.Tessa snapped her head around, and she spoke in a harshest tone she had ever used with her husband, short of a real argument. “You heard me, and you can either accept it or leave. I don’t care!”Ofi, for his part was at once tense and ready, and still calm and polite. He shifted in his seat, and turned to face the woman of his dreams. Holding her hand, he smiled to her. “I would be honored, Tessa. Of course I will. I would love to be with you.”Daniel started to burst out of his chair, and his voice was already ranting about his place, his status as her husband, and other things he felt was his right by marriage.Ofi, for his part, was far faster to his feet, and held one hand behind his back, under his coat. The other he kept in plain sight and even extended across Tessa to protect her, if necessary. “The woman has spoken.” Was all he said.“Daniel, sit… down!” Tessa spoke in her teacher voice in a command to her husband. “You have to accept this, or we are through. Right here and right now. This is my life we are talking about, not yours. I am through being the doormat you can walk on and demand things of. I am your wife, not your slave!”Daniel, for his part, was standing, but his jaw was flapping. His wife had never stood up to him like that. Not since he had first met her, not even in their first argument, or even their recent ones. Her tone was acid, and serious. For the first time in his life, he realized his wife was not his person, but a person in her own right.“Ofi, I am so sorry for his outburst. I should have asked you this at dinner tomorrow or something.” Tessa said by way of an apology.Ofi, for his part, did not take his eyes off of Daniel, his stare the same buca escort bayan one he gave to Andre, Charles, and Duane when he walked in on them r****g Tessa. “Not at all. To delay matters is to only make it harder on you. I am ready for you when you are.”Indeed, with her soft vanilla-citrus perfume and soft, feminine look, she was the quintessential woman ready for the bedroom. “How about now?” and she started to draw him off to the freshly prepared bedroom. Looking to Daniel, she spoke. “If Ofi allows, you may watch, otherwise stay out here.” “He can come, Tessa, I do not fear him, and we both know what he does when he sees his woman in the arms of another man.” Ofi chimed with a superior sneer.Daniel, from his view, couldn’t think of what to say. Any more arguing would come across as whining, and he was in no position to fight the lean, wiry black man. He was in a bad spot, and had little real choice. He could either leave now and head direct to an attorney in the morning, or he could stay put and listen, which would give him more torment, or he could simply follow and watch, and hope he got some sort of redemption with her. He chose the latter, and followed at a short distance, quietly. What choice did he have? Despite his attitude towards Tessa, he loved her deeply. If he left her now, it would only drive her more deeply into the black lover’s arms. Divorcing would break his heart, and it would only be a final option. Everyone knew he had somehow found a sexual pleasure in watching his wife in the arms of other men, even if it was ****. There was nothing he could do to overcome all of this, at least at this point. He was defeated, and he knew it, though hope did spring eternal. Maybe she just needed this one time in a consensual act? Just have only one c***d? Maybe he could come to terms with that?——————————————-By the time Daniel entered the bedroom, he saw his wife standing before her lover, her arms up about his neck, eyes shining in a smile as he lowered his face to hers. “Oh, Ofi…” she purred, and then began to a very passionate and even lewd kiss.His hands went to her hips, and started to caress her curves, the thin black satin yielding to his every move, allowing his fingers to feel her. His long, dark fingers played along the lines of her garter belt, and across her behind, until he dropped his grip with both hands to her ass, and started to feel her, with a full, firm, and hard grasp.Tessa, for her part, let him hold her close, her one foot lifting softly as the deep, sensual and arousing kiss made her start to display her need for him. The seduction of her body wasn’t starting now, but had begun earlier, with a small kiss.Her soft voice mewed into his mouth as their lips broke their seal, revealing their wrestling tongues, as Daniel watched on, his heart thudding in his chest. Her fingers trailed softly along the back of his neck and head, playing her nails to lightly scratch his ebony skin. Her body was rapidly growing aroused, and she let Ofi pull her to him, molding her curves to his hard body.Dan, for his part, could only sit in the same chair he had been tied to, only this time more comfortably, though he found his hands gripping the arm rests very firmly. Watching Tessa be held like this, and so obviously offering herself to this black warrior had an arousal of its own. After almost a day of watching his wife be with black men, he found the thought of interracial sex at least understandable. Based on how his wife was reacting, he could see from her point of view how much lust it could create. He would just have to reclaim her afterwards. No big deal, after the man left, take her up the butt again, and all would be well! That was his new plan, anyway.Ofi continued to kiss her, and fondle her, his hands sliding to her breasts, thumbs sliding upwards against the soft black satin constraining them. In short order, her g****-sized nipples were hard and erect atop her full, firm melons, yet another display of her arousal, and to Daniel, her wantonness. Ofi’s lips began to kiss down her cheek to her jawline, and then back to her neck, a thousand small kisses, each one imparting in Tessa a sense of growing warmth and affection. When he nuzzled into her hair, and to her ear lobe, nibbling softly she purred, her soft voice turning into a mew when he nipped at the skin below her ear. The nip made her shiver slightly, and she let out a soft laugh. “That tickles!”“Tell me you hate it, woman.” Ofi’s low voice demanded.“Never in a million years.” Tessa purred back.Ofi’s hands started to reach for the back of her dress, to unzip it, and she shook her head. “Later… I have a surprise for you under my skirt.” She sexily whispered. “My turn.”To prove her point, her fingers started to daintily but determinedly unbuckle his belt. As she drew down his trousers, she looked up to him and purred. “Let me worship a mighty warrior.” She was sliding down as she spoke, to her knees, letting the hem of her skirt form a full circle, a look of full-femininity that Dan had always found erotic. As Ofi’s black cock was freed, it had already begun to rise to attention, and Daniel could not help but feel pangs of real jealousy. The man was larger than he was, easily by half, and a little thicker, too. In comparing Ofi to the thugs who took his wife, he could see where Ofi had a sizeable advantage. It also dawned on him just how much of a disadvantage he was at, compared to Ofi. Tessa then leaned forward, letting her small hands reach to his enormous sac, and gently cradle the princely jewels, while her lips gave a soft, pouty kiss to the man’s throbbing mushroomed stick. Her free hand held it steady and soft began to stroke it, as her eyes looked up under her brows to Ofi. It was a definite come-hither kind of look, one that Daniel hadn’t seen from his wife in ages. Then she softly fluttered her eyes closed and slackened her jaw, letting the suckling of the man’s spear begin, taking more and more of him into her mouth.Ofi simply stood there, at first, his hands resting on his hips, looking down upon his conquest, until she started to slide her tongue back and forth along the soft, sensitive underside of his black snake. His head fell back on his shoulders with a deep groan, enjoying her skills. Her cupped hands began to ever so gently massage his testicles, letting her long, perfectly manicured nails gently skritch the base of his sac. That new sensation made him moan in pleasure, and his hips began to push at her, trying to drive his cock into her mouth further, while her hand stroked the remaining length.Daniel could not help but feel a growing erection of his own, especially when he noticed her red-painted lips in stark contrast to Ofi’s jet-black manhood. Shifting in his chair, he was stuck having to do his best to hide his own growing arousal, along with the angst of knowing his wife was willfully pleasing another man. It should be her on her knees before him, and blowing him like a bugle. Yet it turned him on to watch Tessa in action. But what Tessa did next made his jaw drop open.Tessa let both her hands slide to his bare buttocks, and she for along few moments simply massaged and felt them, his softly oiled skin malleable in her fingers, and yet his hard-worn muscles underneath so satisfying to squeeze. She shifted ever so slightly, arching her back and tilting her head, and started to swallow, as her hands began to pull her onto him. Her nostrils flared as she took in all the air she could muster, until she felt an imminent tickle at the back of her throat. Pausing, she simply steeled herself up, then took a final deep breath and used her arms and hands to pull her head forward, while she tried to launch herself forward at her lover, swallowing as she relaxed, until the head of his cock pushed past her gag-spot and into her throat. From there it was easier, and Ofi helped, gently placing his hands on the back of her head to usher her softly, while she continued to drive herself into being impaled.Daniel watched as she did this new trick, one she had never done with him. He felt another pang of jealousy. She never really tried oral sex with him, and never this passionately, or with such effort. It wouldn’t dawn on him for a while that she never had to work Daniel’s cock so hard. He was small enough to work it effortlessly, when necessary. He hadn’t realized just how stale their sex life had become. He was belatedly remembering what a spark of sexual energy she was. He noticed her throat distend as well, able to track her progress, or Ofi’s, depending on how one looked at it. For some reason, Daniel found himself wanting to root her on, encourage her to succeed. Not to please Ofi, but to achieve this goal.As Tessa felt her lungs start to get impatient, she was relieved to feel her nose touch the small patch of tightly curled public hair the man possessed. At that point, she started to purse her lips and turn her head to and fro a few times, before she began to pull back. Eyes watering, and drool starting to leak from her lips, she was able to finally pull free of the man’s girth, and then fall back on her heels, her ample chest heaving as she breathed very deeply.“The girls at school were right. You can do it this way!” She grinned to Ofi. “You would not believe what the students talk about in between classes.”She then slurped in some threatening drool and kissed the head of his cock again, swirling her tongue around the slit, which was starting to leak the first droplets of pre-emission.“My lipstick mark is to show others what can be done if you try!” She giggled out, almost like a school girl.Ofi responded by bending low, and speaking so softly that Dan could not hear, then adding “You are my wife now. Remember that.”“Yes, Ofi.” Rolled off her tongue so smoothly that the effect of the words were lost on her, until after she said them.They both looked to Daniel. “You may leave, if you wish.” Ofi said. “I wish to mate with my wife, now.”“Close the door on the way out.” Tessa added. It wasn’t a command, per se`, but a statement. Dan, for his part, stood, as Ofi lifted his wife to her heels, and he let his hard, throbbing rod poke at her crotch, through her dress. Using her fingers, Tessa managed to lift the hem finally high enough to allow that black member to start rubbing against her labia. Pulling the silky folds of satin up and aside her hips, she revealed a final important detail to her husband. She was not wearing panties of any sort, not even a thong. Tessa had already made the decision before Ofi had said a word. She no longer considered herself Daniel’s wife, in the truest sense of the word. She realized her actions could, and probably would, be construed as adultery, or as they say in court documents nowadays, ‘Irreconcilable Differences’. But as she stood there, heels slightly apart, and her petals growing coated with the dew of excitement, she didn’t care. Ofi was going to ease her conscience by giving her a c***d.Ofi was making her mew again, each thrust of his hips driving his long dong against her slickness, coating his shaft with her leaking lubrication, as his pelvic bone would smack her clit as she rotated her hips to meet him. Eyes fluttered closed, she was breathing heavily, her soft voice speaking breathily. “Oh, yes, Ofi. Make me a mama. Stick it in me!” and her fingers clenched softly, as she then shuddered softly on her heels, nearly falling over as she climaxed, her voice uttering a wail as Ofi’s hands were quick to grab her around her waist, and hold her to him.Gasping softly, she looked to Daniel through dreamy eyes. “Why couldn’t you make me do this?” she asked, not expecting an answer. Her head turned to Ofi’s and her tongue led an attack of her own, to kiss her lover passionately. That was when Ofi started to move her onto the bed, his hand reaching low to pull the comforter off, and then set her gently back on the shimmering white satin. Breaking the kiss, she smiled to him, a knowing, wide, and bright smile, filled with anticipation and eagerness. By the look in her eyes, Daniel could tell that she was now on her own predatorial hunt, a hunt for babies.Daniel, at first, tried to will himself to leave, but found he couldn’t. He was caught in front of the proverbial train-wreck one couldn’t stop watching. As Tessa lay back on the bed, lifting her knees, the black satin shimmered in contrast as it fell down her thighs to her waist, showing Daniel her garter straps and the tops of her sheer, silky stockings, he sat himself back down, using a hand to try and adjust himself within his trousers. His erection was growing impossible to control, yet he could do nothing with it. As Ofi lowered himself to the bed, after kicking off his pants and shoes, he doffed his shirt and tie, and then placed a hand on each side of Tessa’s shoulders. His saliva-slickened spear dangled at the right angle to invade the white woman, whose legs were poised on the tips of her stilettos, her hands reaching up to his face, giving soft caresses as they shared a long, tender gaze. The sight made Daniel very worried. He suddenly realized that this black man and his wife weren’t going to have sex. They were going to make love, and do it passionately.“What if you do not get pregnant tonight?” Ofi asked. “Then we will have sex every night until I am, Silly!” Tessa answered.That was when Ofi began to lower himself, balancing on one hand while his freed hand reached to his shaft, holding it for alignment, and jiggling his mushroomed tip up and down until she opened for him, and he engaged with her. Then he started to lower himself, letting gravity share the load, making his new bride take him into her love canal, in one long, slow, inexorable thrust.For her part, Tessa sucked in a gulp of air, loudly, and her eyes rolled up in her head, her soft voice crying out loudly. No words, just the sounds of physical stress. She had not had a man like Ofi since, well, she last had Ofi.———————————————–The divorce paperwork took a little longer to finalize than Dan wanted, or Tessa had planned. The court had decreed a ninety-day cooling off period, to allow the couple to reconcile, if possible. All the delay did was allow the baby-bump to start making an appearance.After Ofi had left that evening, a well-sated Tessa had simply lay there, and told Daniel to sleep in the guest room. She had an easier night sleeping, but was wakened by a sound in the middle of the night. Daring to investigate, and still in her dress and heels, she crept around the house until she found her soon-to-be ex-husband in the kitchen, a nearly empty tumbler of scotch on the table, and with his underwear around his ankles. He was masturbating furiously, mumbling incoherently.Sneaking back into the bedroom, she locked the door behind her, and got more properly dressed for bed. It was while watching Daniel that she realized her marriage was over. Watching him made her realize she didn’t feel sorry for him at all, just as he didn’t feel sorry for her. She moved to Ofi’s place the next day.Ofi had to leave the country on schedule, which the court’s delay ruined any plans for coming home with a new bride. However, Ofi made sure to speak with her daily, often times twice a day, to share, stay in touch, and provide her with things she would want to know, when she got to his homeland. She spent the delay getting her passport, and packing up the things she wanted to have with her. It turned out to be quite substantial.As the hearing date approached, Daniel made several more and more desperate pleas for them to get together, and to ‘talk things out’. For Tessa, she had done enough. Seen enough. Endured enough. With Ofi’s baby swelling inside her, the emotional swing had been completed. It had taken Ofi three tries to impregnate Tessa, each time more passionate than the last. To her, it seemed as if every time she could give more and more of herself to him, until she missed her period. Then she knew she could give him her everything. The day she confirmed her pregnancy to Ofi, she leapt to his arms, kissing him lavishly, in plain sight of the staff at the school district office. It was then official with the people around her, she was going to be his wife, and she made it official to him, by a simple word.“Yes.”After the judge banged the gavel, they walked out of the courtroom separately. Daniel needed a few moments to cope with the final devastation to his now measly life. His career was all but destroyed, his marriage over with, and his dreams of a proper house, with loving wife and c***dren were over. In the proceedings, the review and dissolution of property were finalized. Daniel kept the house and the belongings, while she kept most of the savings account, half of the checking account, and a third of his retirement plan. Now free to marry, she made a beeline to the phone, to share the news. She ended her call with her new man, just as Daniel was passing from behind. “mhmm… I’ll see you soon. I love you, Ofi… “It might as well have been a stake in his heart to hear her say that, and he spent the rest of the day crawled up inside a bottle of booze.Her last day in the country was the day after the court proceeding. The divorce in hand, she tendered her passport at the ticket counter, along with the first class ticket to the father of her c***d….

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