A Perfect Morning


He hoped he would invite me again, I was in my office bored and getting nothing done. This was how most weekends began, on Thursday I would watch my phone anticipating the text I was always afraid wouldn’t come. He almost never messaged me during the week, but on Thursdays he would send a short message. It was almost 3pm and I was nervous this was the weekend that I wouldn’t get a message. I was sure he had other women after him, how could he not. He was perfect on paper, perfect in person. Even though this had been going on for months I knew almost nothing about his life outside the weekends.

I was just about to give up hope, spinning in my desk chair, about to place my phone back in my desk drawer when the soft chirp pulled me back to the present.

“Busy tomorrow? Want to dance”

I had to resist sending a message back immediately. I didn’t want him to know quite how desperate I was. He didn’t have to know, for example, how many outings I had declined in anticipation of a weekend with him. For a few months now I had been keeping the weekends reserved for him. I had some friends at work but I saw them during the week, and no party was worth missing out on his hands on me, in me.

I sighed and was again glad my arousal was more hidden than most mens’, and that I had my own office. I had worn pants today and it made it oh so easy for a hand to drift between my legs, for a nail to run the length of the seam between my legs. My hand was drifting to the button of my slacks when the reminder of the message chimed. I snapped back into the real world. My own office or not this was not the place.

I took a deep breath and unlocked my phone.

“Dancing sounds fun, see you at 8?”


He spun me around on the dance floor before pulling me in close to him. My ass pulled tight against his crotch. One of his hands spanning my lower stomach, the other resting gently at my neck. I let the music flow through me, the deep base inspiring the movement of my hips against his, with his. His hands began to hold me more tightly. The hand on my belly drifting lower, and lower still. The hand resting at my neck holding tighter, just threatening to begin to choke me. I couldn’t hold in the quiet moan that slipped through my lips, I was thankful that the music was loud enough to cover it, though I’m sure my expression gave me away. I was unable to keep my eyes open as his hand drifted lower, and lower still before slipping gently into the slit of my skirt. I expected him to stop there but his hand began a slow steady climb between my legs. I was frozen, unable to continue my dance while anticipation and fear buzzed through my body. It was electric when his fingers first reached me where the most heat had gathered. I could feel my own slickness as his fingers slipped between my lips.

“No panties?” his words were quiet against my ear, but I could hear him clearly. I shook my head slowly unable to speak as he stroked me gently with just one finger.

“That’s so sexy, I wish I could fuck you right here.” He punctuated his words by rubbing his hardness against my ass. I felt myself grow wetter still at the thought- at the same time my stomach clenched with fear. The place was not well lit, and there were many people, none of whom were paying attention to us but the idea of sex- here! It was too dangerous, too risky. And because of that one of the hottest things I could imagine.

“You like that idea don’t you? Perhaps later, for now I just want to dance.” The finger slipped inside of me for a moment and my knees buckled. I felt him laugh, quietly, again, against my ear. But then the finger slipped out from under my skirt. I was bereft until I felt him paint my wetness against my lips and it was without thought that my tongue slipped out to lick them clean, then to suck his fingers clean.

I let my head rest back against him as I began to dance again. The music was slower now and I could enjoy the feeling of him firm against me, sturdy and exciting. He turned me again so I was facing him. I looked up into his face for a moment but his expression was unreadable. I tucked my head into his shoulder and swayed with him. It was only a moment that I got away with this calmer, sweeter dance. Almost immediately his hands found my waist again and he rocked his knee between my legs. The friction of our dance parted my skirt again, and the feeling of the rough denim of his pants against my bare skin was intoxicating. I could feel myself begin to rock myself against his thigh, almost humping his leg like a dog. I forced myself to still my movements but he reciprocated by pulling me firmer to him.

“Its okay darling, take your pleasure where you can” His whisper coincided with another change in the music and he ground his leg into my mound. My head fell back in pleasure. I was on fire. I imagined that there would be a wet spot on his pants if I moved. I could feel myself dripping and a light sheen of sweat beginning on the bridge of my nose and down my back. poker oyna

He held my hips and ground into me along with the music. It was all I could do to stay standing.

It was like he could tell when I was about to spill over and cum- just from the constant friction against the most delicate parts of me. Just when the beat would drop and I was teetering at the top of the cliff he would change direction, change the rhythm just enough to knock me back from the edge. The fourth time he did it I growled in the back of my throat and he laughed, only to turn me again. With my back firmly to his front he nudged me toward the bar. Using me as a shield for what I could feel was an impressive erection. It was my only reassurance he was somewhere near as turned on and uncomfortable as I was.


We reached the bar and instead of finding me a place to sit like usual he just leaned me against the counter, still holding me tightly against him. He ordered two waters, one without ice and handed me one with a quiet murmur that I would need to be hydrated “for later”. I hoped my intensifying blush could be disguised as a flush from the heat and exercise.

The water was beginning to cool me down, and I began to think that maybe I could make it through the evening without embarrassing myself too badly when I felt one of his hands beginning to drift again. The bar was at my chest and there was a small overhand so his hands were free to roam underneath. I knew what was coming but I couldn’t help choking on my water when his hand cupped my pussy through the thin cloth of my skirt. His hand held me tightly for a moment and I swallowed my water. The constant firm pressure was almost comforting until he began to wiggle his middle finger until it was nestled between my lips with cloth of my skirt. I knew there was no way that there wasn’t going to be a wet mark when he was done.

He spoke calmly to the bartender while he stroked me gently. The extra friction from the cloth was intoxicating, and almost too intense against my clit. But even still I couldn’t help but begin to rock my hips along with his rhythm. Again he knew exactly when to pause to keep me on the edge.

I was again burning with need. I had no idea what he was talking about, all I could think of was his finger slipping inside of me, of his cock slipping inside me, or his tongue dipping inside me, of his cock trying to slide down my throat. I imagined all the positions he would, could fuck me, and how the different angles would feel as he slipped inside of me.

I was in the middle of an especially delicious scenario of modified missionary in front of a mirror when the conversation stopped. I drifted slowly back to the present and realized my mouth was open and eyes closed. My hips had paused mid thrust and when my eyes opened they met the bartender’s. His eyes were dilated and filled with lust and I could only imagine the faces and sounds I had been making. Picturing as I had been watching his cock enter me slowly, dripping with my wetness, stretching me open- my eyes began to drift shut again the grip of the fantasy still strong.

“I think that’s enough water.” He laughed as he took the cup from my hand. His other hand left my mound as he steered me back toward the dance floor and the breath of cold wind and the slow un-sticking of the cloth from my pussy told me the skirt was soaked.


I hoped we would keep walking out the door to his car and then home to his bed, but no luck. He directed me to another room of the club, a bit quieter, a bit darker- but there weren’t near as many people. I was nervous but he first gently spun me again, as he was apt to begin a dance and pulled me tight to him. Nestling his face in my hair the dance began almost tame.

The music was again slow and he swayed gently with me. His hand carded through my hair and down my back, before resting on my ass. Gently at first then grabbing a handful. His other hand left my waist and tangled itself in my hair.

“I can’t wait to see this ass in front of me as I fuck you. I love how it bounces when you push back on me. I’m going to spank you until your skin is burning because I love the way you clench around me when I do. I love the way I can hear you get wetter with each spank until I feel it dripping down my thighs.”

I struggled to stay standing and wished I could look into his eyes as he growled the words into my ear. His firm grip on my hair only accentuated his words and reassured me that he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

But then his hands gentled and he continued to dance.

We danced quietly for a while and I laughed as we spun through the other couples and individuals dancing. He was playful now, commenting on those who were struggling to keep the easy rhythm, and on those who were clearly looking for a partner, or trying to impress a new one.

I was getting used to this more playful version of our evening, so used to it that I was completely unprepared when he cornered canlı poker oyna me beside a huge open fireplace filled with unlit candles and twinkling lights and pushed me up against the wall.

“I want to feel you cum right now.” I laughed at first, not truly parsing his words, but before I could catch up his fingers were sliding inside me again, hiking my skirt up oblivious of who could be watching. He moved his fingers firmly and steadily- not too fast. I was teetering on the edge in moments, he knew me too well. My thighs were trembling, but something was keeping me from tumbling over the edge. I looked over his shoulder and couldn’t help feeling that the other dancers would know the moment I began to cum.

His free hand came up to tap me firmly on the cheek- not quite a slap but definitely not a caress. His fingers didn’t miss a beat between my legs.

“Look at me not them.” His hand came to rest around my neck just firm enough that little sparkles began to sparkle at the edges of my vision. “Now cum for me.”

For a moment nothing happened. Then my muscles clenched around him. I was grateful for the hand inside me, for the hand around my neck because they were the only things holding me up as came harder than I had in weeks. The sparkles grew and covered my full field of vision and every muscle in my body spasmed- hard. I was breathless and shaking and small aftershocks tightened me around his fingers, which only served to drive my orgasm on. It felt like minutes before I could support my own weight. I could feel the wetness dripping down my thighs, and I was sure down his wrist as well. This thought was confirmed when he gently pulled his fingers from inside of me resulting in another small aftershock, and licked his fingers then down his forearm.

“You always taste so amazing. But I can’t wait to be inside you for real.” He pulled my arm but it was a moment before I could walk steadily.

I trailed after him slowly, dreamily. With each step I felt the squish between my legs where I was still tingling and swollen.

I’m not sure if I imagined the sly looks a few of the men sent his way or if they had seen what happened. Perhaps it was the dreamy look on my face that was revealing our activities.


We got into his car and the quiet was a relief. I listened to the ringing in my ears as he started the car and pulled onto the street. I knew the ride wasn’t short and closed my eyes.

He opened the car windows and moon roof and the smells of the spring air filled the car with the rushing air. I could tell when we turned onto the long country road that lead to his home. The air was darker and I could smell the blooming wisteria and honeysuckle. It was cool, but soon I knew it would be warm enough to sleep outside- or fuck outside. In fact it might be warm enough for that already.


The car stopped and the stillness was intoxicating- I could feel how tired I was.

I hadn’t moved when he came around to open my car door.

“I know you aren’t asleep” his voice was quiet, and not as fevered as in the club

“I’m just comfy” my voice sounded sleepy even to my own ears, I wasn’t ready for sleep, but I was ready to be surrounded by warm blankets and his body.

I was still deciding if it was worth getting out of the car when I was swished through the air, and hanging over his shoulder.

“Hey!” It was decidedly the least romantic way to carry someone.

“You weren’t moving and I still have to unlock the house.” His logic was sound, and his ass flexing with each step was a satisfactory view. I reached down to grab a handful and was rewarded with a sharp slap to my ass. Definitely worth it.


I was dumped rather unceremoniously on the bed. I crawled to the middle to take off my shoes, then skirt and top. I sprawled naked, finally in my domain. Blankets and pillows were mounded around me. My only influence on his dark, masculine bedroom. I watched as he undressed more slowly. His muscles flexing deliciously in the low light. I loved his back, and could just make out the soft red lines my nails must have left on his back in the club.

He turned back to face me after he had removed his pants and his cock was pointing straight up, and all sleepiness left me.

“Can I help you with that?”

“Oh with this?” His voice was slow and he wrapped a hand around himself, even in his large hand it was intimidating. My pussy clenched in anticipation of it pushing almost too deeply inside of me. I couldn’t wait.

“Mmhmm” I reached out my hand and crawled to the edge of the bed and slid off. I wrapped him in my hands, he was so warm and hard and- alive. I was surprised at his girth every time. Gently I licked the tip, then the sides. I kissed the base then back to the top. His skin was smooth and smelled like clean sweat and his soap.

I felt drunk as I slowly licked the tip, salty already with precum. I sucked it into my mouth, holding the shaft tightly in my internet casino hands.

Now was my turn to tease.

When he would begin to thrust toward my mouth I pulled away, just enough to tease. When he was still I began to work my way down again. Stopping and pulling back whenever he would push or thrust into me. I relish every moan, every growl and smile around his cock each time he relaxes and lets me play.

In moments my hands and his cock are soaked with my spit and his precum. I push him back onto the bed. I crawl over him and I straddle his right thigh. My favorite position to deep throat. I pull my hair into a knot at the top of my head and smile as I watch his cock twitch at the sight. He knows what’s coming, and I am good at my art.

I lean over his cock one hand braced against the bed the other circling the base of his cock. I paint my lips with his tip before letting it slowly push between my lips. I pull back just when the tip is in my mouth but don’t let it slip from my lips. I increase the pressure, sucking harder, until his hand reaches to push my head away. I repeat the action a few times more before slowly letting the rest of him push through my lips.

I have to readjust a few times before my lips meet my hand. I adjust again and his cock pushes into my throat. I gag around it but let it happen. My reflexes calm and my lips reach his pubic bone.

He moans and his hand grabs my tied up hair, careful not to hold me down or push, but I feel him trembling. I swallow before slowly making my way back up. I swallow again and lick my lips. I look up to meet his eyes and he looks stunned, just like he always does.

I begin my journey again, then again. I take a break to lick the sweat as it begins to trickle down his stomach. Then I wrap both my hands around him. Gently, slowly then faster I rub him, hands circling opposite of each other, sucking at the top of his cock. It is only moments before he is thrusting up into my mouth, a hand in my hair and a litany of curses flowing from his lips.

He warns me he is going to cum and I redouble my efforts until I feel him twitching in my mouth and the strong salty bitter streams pouring into my mouth. I swallow around him and continue to suck until he pulls me into his arms. I tuck myself into his shoulder and relish the sound of his racing heart.


“You’re too good at that you know that?” I lean up to give him a kiss, thankful he accepts kisses after I blow him. He kisses me deeply and laughs, shaking out his arms.

He flips me under him and kisses my neck, then down to my shoulder leaving little stinging bites along the way. I wiggle beneath him, and he holds me tighter. He reaches my belly button and licks inside, nibbling the jewel that hangs there, before continuing on. Licking the dips of my hips, nibbling my inner thighs before spreading them and sitting up on his knees pulling my body with him. I am resting on my shoulders, helpless as he licks me deeply, tongue stabbing immediately into me. It’s all I can do to not cum right then. But I resist, not wanting this to end. He drinks from me like he hasn’t had water in weeks, seeking every corner his tongue and lips can reach. He pulls back for a moment only to swirl his tongue around my clit. Back and forth he goes not letting me gather myself enough to cum.

I’m panting and squirming, but his grip on my thighs is strong and I imagine the marks that will be there tomorrow, but the pleasure is too great for me to worry.

He lets my legs slide from his shoulders and lies me flat on the bed, I am devastated with loss but then his fingers are in me again stroking firmly against my g spot and I am shaking and on the edge again immediately. The feeling is almost too intense to feel good but there I am on the brink of orgasm yet again.

He leans over me and kisses me and the warmth of his body is just what I need to let go, to know he isn’t watching my face as I go over the cliff. My back arches and I know I am screaming as the pleasure floods my body. I am barely aware that his fingers have left me only to be replaced by his cock. The burn of him stretching my body only intensifies my orgasm and I thrash under him.

I still panting when he begins to thrust more steadily into me. I am still shaking and clenching around him as he thrusts harder. The impact of him hitting my cervix would usually hurt in this position. My legs are draped over his elbows, and his hands are under my shoulders pulling me closer to him with each thrust, but in the aftershocks of my orgasm the position only serves to add to my pleasure.

I sink my nails into his shoulders as I attempt to process the pleasure of him moving within me, hitting all the most sensitive spots inside me, and his pubic bone grinding against my clit with each thrust, the hair ticking my lips and again I am coming hard around him.

My second orgasm sets him off and I feel the warmth of him being squeezed out of me with each thrust.

When he stops he is still hard inside me. He flips onto his back pulling me with him, and I grind down on him milking the tail end of my orgasm as he watches and softens inside me. I flop down on his chest close my eyes.

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