A Photo Shoot with Her Mom


Over Tammy’s. Thursday morning. She’s asked me to take some photos of her. The front door is open, and I call out as I walk inside. She calls me upstairs. As I walk up, she tells me to come into her room. She’s still getting ready. She only has lacy undies on.

She shows me some of her clothes, unashamed of being topless in front of me. I look at her suspended tits as she puts on her cocktail dress. I like what I see! She shows me what she wants to be photographed in – a formal dress, lingerie, bikini and a lacy nightie.

I go downstairs and set up the lighting and backdrops — stoked at what I will see her in. She comes down just as I finish setting up. She’s in a cocktail dress, and looks HOT. I have her stand and get few shots. She poses seductively, and leans over, showing her cleavage. I take numerous photos, loving seeing her in action. She knows how to get a guy hot.

She then goes over to the couch, where her changes of clothes are and takes off her dress in front of me. She has nothing underneath it. She puts on her lacy nightie.

I start getting some snaps. She drops her strap, and shows her whole breast and I get some good photos of her tight body. She holds her breast and gives me more tit shots. She’s really starting to get horny.

She then puts on her undies only. I get side shots, behind shots, shots of her leaning over, tits suspended. She then pulls her knickers to the side and shows off her pussy. She rubs herself and gets me to take even more erotic shots. She’s moaning, as she opens her legs, and starts fingering herself. I get some great shots. She starts giving herself an orchasm.

She asks if I have a timer on the camera, which I do, and begs me to get in the photo with her. She pulls off my top and she lies on the couch. I lie behind her and start to feel her breast. She moans as I grasp her tit. I set up another shot, this time I lift her leg and finger her pussy. She gasps not expecting my sudden assault. I leave the camera as I start to play with her. She lies on her back and looks up at me as I feel her tits. I move in and suck her huge nipple. She pulls my head against her, dropping her head back in the sensation of my tongue working her nipple.

I kiss between her breasts and explore her body. I move down and she opens her legs and pushes her hips toward me, wanting me to lick her cunt. I kiss her pussy, and start to lick her clit. She immediately moans loudly, as she has been heating up for a while. I finger her wet pussy, as I continue licking her clit. She pushes her hips up to me, crying out in ecstasy.

I move up her naked body, and kiss her breasts. I get underneath her droop, and kiss it. I pull down my pants and sit over her chest. She squashes her jugs together, and I slide my thick cock into her cleavage. She helps me give her a titty-fuck. I then move down and lie on top of her. She has her legs spread as I lie over her naked body. I gently rub my penis along her open vagina, but don’t enter her yet.

As I get her more excited with my tease, I tell her how beautiful her body is. Kissing her passionately as I describe how beautiful are her toes, her legs, her arms, her neck, her stomach, her arse, her breasts and, finally, her pussy. She loves my description of her.

As I describe her pussy, and how good it tastes, I lift myself and we both look between her breasts as I grab my cock and slowly push it into her open vagina. We both moan as I finally penetrate her ultimate trophy.

I start slow, enjoying the sensation of her moist walls. Feeling my penis fully engulfed by her warmth. I soon increase my speed and drive myself in deeper. She pulls me in, her mouth against my ear pleading for me to keep going inside her. As I thrust harder and deeper she describes her sensation of having my cock ramming her, getting me more excited and more adventurous.

I get up and tell her to roll onto her stomach. I shove my cock back up her pussy and ram her from behind. She lifts herself and I grab her rocking tits, playing with her nipples. She lies on her side and I move up behind her and, as she lifts her leg, I go her again from behind. I lie on my back and she mounts me. I enjoy watching her ride me, her huge tits bouncing in front of my face.

She slows down, querying how I’ve lasted so long without blowing. I tell her I’m holding it back, I want her to enjoy me. She loves it, never having had such a long and such pleasurable root. I tell her to lift herself up off me, and as I encourage her back down, I poke her arse with my cock. She’s unsure, again a new sensation to her. But I persist, and she finally gives in.

We start off slow. I’m gentle, keeping a slow, shallow rhythm. She quickly grows comfortable with it and I’m soon ramming away, rubbing her clit as I bang her up the arse.

She loves it. I then get over her again, and do her doggy-style. I feel my load fill up and warn her, but she wants me to cum inside her. I squirt my load deep inside her. We both cry out loud as I wet her. I keep at it for a few more hits, before Casibom I drop. She rolls onto her back and I rest my head on her breasts.

After a few minutes of sucking her breasts, I get up and get some more photos of her. I get plenty of her jugs, my hand over her tits, a shot of her sucking me off and numerous shots of my cock wedged between her tits.

We go upstairs and I’m charged again. I put her on Rach’s bed and do her on my ex’s bed. She loves the naughtiness of it. I lie on my back and watch her ride me. We go to her bathroom and get in the spa. She sits on the edge and I put my hand up between her legs. She opens them up and starts moaning as I rub her pussy again, pushing my fingers into her hole.

I pull her in with me, and she sits on my lap facing me. I kiss between her breasts as she pulls my cock up and guides it back up her pussy. I start ramming her again. I stand behind her, and she leans over the spa. I go her from behind, watching her big suspended tits swing in the large mirror. I load up after going at her for a further 30 mins, and blow another load inside her.

We get out of the spa, and dry each other, she licks my cock clean. It’s 12.30. We go back downstairs and have lunch together. She puts on an untied gown. As she starts to wash our plates, I move behind her. She can’t believe my persistence and loves the attention. I kiss her shoulder as I pull out her tit again. I bite her nipple. She turns and faces me, lifting her breast to me. I spend 15 minutes sucking and kissing her breasts.

I soon have to leave. I grope her big tits as we spend a few minutes locked in passionate kissing. I finally leave. As I’m driving down the Bypass, I receive a message from Tammy ‘Thank you for a great time! You were incredible. I can still feel you swimming inside me!’

The following Thursday, I get a call at 9.30. She’s out the front. I go out and jump in the Prado. She’s in a short dress. As we drive off, I lean over and kiss her hello. She wants to spend some time with me again.

We pull into the car park near Winfred Falls and start walking along the track. As we walk, I have my arm around her hip. I pull down her strap as we go and pull her tit out. We stop on a large rock just off the track. She sits in front of me and as I fondle her breasts, we kiss. We talk about last weeks sex romp. She sounds like she really enjoyed herself — as did I! I ask how her week was and if she got any sex. ‘Only on Saturday morning and it was over in 2 minutes…’ she complains.

‘2 minutes! You haven’t even warmed up. He didn’t even bring you to orchasm.’

‘No. Been a long time, except with you last week!’

‘How did he do you? I want to match him. Give him a challenge he doesn’t know about.’

‘The usual…’ she says boringly. ‘Missionary and had me work on him. I had to ride him, but it was over to quickly.’

I kiss her and start to finger her. She lifts her skirt, naughtily, inviting me in. I lift her onto my lap and poke her. My cock slips easily between her soft folds. I pull out her tits and grope them as I start to fuck her. After 30 minutes of slamming inside her, I finally load up and blow into her pussy. She licks me clean.

We make it to Winfred Falls — somehow… with plenty of playing with each other. She really enjoys me feeling her up!

We make out in the water and at the water’s edge. While she is sitting on me, we hear some people arrive to look at the falls. We quickly hide, and I continue to keep her hot, by licking her pussy as she watches them come and move on. After a few minutes, she remounts me. I blow a fresh load up her arse.

We go back to the car, giggling at nearly being caught. I have her sit on my lap in the passenger seat and go her again. As we drive back, she asks how I’d feel about having someone to play with. I tell her it’d be fun, but I won’t go with another guy. She’s disappointed, but understands, dropping the subject…

I almost make her crash as I make her cum, by fingering her. She drops me back and we clean her cum off the seat.

She calls me on Wednesday night. She has to work the next day, but she has booked a weekend away and told her family she is going with some friends. I meet her at 5pm. I jump in the driver’s seat. She’s looking hot! She’s got a sundress on, and looks great. I pull out her tit as we sit at the first set of lights. She has no bra on. Her tits look fantastic. I feel her smooth legs. She separates them for me, and I rub my finger under her undies, rubbing her clit.

We put our stuff inside, and get changed to go to the local club for dinner. She’s in a tight outfit, not too revealing, but enough to show her nice body. We get our first plate from the buffet table and sit at a 6 seat table. Half way through the first plate, I see Beck, Jo and Janelle come in. They sit near us, and after a few minutes they see me. Janelle comes over and says hi to Tammy.

They ask what we’re doing out of town. Tammy just says we ran into each other and decided to sit together. Casibom Giriş Janelle just pulls a rather quizzical expression then asks if they can join us. Tammy says that’d be great.

Jo is in a short skirt and booby top, Beck is in a short shorts and a tight top and Janelle is in a tight dress. As we eat together, I keep looking at Jo’s boobs. Tammy catches me a few times, but just winks.

After a good meal, Tammy and I go to leave. ‘So, you 2 just happen to meet up and now you’re leaving together. Oh well, have fun. Whatever sort of games you get up to’ Janelle says, winking knowingly at me, as she looks over Tammy.

Tammy and I go to the house we have rented for the weekend. I carry her inside. I’m horny as anything and start getting onto her. As she lies on the couch, I attack her breasts. She asks what I think of the girls we met up with. I say they’re all great.

She says that she noticed me checking them all out. Then asks what I think of Janelle. I tell her that I think Janelle is a hot, gorgeous, do-able MILF. She asks what I think of Beck. I say she’s a cutie. She asks what I think of her body. I’m uncomfy commenting on another girl while I’m on her, but Tammy encourages me, saying it makes her horny hearing my thoughts.

I tell her that I think Beck has a tight body – a tight arse, great tits. She asks if I’d like to bang her. Of course, who wouldn’t! She’s a young hottie. And Jo? I bet you love her tits! Oh, yeah. She’s got a great rack. They’re so huge — but good shape.

As I pull up her dress and start rubbing her clit, Janelle, Beck and Jo walk in. Jo calls out ‘Go Josh!’ I pull away from Tammy, but Tammy pulls me back to her. ‘It’s ok. They all know. They’re my ‘friends’!’

Tammy and I get up and they walk over to us. Tammy walks up and gives Janelle a big hug. As they hug Tammy moves in and they kiss — very passionately. I’m speechless. Turned on, but speechless. Tammy pulls me in and Janelle says hi. I kiss her, as Tammy pulls down Janelle’s top. I look down at her beautiful breasts and Tammy grabs my hand and puts them over Janelle’s tits.

I fondle her breasts. I pull up her short dress and slide my hand down her knickers, rubbing her pussy. I move away and approach Beck. I look down at her and she gives me a kiss. I lift her top and feel her tit. I pull it out and give it a bite. She gasps in pleasure. I turn to Jo. ‘There’s something I’ve always wanted to do to you.’ I about face her and turn her face to me. I kiss her passionately as I pull down her strap and grab her huge tits. I lift her tits, rubbing her big nipples between my fingers as I continue to kiss her. I push myself hard against her arse.

I lift her dress and pull out my cock as I continue to grope her breasts. I push her forward gently, and she leans over. She rubs herself up as I push my penis between her legs. Tammy moves behind me and rubs my chest as she grabs my cock. “I’ll guide it into her prize area.”

I grab both of Jo’s tits as Tammy rubs my cock along Jo’s pussy. She teases both of us. I can feel Jo’s wet pussy being rubbed on my tip. Tammy guides it in. I start to ride her. I’m her first. I am gentle as my penis breaks through her cherry. She cries in pain and pleasure. She starts to bleed as break her. I lean over and bite her tit. For over 20 minutes I penetrate her. She enjoys it.

I feel the need to cum, but want to keep it gentle. I pull it out and she sucks me off. Tammy pulls out some gel and rubs Jo’s pussy with it as I turn to Janelle. I want to go Beck, but say I want to be easy with her, and would love a rough one.

I have Janelle lie over the couch and eat her cunt. She loves it! I push my dick into her arse – her first time that way. She can’t believe the sensation. I pull it out and slide it up her very wet pussy. I grab hold of her breasts as I push my penis into a new pussy. She moans as I start to slam it in hard. Her whole body rocks with my rhythm.

I push her over and go her doggy-style, then have her lie on her back over the couch, her pussy at the top of the couch and I push my cock over into it. I ram her hard, while Becky moves beside me, encouraging me to bang her mum. Becky is rubbing herself while she watches us go at it.

As I slam my cock deep into Janelle, I turn to Beck and take off her top. I feel her breasts. I grab Janelle’s tit and Beck’s tit. I lift Janelle up and have Beck suck Janelle’s tit. ‘I bet it’s been a long time since she’s had to do this!’ I say. I start to rub Beck’s clit. I pull my wet cock out of Janelle and slowly push it into Beck’s cunt. She moans softly as I push through her cherry. I break her, with Janelle encouraging us.

I increase my depth and Becky is in pain, but wants me to keep at it. Her pussy is tight, wet and comfortable. I soon feel the need to blow. I increase my speed and slam it in hard. She’s crying loudly in pain and pleasure. Just as I’m about to blow, I pull it out and cum all over her tummy. She loves the feeling of my heat. I then enjoy her tits. I pull Janelle Casibom Yeni Giriş in, and have her mum suck her tits as well. “It’s usually the other way around, but back a few years” I comment.

It’s 11pm. I’ve been banging the girls for over 2 and a half hours! We decide to call it a night. I kiss them all again. I sit on the couch with Beck and Jo sitting on my lap. I play with both girls breasts while Janelle gets the camera off Tammy and gets some photos of us. I lift Jo’s tit to the camera and take a bite as Jo drops her head back in pleasure.

I am then told by Tammy that we should get some sleep. We’ve got a whole weekend together, and tomorrow will be an all-day adventure. I get into the king bed with both Tammy and Janelle. I lie on my back, and Tammy mounts me. “Finally, I get to have you in me” she says as she grabs my cock and slides it up into her pussy. “It’s not that I didn’t enjoy watching you in action tonight, it was a real turn on, but I do love having you thumping away in me as well.”

I kiss her as she starts to move her whole body against me. I grab her tit as she rides me. I turn and see Janelle watching us gel. I tell Janelle to get up and I suck her tits as Tammy continues to ride me. I then get Janelle to sit over my face and I eat her clit. Janelle cums all over my face. Tammy licks me clean. I soon reach the climax and blow in Tammy’s arse.

I finally fall asleep. I wake up next morning to Janelle playing with my dick. I slide my hand up her boxers and feel her wet cunt. I fondle her tits and command her to sit on me. She sits up, and puts her legs either side of me. I grab my cock and slide it up the side of her boxers. It enters her soft spot. She starts to ride me.

Tammy wakes up and rolls over, kissing me as Janelle continues to ride me. I push the two together and they kiss passionately. Tammy then moves down and licks my cock and Janelle’s pussy as my cock disappears into her. Tammy gets behind Janelle and plays with her tits. Janelle moves forward and my cock slides out of her and Tammy slides it into her cunt. I continue to be ridden while Janelle gets me to eat her clit. I blow my load in Tammy’s pussy.

I get out of bed after enjoying both of their tits. I go to the kitchen and Jo is making breakfast. She looks like she just got out of bed, her hair mattered. She’s in boxers and a crop top. I move behind her and kiss her good morning as I lift her top and feel her big breasts. She turns and grabs my cock. She loves feeling it. I kiss her neck and pull out her large jugs for a big meal.

I lift her onto the bench and she opens her legs, pulling me up to her. She craves to have me in her again. I push my cock up the side of her boxers and enter her wet pussy. She drops her head back as it goes in. Becky comes out just as my penis disappears up Jo’s boxers.

“Damn it” she lightly complains, “I was hoping to get first go!” I pull her up and kiss her, fondling her breasts in the process. I push her to Jo’s tits and get her to bite Jo’s erect nipple while I start to push harder into Jo. It still hurts Jo, but she loves the cock. I stand at the bench punching into Jo. As I bang it up her, she’s crying out in pleasure and her tits bounce to my every thrust. I grab her bouncing tit and bite it. She cries out in more pleasure. I get Beck to lick my dick as it comes out of Jo.

Janelle comes out of the bedroom as I lift Beck between me and Jo, facing Jo. I pull my dick out of Jo and slide it into Becky, giving Beck a few hits. I then run it along Beck’s pussy and into Jo. I bang the 2 of them in the one hit!

Janelle gets in and has a look; she can’t believe what I’m able to do. My dick is rubbing between Beck’s folds, into Jo’s hole. Both girls’ tits are bouncing to my every thrust. I grab Beck’s tits as I continue to assault them. Janelle moves up behind me and rubs her tits against my back, rubbing Becky’s clit with her fingers. I feel Becky’s pussy explode as she cries out in a loud orchasmic state. My cock gets covered in her cum, sliding easier into Jo’s pussy. Suddenly, Jo explodes as well. I get two girls to climax almost simultaneously! What a feeling! My dick is covered in both girls cum, and I’m sharing it between them. It’s my turn. My dick gets even harder and I feel the load pressure up. I pull my cock out of Jo, and have Janelle grab Jo’s tits. I slide my dick into her huge cleavage and keep at it, cumming all over her tits.

My cock softens, and I kiss Becky’s tits, while Beck licks Jo’s tits clean. I kiss the underside of Beck’s breasts, enjoying her shape. Jo pulls me to her lips and we tongue, while Janelle kisses Beck’s cum covered lips. Jo’s hips are still swinging and she pulls my hand to her pussy, wanting some more action. I drive my fingers up her cunt and she gasps as she thrusts her hips back and forth, encouraging a finger fuck. I start fingering Beck as well. She leans over for me, with her bum in the air and opens her legs so I can rub her up.

I sit on the chair and Jo sits over me, facing me. She pulls my head to her big breasts and I bite and suck on her big nipples. I grab both her tits as I eat them. She throws her head back, she’s rubbing herself. She pulls one of my hands off her tit and pushes it back up her cunt. “Keep rubbing me. I want to cum again.”

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