A Pee Fetish Story: The Neighbor

I found out I was aroused by women peeing back in college and it was a lightbulb moment for me. Knowing I had a pee fetish opened a whole new world of eroticism for me. For once, I knew what would get me hard every time. Any spare time I had was dedicated to watching pee porn videos or watering down my place with my pee. The way I found out I had a pee fetish is quite interesting. While some with a pee fetish may discover it by stumbling across a pee video on a porn site, I found out about mine under more spontaneous circumstances.

The short version of the story is I lived in a house on a secluded cul-da-sec that was only a 10-minute drive from campus during college. There was only one more house about 50 feet away from mine and that one was occupied by a woman in her mid-twenties who was an accountant by day and a secret nudist by night. She always roamed through her house completely naked and went outside wearing only flip flops or sandals unless it was raining or snowing. I always watched her from my window and once, I caught her peeing outside in the grass. After I watched her pee a couple more times, that was it; my pee fetish was here to stay.

So that’s how I found out how I liked peeing women, but that is only the beginning of this story. After my freshman year in college, I returned home for summer vacation but always would wonder if my neighbor was peeing outside at any given moment. I couldn’t wait to return to the house for my sophomore year and see her again. I started watching her without skipping a beat, but the times she ventured outside became few and far between. I wondered why: maybe she became an indoors kind of person over the summer. Maybe her nudist lifestyle got her into trouble. Maybe she secretly knew I was watching her and was being more careful. I never learned why, but always looked forward to seeing her naked body inside or outside.

In sophomore year, I only saw her pee outside twice; once only bottomless – she had a sweatshirt on – but it was still just as arousing. Soon I began thinking about how I would like peeing outside naked. My only problem was I wasn’t as confident about getting naked anywhere other than the shower. I must’ve been shy as could be because I also didn’t want my neighbor to catch me. But then I thought: “If she’s comfortable with peeing outside naked, what am I afraid of?” So one Saturday evening, I held in my pee until I had to go. Once the urge became too much, I went outside in just my bathrobe and slippers then took my time looking for a suitable spot. I found one by a bush next to the fence. With that, I whipped my robe off, got into position and let it flow. I sprayed the bush for well over 30 seconds; possibly as long as 50.

When I was finished, I shook my dick dry and took note of the sense of euphoria I felt. It was awesome; the bracing air on my body; my pee watering the bush; knowing I got away with it… or so I thought. When I went to put my robe back on, I heard: “Nice stream!” from over my shoulder. I turned around to saw my nudie neighbor peeking over the fence. She was naked too and asked naked me if I wanted to come over to her place for a bit. I reluctant at first but ultimately said sure. I put my robe back on – possibly to be at least a little modest – she let me in through her gate and brought me onto her deck.

“You thirsty?” she asked.

“A little, what do you have?” I replied.

“I got pretty much anything you could imagine,” she said.

“Okay, I’ll have a Coke,” I told her.

She fetched two Cokes from inside and handed me one. As I began to drink, she said: “Hey why don’t you take that silly robe off?”

“I don’t think I should,” I nervously said.

“Hey, it’s alright with me. I’m naked and the only other one here. Plus, I was quite impressed before.”

Figuring I had nothing to lose, I dropped my robe and kicked it across the deck. She then brought me to her deck chairs, where we sat and chatted for a bit. Eventually, the conversation came to a point when she said: “I thought I only liked peeing outside, what turned you onto canlı bahis şirketleri it?”

“Well, don’t get creeped out,” I started, “but when I saw you pee outside before, I was aroused big time. I always wondered how it felt to do it myself.”

“Wow, I never thought I’d turn someone else onto it,” she said as she gave me a big naked hug. “Thank you, you’re making my night better and better.”

“To each their own,” I replied. “I never thought I’d make your night. “Are you single by any chance?”

“Yup, she said, “I think my lifestyle would weird some guys out, and makes others just see me as a living Fleshlight.”

“I can see why,” I told her. “But I think you’re a living work of art. You have an amazing body.”

“Thanks, so do you!” she replied.

We then watched the stars for a bit and after some time, she said: “Ooo, I gotta go, wanna watch me use the toilet for a change?”

“Right behind you!” I replied and we ventured inside. In the bathroom, she sat on the toilet with her legs spread and peed right in front of me. She noticed my cock getting bigger.

“I can see how this turns you on!” she said teasingly.

I tried to hide it, but she said it was fine as she too was turned on. Just like that, I felt I had met my match – for the moment at least – but I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

“I’m single of course, are you?” she asked me, to which I said I was.

“Ooo goodie, you wanna bang?!” she then asked.

Caught off guard, I asked her: “Wait, we only just met and you’re already talking about sex. Are you serious?”

“Sure I am!” she replied. “I trust you now that we’ve both seen everything. “I also got condoms.”

With the phrase “You Only Live Once” echoing in my head, I said: “Okay, why not? I just have to lock my door.”

That’s when she suggested we do the deed at my house instead: “That’s good with me if you’re more comfortable in your bedroom.” she said.

I replied: “Okay, let’s go!” and with that, she grabbed a few condoms and her keys while I got my robe. She locked her doors and we walked the 50 feet back to my house. Once there, we locked my doors, went up to my bedroom and got busy. We started by touching and kissing each other sensually until I was hard and she was moist. Once we were ready, I put a condom on and gently slipped it into her as she reminded me to take it nice and slow at first. After taking it slow for about 10 minutes, she said she was ready for me to speed up, so long as I kept it gentle.

We were so deep in ecstasy by this point, I lost track of time afterward. I do remember her and I both orgasmed, after which we laid on our backs breathing heavily. She said her orgasm was so satisfying, she wouldn’t mind doing it with me again; she even asked if we could be “sex buddies.”

“Between you and me, yes!” I replied.

After we calmed down from our orgasms, I said I had to pee and she was welcome to watch me go just I had been at her house before. She followed me into the bathroom where she took my semi-hard cock and aimed my stream into the toilet for me. I said I really liked her helping me pee and then asked her if she had to go. She said she did but this time, she would do it “with a twist.”

“What kind of twist?” I asked her.

Without another word, she walked past me, stepped into the shower and spread her legs. She told me to stand to her right, grab & spread her pussy lips and help her pee standing up: “Since I helped you pee, I figured you should help me pee too.” “

Okay,” I said as I stepped into the shower with her. “Let me know if I’m holding you too hard.”

She said my grip was fine and unleashed her stream across the shower, hitting the faucet and temperature dial. After finishing this pee, she asked if I wanted to shower with her: “It’ll save water!” I sure did and turned the water on. We spent another good 10-15 minutes getting ourselves nice and clean, washing each other’s backs and talking about how great we had been in bed. After we dried off, she said she was ready to hit the canlı kaçak iddaa hey.

“Okay, you can take the bed and I’ll sleep on the couch downstairs,” I suggested.

“Nah, I trust you remember?” she replied. “Bring your PJs to my house for a real sleepover.”

“Okay,” I said. “You wear PJs to bed?”

“Yeah, sleeping naked and I don’t go together very well,” she told me. “I chaff too much.”

With that, I got my PJs and we made the trek back to her house. In her bedroom, we both changed into our PJs and got into bed. I wished her goodnight, but she kissed me goodnight, telling me: “I trust you, remember that!”

We had a goodnight’s sleep in her bed and awoke around 10 AM the next morning. She asked if I wanted to go for breakfast at a local diner, which I agreed to. We chatted a bit more over breakfast, and as we left she asked me: “So when’s your next free night for more fun like last night?”

I explained my studying schedule was a bit hectic, but then told her: “Just keep an eye on my backyard, if you see me out there naked, you can come over.”

“Good idea,” she said on the drive home. “And when you see me outside naked, you can come over.” With our plan established, we went into our own houses when we got home, but not before exchanging phone numbers. She video called me later that night, so I answered. She was walking through her house in a sweatshirt – bottomless otherwise – and asked me if I wanted to see something. I asked what, and she simply replied: “This!”

She then sat down on her kitchen floor and shot a huge arc of pee across the kitchen; I got so hard from that! She then showed me how far her pee went; she hit the kitchen windows about 10 feet away! With my boner hard to ignore – pun somewhat intended – I said: “Anything you can do, I can do nastier!” I then took my pants off, showed her my cock and then, standing on the couch, peed across my living room, hitting the easy chair in the corner about 15 feet away.

“Impressive,” she said. “Next time we get together, let’s have some pee contests!”

“I’ll be first to tell you when I’m ready for that,” I said.

She replied “Okay, we both got messes to clean up, see you then. Goodnight!”

A few days went by after that and neither of us went outside as a signal, though we remained more or less glued to each other’s windows. Finally, my classes for one day had been canceled, so I checked to see if she was at work. I saw her car in the driveway and I saw her walking through the house shortly after. I got naked and slipped outside, she saw me and came over. We then went into my house and decided to lay out a plan. She said she didn’t have to go at the moment, but when she did, we would have a distance contest. We’d stand side by side and shoot our streams as far down the hallway as we could; the winner would get oral sex for 15 minutes from the loser.

Amped up, we waited about a half-hour for her to get desperate enough. Once she was, we took our positions and let it all flow. Once the peeing stopped, we determined I was the winner. She had me sit on the couch and licked me like a lollipop for 15 minutes as promised. She got the money shot after that and went to wash her face. She returned with two bottles of water and said our next challenge will be a volume one: we were to drink our equal-sized waters, wait until we couldn’t anymore and see how high we could fill two identical measuring cups she brought over. The loser would have to masturbate the winner until they climaxed this time around.

We waited close to two hours to pee this time, watching tv, making out and admiring each other’s naked figures to pass the time. When it was time, she peed first and got just under one liter of pee in her cup. I went next and while I stood with the cup between my legs for just over a minute, I couldn’t match or exceed her effort. We went up to my room where she laid down on the bed and I sat next to her and rubbed her pussy and clit, first slowly and steadily and then a bit faster. When she climaxed, a huge burst of liquid shot up and canlı kaçak bahis hit the ceiling; it happened again when I made her climax a second time.

“That doesn’t smell like pee,” I said.

She told me: “I think you’re the first guy to make me squirt.” I had no idea what “squirting” was, but she showed me a couple of porn videos showing it on the computer I connected to my bedroom TV.

“Some girls can squirt, but not all of them; I’m one who can,” she said.

I was jerking it to the porn all the while, with her taking over occasionally until I shot a load across the room from the bed. After our second night together, we felt like we had known each other for years. We showered again and she went home. The next day, I was checking my phone during lunch and she sent me a video of her peeing outside in a rain puddle: “Just filling this puddle a bit more.” she wrote in her message. I sent her a video of me peeing in the locker room shower, with the message: “Maybe not as exciting, but what the hell?” I wrote. She replied that she liked my video and we waited for our next opportunity to get together.

That came about a week later when I saw her outside naked and walked on over. She said this one will be all outdoors: first, we were gonna sit in her hot tub until we had to go then pee over the deck railing next to the tub. After that, we were to have some sex on the deck and in the grass. After waiting to get desperate for about 40 minutes, I peed over the railing and she said she needed a bit more time. After she peed 15 minutes later, we moved down to the deck. She said we’d roll around on the deck to warm ourselves up. Before either of us knew it, we were ready and starting banging in front of the deck chairs.

After a few minutes of this, she said we could move to the grass. Because the grass was so cool and soft, we went at it for longer there. We both orgasmed at the end of it then laid naked in the grass looking up at the cloudy sky. After a few minutes of that, I had to pee again.

“Just do it on me,” she said.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’ll be fine,” she said. “Pee is sterile when it comes straight from the source.”

I stood over her, took off my condom and sprayed her down with my golden water. She rolled around to ensure I covered every inch of her naked body; she even rolled over so I could get her back and ass. After I soaked her down, she said: “You gotta let me do that on you, it’s so exhilarating!”

“Well, do you have to go?” I asked her.

Without another word, she had me lay down next to her. She then stood over me with her legs wide apart, pulled her pussy lips aside and unleashed her stream on me. I also made sure I moved around and rolled over so she would completely soak me. “That is exhilarating!” I said after she was done.

If I thought a pee fetish was just a phase for me, there was no going back after this. After my neighbor’s warm, golden pee covered my body from head to toe, I was hooked! My neighbor and I continued our pee trists all through my college years and even considered dating, but ultimately decided we were better off as causal sex and pee partners. We started dating other people, but our little breaks from our real partners were always fun. One time, she had pee inside her pussy in intervals, which she followed by intervals of her spraying my pee on my cock. Another time, she used a female “stand to pee” device to pee in my mouth; I drank it all like she had drunk my pee a couple of times before. Those were some good times and what I’d give to go back to them cannot be summed in words alone.

Ever since that part of my life, I’ve kept my pee fetish alive by moving into another secluded house back in my home state. My new house is situated on a stretch of backroad with two more houses about a quarter mile down the road, so I can pee outside naked or not – depending on the weather or however I feel – without fear of anyone down the road calling the authorities on me for “indecency.” The house also has plenty of tile floors that just wipe clean after I pee all over them and track the pee around the house with my bare feet. I’ve also amassed a personal collection of pee porn videos that takes up half the capacity of a 4TB external hard drive. This is life for me and I love finding new ways to add to it.

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